Top 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Son

by Auhbon

As your son enters adulthood, deciding on a gift he will actually want or cherish may be difficult. But don’t worry because we’ve put together 51 of the best 20th birthday gift ideas for your son so you can feel confident that he’ll know how special he is.

Top 51 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Son

1. Custom Watch Box for Men

Five slot wooden watch box with personalization options

Many guys feel naked without a cool wristwatch. If your son is into watches, then this may be the perfect gift. It is a natural wood five-slot watch box with personalization options. He’ll be happy to have the perfect place to stow his watches and other prized jewelry items.

2. Cuban Link Chain

From mother to son cuban link chain gift

Perhaps your son would love this stylish Cuban link chain for his birthday. It’s available in polished stainless steel and plated 14k yellow gold. In addition, It comes gift-wrapped with a touching mom-to-son message inside the gift box.

3. Survival Gear and Equipment Kit

Twenty one piece outdoor adventures survival gear kit

Welcome your son into adulthood with this comprehensive survival kit. If he loves the outdoors, he’ll likely be excited to use this kit which contains tools he may need during his next camping or hiking adventure. All components are conveniently packed into a military case.

4. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

Stainless steel sports water bottle with three lids

Many young men are passionate about health and fitness. If your young man is into physical activities, this water bottle by Iron Flask offers a trendy way to stay hydrated. It’s made of stainless steel and is vacuum insulated to maintain the temperature of the water.

5. Born In 2002 Vintage Embroidered Hat

Cotton twill vintage embroidered hat twentieth birthday gift

If your son loves looking cool while shielding himself from the sun’s heat, he may be delighted with this vintage baseball cap. It has “Made In 2002 All Original Parts” embroidered on the front. It comes in four different colors, and you can personalize the year.

6. Professional HD Binoculars

Powerful binoculars with phone mount strap and bag

Encourage his adventurous and curious side by allowing your son to take a look closer at the world with these powerful binoculars. Their 10x magnification delivers clear and crisp images he can save and send to his friends.

7. 20th Birthday Gamer Party T-Shirt

Level twenty unlocked nintendo entertainment system shirt

If your son is into gaming and reveres all things Nintendo, this is a go-to gamer t-shirt that could make his 20th birthday extra special. It features a picture of the first Nintendo console controller to evoke fond memories. And best of all, it’s printed with “Level 20 Unlocked” to mark the special occasion.

8. Leather Messenger Bag

Kenneth Cole full grain Colombian leather messenger bag

Perhaps your son would appreciate this Kenneth Cole leather travel messenger bag for his 20th birthday. It is made with premium full-grain Colombian leather for a sophisticated and luxurious look.

9. Made in 2002 Vintage Hoodie

Hoodie with color options and vintage 2002 print

Many young men love a good-looking hooded sweatshirt to stay warm and comfortable while hanging out. This one is available in several different colors and sizes and is printed with “Vintage 2002” in a stylish font on the front. This hoodie would make a memorable addition to his wardrobe.

10. Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bose noise cancelling wireless earbuds with voice control

A list of the best 20th birthday gift ideas for your son would be incomplete without an earbuds option. This set of wireless Bose noise-canceling earbuds is premium quality and could put a smile on any man’s face. They feature noise cancellation so he can listen to his favorite content without noise pollution or disruption.

11. Engraved Custom Watch

Black watch twentieth birthday gift with personalized engraving

This black luxury chronograph men’s watch would make a handsome 20th birthday gift for your son. You could make him feel warm inside with a personalized engraved message on the back.

12. Bevel Shaving Kit

Shaving kit with razor brush and skin care products

If your son wants to take his grooming to the next level in his 20s, then he’ll need the right tools. This premium all-in-one grooming kit has been clinically tested and has everything a young man needs for a great shaving experience.

13. Personalized 20th Birthday Photo Collage

Photo collage printable file twentieth birthday gift

This personalized 20th birthday photo collage is a simple gift that will likely warm your son’s heart. You can select up to 95 pictures to create the collage shaped in the number 20 using a font of your choice. Once the collage is ready, you’ll receive a digital printable file.

