21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

by Auhbon
daughter excited to eat her 21st birthday cake

If your daughter’s twenty-first birthday is approaching, you’ll want to find the perfect gift for this special milestone. Check out our list of the top 21st birthday gifts for your daughter to find inspiration and put a smile on her face.

1. 10K Personalized Name Necklace

Ten karat personalized name necklace for your daughter

As you may have guessed, one of the best 21st birthday gifts for your daughter is jewelry. If your daughter is a fan of statement jewelry, there’s no better gift than a custom necklace featuring her name. She’ll remember how you’ve always supported and cared for her whenever she wears this unique piece. Stylish yet simple, this necklace is bound to delight her.

2. Freshwater Sterling Silver Cultured Pearl Ring

Black pearl ring birthday gift for your daughter

Surprise her on her special day with this mesmerizing pearl ring. The silver setting holds a black freshwater pearl, giving the piece a sophisticated edge. The contrast between the silver and the pearl creates a stunning visual effect, and your daughter will be proud to show off her new favorite ring any chance she gets.

3. Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

Sterling silver pressed flower teardrop earrings birthday gifts

Your daughter will probably receive many bouquets, so go the extra mile and find a gift that combines real flowers and jewelry. These unique earrings feature a silver setting and dried flowers in the center. Preserved in resin, the flowers ooze elegance and will surely match your daughter’s personality.

4. Hand-Painted Memory Box

Sculpted willow tree mother and daughter memory box

No relationship can compare to the bond between a mother and her daughter, and this thoughtful gift will celebrate that closeness. This willow tree box features carved imagery of a mother embracing her young daughter while a wholesome message graces the inside of the lid. Fill the box with a heartfelt letter and your favorite pictures to touch your daughter’s heart.

5. Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Set

Home spa kit birthday gift for your daughter

If your soon-to-be twenty-one-year-old is obsessed with beauty and skincare, then she’ll appreciate getting this cherry blossom-themed spa set. The beautiful light pink wooden packaging contains bath salts, bubble baths, body lotion, rose-scented soap, and an exfoliating puff.

6. Solid Gold Necklace Heart-Shaped Ruby

solid gold chain necklace with heart shaped ruby

If your daughter’s personality shines as bright as a diamond, let her know by gifting her this dazzling necklace. The heart-shaped ruby is the centerpiece, and the silver setting enhances its elegance. Once she puts it on, she’ll be able to carry your love wherever she goes.

7. Quote Heart Pendant Necklace

Gifts for your daughter heart shaped inspirational necklace

She may be turning twenty-one, but in your heart, you’ll always see her as your little girl. When you’re not around, this necklace and its inspirational message will encourage her to be the best version of herself, even when times are tough.

8. Sterling Silver Mom and Daughter Necklace

Interlocking rings necklace gift for daughter from mother

She may miss her mother’s guidance and kind words if she’s already moved away from home, but with this dainty necklace, she’ll never forget that your bond is unbreakable and that you’re always rooting for her.

9. Amber Earth Tone Music Box

Cottage garden perfect daughter jeweled music box gift

This jewelry box is more than a practical solution or decorative piece; the top has a thoughtful message that will reflect the love and respect you have for your favorite girl. The earth-toned jewels along the frame add a rustic touch to the box, and whenever she opens it, she’ll hear the soft notes of a “Wonderful World.”

10. Egg Ornament Trinket Box

Hand painted hinged top blue Easter egg ornament

If she loves funky designs and unique trinkets, then she’ll be delighted to add this egg-shaped ornament to her collection. Flowers and leaves decorate the hand-painted blue body, creating a lively explosion of colors.

11. Glass Terrarium Box

Small house shaped glass terrarium with swing lid

You’ve watched her fall in love with the natural world, but she has yet to find a home for her succulents. This glass terrarium box is an excellent choice and will look fantastic on her shelf, table, or workstation.

12. Coffee Maker

Keurig mini coffee maker gift for your daughter

This mini coffee maker is the perfect 21st birthday gift idea for daughters who need a caffeine fix first thing in the morning. It features a modern design and is easy to clean, making it the perfect new addition to her kitchen.

