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Provence Hat

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Imagine inhaling the fragrance of fresh lavender wafting over the open-air markets of the South of France in spring, and you’ll get an idea what it’s like to don a lid this lovely. Crafted of soft, Ecuadoran straw, its elevated four-inch crown and broad four-and-a-half-inch brim makes it a shoo-in for a sun hat. Your choice of a black or poppy-colored band adds a smolderingly sassy attitude to a decadently demure topper.


- Hand-woven in Ecuador
- 4” crown
- 4 ½” brim
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Meet The Artisan

A haberdasher of long standing, Orlando Palacios has been plying his trade at Manhattan Hat Shop Worth & Worth for a decade and a half. Assuming the reins at the turn of the millennium, he continues to outfit men and women of all ages in hand-shaped hats that nod to another era.


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