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Cuenca New Hampton Hat

Worth & Worth

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We daresay the Cuenca will change your life. Incredibly easy to wear, its herringbone hand-weave comes to us from the Ecuadoran Andes via New York City’s most marvelous milliner. Stitched, shaped and circled with a contrasting black hatband, this dapper topper protects ladies and gentlemen alike from sunshine and sameness. Worn down-and-around or snapped-and-rolled according to personal preference, it complements any outfit with a posh pop.


- Seveneight Cuenca herringbone weave
- 3 ¾” crown
- 2 ½” brim
- 1 ¼” hatband
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Meet The Artisan

A haberdasher of long standing, Orlando Palacios has been plying his trade at Manhattan Hat Shop Worth & Worth for a decade and a half. Assuming the reins at the turn of the millennium, he continues to outfit men and women of all ages in hand-shaped hats that nod to another era.


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