Complete List of 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

by Auhbon

Finding the perfect gift for your guy friend who’s turning 30 doesn’t need to be difficult. We’ve compiled a list of the best ideas so that you can shop confidently for the perfect 30th birthday gift for men.

Top 50 Gifts

1. Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Whiskey decanter gift set including chilling stones

Turning 30 is quite a milestone. This stylish decanter set shows that he’s graduated into the Big Boys Club and can enjoy his favorite adult beverage with friends with sophistication. It comes complete with a crystal decanter, glasses, a pinewood box, natural slate stone coasters, and chilling rocks.

2. Razor Turret Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Xbox

Razor turret wireless mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse

Not quite old enough to give up gaming, every 30-year-old male would love to upgrade his gaming experience with this high-end combo. Perfect for hours of play, the RGB keyboard syncs to their favorite games creating a unique experience.

3. Engraved Mechanical Wooden Watch

Engraved mechanical bronze and wooden watch for men

If you’re in need of a more professional look, then this unique timepiece can be just the thing. There are a few different options for engraving including the watch face, back, or both. Engraving can be either a few words or, for a special touch, photo engravings are possible.

4. Custom LEGO Off-Road Excavator With Controllable Crane

Custom remote controlled lego excavator with working crane

The perfect 30th birthday gift for men who still enjoy their toys, this 1830-piece LEGO kit will keep him entertained for hours. Once completed, it can be either placed on display or used for further playtime with its remote control. If the guy in question is still a kid at heart, then this would make a great gift.

5. Dragon Axe With Personalized Wooden Box

Carbon steel dragon design axe and personalized box

If the guy is into the more rugged things in life, then this handmade axe and matching box will bring out his inner Viking. The box can be engraved with a personal message and there are several detailed design options to choose from for the carbon steel axe head.

6. Cocktail Smoker Kit With Torch

Cocktail smoker kit with torch and flavored woodchips

Too old for red solo cups, get the 30-year-old a drinking kit for the adult crowd. Graduating from beer pong to mixology is easy with this cocktail smoker kit. It comes complete with flavored wood chips, a smoker vessel, and a torch. This gift turns whiskey and bourbon into truly manly cocktails.

7. Extra Large Leather Duffle Bag

Full grain leather extra large waterproof duffle bag

At 30, most men should trade in their beat-up backpack for a more adult way to pack for trips. This leather duffle bag has an antique look and the appearance of belonging to a well-seasoned traveler. It’s durable and has plenty of room. A great bag for the traveling man.

8. Custom Laser Cut 3D Wooden Map

Custom laser cut wooden topographic city map gift

If the special guy loves city life, then he’ll be sure to love this gift. These custom-cut topographic city maps are a special and unique item to display in the birthday guy’s man cave or den. Choose between the city of their birth or their favorite vacation city.

9. Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Light

Bluetooth speaker beanie hat birthday gift for men

Guys certainly love their gadgets. This gift combines the comfort and warmth of a beanie with the utility of a built-in flashlight and Bluetooth speakers. This multifunctional beanie is sure to be a hit with gadget-loving guys. Great for camping, BBQs, nighttime bike rides, and other times when a warm hat, some much-needed light, and good tunes are needed.

10. LED Tactical Flashlight

Tactical LED flashlight kit birthday gift for men

Flashlights always capture a guy’s attention; it’s something most men retain from their childhood. When it comes to flashlights, the brighter the better! The EcoGear FX TK120 has five light modes, is water resistant, and comes complete with rechargeable batteries and a charger.

11. Bushcraft Fire Kit

Bushcraft fire survival kit birthday gift for men

Bring out the birthday guy’s inner caveman with a fire survival kit. This is a fabulous gift for the 30-year-old who wants to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse or simply feel more comfortable knowing they are prepared for anything. Everything comes in a sturdy canvas bag.

12. Complete Set of 50 U.S. License Plates

Complete fifty united states license plate collection gift

Give the birthday dude a cool gift that will allow him to use a bit of creativity. Authentic used license plates look great when displayed on any den, man cave, or garage wall. If the guy loves cars, then this will be an especially neat gift!

13. Boxzie Man Box

Birthday gift box with various manly outdoor products

A great 30th birthday gift for men who like the rugged side of the great outdoors along with some TLC. The Man Box contains a fire starter kit, a double insulated mug, and a Rambo-style knife. Also included are a charcoal cedar and sandalwood candle and an all-natural coffee grit exfoliating soap.

