Complete List of 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

by Auhbon

Any man’s 20th birthday should be memorable, as it’s one year before they reach the legal age for so many adult activities. Here are 50 of the best 20th birthday gifts for men. 

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

official nintendo pro controller for the nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is perfect for any gaming fans who enjoy their video game challenges at home or on the go. This is the company’s official controller and will easily connect to the console. Compared to Joy-Cons, they’re more comfortable and practical.

2. Closed-Back Gaming Headset

Closed back wired gaming headset with mute switch

While on the subject of gaming, this high-quality closed-back gaming headset by Audio-Technica offers immersive audio that satisfies many gamers. It only weighs around eight ounces, and he’ll barely notice it’s there during some heated matches. The headset works with all major video game consoles and computers without requiring additional software or hardware.

3. Retro Handheld Game Console

Retro handheld gaming console with games already installed

Every day we have the option of playing new games, but some guys love to play classic games that are older than they are. This handheld console might look like a GameBoy, but it supports practically every retro console game format. If the birthday boy is an avid gamer, then this is the perfect gift.

4. Wine Gift Set

Wine tools gift set including electric opener

While he can’t drink in public yet, learning to responsibly enjoy drinking with a bit of class is not a bad idea. Thus, he may appreciate a wine gift set containing an electric bottle opener, foil cutter, and electric aerator. They can learn the history and characteristics of good wine and be ready for the day they’re ready to find that special vintage for themselves.

5. Damascus Skinning Knife

Walnut handle ten inch damascus gut hook knife

This beautiful damdascus steel skinning knife retains its edge very well, but it can do more than just skin targets. As outdoor enthusiasts can find it useful in many situations, plus the knife looks great in any knife collection.

6. Beginner’s Skin Care Kit

Facial skin care set birthday gift for men

If the guy doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on grooming, then this beginner skin care kit from Evan Alexander is a great option. It consists of a toner, cleanser, and hydrator, but most importantly, these products don’t contain harmful substances such as sulfates or artificial colors. In short, this simple kit is remarkably effective.

7. Genuine Leather Backpack

Vintage genuine leather backpack birthday gift for men

If there’s anything better than a standard backpack, then it’s a genuine leather one. Most importantly, this backpack has plenty of room for students, hikers, and those on a business trip. As time passes, the leather develops a patina that shows how much the owner cares for it.

8. Rugged GPS Watch

Water resistant GPS watch birthday gift for men

This Garmin GPS watch conforms to military standards, allowing it to withstand damage that can decommission the average wristwatch. This watch is one of the best 20th birthday gifts for men who want something stronger that can also help them stay oriented in the wild. What’s more, It even displays the wearer’s heart rate. 

9. Handmade Fountain Pen

Natural sea shell handmade fountain pen for men

Calligraphy done with a luxury pen elevates the writing experience. This handmade fountain pen from Xezo contains abalone shell panels and features 18K gold plating. In addition, they are limited edition and numbered. 

10. Quartz Men’s Watch

Stainless steel three hand watch gift for men

Having a quartz wristwatch that pairs well with a suit is crucial for formal occasions, and this one from Bulova has a vintage style. It’s water-resistant to 30 meters and comes with a three-year warranty. You can even choose from several styles for him.

11. Quadcopter Drone

Quadcopter drone with live feed from HD camera

This drone has a 1080p camera that will let him explore his surroundings and capture footage from high above. It can even stream videos to friends and respond to both oral commands and gestures. If the guy has shown interest in the drone hobby, then of all 20th birthday gifts for men this is the best choice.

12. External Capture Card

External capture card for streaming and recording gaming

Some young men want to capture their favorite gaming moments or just upload sessions, and this Elgato capture card is the industry standard for streamers. It works with all video game consoles and doesn’t cause lag. Consider this card for any aspiring streamer or content creator. 

13. Smartphone Sanitizer and Charger

Patented large capacity UV light sanitizer and charger

We take our smartphones to all sorts of places, and because of that, potentially harmful microbes tend to cover them. Fortunately, this smartphone sanitizer and charger combo let anyone handle hygiene and recharging with the same gadget. It uses UV lights to kill most germs on the phone’s surface.

