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Cereal Killer - Tablespoon

Milk & Honey

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The crunch of corn flakes, the nuttiness of granola, the warmth of oatmeal. Everyone has a favorite cereal to top off with the creamy goodness of milk, be it soy, nut, hemp, or moo cow. The spoon is key for scooping just the right amount of liquid with each bite. After many bowls on many mornings, you’ve earned the right to possess a utensil that kills breakfast - stylishly.


- Vintage silver plated spoon
- Hand engraved with food safe methods
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Meet The Artisan

Milk & Honey proprietors Sarah and Ryan Parker believe that luxury should come in the form of simple, everyday items. At their Richmond, Virginia workshop, they create innovative housewares by hand-engraving special sentiments onto common kitchen tools. Partners in life and trade, they craft each piece personally, fueling their passion for their work—and each other.

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