14. Damn, Man Gourmet Nuts

Six small resealable bags of healthy gourmet nuts

For the nut in your life, get this gift pack on his 30th birthday. Each packet contains 4 ounces of nutty goodness. Flavors include coconut curry peanuts, salted cashews, honey sea salt almonds, Thai chili peanuts, beer nuts mix, and Mexican cocoa peanuts.

15. Leather Sling Bag

Crossbody leather sling bag for men birthday gift

Good for traveling across the globe or just across town, this sling bag will get the job done. With multiple compartments for just about anything, this is the perfect bag for daily use. Above all, it’s constructed from high-quality, durable cowhide, and has a rustic old fashioned look.

16. Steampunk Robot Desk Lamp

Steampunk robot desk lamp made of brass pipes

Made from metal pipes with brass fittings, this desk lamp serves a purpose while looking cool on any desk or end table. A great gift for machinists, plumbers, mechanics, and robot enthusiasts. Most importantly, each pipe can be loosened to change its position.

17. Mankandle Candles

Premium scented unique candles six pack for men

Candles aren’t only for women; even the manliest of men will love these Mankandle Candles. Each of the six candles contained in the kit has man-friendly scents, for example, leather, tobacco, and cedarwood. Packaged in an elegant yet masculine box, the lid of each candle has an inspirational message.

18. Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Portable waterproof bluetooth speaker with built in mic

If the guy likes to take his music or podcasts with him everywhere he goes, then this waterproof speaker is just what he needs. And it’s not only limited to shower-time use, for instance, he can also take it to the beach, camping, or pretty much anywhere!

19. Old Lives Matter Travel Tumbler, Multi-tool Hammer, and Key Chain

Old lives matter gift set including multitool hammer

Remind him that 30 is old with this laughable, yet useful, combination gift set. Included is a 20 oz. tumbler perfect for beer or coffee, a multi-tool hammer, and a keychain. The multi-tool hammer has 11 other tools attached.

20. Personalized Poker Gift Set

Poker set with weighted chips and engraved case

If he’s a serious poker player or enjoys a weekend gambling with the guys, then this gift set is just what he needs! It includes dice, cards, and professional-weight casino chips, all housed inside a laser-engraved leather case.

21. Lighted Garage Gas Station Sign

Lighted old school acrylic and aluminum garage sign

In the man cave or garage, guys love hanging signs. This one has a vintage feel but comes with a modern surprise; it includes a remote for 5 different flash options and 20 multicolored background color options, so it can be adjusted to your liking at any time!

22. Beard and Mustache Grooming Kit

Facial hair grooming kit with oils and comb

For the bearded birthday boy, this beard and mustache grooming kit has everything to keep him looking his best. The kit contains all items necessary for trimming and styling. For example, it comes with special beard and mustache combs and brushes, scissors, and beard balm and wax.

23. Silver Whiskey Balls

Ball shaped stainless steel whiskey stones gift set

Bad jokes aside, these whiskey-chilling stones are a great 30th birthday gift for men who’ve moved away from dropping ice cubes into red solo cups. Made from premium food-grade 304 stainless steel, these whiskey balls will chill their drink without diluting it. These certainly are the grown-up version of ice cubes.

24. Gourmet Truff Hot Sauce Set

Set of three different gourmet hot sauce bottles

These are not a child’s kind of hot sauce; made for an adult’s palette, this beautiful gift set comes with 3 different hot sauces. Inside an elegant matte black and gold foil box are three flavors, all infused with truffles. There’s white truffle, black truffle, and black truffle oil.

25. Engraved pocket knife

Custom pocket knife with personalized engraving options

A step up from a typical pocket knife, this one features a stainless-steel blade and wooden handle. The knife comes in a beautiful wooden box which, along with the blade and handle, can be engraved.

26. Vintage Boeing 737 Cockpit Window

Vintage Boeing 737 airplane cockpit window birthday gift

A unique gift for the 30-year-old in your life is an actual Boeing 737 cockpit window. It looks great as a display item or mounted on the wall. There’s no need to worry if he already has one; this certainly is a one-of-a-kind gift idea.

27. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Silver dual breakfast sandwich maker with timer

No guy outgrows his love for hearty breakfast sandwiches. With this breakfast sandwich maker, he can easily craft his own masterpiece every morning, even with limited time and cooking skills. Just add eggs, ham, cheese, and English muffins to their holders, close the lid, and wait for the timer to go off!

28. Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Twenty ounce natural ox cool viking drinking horn

Nothing quite brings out the man in the man than drinking out of a horn. This Viking-style drinking vessel can be used for beer, mead, or their favorite beverage. Made from 100% natural buffalo horns, the 30-year-old birthday boy can still play make-believe but in an adult way.

29. Extra Large Leather Journal

Extra large triple moon journal refillable leather journal

This isn’t a little girl’s diary; this is a man-sized leather journal. With its weathered look, this makes a great 30th birthday gift for men who enjoy writing down their thoughts. Above all, for those that don’t, but should, his stylish journal could be the gift that gets him writing.

30. Wooden Carved Backgammon Set

Large handmade carved wooden folding backgammon set

At 30 years old, it’s time to start taking your games seriously. If the birthday boy is ready to ditch the cardboard version of this 5,000-year-old game and play with a respectable set, then take a look at this one. Made from natural walnut, and carved with elegant designs, this gift is sure to impress.

31. Personalized 308 Caliber Bullet Pen

Double bullet custom engraved pen with black case

There comes a time in every man’s life when no ordinary pen will do. This masculine writing instrument is constructed from two 308-caliber shells and has a very bold look. The pen can be personalized with up to 15 characters.

32. DraftPour Beer Dispenser

nitro style draft beer converter and dispenser

At a time in life when a guy should stop drinking his beer college-style, he’ll need an item to add a bit of maturity to his drinking. This dispenser uses a can or bottle of beer and converts it to a nitro-style draft beer.

33. Jerky Gift Package

Twenty six piece jerky and cheese gift basket

Great for camping, hiking, or Netflix binge-watching, these easy-to-eat meat snacks are sure to please. This 26-piece meat and cheese gift pack is certainly great for the birthday guy who loves to snack. It’s packaged in a rugged canvas bag, giving this gift set a manly feel.

34. Custom LEGO Remote Control Formula One Racing Car

Remote control formula one racing car lego set

A great gift for the 30-year-old who still likes his toys, this 1667-piece LEGO set will challenge his building skills. Once completed, it looks great as a display piece or for racing around in a driveway or park. The difference between the men and the boys is their toys.

35. Cashmere Lined Touchscreen-Friendly Leather Gloves

Premium cashmere lined leather gloves gift for men

For chilly winter months, these leather gloves will certainly keep the birthday dude’s hands warm and toasty. Above all, they’re both stylish and comfortable.

36. Pokémon Capsule Vending Machine

Pokemon one inch capsule vending machine with pikachu

This working vending machine comes stocked with a hundred 1-inch figurines. It’ll be a remembrance of his youth and looks great as a display piece. If he’s a current or prior Pokemon fan, then it’ll be a really cool gift and a mature way to stay connected to his childhood.

37. Men’s Heated Jacket with Battery Pack

Windproof heated jacket with battery pack for men

Great for cold winters, this stylish jacket has a heating system to keep the birthday boy warm when others are shivering. Good for lovers of the outdoors, this jacket comes with three heat settings. Most importantly, it lasts a whopping 3 hours cranked up on its highest setting.

38. Magnetic Levitating Globe

magnetic levitating globe with LED light desk decor

This LED levitating globe makes a great gift for any 30-year-old with a fascination for geography and travel. With its modern and sophisticated look, it can certainly add style to any home. Its levitating feature makes it fun and brings out the kid in all who see it.

39. Brixton Men’s Fedora Hat

Totally wool short brim fedora hat with feather

A great way to encourage the 30-year-old in your life to look his age is by having him trade in his baseball cap for a more mature fedora. This classic hat can be worn for formal events but can also add a funky style for everyday wear.

40. Personalized Leather Wrap Bracelet

Personalized leather wrap bracelet with interesting hook

This handmade leather bracelet comes with a metal plate that can be personalized in any way. It has a nice, rugged look, so even guys who don’t usually wear jewelry won’t be shy to put it on.

