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America is full of tales waiting to be told. There are beautiful stories hiding in small towns and big cities, on suburban streets and rural roads. Great wisdom lives in the well-worked hands of aging craftspeople and in the eager words of young artisans. Our very history is whispered into the materials they use to make exquisite goods according to timeless standards of quality and care. That is the tradition we aim to preserve.

How wonderful it is to discover something that has been cast aside, to pick it up and restore it to its original beauty. Maybe it’s sentimental of us, but we hold fast to memories and moments, to relics from bygone eras. Our goal is to support the America we’ve always known, and the one we haven’t yet met. We hope to achieve this in small but meaningful ways, through the stories we tell, the treasures we share and our genuine desire to give back to those with fewer opportunities but just as much heart and soul as anyone else. We believe that nurturing a better tomorrow upholds the yesterday we cherish, for all of us.

Sometimes we walk proudly. Other times we stumble gracelessly. Yet we take each step with a generous measure of never-ending curiosity and wonder. We remain in awe of the folks and folkways existing around us. We want to learn about them, embrace them…preserve them.

PRESERVE is all of us, together, championing the goods, makers and legends that instill meaning inside the moments of our lives. The curios that cozy our homes, the threads that define our silhouettes, the foods that leave our bellies happy, the projects that mean everything to us—we want to share all of this with you; we know we have so much to learn from you. In our ongoing quest for knowledge, these are our PRESERVE passions…


We aim to preserve the enduring traditions of meals, memories and merriment. Taste may be our favorite of the five senses. We are positively afire with passion for food and its origins. Go ahead and indulge to the fullest. We won’t tell; we’ll celebrate with you!


We want to preserve the abiding custom of telling one’s own story through style and craftsmanship. We want to be there while you continue to capture and grow your unique character in artful ways.


We believe in preserving the messy worktables of the handmade life. Whether it’s for you or someone you love, nothing is worth preserving more than something that comes from your heart. We seek to hatch unique projects to fulfill the fundamental need to create.


We do our best to preserve a holistic approach to living a full and healthy life. We love to share great remedies and introduce you to smile-inducing people.


We strive to preserve every meaning of home. That is the foundation that carries our past, present and future. We see home as the binding that holds the story of our lives.


We feel that in a world so hectic, preserving intimacy is the key to being present. The smoky scent of sandalwood burning on a wick, the “ahh” of a warm bath; the precious exposure of your husband’s cheeks after a clean shave; the warmth of chocolate melting on your palate; the glow of reminiscing with your grandmother; the feeling of building not only a table, but also memories, with your dad—these are the quiet moments that make life most precious.


The heart of PRESERVE culture is about discovering old and new: music, travels, books, films and more.


Celebrations aren’t every day and that’s what makes them special. PRESERVE celebration is about tradition, savoring, finding more excuses to celebrate and better ways to do it.



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