13. Baby Bird Necklace

Sterling silver mother and daughter bird pendant necklace

It may be time for her to spread her wings and forge her own path, so remind your daughter that she can always turn to you for support and guidance. This delicate piece has birds on the pendant, a parent helping her child to fly, which symbolizes your mother-daughter bond.

14. DASH Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer

Aqua colored electric air fryer with recipe guide

If your beloved daughter is still trying to hone her cooking skills, then lend a helping hand with this easy-to-use electric air fryer. Soon enough, she’ll master new recipes and invite you to a healthy and delicious dinner.

15. Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

USB charging lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner with attachment

She’s at the age where she has to take good care of herself, which also applies to cleaning. With this portable handheld cleaner, she’ll be able to reach even the most remote areas of her home, making them look pristine.

16. Portable Wireless Speaker

Waterproof bluetooth speaker birthday gift for your daughter

She’s turning twenty-one, and the only thing that could make the occasion even more special is a portable speaker to put everyone in a celebratory mood. The product has a battery life of 20 hours, so it will never let her down when she wants to stream her favorite songs.

17. Bottle Openers

Set of four stainless steel flat bottle openers

When you first move out of your parent’s place, you’re surprised at how many things, including bottle openers, you’ve taken for granted. Make the transition easier for your daughter with a practical gift that will make her feel at home in her new living space.

18. Twenty Guys You Date in Your Twenties by Gabi Conti

Twenty guys you date in your twenties book

Dating in your early twenties can be tough, and your daughter may not always feel comfortable sharing information with her parents. Fortunately, she’ll be able to relate to Conti’s experiences since the author has compiled her insights into a funny yet thought-provoking read.

19. Wine Stain Remover

Wine stain remover 21st birthday gift for daughter

One of the most practical 21st birthday gifts for your daughter is an item she can use on the day of the celebration and for years to come. Wine stains can be a pain to remove, but with this gift, your favorite girl won’t have to worry about ruining her clothes.

20. Instant Print Camera

Instant print Kodak digital camera gift for daughter

Your daughter is entering her twenties, a time when she’ll make some of her most cherished memories. Make sure she captures them all with this reliable instant print camera.

21. Portable Record Player

Vintage three speed bluetooth portable suitcase record player

If her favorite pastime is singing along to her favorite tunes, then this portable Bluetooth record player will become one of her most cherished possessions. It has a modern design yet can add a vintage touch to any room.

22. Eau De Juice Perfume

Juice box perfume birthday gift for your daughter

Not only does this perfume smell divine, but it also comes in a unique bottle. Shaped like a carton of apple juice, it will surely be one of the most interesting items in your daughter’s fragrance collection.

23. Colored Drinking Glasses

Colored drinking glass birthday gift for your daughter

Girls obsessed with staying hydrated and drinking enough water need colored glasses to add a dash of fun to their daily routine. This set has a stunning geometric shape, and your daughter will use them whenever she wants a sip of water or juice. This option is one of the most useful 21st birthday gifts for your daughter because she’ll reach for the glasses for years to come.

24. Candle Accessory Set

Wick trimmer candle snuffer and wick dipper set

She may have countless candles in her room, but does she take good care of them? With this candle accessory set, your daughter will have everything she needs to keep her favorite candles fragrant and fresh. The package includes a wick trimmer, bell snuffer, and wick dipper.

25. Smartphone Photo Printer

Kodak instant photo printer for use with phones

If she’s constantly taking photos with her phone, then she’ll love to hold those memories in her hands. This photo printer is simple to set up and easily connects to smartphones. Whenever she snaps a picture that puts a smile on her face, she’ll be able to print it and put it up on her wall or add it to her scrapbook.

26. Mocktail Recipe Book

Mocktail party 75 plant based non alcoholic recipes

As she eases into adulthood, your daughter may become more health-conscious, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with her beverages. This book contains healthy and delicious plant-based recipes that will help her whip up a mocktail for any occasion.

