Complete List of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

by Craig

Turning 50 might be daunting for some women, but gifting them a thoughtful present can remind them that they can embrace and celebrate this milestone. Here are our picks for the best 50th birthday gift ideas for women worthy of such a monumental occasion.

1. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Eco Dot Smart Speaker With Alexa 2nd Generation

It’s the 21st century, so what is a better gift than the gift of technology? If your partner, mother, or aunt constantly struggles with typing out messages and reading news on her phone, get her a device to do it for her. This handy Echo Dot speaker is voice-activated and will make her life much easier.

2. E-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader E-book Signature Edition Essentials Bundle

E-readers are perfect gifts for avid readers who have trouble reading paper books due to poor vision or who don’t want to bother with heavy hardcover books or flimsy paperbacks. These nifty devices allow readers to enlarge the text and break it into smaller sections, making the reading experience much more pleasurable.

3. Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Coffeemaker 14 Cup Programmable Stainless Steel

The love for coffee seemingly only grows as you get older. If the birthday girl can’t start her day without a hot cup of coffee, it’s time to upgrade her coffee maker. This powerful machine can serve up to 14 cups at once, each full of flavor and distinctive coffee aroma.

4. Margarita Maker

Margaritaville Jimmy Buffet Margarita Frozen Cocktail Maker Machine

Margaritas are one of the most popular cocktails in bars and restaurants. Why not give the birthday girl the unique opportunity to make these delicious drinks at home? This robust machine can make up to three pitchers of the frozen delicacy at once, making it perfect for fun summer gatherings.

5. Wine Cooler

Huski Wine Cooler Gift for Wine Lovers Champagne

If your partner is a wine lover, she’ll know to appreciate the importance of a chilled glass of wine at any time. This innovative device will keep her wine chilled for up to six hours wherever she goes. This way, she doesn’t have to worry about finding ice on a boat or during a fun Sunday barbecue. If the birthday girl is into her wine this idea is one of our favorites for 50th birthday gift ideas for women.

6. Bamboo Cheese Board

Cheese Board Charcuterie And Knife Set Bamboo Wood

Wine and cheese are a match made in heaven when it comes to entertaining guests. If your significant other loves assembling cheese plates, she’ll adore this bamboo board. It will ensure her cheese plate is the star of any gathering.

7. Instant Pot

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Slow Cooker Rice Cooker Steamer Saute

Few women want to spend the whole day cooking. This mighty instant pot is the perfect gift for saving time in the kitchen. It’s fully programmable and highly versatile. It will undoubtedly become her favorite kitchen gadget.

8. Funny Apron

Apron With Funny Message 50th Birthday Gift Funny Sassy Classy

What better way to show that age is just a number than with this “Sassy, Classy, and Fabulous” apron? This premium quality apron is perfect for women who want to show who’s in charge in the kitchen.

9. Mini Stationary Bike

DeskCycle Mini Stationary Bike Under Desk

Staying fit is essential to living a long and healthy life. If your partner wants to exercise but can’t find enough time, consider buying her this under-desk bike. This way, she can exercise while working or watching her favorite show.

10. Vahdam Assorted Tea Gift Set

Vahdam Tea Assorted Gift Set Variety Sampler Box

This unique gift set displays tea as you’ve never seen it before. Any tea-loving 50-year-old will be absolutely floored upon opening this stunning box. The set features 24 tea varieties from one of the top tea-producing countries, India.

11. Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup Bag Toiletry Cosmetic Organizer

By 50, most women have heaps of makeup and skin care products. They can become quite a hassle when traveling. This stylish makeup bag will help the birthday girl organize and display all her products in her hotel room. No more spilling and frantically looking for items inside her suitcase.

12. Cardigan

Cardigan Sweater Wrap Womens Kimono Batwing Cable Knitted Slouchy

A cardigan is a must-have in any woman’s closet. This oversized wrap cardigan will complement any outfit and ensure she always feels warm and cozy. Bonus points if she’s a Taylor Swift fan.

