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- Hand painted
- Distressed/destroyed/holes
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Meet The Artisan

Designers Katherine Theofilos & Alex William Claster create garments that are experimental in fabrication but designed to be comfortable for one's own wandering. Lightweight cottons, contemporary knits and heavy denim cultivating the layering mode; appropriately named after cities that inspired them.  Colored by hues from their travels and washed specifically for comfort and ease; it's essential knitwear built for the long road ahead. All graphics are original works of art and carry the textures from their original medium. Every garment is conceptualized, crafted and constructed in Los Angeles, California.

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    The Squad

    Katherine Theofilos and Alex William are artisans on a journey, one that liberates shy people like me. Standing at ease at a party, Katherine likes to keep her hands intertwined in her lap, while Alex is all cool cross-armed. Likely they do not suffer from my particular strain of awkwardness. They are creative and engaged and we love their clothes.

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