Complete List of 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

by Auhbon

Are you looking for an authentic birthday gift to surprise a dear woman in your life who’s about to turn 20? Here is a list of the best 20th birthday gifts for women, whether it’s your girlfriend, sister, daughter, or friend.

Top 50 Gifts

1. Pure Vie Makeup Set

All in one makeup essentials gift set

Does your soon-to-be-20-year-old friend love makeup? This ultimate makeup set is a perfect starter kit with a wide range of styles and shades to achieve any look. The high-quality set is suitable for most skin tones.

2. BAFASO Makeup Backpack

Travel makeup backpack with three removable inner pouches

This is yet another gift idea for makeup lovers. The BAFASO professional makeup backpack has three removable inner pouches and is of exceptional quality. Ideal for traveling, this backpack has enough room to fit all of the makeup essentials and more.

3. Nacome Solar Garden Statue

Solar garden turtle statue with succulent LED lights

This solar garden statue is an ideal gift for any woman who loves to spend time outdoors. This statue is a charming lawn décor piece and will remind your special friend of your eternal bond whenever she goes out in the yard.

4. Tree of Life Necklace

Sterling silver Tree of life necklace with birthstones

This Tree of Life necklace is a great gift for the sensible, loving woman in your life. The design comes with her birthstone on an adjustable Rolo chain. Surprise your friend, wife, or sister with this charming birthday gift.

5. Long Lasting Red Preserved Real Roses

real preserved red roses in designer hat box

Are you looking for an original, mind-blowing gift for your girlfriend’s 20th birthday? If so, then these long-lasting preserved real roses in a beautiful box will knock her off her feet. Choose from a range of box styles and sizes to make a customized bouquet that your better half will cherish for a long time.

6. Sterling Decades Bracelet

Sterling silver bracelet with a ring per decade

The bracelet with Swarovski crystals features a crystal ring for every decade of life and helps celebrate them all. This meaningful jewelry will fit any woman perfectly and is available in three sizes. Plus, the carefully designed rings are delightful and eye-catching.

7. Handmade Jewelry Gift

Handmade necklace twentieth birthday gift for women

This authentic and customizable 20th birthday gift is ideal for a friend or sister. The motivational text under the necklace translates all your love and appreciation for the remarkable woman in your life. It’s available in 14k gold, rose gold, or sterling silver finishes.

8. Birth Flower Necklace

Birth flower necklace twentieth birthday gift for her

Here’s another beautiful necklace to gift a loved one on their 20th birthday. The birth flower design is subtle, handmade, and minimalist. Choose from rose gold, silver, or gold, and add the birthday girl’s name to make the present more personal.

9. The Stars Above on Your Birthday

Necklace with a star map of birthday

The star map of the sky on the day the person was born and a stunning necklace is among the most romantic gifts you can offer for someone’s 20th birthday. Pick a more stylish look in a luxurious box or a more minimalist one to achieve the best effect.

10. 20th Birthday Gift Spa Set

Twentieth birthday spa themed gift box for women

Who doesn’t love spa-themed gift boxes? This 20th birthday gift box contains all-natural products, including a lavender soap bar, cosmetic bag, lip balm, scented candle, fascial clay milk, shower steamer, and much more.

11. 20 Things We Love About You List

Twenty things we love about you printable file

Here’s a lovely, authentic, and personal gift for a 20-year-old. Compile a list of the 20 things you love about your friend, sister, or colleague, place it in a white or black frame, and offer it on the big day.

12. Stress Relief Gift Box

Stress relief gift box with personalized card

If you are looking for 20th birthday gifts for women who need a little extra relaxation time, this is a top choice! Nowadays, hardly anyone is free from stress, even your 20-year-old sister or friend! This stress relief gift box has all the necessary treats for moments of relaxation after a long day at college or work. More than a dozen products are included.

13. Personalized Birthday Jewelry Gift

Personalized jewelry 20th birthday gifts for women

This personalized 20th birthday charm bracelet, necklace, or keychain comes with a birthstone, a memorable quote, and a “20” pendant. Customize the design and surprise your friend with this unique, charming piece of jewelry she can cherish forever.