14. Pocket Clip Watch

digital pocket watch with altimeter barometer and compass

If you’re looking for 20th birthday gifts for men who can appreciate a practical accessory with a modern look, then this digital pocket clip watch may be a perfect choice! He can carry it with the nylon rope or clip it to hit clothes. It has multiple functions like an altimeter, barometer, compass, and more. He can stay informed of the environmental conditions at all times.

15. Ski Helmet

Audio compatible helmet with ventilation for snow sports

This ski helmet is also great for skateboarders and bikers and comes with vents for climate control. It’s compatible with helmet audio systems that can let him communicate with others. As the helmet complies with ASTM F2040 standards, many rely on it for head protection.

16. Electric Massage Gun

percussion massage gun with interchangeable heads and case

Sore muscles can last for days, restricting athletes’ freedom of movement, but this massage gun can handle muscle fatigue easily. This one comes with extra massage heads and a timer. Everything also fits into a handy carrying case. 

17. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army knife multi tool with nine functions

This Victorinox Swiss Army knife has nine functions for many everyday tasks, but this particular example has Alox scales that make it extra stylish. He can slip it into his pockets easily and can deploy it within seconds. Most importantly, it’s sure to last for more than a century, courtesy of Swiss engineering. 

18. Tactical Pen

titanium tactical pen with refill and pocket clip

While there certainly are some cheap survival pens out there, this tactical pen is a cut above the rest. Of the 20th birthday gifts for men on this list, this is one for the serious outdoor enthusiast. What’s more, it’s great for self-defense. A titanium shell protects the internal components and the window breaker lets you escape from cars quickly. Above all, it’s an excellent writing tool.

19. Minimalist Wallet

Slim durable minimalist wallet with RFID blocking layer

Carrying a traditional wallet is fine, but consider this aluminum minimalist wallet that blocks RFID signals, a common way data skimmers steal your info. It has one button to release cards from storage as required. Even as it carries many cards, it remains slim in pockets.

20. External Hard Drive

Two terabyte portable external USB hard drive disk

Whether your loved one is a gamer, writer, or tech enthusiast, having an external hard drive is crucial. You’ll be helping him keep his laptop clear of unnecessary files, and this hard drive can hold 2TB of data. Plug it in and it will immediately give him access to his stored files. 

21. Bamboo Skateboard

Custom made bamboo surf skateboard gift for men

This bamboo skateboard from the Roots Surfskate store is certainly light and responsive. Any skater, beginner or expert, will appreciate its simple and elegant appearance. It requires assembly, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

22. Bristle Dartboard

Strong steel professional dart board with improved deflection

Darts are a popular pastime that has spread around the world, and dartboards like this one are a frequent sight in bars. Whether in the bedroom or the dorm, it is a perfect way to kill time without being glued to a screen. The British Darts Organization endorses this board, so you know it’s legit! 

23. Lightsaber Replica

lightsaber with three sound modes and twelve colors

Made by jvmusaber, these replica lightsabers can be the best birthday gifts for any Star Wars fan. They don’t require AA batteries but instead utilize standard USB-C chargers and cables, certainly a more convenient option. If you’re looking for 20th birthday gifts for men who want to unleash their inner Jedi, then look no further! 

24. Zippo Lighter

brass zippo lighter with five sided continuous etching

For young men who love lighters but aren’t satisfied with cheap products, consider this arabesque patterned Zippo lighter. It’s gold-plated and made to last for decades, if not 100 years. It’s based on the classic Zippo lighter from 1932. 

25. Artisan Folding Knife

Stainless steel blade and black horn handle knife

This Laguiole Actiforge folding knife is made in France to exacting standards; a perfect tool for any young gentleman. It has a horn handle tipped with brass, while the stainless steel blade is designed to endure rough usage. The package contains a certificate of authenticity as well. 

26. Personal Blender

Silver compact personal blender with twenty included recipes

This Ninja personal blender is a fantastic gift for fitness junkies or a loved one who loves making delicious beverages. It easily crushes ice and fruits to make the perfect smoothie or protein drink. Not many 20th birthday gifts for men encourage a healthy diet, so don’t overlook this great choice! 

