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The Real Dill Pickles

The Real Dill

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Oh, the crunch of a punchy pickle! Flush with fresh dill and dripping with delicious brine, each of the Real Dill’s ingenious flavors is its own exquisite take on an enduring classic. Enjoy them straight out of the jar, or chop them up and add flecks of capricious character to tuna salads and deviled eggs. Anytime is a good time for a great pickle!


• 32-ounce jar
• Choose from Caraway Garlic, Habanero Horseradish or Jalapeño Honey
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Meet The Artisan

Originally pickling for kicks, dill-obsessed duo Justin Park and Tyler DuBois got their start peddling at Denver farmer’s markets, where their pickles sold more like hotcakes than cool, crunchy cucumbers. Crediting their fabulous flavors to natural ingredients, Justin and Tyler still use the same recipes and canning techniques they created in their home kitchens.



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