Top 50 16 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Jessa

Celebrating 16 years of marriage is a huge milestone, and there are many gifts to mark this unique occasion. If you’re stuck on what to buy for your significant other or the happy couple, we’ve handpicked the best 16 year anniversary gift ideas for inspiration.

1. Garmin Smartwatch

Solar Powered Military Standard Garmin Smartwatch

Most men appreciate a useful gadget. This military standard blue Garmin Instinct Solar smartwatch features solar power capabilities, global navigation, and more. This anniversary gift idea is functional and looks great in dark blue.

2. Personalized Family Last Name Wreath

Personalized Monogram Door Hanger Family Last Name Wreath

You can’t beat a personalized gift to show you care. This monogram door hanger includes the couple’s first names at the top, the last name in the middle, and the first letter of the surname dominating the center. It has the year the “business” (their marriage) was established.

3. Vintage Style Wooden Bath Set

Wooden Bath Set for Home Spa Experience

Treat your husband to a luxury home spa experience because even traditional men are unlikely to turn down a good pampering session. This complete skin care package contains everything he needs to feel his best. It’s presented in a cool vintage clock box that can be used later for storage.

4. Engraved Night Light

Bedside Table Engraved Night Light

Consider lighting up her life even more than you do already with this beautiful bedside table light. It features a laser-engraved message and a warm natural glow for a calm and relaxing bedtime ambiance.

5. ‘Grow Old With Your’ Couples Mugs’

Adorable ‘Grow Old With You’ Couples Mugs

These two white coffee mugs are adorable with a stick figure design and a love message. They’re made from ceramic with a matte finish. A couple’s glass set and pillow set versions are also available.

6. Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone Necklace made with 925 Sterling Silver

Birthstone jewelry is another way to give a delightful gift to show your love. This necklace and pendant are made with 925 sterling silver and white gold plated. The birthstone is at the center of a “love knot” design. Birthstones for all months are available.

7. Gillette Heated Razor

Gillette Heated Razor for Enjoyable and Comfortable Shave

Help take your man’s shaving experience to the next level with “the best a man can get” Gillette razor. The company has developed the world’s first heated razor for an even more comfortable and enjoyable shave. Its intelligent design includes four heat sensors that warm up in seconds.

8. Anniversary Gift Candle

Anniversary Gift Candle Offers Comfort from a Hard Day

Candles offer a general sense of comfort and are ideal for relaxation at the end of a hard day. Show love and comfort to your significant other with a simple unscented soy candle with a personalized label. It would make an ideal addition to a basket of pampering gifts.

9. JBL Flip 5 Portable Speaker

JBL Portable Speaker Maximum Output of 20 watts

Your husband can now listen to his favorite music, audiobooks, etc., on the go with this well-designed JBL Bluetooth speaker. It has a maximum output of 20 watts, top-notch sound quality, and is available in several colors. Hopefully, he’ll enjoy it so much, he’ll invite you to his solo parties.

10. ‘We Made a Family’ Metal Ornament

‘We Made a Family’ Metal Ornament

A cute family ornament is a great way to mark a couple’s 16th anniversary and include their children. It’s a beautiful reminder of their other special achievement of creating life during their marriage. And, like a picture, it marks a point in time.

11. Pewter Tankard With Celtic Design

Pewter Tankard With Celtic Silver Design

If your spouse likes beer, this Celtic silver pewter tankard is another thoughtful 16th-anniversary gift. It enhances the taste of beverages by keeping them colder for longer. This silver tankard is handmade with a Celtic pattern and shiny polished finish.

12. Personalized Wooden Photo Clock

Personalized Wood-Burnt Wooden Photo Clock

This personalized wooden photo clock features a high-quality wood-burnt picture of the beautiful couple with a love message. It’s made from premium birch plywood with a battery-operated analog clock.

13. Men’s Diamond Cut Anchor Link Chain

Men's Diamond Cut Anchor Link Chain

If your husband likes chains, this real gold flat mariner necklace will make a tasteful gift. It’s unisex and offers a minimalist, fashionable design. It’s made from premium yellow gold and available in several lengths.

