50 Unique 17th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

by Jessa

The 17th anniversary of a marriage doesn’t have a traditional gift theme, but modern suggestions call for furniture. Nevertheless, there are many other wonderful 17 anniversary gift ideas you can consider for your loved one as well.

1. Coir Floor Mattress

Teddy Bear Design Coir Floor Mattress

This coir floor mattress is designed to be placed directly on the ground, in a style reminiscent of Japanese tatami. For couples who don’t mind sleeping on the floor, this is one of the most unique 17 year anniversary gift ideas. Bring it along for trips as well.

2. Summer Rattan Mattress

Take a nap with Summer Rattan Mattress

On hot days, nap on the cool floor with this summer rattan mattress. It has elastic bands to prevent shifting as you sleep, which is critical for comfort. Owners can roll it up when not in use and stow it inside a cupboard or closet.

3. Gaming Chair

Black and White Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are highly ergonomic pieces of furniture, as they’re built to support users of all ages who sit in place for hours. This one from SITMOD has a headrest, back support, and extendable footrest. Users can stay comfortable when reading a book or watching TV.

4. Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair with side pocket and footrest

Haotian makes this rocking chair, and it comes with a side pocket for books, tablets, and other objects. The footrest is adjustable and has five settings to accommodate anyone. The cover is made of fabric and can be washed after extended use.

5. Chair

Relax and Recover with this massage Chair

Relax and recover with this massage chair made by VANCIKI. It massages the back with eight modes, and the intensity can be configured as per your needs. The chair comes with all necessary installation tools and accessories.

6. Coffee Table Set

Coffee Table Set made with pinewood board

This set comes with one large coffee table and a smaller one. Both are made of pinewood board and MDF board, though the legs are made of iron. Depending on your situation, you can use these together or separately.

7. Wooden Stool

Wooden Stool coated with water-based protectant

This Lestar acacia wooden stool is coated with a clear water-based protectant to preserve its natural beauty. Though it’s made as a stool, you can also use it as a side table outside or indoors. Assemble it within 10 minutes using standard tools.

8. Stump Stool

Stump Stool Covered in Natural Lacquer

WELLAND uses solid cedar stumps covered in a natural lacquer finish for crafting these beautiful stools. Each example is hand-carved to yield a unique product, with no two being exactly the same. You can also use this stool as a nightstand to keep some necessary objects nearby.

9. Bar Table

Round Bar Table made with pine wood

This small round bar table from Sailingstory is constructed from pine wood coated in a rustic finish. You can replicate the feeling of drinking in a pub or bar, even within the confines of your home. Keep your cold ones or evening whiskey right beside you.

10. Stained Glass Lamp

Stained Glass watchtower look a like Lamp

Skilled craftsmen use stained glass and metal to create this unique stained glass lamp. It looks like a watchtower and lighthouse in one structure and easily sits on side tables. Even after years, the stained glass looks the same without deterioration or losing its shine.

11. Model Ship

Model Ship with HMS Beagle Pattern
Model Ship

This model ship is patterned after the HMS Beagle. It weighs less than two pounds and comes disassembled, but your loved one will enjoy putting everything together. The package includes a stand to help the vessel sit on shelves or office desks.

12. LEGO Ship in a Bottle

LEGO set Ship in a Bottle for all ages

LEGO sets are for all ages, and this ship-in-a-bottle kit is ready for assembly. You get all the required pieces and an instruction booklet. This set was created by a LEGO fan and tweaked by professional designers.

13. Tree Bookshelf

Tree Shaped Bookshelf for bookworms

Rolanstar’s tree-shaped bookshelf will satisfy bookworms who lament the lack of storage space. It has eight tiers for novels and tomes, but you can also place other objects on them. There’s also a drawer at the bottom for extra room.

14. Standing Desk

Standing Desk with buttons to adjust height

It’s never too late to keep your legs in shape, and this standing desk is one way to stay fit and healthy. The desk comes with a holder for stationery and small objects. Use the buttons to adjust the height as necessary.

15. Carnelian Necklace

Carnelian Necklace with Heart shaped stone

The 17th-anniversary gemstone is the carnelian, and this necklace has a stone shaped like a heart. The chain is made of 925 sterling silver plated in 18K gold. There are no harmful substances like lead or nickel on this accessory at all.

16. Carnelian Earrings

Handmade 925 sterling silver Carnelian Earrings

This pair of NOVICA carnelian earrings are the perfect gift for your wife during your 17th anniversary. It’s handmade with 925 sterling silver and polished carnelians, all shining bright under the light. The package contains a pouch with patterns inspired by Indian designs.

17. Tumbled Carnelians

3 pounds Tumbled Carnelians stone

This large lot of carnelian stones weighs three pounds, and you get a varying number of crystals, all harvested from natural sources. You can use these in personal craft projects, as decoration, or simply add them to your gemstone collection. No piece in the package is identical to others.

