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York Messenger - Army Olive


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Meet The Artisan

Leatherwork, when it’s done right, isn’t easy. It takes dedication and perseverance, characteristics that prove prominent in Sandast proprietor Chris Pak’s constitution. Distressed and stitched by hand at his Downtown Los Angeles flagship store, Chris’ heirloom bags are built to last, increasing in beauty with each passing year.

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  • Style

    Featured Artisan: Chris Pak

    Chris greets us with a smile and an espresso offer. A burly Korean-American of 40, he sits at a long, antique wooden table and tells us the story of Sandast, his baby. It turns out Chris fell in love with leather in much the same way you might fall in love with a particularly idiosyncratic person—slowly, and then all at once.

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  • Culture

    Hot Knights

    My mother suggested I play the harp because she believed it would make me into a picture of grace and poise. “I just think it’s so…impressive,” she said to me when I was in the sixth grade, assuring me that the instrument would set me up for more than my share of male adoration. “Besides,” she pointed out, “you can’t wear lipstick if you play the trumpet.”

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