14. Neck Massage Pillow

Neck Deep Kneading Heat Massage Pillow

Another way to make the man you love feel good is with a Shiatsu deep kneading heat massager. It’s designed to massage and relax tight and aching muscles and fits comfortably behind the neck and other contours of the body.

15. Tommy Hilfiger Leather Bracelet

This stylish genuine leather bracelet offers a braided design and comes in navy. It has the classic Tommy Hilfiger flag branding on a magnetic closure. If he likes accessories but prefers them subdued, he may appreciate the minimal design of this bracelet as his anniversary gift.

16. Two Person Figurines

Two Person Figurine Sculpture made from resin

This two-person figurine sculpture is a gift that is hard to beat. The sculpture is an exact recreation of a photo made from resin. The result is intricately detailed down to the couple’s hair and facial expression. You just need to provide the picture and confirm the custom requirements.

17. Infinity Heart Symbol Charm Bracelet

Infinity Heart Symbol Charm Bracelet with Crystal Heart

This heart symbol charm bracelet symbolizes eternal love and friendship and would make a memorable wedding anniversary gift. The infinity sign represents always and forever, and the heart crystal represents love and affection.

18. Engraved Crystal Whisky Glass Set

Engraved Crystal Whisky Glass Set with Sentimental Message

This Whisky set includes a hand-crafted “To My Husband – Because of you…” sentimental message to remind him of how smitten you are with him. If he enjoys whisky, he’ll enjoy it even more when he sips it from these elegantly crystal-cut glasses.

19. Espresso Machine Maker

Stainless Steel Espresso Machine Maker

The lucky couple can make variations of their favorite beverages exactly how they want with this stainless steel espresso maker. If the couple is coffee lovers, they’ll likely love this gift, and you even more for giving it to them.

20. Engraved Bifold Wallet for Husband

Engraved Love Message Bifold Wallet for Husband

This leather wallet with an engraved love message is a useful and unique anniversary gift for your husband. It can hold his cash and cards and has a cut-out area where he can place a picture of his fantastic wife.

21. Round White Diamond Classic Ring

Square Frame White Diamond Classic Ring

Diamonds can be a man’s best friend too. If your best friend is into rings, why not show him how much he means to you with this classic square frame cluster ring? It’s available in yellow gold and sterling silver and embellished with a halo of conflict-free diamonds.

22. Engraved Wooden Watch

Handmade Engraved Wooden Watch

Many men feel like a good watch completes their look and they feel naked without one. Why not help your man complete his style with this unique handmade watch? It features an engraved sentimental message to mark your special milestone.

23. Ash Wood Docking Station and Organizer

Ash Wood Docking Station and Organizer

This is another thoughtful 16th anniversary gift for your husband. It is an Ashwood phone docking station and organizer where he can keep his phone, watches, keys, and anything else easily misplaced.

24. Vintage Buddha Vase

This vintage miniature copper Buddha vase is a decorative art piece and a place for a beautiful flower arrangement. An elegant decorative vase would make a perfect gift for the couple’s 16th year or marriage.

25. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set  with Two Chiller Balls

Even if your husband doesn’t drink alcohol, he can impress his friends on game night. This decanter set with a globe design looks great and includes two chiller balls to keep drinks chilled without being diluted.

26. Men’s ‘I Love You’ Pendant

Men's ‘I Love You’ 20 inch Pendant

To mark your 16th wedding anniversary, tell your husband you love him in 120 languages. This 20-inch Curb chain features a 24k gold inscription backed by a rectangular black Onyx gemstone.

27. Adidas Men’s Sliders

Adidas Men's Sliders available in several colors

These stylish Adidas sliders are available in several colors and sizes. If you’re considering buying your husband a selection of items this anniversary, these sliders could make an ideal addition.