27. Electric Coffee Grinder

Stainless steel coffee grinder birthday gift for men

This OXO electric coffee grinder turns coffee beans into fresh grounds, ready to be brewed for breakfast or any other time of the day. It has precise settings to suit anyone’s tastes, and the hopper holds 0.75 pounds of beans. 

28. Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual coffee grinder with adjustable conical burr mill

On the other hand, some young men like grinding coffee beans by hand, in which case we’d suggest this solid stainless steel manual coffee grinder. It’s a step up from lesser products that don’t last long. When not needed, your loved one can easily disassemble it for cleaning or storage. 

29. Gaming Mouse

Razor viper ultra light black wireless gaming mouse

Gaming peripherals like this Razer mouse improve performance immensely, especially if your young man loves competitive PC games. This one is a wireless design with an 80-hour battery life and customizable side buttons. You can also use it while wired. 

30. Bluetooth Speaker

Bose portable wireless speaker with mic birthday gift

Don’t let your 20-year-old settle for cheap speakers. Consider this Bose Bluetooth speaker instead. Bose is known for making excellent products, and he will surely appreciate the superior quality. Moreover, it pairs with other Bose products immediately.

31. Gaming Keyboard

RGB wired gaming keyboard birthday gift for men

While a regular optical keyboard feels excellent, mechanical gaming keyboards have a feeling other designs simply can’t match. This one is a tenkeyless keyboard that saves some space. There are even RGB lights that owners can customize according to their liking. 

32. Gaming Monitor

Full HD gaming monitor birthday gift for men

A powerful gaming monitor is one of the few things that can satisfy demanding gamers who only want the best visuals. This one is an FHD monitor that can reach 165 FPS if the gaming rig is strong enough. He can even attach it to the wall if he has the correct mounts.

33. Bluetooth Earbuds

Sony in ear bluetooth ear buds birthday gifts

Get these Bluetooth earbuds if your young man is obsessed with music and worries about not being able to listen on the go. This pair from Sony has a 20-hour total battery life and comes with an IPX4 waterproof rating. At home or outdoors, these earbuds will easily perform.

34. Adjustable Dumbbells

Multiweight adjustable dumbbell set birthday gifts for men

Keeping fit is an objective that should be encouraged early, and these adjustable dumbbells are one of the simplest ways to stay in shape. These come in five weight levels so your birthday boy can start where he’s comfortable and work his way up.

35. Gaming Chair

Racing style gaming chair birthday gift for men

Gaming chairs aren’t only for gamers who spend hours playing with friends. These chairs are excellent for anyone. Their ergonomic designs and lumbar support tend to surpass standard chairs by leagues. This one has a retractable footrest too.

36. Punching Bag

Everlast freestanding punching bag birthday gift for men

Unlike most designs, you can install this freestanding punching bag anywhere as long as the base is filled with water or sand. Martial artists will love this gift, but even punching or kicking it for stress relief is more than acceptable. Always practice caution with these bags.

37. Headphone Amp

Headphone amplifier mini stereo birthday gift for men

Audiophiles generally aren’t impressed with standard gear, but this headphone amp may do the trick. He’ll love how music sounds when played through this powerful device equipped with high-quality components. Note that this is a desktop amp, meaning it is not portable.

38. Record Player 

Bluetooth vinyl record player birthday gift for men

Vinyl records are still highly sought after today, making this record player the perfect gift for your favorite vinyl collector. This model can even act as a Bluetooth speaker if he wants to connect a smartphone to it. The wooden housing lets it fit in with most shelves. 

39. Mandalorian Blaster Pistol

Star Wars mandalorian blasters birthday gift for men

This blaster pistol from the Star Wars universe definitely isn’t the real thing, but it’s a highly convincing replica that fits any serious Star Wars cosplay. The copy doesn’t shoot anything but comes with a holster for easy carrying. Bring it to conventions or use it during Halloween. 

