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All Natural Hot Fudge

Coops Microcreamery

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A cradle for ice cream, a blanket for bananas, a salve for bruised feelings. Hot fudge never, ever lets us down. We’re absolutely obsessed with Coop’s, and the adorable drippy lid only fuels our unconditional love for such divinely decadent deliciousness. Drown your sundae in its peerless balance of sweet and dark, or go ahead and eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon—we won’t tell. Vegan version also available.


• All natural, gluten free, no corn syrup, no preservatives
• Ingredients: sugar, fresh cream, salted butter, pure chocolate, natural cocoa powder, unsulphured molasses
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Meet The Artisan

Coop’s MicroCreamery draws on former electrical engineer Marc Cooper’s three decades of super-premium ice cream-making experience. We trust the Boston native’s concoctions implicitly, as he uses only the finest local dairy products in his recipes and all natural coconut cream to make vivacious vegan versions of his tantalizingly tempting treats.

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