28. Kobelli Princess Diamond

Kobelli Princess Diamond and 14k Gold Band

This his and her 14k gold band would make a memorable 16th anniversary gift for both of you. It’s a diamond accented 6.4mm band with 1/6ct princess-cut white diamonds. This lovely band set is available in white and yellow gold.

29. Full-Size Steam Sauna Kit

Full-Size Steam Sauna Kit Home Spa Tent

Show your wife love with this personal home spa tent. Its features include nine heating levels and two-way zippers for easy opening inside and outside. She’ll likely enjoy using it for relaxing and self-care treatments.

30. Sterling Silver Rose Heart Necklace

Elegant Sterling Silver Rose Heart Necklace

This stunning necklace features a unique rose heart design to symbolize your eternal love. If she likes necklaces, she’ll likely be touched by this elegant and sparkling piece.

31. King and Queen Beer and Wine Glass Set

King and Queen Beer and Wine Glass Set

A king and queen glass set is the cutest anniversary gift, fit for royalty. Consider presenting the happy couple with this special fun glass set to enhance the nights when they feel more special than usual.

32. Foot and Spa and Massager

Professional Foot Spa Massager with lots of features

Bring the foot and nail saloon to your home this anniversary with a professional foot spa. It features massage, vibration, and bubbles capabilities for a refreshing experience. In addition, the functions encourage blood circulation.

33. Planetarium Star Projector

Planetarium Star Projector Offers Ultra Clear Projection

This planetarium star projector offers an ultra-clear projection that resembles the universe. You can both enjoy the relaxing ambiance with your walls and ceiling completely covered in stars and galaxies.

34. Forever 24K Gold Dipped Rose

24K Gold Dipped Rose made from Fresh Rose

To mark your 16 years together, consider buying her a rose that never dies. This is a 24K gold rose made from a 100% natural fresh rose coated in resin and then gold plated. It’s such a sweet and thoughtful gift that she can cherish for years.

35. Watercolor Print Photo

Watercolor Portrait Print Photo Keepsake Art Piece

Remind the lucky couple of their special day with a watercolor poster print. You can take one of their cherished photos and turn it into a watercolor portrait for a unique keepsake art piece.

36. Swarovski Tennis Bracelet

Swarovski Tennis Bracelet made with Brilliant Crystals

This eye-catching and timeless Swarovski tennis bracelet is meticulously made with brilliant crystals with a gold-tone plated finish. If she likes wearing bracelets, she may feel proud that her husband brought her this.

37. Personalized Couple Blanket

Personalized and Oversized Couple Blanket

This personalized and oversized blanket features two entwined love hearts with the couple’s name and the year they married. It is a tasteful keepsake anniversary gift with two functions. It can be used for decoration or when they snuggle up together.

38. Anniversary Hand Sculpture

Anniversary Hand Painted Resin Sculpture

This 16th anniversary gift idea displays togetherness. It’s a simple hand-painted resin sculpture of a couple holding each other while sitting on a bench.

39. Birthstone Drop Earrings

Elegant Birthstone Drop .925 Sterling Silver Earrings

If she’s into earrings, she may not have a piece like this in her collection. These earrings are delightfully elegant and feature a heart-shaped birthstone. They are made from .925 sterling silver and hypoallergenic AAA crystals.

40. Soulmates Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Handmade Soulmates Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

This gift is a nice reminder that you’re married to “the one.” It’s a soulmate sterling silver pendant necklace. Handmade with love, the pendant features a touching soulmate quote in a handwritten style.

41. Gold Dipped Rose Necklace

Romantic Gold Dipped Rose Necklace

Every girl loves a romantic rose gift. This chain symbolizes true love and features a striking natural rose pendant dipped in 24K gold for eternal preservation. The gold-plated necklace is available in different colors.

42. Oversized Microfiber and Sherpa Wearable Blanket

Oversized Microfiber and Sherpa Wearable Blanket

Keep the lady you love cozy and warm while you both “Netflix and Chill” with this fun wearable blanket. It’s available in different colors and patterns.

