Top 40 Gift Ideas for 15th Anniversary

by Auhbon

The traditional gift for the 15th anniversary is crystal because it symbolizes durability and pure love. Here are the top 40 gift ideas for a 15th anniversary involving crystal or its modern-day alternative, ruby.

Top 20 Gifts for Her

If you’re looking for a perfect present for the special woman in your life, here are the top 20 ideas involving crystal or ruby.

1. Engraved Wooden Gift Box Set

Anniversary gift for women engraved heart and gold rose

If you want to purchase a special gift that symbolizes your love, this wooden gift box set is an excellent choice. The box contains a 24k gold-dipped red rose with a stand and an engraved crystal heart. The heart features a lovely message that will leave your significant other speechless.

2. Two-Stem Crystal Rose With a Vase

Wedding anniversary two stem crystal roses with vase

You can’t go wrong with crystal for your 15th anniversary. This beautiful two-stem crystal rose features chandelier drops attached to a stem and a lovely tapered oak vase. It’s the perfect way to express your love and appreciation.

3. Personalized 3D Photo Engraving

Personalized 3D photo etched engraving on crystal

If you want to save a special moment forever and give your significant other a unique gift, this personalized 3D photo engraving is an ideal option. You can engrave your favorite memory in crystal and write a message for your partner. If you want, you can also get an LED stand for the crystal.

4. Ruby Ring and Earrings

Ring and earring set sterling silver and red ruby

The combination of sterling silver and rubies is always popular because of the lovely contrast. If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your partner, this set is a great choice. It consists of earrings and a ring. The intricate details make this handmade set perfect for any lady that loves colored jewelry.

5. Red Rose Figurine

Red rose bouqet crystal glass figurine ornament

Roses symbolize love and romance, so it’s no surprise they are often a part of anniversary gifts. If you want to give your partner roses that will never wither, check out this figurine. It features four crystal roses placed in a breathtaking crystal pot. The vibrant colors are nothing short of impressive.

6. Decorative Crystal Fruit Bowl

Molendi collection Pekalla decorative crystal fruit bowl

This crystal fruit bowl by Pekalla is a part of the Molendi collection, known for classic cuts and subtleties. Besides having a decorative purpose, this crystal bowl can be used for storing chocolate, dried fruit, potpourri, and more. One thing is sure: the bowl will attract attention wherever it’s placed.

7. Diamond-Ruby Necklace

Natural diamond ruby necklace with solid gold halo

This subtle necklace is a great way to show your love and appreciation. The necklace features a ruby surrounded by a small halo of diamonds. You can choose the metal and the chain length to accommodate your significant other’s style and preferences. The necklace is shipped in an elegant box.

8. Crystal Swan Figurines

Pair of colored crystal swan figurines

Swans symbolize love, grace, trust, and loyalty, so they can be a perfect anniversary gift. These two swan figurines are made of crystal, representing pure love and durability. Their unique sparkle will catch everyone’s eye and make any room brighter.

9. The Adelaide Ring

Ring with three oval cut rubies and platinum mounting

This impressive ring has three rubies in the center, set in an east-west orientation. A halo of impressive brilliant-cut diamonds surrounds the rubies, creating a powerful, eye-catching contrast. This unique piece of jewelry will make your lady feel appreciated and loved.

10. White Dandelion Crystal Figurine

Wrought iron and resin crystal ball dandelion ornament

Many cultures believe the dandelion represents good luck, so why not give one to your significant other? This crystal figurine features a real dandelion placed in a transparent crystal ball. Each fluff is three-dimensional and clearly visible from every angle. The ball stands on a lovely base with vibrant colors and textures.

11. Crystal Chocolate Box

Decorative crystal glass chocolate box decor bowl

This crystal chocolate box features interesting, unique patterns that make it visually appealing. It’s part of the Lakrima collection, known for its exquisite design, extraordinary elegance, and impressive light reflection. The box will look great in any kitchen, dining, or living room.

12. Crystal Wine Decanter

Crystal wine decanter carafe bottle with luxury box

If you and your partner enjoy drinking wine, this crystal wine decanter may be the perfect gift. This transparent decanter is made entirely of crystal and has a wonderful carved base design. It will make wine tasting and drinking much more enjoyable and enhance the appearance of your kitchen counter, wine cabinet, or bar.

13. Set of Six Crystal Glasses

Six piece set of high quality crystal glasses

A set of high-quality glasses always comes in handy. These glasses are made of crystal and are an all-time favorite. The beautiful patterns and exceptional transparency make the glasses special and attractive. The glasses come in a set of six and are dishwasher-safe.

14. Champagne Glasses

Set of two crystal champagne flutes anniversary gift

If you want to celebrate your 15th anniversary with champagne, you need these glasses. They’re made of ultra-clear glass that won’t distort the color of your drink. The base is the most impressive element. It features a lovely crystal pattern that is heavy enough to keep the glasses stable.

