Top 50 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Craig

The third anniversary is an important milestone for your relationship or marriage. Here’s a list of the best 50 3 year anniversary gift ideas that may inspire you to mark this occasion.

Tumbler Glass for Internet Couples  

You Are The Best Thing Tumbler Coffee Cup

If you met your boo online, this sweet tumbler glass would remind them of your beginnings. We live in a digital age, so it’s no wonder many couples meet on the internet. It’s a funny and thoughtful anniversary gift that will show them how much you care.

A Thoughtful Love Knot Pendant for Wife 

pendant necklace 14k white gold love knot

This 14k white gold love knot pendant will remind your wife how much she means to you. The love knot is symbolic of long-lasting love, making it one of the perfect 3 year anniversary gift ideas. You can customize this gorgeous gift by personalizing the message inside the box.

The Heart Map 

Framed Heart Art Map Top Anniversary Gift Ideas

personalized heart map on canvas makes an ideal present for a 3rd-anniversary gift. This sweet expression of love is perfect for couples separated by long distance. Love knows no boundaries, and this personalized gift is bound to express it to your partner.

Preserved Red Rose With 100 Languages Heart Necklace 

Preserved Red Rose with I Love You Necklace

This unique gift set includes a preserved rose in a glass box with a heart-pendant necklace. A preserved rose can signify eternal love for your partner. The heart necklace tells them “I love you” in 100 languages, making it one of the most beautiful 3 year anniversary gift ideas.

Romantic Crystal Keepsake 

Romantic Crystal Keepsake With A love message Lights up

Engraving a thoughtful, personalized love message on a crystal keepsake is a perfect 3rd-anniversary present. The keepsake is transparent and made of high-quality glass. It’s a beautiful piece of home decor that will always remind your partner of your love.

Double Heart Figurine 

Happy Anniversary Double Heart Figurine Ornament Red Crystals

The double-heart ornament is another beautiful anniversary gift. It features intertwined hearts with an eye-catching design, dangling crystals, and 24k-gold plating. Personalize the inscription under the heart motif and celebrate the love you share with style. The figurine comes in a luxury gift velvet pouch.

Personalized Couple’s Tumbler Glass 

Tumbler Cup With Romantic Message For Wife

Customize this beautifully patterned sweet tumbler glass with a meaningful letter to your partner. Among 3 year anniversary gift ideas, a tumbler glass featuring a personalized love message is bound to make the heart sing. It’s a small but romantic gift choice.

The Husband’s Blanket 

The Husbands Blanket Anniversary Gift from Wife

This polyester blanket with funny and thoughtful messages is a sweet present for your husband. Third-anniversary gift ideas are about telling someone how much you mean to them. They’ll think of your love whenever they use this blanket.

Infinity Love Candle Holder 

Infinity Love Candle Holder Statue With Flickering LED

love candle holder is bound to impress your loved one. It features an elegant statue in the shape of a couple’s embrace, making it a sweet 3 year anniversary gift idea. It’s romantic and fits any space, presenting an everlasting gift for such a special occasion.

Crystal Whiskey Glass Set for Husband

To My Husband Crystal Whiskey Glass Set Gift

If your husband loves celebrating special occasions with whisky, this handcrafted wooden whisky set will make them happy. Personalize the message on the wooden box with a sweet love declaration to make it even more special. It’s bound to make your 3rd anniversary wonderful.

3rd Anniversary Crystal Sculpture

3rd Anniversary Crystal Sculpture Heart and Love

A love message never goes out of style. This paperweight crystal sculpture reminds your partner of the beautiful time you’ve spent together. It features a heart-shaped frame with a unique message inside. Express your affection to your significant other in style with this unique ornament

Rose Flower In Glass Dome

Flower Rose Romantic Rainbow Light Up In Dome

A rose in a glass dome expresses eternal love and durability. This romantic gift expresses infinite hope and beauty, reminding your partner that your connection never withers. This ornament features a rose that changes color under different angles and light.

Personalized Sundial Compass 

Brass Sundial Compass with Special Engraved Anniversary Greeting

This sundial compass is truly a special gift because it reminds your partner of the time and direction of your relationship. Its antique design and symbolism make it a unique gift choice for the 3rd anniversary of your relationship or marriage. The compass comes in a beautiful mango wood case.