14. Sterling Silver Birthstone

Sterling silver birthstone 20th birthday gift for women

This sterling silver birthstone gift for her 20th birthday is a charming piece of jewelry in a minimalist style. The handmade box comes with a birthday wish message you can customize yourself.

15. Framed Night Sky Birthday Gift

Framed Star map twentieth birthday gift for women

If your 20-year-old friend or sister doesn’t appreciate jewelry, you can get her this night sky map from the day and year she was born. Choose from two dimensions and various frame options to match the style of her bedroom and make her birthday celebration one to remember!

16. Galaxy Rose in a Glass Dome

Handmade light up rose in a glass dome

This handmade galaxy rose in a glass dome and on a wooden base is powered by 3 AAA batteries to produce a magical effect. Perfect as a nightstand or decorative bookshelf piece, the rose has shimmering reflective plastic that changes color depending on the surroundings.

17. Birthday Gift Box

Custom twentieth birthday gift box for women

This “Thinking of You” gift box is ideal if you can’t make it to your friend’s birthday but don’t want to leave her without a present. This is one of Etsy’s best-selling artisanal gift boxes and comes with numerous personalization options.

18. Hygge Gift Box

Comfort gift box birthday gift for women

Is your friend, sister, or girlfriend celebrating her 20th birthday in the winter? If so, this Hygge gift box will have her all cozy and warmed up. The comfort box comes with a soft blanket, hot beverage, good chocolate, and a mug or tumbler.

19. Friendship Magazine

birthday gift friendship magazine with activities and quizzes

Want to surprise your friend with a unique birthday gift? If so, this Friendship Magazine will rock her world. Share the bond you two have by celebrating your best moments in spotlight pages, taking quizzes, doing activities, and playing games.

20. Custom House Portrait

Personalized watercolor hand painted house portrait

Looking for an exceptional gift for your daughter on her 20th birthday? Why not gift her the portrait of the family house where she grew up? This heartwarming gift is sure to make her special day even more memorable.

21. Romantic Magic Box

personalized wooden box projector romantic gift for women

This personalized gift for women is one of Etsy’s bestsellers. It’s a wooden Magic Box carved to project a custom message on the wall. Simply load a candle (included in the box) and have your girlfriend enjoy the room filled with romantic words and light.

22. Bestie Box

Silly gift box containing items with cheeky names

This silly, bestie-to-bestie box includes a “Miss your face” candle, “The Badass in Me Honors the Badass in You” hand lotion, and “Best Bitch Stick” lipstick. The items come in a lovely box, but you can make a special request for modifications if you have a better idea. If you’re looking for 20th birthday gifts for women with a great sense of humor, look no further!

23. Spa Gift Basket

Anxiety relief spa gift basket for women

Spa time is relaxing. And spas with quality ingredients are unforgettable. Get your friend, sister, or better half this lovely spa set with lavender bath bombs, soap bars, wooden scoop, bath tea bags, and much more.

24. XL Necklace Display

Laser cut wooden necklace display with custom engraving

This authentic and handmade necklace display is a great 20th birthday gift idea for a Boho or rustic-style jewelry lover. Pick a primary color of your choice and add a customized engraving to make the gift all the more special.

25. Birthday Blanket

Twentieth birthday gift blanket for women

This customized 20th birthday blanket is the ideal gift for the special woman in your life. The 50-inch x 60-inch size will keep your friend, daughter, or girlfriend warm and cozy throughout the winter. High-quality and heartwarming, there’s nothing more fitting than keeping your loved one warm when the weather cools.

26. Swarovski Attract Crystal Necklace

rhodium plated pendant necklace birthday gift for women

This elegant, simple, and rhodium-plated necklace is an ideal gift from a mom to a daughter on her 20th birthday. The dainty eye-catching crystal pendant has a sophisticated rhodium chain built to last. Ideal for everyday wear, this necklace will instantly become the special woman in your life’s favorite jewelry piece.

