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Lune Bangle

Alexis Russell

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As if further evidence were needed that fashion and music go hand-in-hand, along comes this set of upcycled bangles from Restrung Jewelry. This set is lovingly crafted with beautifully worn, repurposed guitar strings adorned with golden wire, exquisite pearls and a variety of semi-precious stones, including amethyst, green turquoise, tiffany blue turquoise (one of Blake’s faves) and lapis lazuli. Get ready to rock your next arm party with these upbeat bangles.


- Materials: repurposed guitar string, wire, brass, semi-precious gemstones and chips
- Fits most wrists
- 14k yellow gold filled
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Meet The Artisan

New York City jewelry designer Alexis Russell marries modern modes of style with organic simplicity. Beginning with recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones, she masterfully morphs raw materials into delicate pieces that make women feel natural and beautiful.

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