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White Freshwater Pearl Lariat

Margo Morrison

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- Nylon cord
- Swarovski crystal
Margo Morrison Image

Meet The Artisan

Margo was "born creative" and developed her love of music and art while growing up in Cleveland, Ohio by going to museums, the opera, and classical concerts. She studied classical piano from the age of seven to 23 and performed with an orchestra at age sixteen. Fascinated with the idea of suspending stones the way musical notes are suspended on a staff, Margo Morrison began creating her semi-precious and pearl jewelry line known as MARGO MORRISON NEW YORK. Margo describes her jewelry as "visual music," playing off positive and negative space while combining complementary colors, textures and shapes. Margo's signature feminine looks incorporate faceted semi-precious stones and lustrous freshwater pearls knotted on beige nylon cord, finished with silver toggles cast from twigs and berries. The cord disappears on the skin so the stones look as if they are floating.

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