27. Lady Colour Bracelet

Sterling silver northern lights bracelet with Austrian crystals

This Lady Colour bracelet with northern lights is one of Amazon’s best-selling bracelets for women. The stunning design concept is made to give the woman in your life a romantic surprise on her 20th birthday with glamorous crystals from Austria.

28. Whale Necklace

Sterling silver whale necklace and earrings set

If you liked the design of the Lady Color bracelet but would rather go with a necklace and earrings, this Toupop Whale Necklace and Earrings set will be right up your alley. Celebrate your friend or daughter’s love for the ocean with a jewelry set that symbolizes courage, vitality, and pursuit.

29. Infinity Heart Birthstone

Sterling silver or rose gold infinity heart necklace

This 925 sterling silver-filled Redbee necklace is an ideal gift for women who are romantic and sensitive. The “I love you for always and forever” engraving symbolizes your love for this person no matter the distance.

30. Coolife Luggage 3-Piece Set

Three piece lightweight hardshell luggage set with wheels

Do you live far from the woman who is soon to turn 20? The special woman in your life will love the quality and design of these suitcases but may be more excited about actually using them to visit you!

31. Jorbest Blanket

Double sided novelty blanket that looks like food

Jorbest blankets are fun, funny, high-quality, and adorable. Pick between a burrito, waffles, pizza, or cookie to make your best friend’s 20th birthday all the more special!

32. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do

Fifty states five thousand ideas travel guide book

Here is one of the most popular books for avid travelers with all the must-visit places, national parks, beaches, museums, and other areas across the U.S. Get the special traveler in your life a unique 20th birthday gift she’ll cherish for years to come.

33. Gift Box Friendship Basket

Handmade Birthday gift box with relaxing products

This charming handmade birthday gift box in the Hygge style will make your friend experience new levels of calm, relaxation, and peace, which is something we all need in the present day and age.

34. LEGO 10280 Flower Bouquet

Seven hundred fifty six piece LEGO flower bouquet

Looking for a romantic birthday gift for a LEGO lover about to turn 20? Why not gift them this artificial flower bouquet with 15 stems of a flower mix and leaf varieties? LEGO sets are never a dull birthday idea for plastic toy lovers, regardless of age.

35. Nutrichef 10-Piece Set

Nutrichef ten piece set of oven safe cookware

Are you looking for a birthday gift for a daughter that just moved to a new home? This 10-piece baking pan set may be just the perfect idea. Including a pizza pan, baking pan, cookie sheet, round pans, and more, this set is a welcome addition to any home.

36. Teabloom Complete Tea Set

Tea set including pot cups and blooming tea

Shopping for a birthday gift for the most avid tea lover in your life? If so, tea set boxes may be the gift idea that fits your needs. This elegant set features four glass cups, 12 tea flowers, and a 40 oz. teapot with a lid.

37. White Novelty Cowboy Hat

White glamorous novelty cowboy hat for women

This non-woven, unique, and durable cowboy hat makes a great birthday gift for a party girl who’s about to turn 20. Ideal for disco parties, festivals, white parties, or masquerades, this hat will be your special someone’s new favorite accessory. Certainly one of more wild and fun 20th birthday gifts for women.

38. Glass Dome Rose

Handmade preserved red rose in glass dome

This simple, elegant, minimalist glass dome three-rose pack is a sweet and loving birthday gift. The 100% natural roses have undergone a professional preserving process that makes them last for up to five years.

39. Tea Tree Bath Set

Fifteen piece aromatherapy home spa set with calming fragrances

This aromatherapy home spa set with calming mint fragrances contains 15 pieces. Handmade soap, shower gel, tea tree bath oil, steamer tablet, and much more awaits the perfect relaxation occasion. Be the awesome person who gifts the special woman in your life a treatment she’ll never forget.

40. Cheese Board Set

Cheese board with four knives and four bowls

Need 20th birthday gifts for women who love cheese? If so, she’ll love this U.S.-patented meat and cheese cutting board. Featuring high-quality knives and bowls in a German design, this cheese board can hold all types of cheese and charcuterie.