14. 20-Year-Old Birthday Gamer T-Shirt

Twenty years of gamer awesomeness gift shirt

Many gamers enjoy wearing comfy clothing, like oversized t-shirts, while gaming. If your son is into gaming, he may also appreciate this “…20 years of gamer awesomeness” tee for a humorous and memorable gift. It’s available in two colors and several sizes.

15. Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones

Beanie hat with built in bluetooth speaker

If your boy enjoys listening to music on the go and likes beanie hats, this beanie hat with built-in HD stereo speakers would make a great 20th birthday gift. He will have warm ears and look fantastic while enjoying his music via Bluetooth.

16. Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Fitbit smartwatch with many advanced health features

If your son appreciates a good piece of tech and loves working out, he may love this Fitbit health and fitness smartwatch. This watch looks good, is suitable for work and play, and has many health-supporting features.

17. 20th Birthday Crewneck Sweatshirt

Twentieth birthday sweatshirt with print of birth year

This classic handmade crewneck sweatshirt simply has the year your son was born on the front. The sweatshirt is comfy, super soft, and available in several colors and sizes.

18. Tie Set

tie gift set with clips and pocket squares

Encourage your boy to look sharp with a snazzy tie set. This complete tie set includes high-quality pocket squares, tie clips, and cufflinks to complete a formal look.

19. Personalized Leather Wallet

Personalized leather wallet gift from mother to son

This retro-style personalized premium leather wallet could make a sentimental and well-cherished gift for your son. It has a touching mom-to-son engraved message for an eternal reminder of your love.

20. Brando Style Biker Leather Jacket

Military grade leather motorcycle jacket with detachable hood

There are few gifts cooler and more enduring than a leather jacket. This biker-style leather jacket with a detachable hood will surely make your boy stand out in a good way. Kickstart his journey into adulthood with this badass leather jacket that will never go out of style.

21. Birthday Legend Since 2001 Shirt

Personalized Twentieth birthday legend since 2002 shirt

As your son enters adulthood, make him feel like the legend he is with a “Legend since 2002” t-shirt. You can personalize this sweatshirt with the year your son was born, his name, and the number 20 on the back.

22. Birthday 50 x 60 Blanket

Sentimental premium material blanket twentieth birthday gift

A birthday blanket is another stand-out gift that your son may be delighted to receive. This one is 50 x 60 inches and made from flannel fleece and other premium breathable materials. This thoughtful and sweet gift will keep him warm and includes a breakdown of how long you’ve loved him.

23. Generation Z Emoticon Throw Pillow

Birthday boy twentieth birthday generation z throw pillow

A generation Z emoticon throw pillow with a fun “#birthdayboy” 20th birthday celebratory design is a fantastic keepsake gift. The cute and colorful double-sided design will bring a smile to his face every time he sees it.

24. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle paper white eight gigabyte electronic reader

If your boy is an avid reader, this Kindle Paperwhite could make his day. It can store hundreds of books and has a crisp screen resembling actual pages.

25. Personalized Engraved Metal Money Clip Wallet

Thin minimalist aluminum wallet with personalized engraving

This minimalist and slim aluminum wallet is distinctive and sophisticated. It’s perfect for holding his cards and cash and the personalized engraving will serve as a reminder of your love for him. It’s made from 304 stainless steel.

26. Birthday Decade Bracelet

Bracelet with decade rings Birthday gift for men

A leather bracelet can be a sophisticated and stylish accessory for men. This particular piece is special because it features “Decade Rings” made from stainless steel – each ring represents one decade of life. This trendy bracelet is made from genuine leather and is available in different colors and sizes.

27. Headphone and Accessory Stand

Wooden accessories docking station for storage and charging

If your son owns a few gadgets, he’ll likely be pleased to receive a gift like this. It’s a personalized headphone stand and charging station for him to organize everyday items like his wallet, glasses, etc., and charge his smartphone and AirPods.

28. Zeus Everyday Beard Kit

Beard grooming kit with oil shampoo and conditioner

Help your son keep his facial hair looking and smelling great with the Zeus beard maintenance kit. It includes moisturizers, shampoos, and oils to assist your son in keeping on top of his beard game.

29. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

This Samsung Galaxy water-resistant smartwatch looks slick and sporty and would make a great 20th birthday present. It offers most, if not all, of the techy features your son will likely appreciate, and it’s available in several colors, including silver or white.

30. Bonus Son Wristband

Black and gold bonus son wristband birthday gift

Show your stepson how special he is to you with a bonus son bracelet. This black and gold stylish and sporty-looking bracelet includes a personalized message from you. It’s made from aluminum and stainless steel and is made to order.

31. 20th Birthday Newspaper Poster

Twentieth birthday newspaper poster printable file

Make your son feel like a celebrity with his own story in “The Birthday News.” It will cover U.S. facts from 2002, including music hits, sports champions, and more. Each printable poster has a QR code that leads to a website where he can enjoy entertaining content from that year.

32. Custom Birthday Pendant

Stainless steel dog tag necklace with personalized engravings

Consider this personalized dog tag necklace made from stainless steel for a memorable father-to-son gift he can wear close to his heart. You’ll have the choice to engrave one or both sides of the pendant with whatever text or art you wish.

33. Engraved Baseball Gift

Handmade baseball Birthday gift from father to son

Is your son a baseball fan? If so, consider this handmade baseball with an engraved, personalized message as a sweet and unforgettable 20th birthday present. It is white and made from cow skin; it comes in an attractive clear case.

34. My Sunshine Music Box

Engraved you are my sunshine wooden music box

Remind your son of how much he brightens up your world with this “You Are My Sunshine” music box. This box has an engraved sweet expression of love from mom to son. This box is handmade with wood and metal.

35. Personalized Guitar Pick

Twentieth birthday gift engraved metal guitar pick

If your son plays an electric or acoustic guitar, he may be pleased with this custom guitar pick. You can choose which high-quality metal you want it made of, including copper and bronze. It will last longer than the standard plastic picks, and he’ll be reminded of you as he plays.

36. The North Face Backpack

North face twenty eight liter backpack

Backpacks and bookbags are a guy’s best friend. Not only are they convenient for holding belongings, but they also make great fashion accessories. Consider getting your son this North Face Unisex Borealis backpack for a backpack he can trust.

37. New Zealand 20 Cents Cufflinks

Silver and steel New Zealand twenty cent cufflinks

Cufflinks add great elegance to a man’s outfit. As your son enters adulthood, he may enjoy experimenting with such accessories. Start him off or add to his accessory collection with these New Zealand 20-cent coin cufflinks. They are made from sterling silver with a high-polished finish to take his outfit to the next level.

38. Michael Kors Lexington Watch

Michael kors Lexington chronograph stainless steel watch

Celebrate your son hitting adulthood with a Michael Kors watch. This watch is gorgeous and oozes sophistication. If your son like watches, he’ll surely be proud to wear this piece elegant on his wrist.

39. Level 20 Unlocked Game Shirt

Level twenty unlocked controller shirt twentieth birthday gift

A list of the top 20th birthday gift ideas for your son would be incomplete without a selection of gamer tees. Hardcore gamers will resonate with a “Level 20 Unlocked” gamer shirt. This retro t-shirt looks excellent with distressed text and a game controller image. It is lightweight and soft, with the right amount of stretch, and the vintage style designs mark the occasion with a touch of humor.

40. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray ban metal aviator sunglasses and accessories bundle

These Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are an American classic and one of the most iconic pieces of eyewear. They offer complete eye protection and are available in three lens widths and several colors. If your son has an appreciation of eyewear to any degree, then he will certainly love these!

41. Made in 2002 Special Edition Mug

Handmade ceramic mug twentieth birthday gift

Does your boy enjoy hot drinks? If not, a vintage “Made in 2002” mug can double up as a nifty pen holder. You can include it as a gift set or purchase the matching shirt. This handmade ceramic high-quality 20th birthday mug is available in two sizes.

42. North Face Men’s Jacket

North face down insulated hooded jacket for men

This hooded classic down insulation jacket will keep your son comfortable and warm in the cold winter months. North face jackets are trendy and look fantastic, with high quality such that you can expect them last many years.

43. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

waterproof Portable bluetooth speaker with fifteen hour battery

Consider giving your young man the gift of great-sounding music outdoors for his 20th birthday with this Bluetooth portable speaker. It features 360-degree sound, is completely waterproof and loud, and can play for up to 15 hours on a single charge.

44. Things We Love About You Poster

Reasons we love you poster with customization options

A custom-made digital poster listing 20 reasons you love your son will surely warm his heart. It’s a simple gift that he can cherish for years. Simply choose the size, the twenty reasons, collage photos, and whether you’d like just the print or a frame and of what type.

45. High-Back Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

High back racing style bonded leather gaming chair

If your son loves to immerse himself in the gaming world occasionally, he’ll welcome this ergonomic racing-style gaming chair. It has high-density foam for increased comfort during long gaming sessions.

46. Personalized Year Cufflinks

Minimalist design stainless steel cufflinks with birth year

Get your son to show off the year he was born with pride by gifting him these personalized year cufflinks. These stainless-steel cufflinks with a minimalist design look trendy, and he can celebrate his first year as an adult in style.

47. Spa Kit for Men

Sandalwood and oak spa gift box for men

Bring in your son’s 20s by treating him to this luxury pampering kit. This self-care package offers everything he’ll need for a completely rejuvenating and relaxing home spa experience.

48. Leopard Tiger Jaguar Lion Necklace

Snake style chain with big cat pendant

If your son is an animal and jewelry lover, he could be delighted to receive this unisex Swarovski crystal pendant necklace. You can choose from several large cats, including Leopard, Jaguar, and Tiger pendants. The chain is snake-style. Additionally, you can choose between silver or gold, the chain length, and the pendant size.

49. Magnetic Balance LED Table Lamp

Magnetic balance LED table lamp night light

This quirky-looking magnetic balance LED lamp could make a suitable 20th birthday present, especially if your son likes cool tech and unusual pieces. It emits a bright light that won’t strain his eyes while delivering a lively appearance to any room.

50. Fire HD 10 Tablet

Amazon device fire tablet with sixty four gigabytes

If your son’s tablet needs replacing or he doesn’t yet own one, this Fire HD 10 tablet could be a spectacular gift. This is the latest model in the Fire tablet line; it has a 10.1-inch screen and a whopping 12-hour battery life.

51. Kodak Pixpro Astro Zoom Camera

Kodak digital camera bundle with memory card

Many people still enjoy taking pictures using an actual camera; if your son is one of them, then he’ll love this Kodak Pixpro Astro Zoom camera. The many excellent features of this camera include powerful optical zoom and optical image stabilization.

Worst Ideas (What Types of Gifts to Avoid Buying)

Worst 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Son

While our top 51 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Son may give you some ideas and inspiration, getting the right gift can be tricky. Take a look at the following gift ideas that you should probably steer clear of:

  • Artwork: Décor is not a top-of-the-list item for men; at best, it will be hung up and forgotten.
  • Gag gifts: If your son is always fooling around, a gag gift is suitable for a quick laugh but not for a memorable birthday gift.
  • Exercise gear: If your son wants to exercise, he likely will. This idea will not be effective as a subtle suggestion to exercise and could hurt his feelings.
  • Cologne: Choosing a cologne for your son would be challenging unless you’re 100 percent certain of his taste.
  • Cash: Although money allows him to get what he likes, it could be awkward for him at this age, and the occasion will be much more memorable and personal with a thoughtful gift.

Ways to Make the Gift Unique

Ways to Make the Gift Unique

The best way to make your son’s 20th birthday gift one to remember is with unique and meaningful personalization; here are some ideas:

  • Personalize a gift: An engraved item with your son’s name, birth year, and other details unique to him will work.
  • Use his hobbies and interests: Get him something that relates to one of his passions.
  • A gift basket: Gather a collection of items he’ll love to create a unique experience.
  • Handcraft your gift: A handmade gift created with love by you makes it extra special.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Our top 20th birthday gift ideas for son list was designed to give you ideas for a special gift. However, making a final choice can still be challenging. If you need help deciding on a gift he can cherish, complete the contact form, and one of our birthday gift-shopping experts will be in touch shortly.

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