18. Leisure Armchair

Leisure Armchair made of rubberwood

SONGMICS makes this leisure armchair out of rubberwood, foam, and a cotton-linen seat cover. The wood is a dark reddish brown that fits most homes. The padded seat will keep both of you comfortable as you watch your favorite shows or read a novel.

19. Large Wooden Chest

Large Wooden Chest made of wood and iron

Let your loved one store their belongings in this large wooden chest. Artisans craft these chests out of wood and iron, similar to the old pirate chests centuries ago. There’s a small antique-style lock with skeleton keys to keep it secure.

20. Wine Rack

Wine Rack that can hold nine bottles

Designed to be mounted on walls, this wine rack from J Jackcube Design can hold nine bottles. The rack is made of wood and wrought iron, giving it a rustic appearance that can improve your kitchen’s aesthetic. You can keep your bottles at arm’s reach using this rack.

21. Spice Rack

Spice Rack comes with 30 glass jars

As the Asian culture figured out thousands of years ago, bamboo makes for lightweight yet durable products, and this spice rack is no exception. The package comes with 30 glass jars for any culinary enthusiast. Place this rack on the countertop where your loved one can easily access it.

22. Meat Cutting Block

Meat Cutting Block trusted by Chefs

There’s no better way to prepare meat than this cutting block made of acacia. You can trust its durability as professional chef Charlie Fadida has approved it. The board can also double as a serving tray and looks great in any kitchen.

23. LED Chandelier

LED Chandelier with three color modes

LED chandeliers like this one from HONGMAO are designed to impress as well as provide adequate illumination. You can hang it in dining rooms, bedrooms, and other places in the house. There are three color modes that can be chosen by simply pressing a button.

24. Glass Nautilus Conch

Hand Blown Glass Nautilus Conch

Place this glass nautilus conch on a shelf as a display piece or keep it in the office. The hand-blowing process ensures each conch is different and is truly a unique work of art. You can place flowers or other decorations inside it to beautify the place further.

25. Glass Elephant

Glass Elephant with certificate of authenticity

Venetian glassblowers make sculptures like this glass elephant by hand, using perfected techniques passed down over generations. This elephant has many colors and patterns all over, and no two are the same. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity.

26. Glass Egg

Three Inches Tall Glass Egg

Also made in Venice by hand, this glass egg is an excellent decorative piece that can be placed in a basket or on an egg stand. It’s three inches tall and made using ancient methods. It’s authenticated by the certificate included in the package.

27. Notre Dame Building Set

Notre Dame Building Set with 7830 micro blocks

Similar to LEGO, this Notre Dame building set is an exciting family project. The box holds 7,830 micro blocks to make up the famous Parisian tourist attraction. It’s a fantastic gift for any architecture fanatic who loves getting busy with their hands.

28. Retractable Bench

Retractable Bench 600 pounds maximum load

At first, this retractable bench looks like a horizontal bar, but you can unfold it like an accordion to reveal its full length. In this form, it can be a semicircle, S, or straight bar. The maximum load is 600 pounds, allowing this bench to seat around three people.

29. Deluxe Piano Bench

Simple yet Elegant Deluxe Piano Bench

Your favorite pianist will love this deluxe piano bench, a simple yet elegant seat that will last for years to come. There’s enough room to seat two people, ideal for piano duets or lessons. A storage compartment is located under the cushion for sheet music and more.

30. Guitar Stand

Guitar Stand that Holds five guitars

Guitars are not only fun to play, but valuable as well. So, protect them with this guitar stand. It holds at least five guitars or cases, or a combination of both is possible. The instruments will stand ready until your loved one wants to play them.

31. Shoe Cabinet

Shoe Cabinet to keep your shoes safe

That special someone in your life may be a fan of footwear, and this cabinet will keep all their shoes safe from harm. The simple design helps it integrate into any home without looking out of place. With four racks, there’s more than enough for a sizeable collection.

32. Abstract Vase

Aesthetically Irregular Abstract Vase

This irregular and abstract vase will hold flowers and display them beautifully, and it’s also aesthetically pleasing by itself. It’s made of ceramic and comes in a pure frosted white color. Your spouse will be pleased to receive this premium gift.

33. Steel Wardrobe

Steel Wardrobe with sliding curtains

This steel wardrobe will easily hold both of your clothes, and the sliding curtains conceal all the garments from view. In addition to several poles to hang clothes from, there are spots to hold boxes and other objects. The minimalist style ensures it fits in modern home designs.

34. Drawer Cabinet

Drawer Cabinet with four drawers and two cabinets

A wooden drawer cabinet like this one from BYRCAL might be what your spouse is looking for. It has four drawers and two cabinets to store all types of smaller objects. This example is painted in white and is suitable in any room.

