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Artisan Salt Collection

Laguna Salt

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Embark on a round-the-world journey without straying from your spice rack. The Artisan collection provides five exotic salts infused with a fantasia of far-flung flavors: captivating California Red, tasty Tahitian Vanilla, wickedly Wild Ginger, luscious Lemon and multo magnifico Tuscan Rosemary. It’s been said, variety is the spice of life. Diversify yours with this sensorily sophisticated set of splendid seasonings.


- Five small jars, 17.5 ounces total
- Featured flavors: California Red, Tahitian Vanilla, Wild Ginger, Lemon, Tuscan Rosemary
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Meet The Artisan

Sprung from a particular fascination with vast oceans and their many treasures, Laguna Salt Company produces exotic sea salts derived from the seven seas. Harnessing the distinction of the salts themselves, the company creates rare and precious seasonings augmented with complementary flavors.

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