27. How to Adult, A Practical Guide: Advice on Living, Loving, Working, and Spending Like a Grown-Up

How to adult a practical guide gift book

Adulthood is full of trials and tribulations, and navigating these changes can be overwhelming, especially for a person in their early twenties. With this insightful book, she’ll feel less alone and learn how to tackle the challenges many young people face.

28. I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook

The I heart trader joes cookbook gift book

Whether she’s a master chef or new to cooking, she’ll enjoy experimenting with the healthy and delicious recipes in this book. She’ll learn to use grocery store ingredients to make gourmet-style meals. Sounds appetizing, right?

29. Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity party game for horrible people

If she grew up playing board games, these cards will become her new favorite way of spending time with friends, but beware, this game is known for bringing out the worst in people! Don’t worry too much though, at its core, it’s just an endlessly playable and funny game.

30. Slim Wallet

Slim wallet 21st birthday gift for your daughter

Now she’s turning twenty-one and getting a brand-new ID, the occasion calls for a wallet that can hold all of her cards. This slim and stylish option can hold up to six cards, so she’ll never misplace them again.

31. Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

Light pink instant camera with case and film

Our list of 21st birthday gifts for your daughter wouldn’t be complete without this lovely light pink camera. The cute design will amaze your daughter and help her make instant memories with her favorite people.

32. Electric Wine Opener

Electric wine bottle opener gift set with accessories

She’s reached the threshold of adulthood, which means it’s time for her to do grown-up things on her own, including opening wine bottles. Thanks to this electric wine opener, popping a bottle open during family dinners will be a breeze.

33. Capri Blue Volcano Candle

Blue scented candle birthday gift for your daughter

Are you looking for 21st birthday gifts for your daughter that look and smell good? If so, then this fragrant candle is a perfect choice. With a burn time of approximately 25 hours, the candle will help your daughter unwind after a demanding workday.

34. Sony Soundbar

Surround sound Sony soundbar with powerful wireless subwoofer

This impressive and sleek soundbar makes listening to music or watching a movie a truly immersive experience. Your daughter may say goodbye to her speakers and turn to this device for all her streaming needs.

35. The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook

tiktok cookbook for snacks drinks treats and more

For many twenty-somethings, TikTok has become the go-to place for finding tasty and innovative recipes. When you gift her this cookbook, she’ll have a great opportunity to improve her cooking and spend less time looking at a smartphone screen.

36. Neon Dream Sign

Battery or USB powered LED neon dream sign

She’s seen neon signs at convenience stores and gas stations, but has she ever used them to decorate her room? The blue option is an excellent gift for girls who want to upgrade their living space with ambient lighting. This is one of the most original 21st birthday gifts for your daughter and we’ll bet that most other family members have not considered it.

37. Hatch Restore

Hatch restore smart alarm clock with various features

If your daughter has had trouble establishing a good sleep schedule, then she needs this game-changing device. It acts as an alarm, meditation app, sound machine, and smart light.

38. VertuoPlus Deluxe

Black nespresso deluxe coffee and espresso machine gift

She wakes up, and the first thing she reaches for is a cup of coffee. Help her enjoy her mornings with a Nespresso machine that will allow her to make Starbucks-quality coffee from the comfort of her kitchen.

39. AirFly Pro

AirFly pro wireless audio transmitter and receiver device

Many young people prefer wireless gadgets to their now outdated wired counterparts, and the AirFly Pro has become a fan-favorite. Wherever she goes, your daughter will be able to connect her headphones to any wireless jack. Best of all, it’s compatible with airplane screens, perfect for people who are always on the go.

40. Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles

Luxury eight hundred piece jigsaw puzzle birthday gift

With 800 puzzle pieces, she’ll spend days engaging her little gray cells to recreate beautifully illustrated scenes. The images also include a festive scene, making this puzzle an ideal family activity for the holiday season. Similar 21st birthday gift ideas for daughters are something she can work on with the people who love her the most.