13. Professional Hair Dryer

Professional Hair Dryer Blower Fast Drying Salon

Sporting a fabulous hairstyle can get you a long way toward feeling your best on any occasion. So, gift your loved one this professional hair dryer to help her get that show-stopping salon blow-out right at home.

14. Tatcha Skincare Set

Tatcha Skincare Set Gift Box

Although a good skin care ritual should be implemented much earlier, women over 50 should pay special attention to their skin. When talking about skin care, it doesn’t get much better than the skin care powerhouse Tatcha. This elegant set contains five exquisite products that will become her new favorite skin care ritual.

15. Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cream

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream For Bags Tired Eyes

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue cream is packed with active ingredients and targets fine lines, puffiness, and fatigue signs. It comes in a stylish jar that makes for an incredible 50th birthday present.

16. Christian Dior Perfume

Pure Poison By Christian Dior Perfume Spray For Women

Christian Dior Pure Poison is one of the best perfumes for women in their 50s. This wonderful scent predominantly smells of white florals. It can be worn year-round, in everyday settings and on special occasions.

17. Coach Bag

Coach Leather Bag Womens Mollie Tote 25 Handbag

When buying a gift for women, one can rarely go wrong with a good handbag. This stylish Coach leather bag is the perfect addition to any outfit. It’s smaller in size but spacious enough to fit all her essentials.

18. Personalized Wallet

Personalized Wallet Vegan Mini Wallets For Women

This lovely wallet is perfect for women who don’t like to carry bulky items in their purses. It comes in several beautiful colors, and you can customize it with your loved one’s name or initials.

19. Pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviator Metal Ii Evolve Photochromic Sunglasses Rb3689

This stunning pair of sunglasses strikes the perfect balance between practicality and luxury. The beauty of these Ray-Ban glasses is that they suit just about anyone, so you don’t have to worry about the recipient’s face shape and preferences.

20. Gold Bracelet

Gold Bracelet 14k Engravable Bar With Diamond Personalized Gift

Jewelry trends come and go, but gold isn’t going anywhere. This stunning minimalist bracelet is made from 14K solid gold and oozes elegance. Any stylish 50-year-old will be thrilled to receive it as a birthday gift. Best of all, you can engrave it for an added personal touch.

21. Fossil Watch

Fossil Riley Multifunction Rose-Tone Watch For Women

Watch lovers will always rejoice at the opportunity to expand their collection. This sophisticated rose-gold watch might be just what her assortment is missing. The dial is adorned with crystals to make this watch truly stand out. This idea is among our favorite 50th birthday gift ideas for women.

22. Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Rose Gold 42mm 4G Pink

Besides being highly functional, this smartwatch is also aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it combines the best of both worlds. This handy device will help the birthday girl stay on top of her health after turning 50.

23. 50th Birthday Necklace

Five Ring Necklace 50th Birthday Gift Sterling Silver

With each silver ring representing one decade of her life, this birthday gift makes a touching tribute to your favorite 50-year-old. Due to its delicacy, this elegant piece will work with any outfit.

24. Customized Necklace

Customized Necklace Three Pendent  Gift For Her

This unique necklace features three different-colored pendants. Each of them can be engraved with a name of a loved one. This gift is a great way to remind the birthday girl of her most prized possession – her family.

25. Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box Modern 2 Drawers Storage Organizer White

Your loved one has likely received some beautiful jewelry pieces in 50 years. While you can always add to this collection, you can also help her organize it and keep it neatly displayed. This elegant jewelry box offers plenty of storage space for all her favorite rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

26. Wooden Docking Station

Wooden Phone Docking Station Holds Smart Watch And Earphones

This docking station is ideal for women who can never find their phone, charger, or glasses. This handy organizer allows her to display everything where she can always easily find it. As an added bonus, it features a charging station for one phone.