15. Ruby Bracelet

White gold finish diamond oval cut ruby bracelet

Rubies have been popular for centuries and are associated with devotion and love. If you want to express your love for your partner, there’s no better way to do it than with this ruby bracelet. The bracelet features oval-cut rubies that have unique sparkle. Thanks to the white gold finish, the bracelet displays a breathtaking contrast.

16. Wine Glasses

Set of two merlot wine glasses anniversary gift

Wine lovers will adore this set of two wine glasses manufactured by Waterford. The glasses are hand-crafted and made of top-quality glass with a crystal stem. The classic yet modern style and a striking V plunge make the glasses perfect for any occasion.

17. The Rutherford Ring

Fourteen karat gold band with natural cut rubies
Fourteen karat gold band with natural cut rubies

If your significant other loves rings featuring gemstones, the Rutherford ring will leave her breathless. The ring features seven beautiful rubies weighing 1.19 carats in total, set in 14k yellow gold. Rubies symbolize passion and protection, making them a great anniversary present.

18. Crystal Earrings

Handmade clear quartz crystal ball earrings

These crystal earrings have a unique texture that reflects light like a disco ball. This results in glorious sparkle that attracts everyone’s attention. The earrings’ design will never go out of style and looks great with any outfit, both casual and elegant.

19. Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

Handmade minimalist natural quartz crystal heart pendant necklace

Nothing says I love you like this heart-shaped pendant necklace made of crystal. The heart pendant comes on a chain, and you can choose whether you want sterling silver or 14k yellow gold. You can also select the desired length to match your partner’s preferences.

20. Crystal Teardrop Earrings

Fourteen karat gold natural rock crystal teardrop earrings

These earrings feature teardrop-shaped crystal and look like acorns. They are elegant and suitable for any woman who enjoys fine jewelry. Of course, you can choose the material depending on your lady’s preference. You have two options: sterling silver or 24k gold vermeil.

Top 20 Gifts for Him

If you’re looking for a meaningful 15th anniversary gift for him, here’s a list of the best ideas.

1. Crystal Brandy Glasses

Set of two crystal brandy balloon glasses

A set of top-quality brandy glasses can be an excellent gift idea for any man who enjoys drinking whiskey, brandy, bourbon, or cognac. These Hemswell glasses are made of crystal and feature an intricate prism design with exceptional clarity. The glasses come in a wonderful green satin gift box.

2. Whiskey Glasses in a Whiskey Barrel Gift Box

Whiskey barrel gift box with glasses and stones

If you’re looking for an interesting present for a whiskey lover, this is one of the best options. Inside the whiskey barrel gift box you’ll find two whiskey glasses, eight granite rocks, two coasters, stainless steel tongs, and a cutter.

3. Crystal Glass Rotating Wine Decanter

Spinning top crystal glass wine decanter

This stylish wine decanter is made of transparent lead-free crystal that doesn’t affect the color of the drink inside. The decanter comes with a unique base that allows a 360-degree rotation, making the set even more impressive. Since the decanter comes in a beautiful box, you can give it to your significant other as soon as it arrives.

4. Crystal Whiskey Set

Crystal whiskey decanter set with four glasses

Every man should have a high-quality whiskey set in his bar. This set consists of a whiskey decanter and four whiskey glasses. Since every part of the set is made of shatter-resistant lead-free crystal, there’s no need to worry about accidental damage. The set is shipped in a luxurious gift box.

5. Personalized Trophy

Crystal clear award trophy with custom laser engraving

This crystal trophy features two hands forming a heart at the top, making this an excellent anniversary gift. You can engrave text at the bottom and create a personalized gift for your partner. The trophy weighs only 2.6 pounds and is shipped in an elegant box.

6. Multicolor Goblets

Six piece set of multicolored crystal goblets

Crystal doesn’t have to be boring, and these goblets are a true example. The six goblets that make up this set are made of hand-painted crystal. Each glass features different colors that look great together.

7. Custom Crystal Trophy

Crystal clear award trophy with custom laser engraving

If you want to give your partner a personalized gift, why not give him this custom crystal trophy? You can engrave anything you want on it and express your love and appreciation in a unique way. The crystal trophy comes with a base and is shipped in an elegant box.

8. Crystal Bottle Coaster

Handmade crystal glass wine bottle coaster anniversary gift

A bottle coaster prevents the moisture that drips from cold beverages from damaging tabletops or counters. If you’re looking for a unique bottle coaster that has a decorative purpose as well, look no further. This vintage Waterford coaster is made of crystal and is perfect for holding champagne or wine.

9. Whiskey Decanter With a Vintage Car Stand

Vintage car whiskey decanter set with glasses

This lovely set features a whiskey decanter and two glasses made of top-quality crystal. The most interesting part of the set is undoubtedly the antique wooden car stand that will look great on any counter or shelf. The stand has two glass holders.

10. Crystal Photo Frame

Crystal diamond five by seven standing photo frame

A photo of the two of you will look even better when placed in this crystal photo frame. The frame is made of kitCom crystal and has an eye-catching design. Thanks to its unique style, this photo frame can look great in any room, regardless of the décor.