We Made a Family Ornament 

3 Years We Made A Family Metal Ornament Anniversary Gift Idea

Expanding your family in three years is a beautiful thing to celebrate on your anniversary. This metal ornament enhances your home decor with family motifs featuring a couple and a child. The keepsake comes in a wooden box that doubles as a display stand.

Preserved Real Rose

Preserved Red Rose with I Love You Necklace

Gift your significant other with an exquisite preserved natural rose. This gift set features a beautiful flower under a glass dome with a jewelry box underneath. It also features a 100 languages “I love you” necklace, which makes this gift even more romantic.

Leather SunflowerWallet

Sunflower Wallet Handmade Leather Clutch

A leather sunflower wallet falls into the traditional 3 year anniversary gift ideas category. This beautiful sunflower wallet mixes modern and conventional 3rd-anniversary symbols. It’s enchanting and will make your favorite person feel butterflies for sure!

Love Figurine 

Home Decoration Love Figurine Sculpture Anniversary Gift

This iron figurine represents a couple in love and makes this list as a thoughtful 3rd-year anniversary gift idea. Iron is a metaphor for the solid bond between lovers, and this small but sweet present adds to the strength of your connection.

Wine Tumbler Gift Set

Wine Tumbler Gift Set With Engraved To My Wonderful Girl

A beautiful wooden wine tumbler set is an ideal gift for the 3rd anniversary. Personalize the wooden box with a customized message to your beloved, and remind them how much they mean to you. The set has two large wine tumblers and eight stainless steel stones to cool drinks.

Silver Necklace

You can’t miss the point by gifting your partner this one-of-a-kind silver-colored necklace for your anniversary. This elegant piece of jewelry is crafted with 14k white gold over stainless steel. Coming in a gift box with a personalized message, this falls into the category of excellent 3 year anniversary gift ideas.

Akoya Black Pearl Set

Round Black Akoya Pearl Necklace Bracelet And Earrings

The 3rd anniversary gemstone is pearls, but who says you have to settle for the traditional? This black pearl set is a little funky, a little classy, and entirely unique. Choose the metal type and pearl size, and surprise your significant other with a necklace, bracelet, and earring set that’s bound to get noticed.

Wooden Gift Set for Women 

Crystal Engraved Heart And Gold Dipped Rose

This beautiful gift box set will surprise your wife or girlfriend in the best way. The collection features a 24k gold-dipped red rose and a beautiful crystal engraved heart. You can personalize the wooden box with a thoughtful message and show your partner how special they are to you.

Romantic Moon Lamp

Moon Decor Lamp Astronomy Artwork Romantic Anniversary Gift

Do you want to show your partner you love them to the moon and back? Gift them this lunar landscape lamp to celebrate your 3rd anniversary. It features three color and dimming modes, making it symbolic of your relationship count. This lamp produces a romantic glow that makes it a unique love present.

Interlocking Hearts Iron Sculpture

Interlocking Hearts  Bronze Finish Sculpture Anniversary Gift Ideas

Crossed hearts are one of the most well-known love symbols. This iron ornament inspires your spouse to express tender feelings and features a unique modern design. You can choose between a black or gold finish as an elegant decoration and a thoughtful gift for a 3rd anniversary.

Matching Leather Bracelets

Leather is a traditional gift for celebrating the 3rd anniversary of a relationship. These handmade leather bracelets are romantic and thoughtful, making them a perfect 3 year anniversary gift idea. They’re comfortable and fashionable, and you can personalize them with a custom message to your partner.

Anniversary Necklace

Necklace Gift For Wife For 3 Year Anniversary

Amaze your partner with this elegant necklace for your anniversary celebration. This stylish jewelry piece stands out with shimmering crystals and features cubic zirconia in the details. Make this gift even more romantic by customizing the special message on the gift box.

3rd Anniversary Gift Candle

Scented Candle with 3 Years 
Happy Anniversary Message

candle with an alluring scent makes a great 3 year anniversary gift. A refreshing lavender scent brings more romance and relaxation to any space. Personalize this calming candle with a thoughtful message to your partner and commemorate the occasion.

KLH Floorstanding Suspension Speaker

KLH Floorstanding 3 Way Speaker Acoustic Suspension Walnut

For the audiophile in your life, there’s no better way to celebrate your 3rd anniversary than to fill their home with glorious hi-fidelity sound. The 3-way 10-inch speaker has an innovative acoustic design and a retro look that’ll make date nights at home more inviting.