35. Distressed Metal Vase

Distressed Metal Vase for indoor or outdoor

This galvanized distressed metal vase will hold branches, flowers, and other beautiful decorations to greet visitors as they arrive. It can be placed inside or outdoors safely due to the materials. One of the best places for it to be is on a cabinet or side table.

36. Record Player

Multifunctional Record Player with Bluetooth

Record players aren’t only for playing vinyl records, but they act as classy furniture for homeowners to show off their musical tastes. This one from Victrola can also play cassettes and CDs, along with music via Bluetooth connection. It’s a multifunction device that combines the old and the new.

37. Wall Photo Display

Wall Photo Display holds 8x10 and 4x7 pictures

Decorate the wall with precious memories using this Umbra wall photo display. It can securely hold five 8×10 and four 4×7 pictures, more than enough for crisp images. Owners can move each of the nine frames around to perfect the arrangement.

38. Arched Wall Mirror

Arched Wall Mirror made with aluminum alloy

NeuType’s arched wall mirror will help your loved one check their appearance without issue. The frame is constructed of aluminum alloy, which doesn’t oxidize. The shatterproof glass is copper-free and has a silver nitrate reflective coating to show you your image without blemish.

39. Amethyst Geode

Natural Amethyst Large Geode

Amethysts are lovely crystals that come in single crystals or this large geode. This example weighs three to four pounds, making it a perfect display piece for the home. The rock is entirely natural and has been processed to make the crystals shine.

40. Soundwave Art

Bronze Plate Soundwave Art

If you want to immortalize saying “I love you” to your spouse, this soundwave art is the best gift for the job. Record your voice, send your recording to the manufacturer and receive a bronze plate of the soundwave. It will surely surprise your loved one.

41. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Folding Barrel Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Enjoy a glass of whiskey with your beloved using this whiskey stones gift set. There’s a pair of glasses, eight stones, and tongs to elevate the experience. Everything fits inside a folding barrel that opens to function as a storage box.

42. Metal and Wood Ornament

Metal and Wood Ornament with engravings

This metal and wood ornament has the words “17 years we made a family” laser-engraved on the surface. The metal adults are included, as well as two metal children, and you can purchase additional ones. It’s one of the best 17 anniversary gift ideas.

43. Hand Casting Kit

A hand-casting kit is one way to show your eternal love to each other, and this one has enough material for two hands. Hold hands, dunk them into the casting stone, remove them, and then wait for the mold to harden before pouring in the molding material.

44. Matching Coffee Mugs

Matching Coffee Mugs microwave and dishwasher safe

These matching coffee mugs show your desire to enjoy warm cups of coffee even after 17 years of marriage. They’re made of ceramic and are both microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Each holds 11 ounces of liquid, ice cream, or other foods.

45. Cast Iron Sculpture

Cast Iron Sculpture Kissing on a swing

This beautiful cast iron sculpture depicts a loving couple kissing each other while hanging on a swing. It weighs two pounds but isn’t so large you can’t decorate a side table with it. The iron is coated to prevent rusting even in humid locations.

46. 17th Anniversary Necklace

17th Anniversary sterling and gold plated Necklace

Despite the furniture theme, you can always surprise your wife with this unique necklace. The box contains a cheeky yet romantic message that is sure to make her day. The materials used are sterling silver and gold plating.

47. Moon Lamp

This moon lamp has lovely words your wife will remember as it lights your room up. It has a built-in battery and is charged via USB cable. You can even hold it illuminated in your hands and present it to her for the first time.

48. Coat Rack

Stainless steel Coat Rack

Stainless steel endures forever, and this coat rack will never rust or corrode even after decades of use. It lets your husband hang his coats, hats, and other articles of clothing without having these strewn on the floor. As a free-standing rack, you can place it anywhere in the house.

49. Wooden Men’s Watch

This wooden men’s watch is made of black walnut and doesn’t trigger any allergies. The wooden band is adjustable yet comfortable to the point the wearer forgets it’s there. Don’t worry, as it tells the time accurately.

50. Ladies’ Watch

Deep Navy Blue Ladies’ Watch

This ladies’ watch from Anne Klein has a deep navy blue color scheme paired with rose gold metal parts. The numerals are easy to read, and there are no other dials. You can dive to 100 meters with this watch.

Worst Ideas

Worst 17th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Traditional wedding anniversary gift themes don’t cover every single year, which means only the modern suggestions cover the 17th anniversary. Even though the focus is traditionally furniture, there’s nothing wrong with getting your loved one other gifts. It’s also good to know that the designated gemstone is carnelian.

As there are no rigid traditions, you can get whatever you like. Nevertheless, it would be best if you didn’t buy gifts that seem insincere or lazy. You want to get something your beloved spouse will enjoy.

With this advice in mind, try not to get your other half gift cards unless they specifically say they don’t mind. A well-thought-out gift is always better at the end of the day.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to an Expert Shopper

If you are still unsure what gifts to buy for the 17th anniversary, we can help. Our expert shoppers can help you make the right choice.

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