27. Record Player

Victrola Record Turntable Cassette CD Player Vinyl Bluetooth Built-in Speakers

There’s just something nostalgic about listening to music on an old-fashioned record player. If your partner has always talked about starting a record collection, give her a nice head start with this nostalgic record player.

28. Modern Flower Vase

Flower Vase Ceramic Art Hand Holding Flowers White Arm

Life is too short to not be surrounded by flowers at all times. If the birthday girl loves flowers, she’ll adore this artsy vase. It makes it seem as if a hand is holding the flowers. Pair this magnificent vase with a bouquet of flowers and you’ll get a perfect 50th birthday gift.

29. Luxury Candle Set

Luxury Scented Candle Gift Set for Women

Any lover of scented candles will adore this stunning set. It features two enticing candles and an elegant candleholder that glows when the candle is lit. In addition, there’s a wick trimmer to ensure your candles look as good as new throughout their lifespan.

30. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser fragrance aromatherapy with led color lights

If your loved one craves a relaxing and calming atmosphere in her home, this essential oil diffuser will come in handy. This amazing multifunctional device will also humidify the air, making the new 50-year-old feel better than ever.

31. Fluffy Bathrobe

Robe For Woman Fleece Bathrobe Premium Soft Plush

If your favorite 50-year-old has decided to spend more of her time relaxing, we’ve got just the present. This fluffy robe will be soft on her skin and keep her warm and cozy. Best of all, it has two pockets, so she can toss in all her essentials.

32. Bathtub Caddy Tray

Bathtub Caddy Table Wood Tray For Bath Tub And Bed

This 50th birthday gift is great for women who like taking long, hot baths. The bamboo tray is spacious enough to fit all the items she’ll need for an unparalleled bathing experience. She can watch her favorite movie or read a book while drinking a glass of quality wine.

33. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 Handmade Bomb for Bubble Spa Bath

This incredible set features 12 hand-crafted bath bombs, ideal for a woman who knows how to enjoy a bath. They come in a beautiful gift box, making them a perfect 50th birthday present.

34. Foot Spa

Foot Bath Massager Spa with Heat Temperature Control Relax Feet

Continuing with the spa-at-home theme, we present you with this incredible foot massager. If your significant other is on her feet most of the day, she’ll be thrilled to receive this as a gift. This portable spa will help her relieve fatigue, pamper her feet, and ease muscle tension.

35. Neck and Back Massager

Neck And Back Massager Soothing Heat Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Feet aren’t the only body part that needs some extra care once you turn 50. This massager will be a lifesaver for women with neck and back pain issues. This powerful machine reduces muscle soreness and neck stiffness. Best of all, she can use it anywhere – at home, in the car, or in her office.

36. Birthday Gift Box

Happy Birthday Box Unique Gift Basket For Women

This premium gift basket is the way to go if you’re looking for an adorable gift box for your coworker or friend. It contains eight lovely pastel-colored items. Some are queen-themed for a truly royal celebration of this monumental occasion.

37. Retro Candy Gift Box


Turning 50 is the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane. And if that trip involves candy, the birthday girl is in for a good time. This candy box weighs almost three pounds and contains vintage candy that will delight the recipient.

38. Planner

Legend Planner Organizer Weekly And Monthly Notebook Black

If your favorite 50-year-old is still struggling with organizing her time, this planner will become her best friend. The Legend Planner PRO can help her accomplish her short- and long-term goals and stay productive and on top of all her appointments and deadlines.

39. 50-Reasons-We-Love-You Board

50 Reasons We Love You Board Personalized 50th Birthday Gift

If a group of you would like to show appreciation for an important woman in your life, this board is just the thing you need. Besides being thoughtful, the board is quite stylish. As a result, she can proudly display it as a part of the décor in her home.

40. 50th Birthday Photo Collage

50th Birthday Photo Collage Custom Personalized Fifty Party Poster

Half a century has surely been filled with the most amazing memories. Help the birthday girl relive some of the best by gifting her this thoughtful 50th birthday photo collage.

