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Mrs. and Mrs. Spoons

Milk & Honey

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A wedding day is a special day, but a marriage is every day. Pretty enough for display, but durable enough for quotidian use, this pair of hand-engraved vintage spoons reminds the happy couple just how lucky they are every time they have a cup of coffee. Or a bowl of cereal. Or a scoop of ice cream. An excellent engagement or wedding gift for a pair in sure-to-last love. Also available in an opposite sex set.

Vintage silver plate pattern is unique and will vary by inventory.
Each letter is individually hammered into the metal by hand.


- Vintage silver plated spoon
- Hand engraved with food safe methods
- Choose Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs.
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Meet The Artisan

Milk & Honey proprietors Sarah and Ryan Parker believe that luxury should come in the form of simple, everyday items. At their Richmond, Virginia workshop, they create innovative housewares by hand-engraving special sentiments onto common kitchen tools. Partners in life and trade, they craft each piece personally, fueling their passion for their work—and each other.

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