41. Nori Press

Nori press compact iron and steamer for clothing

Between navigating adulthood and forging her own path in the world, she may not always have time to set up her ironing board. Fortunately however, with the Nori steamer she won’t have to. This two-in-one steamer and iron will ensure that her clothes are always in excellent condition, even when she’s on a tight schedule.

42. Luxe TRVL Case

travel toiletry bag birthday gift for your daughter

This modern accessory and makeup case has four bags and can carry your daughter’s most-used items. Other features include a woven bag and a lined pocket. It will fit perfectly inside a small handbag or suitcase. At first glance, this option and similar 21st birthday gift ideas for daughters seem simple, but are a treasure trove of compartments and extra space.

43. Velvet Jewelry Organizer

Plush velvet travel jewelry box organizer with mirror

Is she constantly losing her earrings and struggling with knotted necklaces? With this stylish jewelry organizer, these issues will become a thing of the past. The box has several compartments. Moreover, your daughter can use detachable dividers to customize this gift.

44. Travel Backpack

Lightweight packable backpack birthday gift for your daughter

If she loves exploring the great outdoors, she’ll appreciate receiving this fold-up travel backpack. Within a few seconds, it will be no bigger than a Kindle reader, and she can pack it in suitcases and bags for extra storage.

45. Smart Digital Picture Frame

wifi enabled picture frame with touch screen

Does she have countless photos on her smartphone but not enough space in her room for all of them? Thanks to this smart picture frame, that’s not a problem. All she has to do is connect it to her phone and she can keep her favorite photos on rotation.

46. Insulated Travel Mug

Vacuum insulated stainless steel ten ounce stackable mug

Your daughter loves traveling but spends a lot of money on those tasty hot and cold beverages. This insulated travel mug will become her trusty travel companion, keeping her drinks at optimal temperatures for hours. Because this entry will serve her both at home and on the road, it surely counts as one of the top 21st birthday gifts for your daughter.

47. TRUFF Sauce Pack

Truff triple pack truffle hot sauce gift set

TRUFF’s sauces have amassed a loyal following, adding a kick to virtually any dish. This gift set includes a white truffle sauce, black truffle oil, and hot sauce. The triple pack can elevate any meal, and your daughter will feel like a gourmet chef whenever she uses it.

48. Wireless Charging Station

Wireless phone charging station and dock for accessories

Few things are as frustrating as calling your daughter and not getting an answer because her phone battery is out. A wireless charging station will keep all her devices powered on and help her get in contact with friends and family whenever she wants.

49. Canvas Phone Bag

Canvas vegan leather crossbody bag phone case gift

Her phone is attached to her hip, and she dislikes carrying bulky tote bags; so consider this small canvas bag. It has enough space for her mobile device and cards, not to mention it oozes a stylish, minimalistic vibe. Made from recycled plastic, it’s an ideal gift for girls who appreciate sustainable yet fashionable pieces.

Worst Ideas

Worst 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

As you may have noticed, we haven’t included any makeup or cleaning products in our list of the best 21st gift ideas for daughters. Makeup is a personal choice, and even if you pick out a lipstick or foundation for her, there’s always a chance it won’t match her skin tone.

As for cleaning products, we usually associate them with chores, which you don’t want to remind your daughter about on her twenty-first birthday. While portable devices are appreciated, steer clear of chemicals, gloves, and sponges.

Ways to Make the Gift Unique

Ways to Make the Gift Unique for Women

Whatever you end up getting her, she’ll appreciate your time and effort, but here are a few ways you can go the extra mile to make your gift unique:

  • Put the item in a wooden box with custom engravings
  • Pair the gift with a bouquet of her favorite flowers
  • Include a heartfelt letter in the package

Remember that the best 21st birthday gift ideas for daughters come from the heart.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Our top 50 21st birthday gift ideas for daughters have probably helped you narrow down your search, but should you need more assistance, fill out the contact form below. One of our expert shoppers will get back to you in no time and help you find the gift of your daughter’s dreams.

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