Anniversary Leather Bookmark

3 Year Anniversary Leather Bookmark Gift

If your partner loves reading, surprise them with a custom leather bookmark celebrating your anniversary. This elegant accessory is excellent for the 3rd-anniversary occasion since it features fine-quality leather with a suede leather cord. Add a personalized message to your lover to make this gift even sweeter.

Anniversary Scrapbook

Couples Scrapbook Album Top Wedding Anniversary Gift

An anniversary scrapbook is one of the most customizable gifts on this list of the best 3 year anniversary gift ideas. It’s a beautiful way to share memories and stories of your relationship and revisit the times of love you spent together.

Couples’ 3D Crystal Photo

Personalized Anniversary 3D Engraved Crystal Photo Gift

Create a customized lovebird 3D photo to celebrate your 3rd anniversary in style. It’s a cute gift to show your partner how much you appreciate your relationship. The crystal paperweight features a 3D-printed image and arrives in a keepsake gift box. Add a custom message to make this anniversary gift even more special.

Candle Holder Magic Box

LED Candle Holder Magic Box Projects Happy Anniversary

Present your significant other with this magic box to surprise them with a unique expression of love. This box has words cut into the wood so the holder can project custom messages on a wall. The package features a LED light inside the magic box, filling the dark space with a romantic glow.

Scrapbook Photo Album

3 Year Anniversary Wooden Scrapbook Gift

scrapbook filled with loving memories is one of the best 3 year anniversary gift ideas. Customize the personal details your partner will appreciate and put all your sweet memories together in a unique book. The scrapbook is made of light-colored wood and features an elegant design.

The Infinity Night Light

Wooden Personalized Infinity Led Name Date Message Light

This customized night lamp is an attractive gift choice for a 3rd anniversary. It gives any room a cozy vibe with its warm light. Add some personal details to the light’s infinity symbol design, like your name and the date your relationship began to melt your partner’s heart.

Leather Rose

Potted Leather Desk Rose in Pot

Roses mean love, and leather symbolizes its 3rd anniversary. This leather rose is a thoughtful gift for this special occasion and features genuine leather strips and a beautiful terracotta pot. Adding a special message to your significant other to its leaves gives it a touch of romance.

3rd Anniversary Message

Frame 3 Year Anniversary Months Weeks Days Hours Minutes

Celebrate this special occasion by framing a loving message for your 3rd anniversary. A floating frame and a transparent glass background add to the modern style of the gift. Customize a message to your beloved and show how much you appreciate these three years together. 

Women’s Boot Knife

Small Dagger Knife with Opel Gemstone Handle With Leather Case

These handmade steel daggers may be an unconventional 3rd-anniversary gift choice, but they are unique. It features a leather sheath with a tooled pattern, making it a great gift idea for this occasion. Its handle features natural pink opal and a feminine design.

Clutch Leather Wallet

Leather Clutch Wallet For Woman Great Anniversary Gift

clutch leather wallet featuring high-quality genuine leather makes an exquisite present. The 3rd anniversary of your relationship is all about leather, so it is bound to amaze your partner. The wallet features RFID-blocking features.

Premium Backgammon Set

Madison Avenue Genuine Leather Backgammon Set

Backgammon sets are classy gifts, so surprise your partner with one personalized according to the occasion and gift them something that will last. The set features genuine leather covering on its surface, making it one of the great 3 year anniversary gift ideas.

Bohemian Leather Handbag

Womens Leather Handbag With Printed Butterfly Sunflowers

This leather handbag features sunflower motifs, alluding to the happiness your love brings to the relationship. Its spacious interior and color contrast make it a great addition to weekday commutes and weekend getaways. The bag features comfortable shoulder straps and leather top handles.

Leather Bottle Carrier

Leather Champagne Wine Tote Insulated Cooler Bag

If your partner would appreciate a timeless accessory, look no further than this leather bottle carrier. It features premium leather that assures durability and is entirely handcrafted. 

Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware Set

Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware Set Red

There’s no better way to say “I love you” than a gift from the legendary cookware company, Le Creuset. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or lavish parties with the gang, your significant other can showcase their culinary skills with this vibrant 9-piece set. This heirloom-worthy set is available in six beautiful colors.

Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Leather Bifold Wallet for Men With RFID Blocking

Elegant leather wallets never go out of style. Gift this stylish bi-fold wallet to your special person for your 3rd anniversary to complement their refined taste. This wallet is designed to last and age beautifully, just like your relationship or marriage.

Crossbody Bag

Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag Brown

This leather crossbody bag is durable and lasts for a long time with a timeless, vintage design that truly stands out. Surprise your partner with this beautiful bag for this special occasion.

The Office Desk Organizer

Leather Desk Organizer 3 Tier Stackable Letter Tray

Exquisite leather craftmanship is always sought. This leather desk organizer is a classy gift for a 3rd anniversary. It blends functionality with style, featuring top-notch leather with a sleek look and durable body. It’s bound to store your partner’s desk equipment conveniently.

3rd Anniversary Secret Bracelet

Womens Leather Bracelet Top Anniversary Gift

Genuine leather bracelets are stylish, and this one is no exception. You can personalize it with a unique hidden message to your partner, celebrating your relationship milestone with one of the top genuinely meaningful 3 year anniversary gift ideas on the list. The bracelet is handmade and secured with an antique bronze clasp. 

Anniversary Leather Music Sheet

Wood Framed Leather Music Notes Sheet Engraved On Leather

Engrave your “couple song” on leather and present it to your loved one. These leather gifts are meaningful and come with a natural wood frame. It’s a beautiful piece of decor for any home and helps celebrate your anniversary in style.

Barrel Bag

Womens Vegan Leather Barrel Tote Bag

This barrel bag made the list of the top 3 year anniversary gift ideas for its stylish design. It features a surface layer of soft vegan leather with a fabric interior. The vintage design of this bag adds style to any outfit and is bound to amaze your significant other.

Rustic Leather Photo Album

Leather Photo Album Handcrafted Top Grain Anniversary Gift

Leather photo albums always have a vibe of timelessness to them. This leather scrapbook with glassine interleaf will carry the memorable moments from your relationship in style. The stylish leather cover implies longevity, making it a fantastic anniversary gift for your 3rd year.

The Wooden Calendar

Wood Rustic Circular Wall Mounted Spin Perpetual Calendar

A wooden calendar is a magnificent 3rd-anniversary gift. It features quality wood and adds to any home decor, channeling a vintage allure. Set the date to the beginning of your relationship or the exact date of your 3rd anniversary. Finally, customizing the message will make this gift even more romantic.

Crossed Hearts Necklace

Two Tone Double Heart Pendant Necklace Swarovski Crystal

Surprise your partner with this Swarovski crystal necklace and convey a thoughtful message. This 14k rose gold plated sterling silver necklace symbolizes the unbreakable bond between your souls and carries a unique meaning. It’s a gorgeous 3rd-anniversary gift idea that will make your day special.

Worst Ideas

Worst 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

The point of a gift is to remind your partner how meaningful your relationship is to you. Gifting your significant other something you meant for yourself may make them feel like it’s all about you. Suppose you love these sweet pancakes your girlfriend or boyfriend makes. Gifting them a frying pan for the 3rd anniversary may seem like you’re more excited about something they can do for you.

Of course, it’s a different story if your significant other loves being in the kitchen. And a premium cookware set may be the perfect way to show your partner you’re tuned into their passions.

On the same note, presenting your partner with a gift card may seem like you have spent three years with this person and still don’t know them. Third-anniversary gifts should be personalized and thoughtful. Gifting something that seems like you didn’t put effort into considering it may make your partner question your relationship.

Traditional Gifts for 3rd Year Anniversary

Leather is regarded as the traditional 3rd-anniversary gift material. Leather gifts are meaningful and classy and represent the durability of your relationship. They come in various forms, from accessories and clothing to home decor and elegant journals.

Although leather-material gifts are one of the most time-honored ways of commemorating three years together, many choose to go with anniversary gemstones instead. The 3rd anniversary gemstone is pearls. However, you can get creative with pearl-related gifts.

Jewelry may be the first thought when brainstorming pearl gifts, but you don’t necessarily need to go the traditional white pearl route. Tahitian black pearls or freshwater pearls make unique gifts and still fulfill the anniversary gemstone requirement. 

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you still haven’t decided what to gift your partner for your 3rd anniversary, we can help you with that. Contact us by filling out the form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with recommendations.

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I personally love the Interlocking Hearts Iron Sculpture. Great decoration for house entrance.

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