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1930's Cactus Flower & Wheat Heather Classic Necktie

General Knot

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There’s a touch of the Old West in this cactus flower print, originating in the early 1930s. The fabric comes to us by way of a Texas collector, fashioned into a time-honored tie by our friends at General Knot. A back blade in light wheat heather linen consciously contrasts against the floral flashes of flame red, butter yellow and gorgeous green that pop against a deep navy background.


- Vintage cotton/linen fabric
- 58” long by 2 7/8” at widest point
General Knot Image

Meet The Artisan

General Knot founders Ann and Andrew Payne procure remarkable vintage fabrics from collectors all over the world to create exquisite, limited-run men’s embellishments. Crafted exclusively in the Northeastern U.S., their creations combine modern whimsy with the exacting standards of old fashioned quality.

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