41. Portrait

Portrait Painting From Photo Digital Print On Canvas Gift

Portraiture used to be the only way to capture and record a woman’s beauty and likeness. Although our technology has significantly evolved, an old-fashioned portrait still has a certain charm. This way, she’ll have a permanent snapshot of her 50s, a beautiful memory for years to come.

42. Family Tree Art Piece

Family Tree Art Piece With Person Figurines Photo Frame

This unique art piece will remind your loved one of the remarkable life and family she’s built. It features a delicate tree figure, a big photo, and a sitting figurine for each family member. Wherever she displays it, it will undoubtedly get all the attention.

43. Personalized Vinyl Record Framed Print

Personalized Vinyl Record Framed Print Golden Birthday Gift

Celebrate your best friend’s 50th birthday with this fantastic piece of artwork. It features a striking vinyl record print where you can write her favorite song. Under the record, you can write a heartfelt message and include a fun photo of you two.

44. Personalized Photo Album

Personalized Photo Album Large Navy Blue Velvet Slip In

The digital revolution hasn’t taken the joy out of collecting printed photos and displaying them in a stunning album. This album can fit up to 1,000 photos, making it a one-stop shop for all the most cherished memories. You can engrave the front cover with the birthday girl’s name and date of birth.

45. Personalized Birthday T-Shirt

50th Birthday T Shirt For Her Fiftieth Party Tee Shirts

Delight your favorite coworker with this statement graphic T-shirt. The print says it all: “This queen makes 50 look fabulous.” She can wear it to her birthday party or around the office to ensure all eyes are on her on this special occasion.

46. 50th Birthday Decorations

birthday decorations for women 50th party package

Some women don’t want presents for their birthday, and they make it very clear. In that case, you can still give them the gift of an unforgettable experience. This 50th birthday decoration pack contains everything you need to transform any room into party central.

47. 50th Birthday Wish Jar

Wish Jar Happy Birthday Includes Tickets Pen and Decorative Lid

If you want to ensure the birthday girl feels all the love at her birthday party, gift her this creative wish jar. Guests can use the included tickets to write birthday wishes or favorite memories. This wish jar makes for a pretty unique keepsake.

48. Birthday Candleholder

Birthday Candle Holder Large Centerpiece

If you want to throw a 50th birthday party for the ages, make sure to coordinate with all her family and friends. This impressive candleholder is a must-have to ensure the biggest smile on the birthday girl’s face.

49. 50 Red Roses

50 Red Roses Fresh Cut Flowers Bouquet Birthday Gift

Nothing makes some women happier than a bouquet of flowers. If your loved one likes to be showered with flowers, get her a red rose for each year she has lived. These beautiful roses arrive as buds and will bloom right in front of her eyes in a couple of days.

50. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card in a Birthday Pop Up Box

You might’ve stayed away from gift cards as birthday presents for fear of them appearing too impersonal. This Amazon gift card comes in a colorful pop-up display. It’s geared toward birthdays, and you can add a sweet note. Essentially, you’ve gifted the recipient a shopping experience, which most women will appreciate.

When looking for perfect 50th birthday gift ideas for women, it’s crucial to be mindful of their wishes and needs. Avoid getting her a kitchen appliance or fitness equipment unless she specifically talked about it. We don’t want to send the wrong message on such a momentous occasion.

In general, the worst gifts are the ones that make it seem as if you don’t really know the recipient well. If she’s sensitive about her age, let’s stay away from any teasing gifts and cards. Also, avoid buying a gift that you would like. Instead, always look at a gift through her eyes.

Since the 50th birthday is such a huge milestone, you may feel under pressure to make your gift stand out. As long as the gift caters to the recipient’s needs and wishes, we’re sure she’ll love it. There are some ways to make any gift unique.

  • Center the gift around a shared memory
  • Personalize the gift with her name, initials, or date of birth
  • Attach a heartfelt message
  • Wrap your gift with pizzazz

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Dianne Taylor
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The wine cooler is very very nice gift for my aunt who loves wine so much!

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