11. Wine Glasses

Set of six fancy crystal wine glasses

This set of six crystal wine glasses is designed to last forever, making it a lovely and symbolic anniversary gift. The glasses are made of high-quality heavy crystal and have a classic yet contemporary design that will make every drink taste even better.

12. Crystal Golf Trophy

Crystal golf trophy hole in one ball display

This gift is an ideal option for every golf lover. It’s made of crystal and has a spot for showcasing personal golf achievements. If you want, you can engrave text on the front and make this wonderful gift even more special.

13. Ocean Resin Crystal Champagne Glasses

Set of ocean themed champagne flutes with seashells

These champagne glasses are definitely unique. They are made of high-quality crystal and feature ocean resin that creates a wonderful visual effect. The glasses are 100% safe to use and drink out of, allowing you to enjoy a unique experience when drinking champagne.

14. 3D Holographic Crystal Photo

Personalized 3D holographic photo etched crystal anniversary gift

If you want to invoke a memory of a special moment, the 3D holographic crystal photo is an excellent choice. All you need to do is choose the photo you want to engrave and add text to it if you want. You can make the present even more special by purchasing an LED light base.

15. Barski Hand-Cut Ice Bucket

Hand cut mouth blown crystal ice bucket

This ice bucket is unlike any other bucket you’ve come across. It’s special because it’s hand-cut and fully mouth-blown and features a lovely grapevine design. The manufacturer uses the highest-quality, lead-free crystal for this ice bucket, which looks great with any décor.

16. Dragon Ball Z Crystal Balls

Large crystal acrylic resin dragon balls with box

If your partner is a Dragon Ball Z fan, getting him these crystal dragon balls will leave him speechless. The balls featuring stars are made of heavy crystal, so they won’t break if dropped accidentally. They come in a lovely display box that emphasizes their color.

17. St. Louis Cardinals Crystal Baseball

Four pound crystal collectible St Louis Cardinals baseball

If you know your partner loves the St. Louis Cardinals, why not surprise him with this crystal baseball honoring the team? This collectible is made by Waterford, so you can be 100% sure you’re getting exceptional quality. Besides the Cardinals logo, the baseball features patterns that make it even more interesting to look at.

18. Crystal Ice Bucket With Tongs

Lismore Essence angled top ice bucket with tongs

This Waterford ice bucket is part of the Lismore collection. The collection is known for wedge cuts with exception reflection and a modern design. The ice bucket features a sleek, slender profile, comes with high-quality silver tongs, and is shipped in a luxurious Waterford box.

19. Cognac Glasses

Six piece pineapple cut crystal cognac glass set

This impressive set of six cognac glasses is vintage from the 1960s and can be a perfect anniversary present. Every glass was handmade and features a lovely pineapple design. They are of excellent quality and in perfect condition.

20. Crystal Water Goblets

Set of six French rare vintage water goblets

These vintage water goblets are nothing but impressive. They are made of heavy crystal with unique patterns that look even more special when exposed to sunlight. This set of six water goblets represents an excellent addition to any drinkware collection.

Worst Gift Ideas

Worst Gift Ideas for 15th Anniversary

Choosing the right gift can be tricky, regardless of whom you’re buying it for. Some may say purchasing a gift for a 15th anniversary is easy because you know your partner inside and out. However, this isn’t true. After a while, you may run out of interesting ideas and buy a gift that doesn’t suit your partner.

Keep in mind that there are no universally bad gifts. Why? Because people are different, and what may be bad for you may be excellent for someone else. If you want to avoid buying a bad or inappropriate gift for someone, it’s important to put the receiver’s style and preferences ahead of yours. Think about what they like and find a gift that is truly tailored to the receiver. The right gift should reflect their personality, hobbies, or interests.

For example, if the person you’re buying a gift for likes golf, you can get them a golf trophy, golf clubs, or anything else that honors this interest. Avoid purchasing a gift representing the opposite of the person’s interests. Suppose the recipient of the gift doesn’t like drinking alcohol. Getting them a whiskey set would be wrong because you know they’ll never use it.

Surprise the Receiver With a Personalized Gift

If you want to make your gift special, try personalizing it. Get a gift that has special meaning to both you and the receiver. This can be an inside joke, a memorable moment from the past, or a unique experience the two of you had together. You can always choose a gift that you can engrave and make even more special. This can be jewelry, photo frames, glasses, etc. If you can’t engrave the gift, you can always place it in a personalized box to which you can add a heartwarming message or the person’s initials.

Don’t forget about the card, regardless of the occasion. A handwritten card will make the person feel special and appreciated.

Remember that a perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s not about how much money you spend, but how much effort you put into finding a present that reflects the receiver’s personality and preferences.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you’re not sure what to get for your partner for your 15th anniversary, we can help. Our team of expert shoppers will assist you in choosing a gift that suits the receiver perfectly. Fill out the form below, and one of our team members will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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