43. Hand Casting DIY Couples Kit

Fun and Unique Hand Casting DIY Couples Kit

Reminding the lucky couple of their unique bond and how they’ve held each other’s hand in marriage for 16 years with this hand-casting kit. It’s a fun and unique activity that results in a keepsake that can be displayed proudly in their home.

44. Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Gorgeous and Unique Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Express your life this anniversary with this gorgeous unique birthstone heart necklace. This style features a heart-shaped birthstone encased in rose gold-plated silver tone.

45. Porcelain Tea Set With Gold Trim

Beautiful 22 piece Porcelain Tea Set With Gold Trim

The couple doesn’t need to be into afternoon tea to enjoy this beautiful 22-piece porcelain tea set. It’s beautifully decorated with gold trim for an elegant look and is a luxurious item to share with family and friends.

46. Women’s Sexy Silk Pajamas

She'll Sleep Comfortably with Women's Sexy Silk Pajamas

This premium seven-piece pajama set is a wardrobe essential. She’ll get quality sleep in this comfortable and breathable set that will keep her cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s available in several vivid colors and sizes.

47. His and Her Watch Set

Luxurious Fossil His and Her Watch Set

Many couples enjoy signifying their togetherness by dressing similarly. This his and hers Lux Luther watch set is an impressive gift idea to celebrate their 16th anniversary.

48. His and Her Bowknot Anniversary Bands

Adorable His and Her Bowknot Anniversary Bands

These matching bowknot anniversary bands are adorable. The woman’s ring features a bowknot set with a sparkling stone, and the man’s ring is a simple polished band. The pair is crafted in a rose gold tone in sterling silver.

49. Cheese Board and Knife Set

Many people enjoy a good cheese and wine session, and if the lucky couple is one of them, they’ll love this large charcuterie board set. It’s perfect for displaying a large variety of tasty appetizers and features utensil storage for indoor and outdoor dining.

50. Deeper Conversations Couples Game

Deeper Conversations Couples Game to Strengthen Connection

This couple’s card game will help them strengthen their connection through deep conversation. Its design is based on the same scientific and psychological techniques used in marriage counseling. Consider this for an anniversary gift that keeps on giving.

What Types of Gifts to Avoid Buying

What Types of Gifts to Avoid Buying

The answer to this question depends on the person or couple you’re buying the gift for. When considering 16 year anniversary gift ideas, think about the type of emotion you wish to invoke. For example, gag-type gifts should be avoided if you want a gift to symbolize love and connection.

Here are some other gifts that may not be well received:

  • Perishable gifts that will be forgotten, like flowers
  • Exercise equipment if they’re sensitive about their weight
  • Useless kitchen utensils
  • Self-help books
  • Half a gift, like one part of a matching set
  • Personalized gifts with spelling errors
  • Cash or gift cards
  • Something that requires maintenance and money
  • A last-minute gas station gift
  • Something that doesn’t fit
  • An obvious re-gift
  • A gift that doesn’t suit the person’s personality or lifestyle
  • An I-O-U is just as bad as getting nothing at all
  • A gift that can only be enjoyed by one-half of the couple
  • Anything outdated or damaged
  • Plants
  • Pets
  • Something that you would like

Traditional Gifts for 16 Year Anniversary Gift Giving

Some countries do not have a traditional gift to mark 16 years of marriage. Here are some of them:

  • UK
  • U.S
  • Australia
  • Canada

Some countries celebrate 16-year anniversary with gemstones. Here are some examples of those countries, with the traditional stones associated with that occasion:

  • Spain: Ivy
  • France: Sapphire
  • Italy: Ivy
  • Germany: Sapphire

And if you’re unsure of what the traditional 16-year anniversary gift is in your country, here are some other acceptable conventional ideas:

  • Pink roses for a flower gift
  • A Peridot stone for a gemstone gift
  • For a modern gift, silver holloware

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Still undecided? Well, don’t worry because we have more 16 year anniversary gift ideas and can help you find something exceptional. Feel free to contact one of our expert anniversary gift shoppers by completing the form. Someone will be in touch with your shortly to help you find the perfect and memorable gift within your budget.

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