41. High-End Metal Fidget Slider Spinner

Metal stress relief fidget slider and clicker toy

Cheap fidget spinners are for kids. Buy your 30-year-old bro a high-quality fidget spinner that shows he’s a man and not a boy. Constructed from copper, stainless steel, and titanium, this one definitely has a more mature feel.

42. Set of 24 Light Up LED Shot Glasses

Twenty four piece light up shot glasses set

For the 30-year-old that likes to party and have friends over, this set of 24 light-up acrylic shot glasses will keep the party going. These transparent shot glasses light up by flicking a small switch on the bottom. A great gift for a guy who’s still young at heart.

43. Bourbon & Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Set of four aged whole bean coffee packages

At 30 years old, the birthday guy should be drinking age-appropriate coffee. This isn’t your barista’s overly sweet kid’s coffee; this is for men. This set contains 4 different barrel-aged flavors and is handsomely packaged.

44. Green Striped Custom Made 2-Piece Suit

Handmade green striped two piece double breasted suit

Every 30-year-old should own a suit, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be his father’s style. This all-purpose suit has a young feel but is still appropriate business attire. This great-looking outfit will help him achieve a more mature style without looking too old.

45. Solar-Powered Portable Power Bank

Solar charger portable and waterproof backup power bank

With all the gadgets in today’s world, like phones and tablets, it’s nice to bring them into the great outdoors. This solar-powered battery is great for the 30-year-old who likes his electronics but is also into hiking and camping.

46. Bitcoin Neon Sign

Bitcoin symbol neon sign with nine color options

If the birthday guy has made a little bit of coin with cryptocurrency, he’ll love this bitcoin neon sign. The vintage-style neon gives it an old-time feel, but the bitcoin logo brings it into the modern age. This makes a great 30th birthday gift for men who see money differently.

47. Mach 3 LondonCutters Shaving Set

Sterling silver handled shaving razor and badger brush

A more mature way to shave away that five o’clock shadow is with this shaving set made from recycled antique cutlery. This beautiful and elegant gift comes with one shaving razor and shaving cream brush. A fabulous gift for the next stage in a young man’s life.

48. Shut Up and Take My Money Leather Wallet

Shut up and take my money Futurama wallet

This fun and wacky leather wallet gives a nod to the much-loved Futurama TV show. Made from high-quality cowhide leather, this is an adult wallet with a bit of childlike charm. It’s sure to be a hit with the 30-year-old crowd.

49. May the Thirties Be With You Wine Tumbler

May the thirties be with you tumbler gift

For Star Wars fans turning thirty, this fun-themed wine tumbler makes a great gift. They’ll be reminded of their favorite film series every time they have a sip from this 12 oz. double-wall insulated tumbler.

50. Handmade Damascus 5-Piece Knife Set

Five piece Damascus chef knife birthday gift set

All contained within a leather roll kit, these handmade chef’s knives are beautifully masculine. The perfect 30th birthday gift for men who love to cook!

Worst Ideas

Worst 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

It’s never a good idea to give a 30-year-old an entirely generic gift with little to no thought put into it. If he’s not all that interested in sports, then a baseball bat or basketball won’t interest him. Although many feel that lottery tickets are a wonderful gift, these really just show a lack of imagination on the part of the gift buyer. If you stick with our list, or at the very least, take some inspiration from it, then you’ll do alright!

Ways to Make Your Gift Unique

Rather than give a mediocre gift, why not show that you’ve put some thought into it. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Personalize the item
  • Purchase a gift that truly reflects the interests of the person
  • Buy them something they really want but won’t buy for themselves

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

With literally millions of birthday gift items available, it can become overwhelming when looking for the perfect one. It’s never a good feeling when your gift is opened only to see a look of disappointment. Fortunately, you don’t have to take on this task alone.

If you need assistance with what to buy a 30-year-old guy, fill out the form below to get in touch with a shopping expert. We’ll reply as soon as possible to help you find that perfectly unique gift.

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Unique Gift Ideas

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I ordered the waterproof speaker for my brother. Thanks!

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Kristine Taylor
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Nice article! its really hard to compile these items. I cant even think of 1.

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Andrew Roberts
11 months ago

I found something here for my cousin’s 30th birthday, he will love it. thanks to this article

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Ryder Gerard
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Great items for birthday gifts. Thanks

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