41. Nostalgia Indoor Electric S’mores Maker

four compartment trays stainless steel electric S'mores  heater

Make your special someone’s 20th birthday the day to remember with this indoor S’mores heater. Roast marshmallows inside during the winter and forget about wood or open flames – the whole experience just got simpler for your marshmallow-loving friend.

42. 20th Birthday Leather Makeup Bag

Personalized twentieth birthday gift vintage leather makeup bag

This authentic leather bag comes with a “Vintage [Year of Birth]” print and is a great gift for a daughter or friend who loves original makeup storage solutions.

43. Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Indulgent bath time tray with extending sides

Looking for 20th birthday gifts for women who cherish bath time? Make bath time more relaxing and enjoyable for the special someone in your life by gifting them this lavish caddy tray for a bath. The rustic looks, high-quality design, and spa-like sensation make this gift an excellent value for money.

44. The Comfy Wearable Blanket

Comfy oversized wearable blanket with hood and pocket

Here’s a great gift idea for the soon-to-be-20-year-old woman in your life who is born in winter. This comfy wearable blanket is warm, cozy, and fluffy. It’s also oversized for the most comfortable fit.

45. Ozlilyf Life Unique Gift Basket

Gift box for women with ten unique items

This unique gift box is a great gift idea for a daughter, friend, or sister who’s about to be 20. The hair box scrunchies, leather jewelry tray, and double-wall vacuum tumbler are only some cool accessories included in this package.

46. Happy Birthday Box

Happy birthday box for women by luxe england

This happy birthday box is one of the top-rated birthday gift ideas on Amazon. It contains two cupcake bath bombs, a notebook, a coffee mug with a lid, a candle, a jewelry dish, a makeup pouch, and much more.

47. Swissmar Classic Raclette Grill Plate

eight person raclette with cast aluminum grill plate

Surprise the Raclette cheese-loving woman in your life with this high-quality, 8-person Raclette aluminum grill plate. There’s nothing a cheese lover loves more than to share the delight with their friends and family, and this gift makes it all possible. There aren’t many 20th birthday gifts for women who love cooking on this list, so be sure not to overlook this one!

48. Wall Art Wood Panel

Framed three piece wood panel canvas wall art

This modern, rustic décor for bedrooms and living rooms is guaranteed to please any contemporary art lover. This creative gift is 1.5 inches deep and comes with nails, so it can easily be hung.

49. Large Macrame Wall Hanging With Crystal

Large macrame wall hanging with crystal and beads

This Boho-style large macrame makes a stunning wall décor piece for any home. The design is insanely beautiful and matches most interior decor. It works excellently above beds, next to shelves or closets, or in the hallway.

50. Custom Portrait

Custom hand painted watercolor portrait with style options

Does your almost-20-years-old friend appreciate art? If so, you can order them a custom portrait carefully rendered on a canvas. The surreal and soft artistic approach of this artist is a perfect gift idea for a loved one.

Worst Ideas

Worst 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Picking a gift for a 20-year-old woman can be tricky. Still, there are some items you should never consider, regardless of how close you are to that person. Here are eight of the worst ones:

  1. Eyebrow razors
  2. Ashtrays
  3. Stuffed animals looking like cockroaches or other creepy-crawlies
  4. Pets
  5. Exercise baskets
  6. Bathroom scales
  7. Wrinkle or anti-age creams
  8. Old used things (unless they love vintage or upcycled items)

It’s not that these gifts are bad for everyone. For example, if your friend is fit and loves working out regularly, there’s nothing wrong with getting her an extra set of weights or running equipment. But gifts like these can also send a wrong message.

Ways to Make the Gift Unique

Ways to Make the Gift Unique

It’s becoming harder to surprise someone with a unique gift. We live in a society where everything is accessible to anyone. However, these tips can make even the most mundane gifts more special.

  • Include a personalized caricature.
  • Write a poem.
  • Offer a sculpture that you made.
  • Do a photography session.
  • Play a song.
  • Wite a comic book.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Still haven’t decided on the best birthday gift for the remarkable woman in your life? You can talk to one of our experts to help you come up with a personalized, authentic gift the special someone will remember forever.

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