40. Rugged Smart Watch

Waterproof rugged health tracking smart watch for men

Smartwatches like this one from AMAZTIM are designed for harsh environments which would wreck weaker products. This smartwatch is waterproof up to 100 meters and is military-grade. Additionally, it tracks various vital signs and even accepts calls. 

41. Air Rifle

Gletcher CO2 air rifle birthday gift for men

This Gletcher air rifle is a replica of the Mosin Nagant Russian service rifle, though this one has a cut-down stock and only shoots 4.5mm steel BBs. It’s wood and metal, so it has a realistic feel. Please, however, consult local laws on air rifle legality before buying.

42. Hot Sauce Case

Case of twelve tobasco scorpion hot sauce bottles

Tabasco’s hot sauces are delicious, but their Scorpion sauce bottles are only for those who can handle true heat. This case contains 12 five-ounce bottles, which is enough for a great number of spicy food meals. Make sure your loved one is capable of withstanding this furious mix first!

43. Hunting Slingshot

Professional stainless steel hunting sling shot with ammo

Slingshots aren’t always wooden; hunting pieces like this one are stainless steel and can hit targets from even further away. In addition, it has the advantage of a green laser to help with aiming. We should also mention that lefties need not worry, as this is an ambidextrous model.

44. Gundam Aerial

Mobile suit gundam aerial bandai spirits robot figurine

Gundam fans slave over these intricate action figures, assembling and painting them to perfection. This one is from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. It’s an officially-licensed figure that will satisfy diehard fans. 

45. Warhammer 40,000 Leagues of Votann Army Set

Games workshop Warhammer 40k leagues of votann set

If the guy in question is a Warhammer 40k fan who is looking into purchasing the latest sets, then gifting this Leagues of Votann Army Set will surely make him jump for joy. This set contains 25 miniature figures and other content, although it does not come with paint. 

46. Screwdriver Set

Ratchet screwdriver with seventeen long bits and case

This Wera Kraftform Screwdriver Set has 17 heads to open just about anything. The handle has a ratchet function for easy operation. All components are German-made, so you can be confident that the pieces are finely produced. 

47. Tactical Flashlight

3100 lumen rechargeable tactical flashlight  with containment pouch

This Fenix tactical flashlight has a maximum range of 415 yards, which makes it suitable for situations that require extended-range lights. He can operate it with one hand and it is designed for everyday carrying. He can charge the battery via a USB-C cable. 

48. Tactical Belt

Tactical water resistant belt birthday gift for men

This tactical belt from 5.11 is designed for the cautious man who wants to arm himself with self-defense equipment. It’s nylon and is compatible with MOLLE and TAC Tec systems. Buy a size down as these can run large.

49. Woodcarving Tools Set

Twelve piece wood carving tool set with pouch

This woodcarving tools set is one of the best 20th birthday gift ideas for men with an interest in woodcarving, as investing in high-quality equipment is usually better in the long term. There are 12 chisels to choose from, each for a specific purpose. 

50. USB 3.0 Hub

Seven port USB hub birthday gift for men

Fancy gaming setups need this USB 3.0 hub to accommodate the many gaming peripherals and devices. This example has seven USB-A ports that will readily accept keyboards, mice, and more. The data transfer rate can reach up to 5Gbps. 

Worst Ideas

Worst Idea for Men's 20th Birthday Gift

Don’t buy a generic gift that just any man can receive. While your favorite 20-year-old may be happy with anything you gift him, something unique will surely make him much happier. A lousy gift will only make you appear insincere. 

Giving the young man a gift card is acceptable only if he specifically asks not to receive material gifts and wants to choose his own. However, buying him a great gift and adding some gift cards also isn’t a bad idea.

Ways to Make the Gift Unique

Ways to Make the Gift Unique for Men

Besides knowing what the recipient likes and dislikes, you can get a personalized gift or something that is part of a limited edition. A knife with his name on it or a specific rare vinyl album pressing is more than enough to show you indeed did your research. 

  • Personalize the gift
  • Get limited editions
  • Look for exclusive deals

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you’re still unsure what 20th birthday gift ideas for men suit the one you know, feel free to reach out to our experts. 

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