6 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Jessa

The 6 year anniversary may not seem an important milestone, but it’s just as key as the 16th or 60th anniversary. Make the occasion all the more special by surprising your better half with some of the charming 6 year anniversary gift ideas below.

Top 50 6 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

1. Moon Décor Lamp

Moon Décor Lamp for Bedroom

This lunar landscape lamp with a romantic “To the Moon and Back” print is an ideal way to express your love for your partner on your marriage or relationship anniversary. Create a mysterious and soulful atmosphere in the living room or bedroom with this versatile lamp with three color modes.

2. Blanket 6th Wedding Anniversary

Sweet Blanket Gift for 6th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating your anniversary in fall or winter? Consider this whimsical “6 years annoying each other” blanket available in 60 x 50 and 80 x 60. Use it as a blanket or a throw for the sofa, and have your partner embrace their body with inspirational thoughts for a warmer night.

3. “6 Years We Made a Family” Ornament

Cute 6 Years We Made a Family” Ornament

This metal ornament depicts a family with children and features a “6 years we made a family” engraving to celebrate the important milestone. You can create your specific family combination with one, two, three, or four children.

4. “6 Years of Love Print” With Frame

“6 Years of Love Print” With Frame

Consider this romantic anniversary decoration piece as a reminder of all your good memories from when you first got married. Your partner can look at this important milestone every day and be reminded of the special bond you two share.

5. 6th Wedding Anniversary Crystal Sculpture

6th Wedding Anniversary Crystal Sculpture

If you liked the previous gift idea but would rather buy a crystal version, you can do so with this “6 years of marriage” shelf decoration piece with laser engraving of the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds you have spent together.

6. 6th Anniversary Iron Gift for Him

6th Anniversary Iron Gift for Him

What better way to celebrate an iron anniversary than by presenting an iron gift to your loved one? This authentic, handcrafted artwork serves as a picture holder and home décor element all at once!

7. ZRENJHUS Romantic Laser Engraved Words

Romantic Laser Engraved Words for your Love

Here’s another crystal-heart-shaped plaque that commemorates the eternal bond you two have as friends and spouses. Choose a combination of words or quotes you like best and eternalize your special anniversary with this unique and high-quality plaque.

8. Anniversary Date Iron Gift for Her and Him

Anniversary Date Iron Gift for Her and Him

There are plenty of iron-made gift ideas to consider on Amazon, and this cute “What shall we do for date night?” dice set will make a great addition to the main gift to spice up your night.

9. Romantic Picture Frame

Show your Romantic Picture with this Frame

Frame the all-time favorite pictures from your wedding or the year you met in this romantic frame to make new memories and celebrate the big day in style. The sets include seven or 10 frames in various colors – black, white, gold, mahogany, light wood, and others.

10. Rustic Family Figurines – DreamsEden

Rustic Family Figurines – DreamsEden

These Rustic Family Figurines can feature a family of five, three, or a mom with a child. The sculptures are handcrafted and elegant and make an excellent gift for anniversaries. The sculpture creates a warm feeling and will make a great décor element in the living room.

11. Crystal Whiskey Glass Set

Appreciate your Husband with Crystal Whiskey Glass Set

Does your husband love whiskey almost as much as he loves you? You can surprise him with this Crystal Whiskey Glass Set with a cute engraving that shows how much he means to you when he’s relaxing with a nightcap.

12. Engraved Wooden Gift Set “To My Beautiful Wife”

Engraved Wooden Gift Set “To My Beautiful Wife”

This crystal engraved heart and a 24K gold dipped rose make a fabulous gift for anyone who appreciates this beautiful flower. The rose also has a leisure stand so that it can be put on display.

13. Infinity Love Candle Holder Statue

Amazing Design Infinity Love Candle Holder Statue

The OakiWay Anniversary love candle holder statue is a cute anniversary gift you can get your wife along with her favorite scented candles. Romantic, giftable, and elegant, this candle holder will beautify any space in your home.

14. OakiWay Anniversary Brass Sundial Compass

OakiWay Anniversary Brass Sundial Compass

This OakiWay Sundial Compass is an authentic gift for couples who love adventures. It features a romantic engraving and is suitable for celebrating all types of anniversaries due to its universal character.

15. Lune Bean Hand Casting Kit

Make memories with Lune Bean Hand Casting Kit

Is your next big anniversary a really big deal? You can commit the date to eternity with this Hand Casting Kit for couples and kids. Capture the moment and make it a long-lasting one with this easy, fun, and treasured gift.

16. Galrose Galvanized Iron Mint Julep Cups

Galrose Galvanized Iron Mint Julep Cups

Celebrate your iron anniversary by offering your loved one this set of two gorgeous iron mint cups made from stainless steel. Use them as home bar glasses for your beer, mojitos, cocktails, or soft drinks.

17. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

New Design Whiskey Stones Gift Set

This whiskey barrel gift box contains eight whiskey rocks, two whiskey glasses, a velvet carrying bag, and cocktail cards. Impress your whiskey-loving other half and make your special day all the more fun!

18. Folded Book Art

Express your love with Folded Book Art

If you’re looking for authentic 6 year anniversary gift ideas, consider this handcrafted folded book art featuring the personalized word or numbers you want.

19. Framed Song Lyrics

Put your favorite lyrics on Framed Song Lyrics

Want to put an endless time stamp on your favorite song? Why not turn it into a beautiful heart shape and put it in a frame? This lyrical reminder of your big date or song will bring a smile to your partner’s face when they remember your special times together.

20. Custom Star Map

Extra Ordinary Gift Custom Star Map

Custom star maps never run out of fashion. Surprise your better half with this customized map featuring the stars and constellations from any location, date, and time you want. Anything goes!

21. Gold Dipped Rose 24K

Luxurious and Elegant Rose Dipped in 24K Gold

This Gold Dipped Rose is 100% real and covered with 24K gold to bring a luxurious, elegant, and bright look. Express your love and show your romantic side by offering your other half this charming rose that will last for years.

22. Morrigan Ravens Panel Blanket

Cozy Morrigan Ravens Panel Blanket

This authentic Morrigan Ravens Panel Blanket is an ideal gift for anyone who loves Celtic art, tapestry, and embodiments. This versatile blanket can also serve as a throw for a couch to cozy up your next TV show streaming session in the winter.

23. Danya B. Couple Sharing Thoughts Bronze Sculpture

Couple Sharing Thoughts Bronze Sculpture

Here’s yet another bronze sculpture that has made the list thanks to its stunning appeal. This great gift of love shows a man and a woman engaged in a heartwarming conversation and makes a great home décor piece.

24. Couple on a Swing Shelf Décor

Unique Couple on a Swing Shelf Décor

This Danya B. metal art shelf décor piece depicts a couple on a swing and makes a cute, charming gift for your other half to commemorate your times spent together in a romantic swing moment.

25. Personalized Custom 3D Photo Engraved Crystal

Personalized Custom 3D Photo Engraved Crystal

Here’s a modern 6th-anniversary gift anyone would appreciate. Get your favorite photograph and turn it into a personalized 3D engraving in a crystal so it can reach eternity!

26. Scratch Off World Map

Scratch Off World Map for a Traveler Couple

Do you two love to conquer the world with your travels? Here’s a great anniversary idea that will motivate you to hit the road sooner than planned. This Black Scratch Off World Map is highly detailed and can last for decades.

27. Vintage Leather Journal Tree of Life

Vintage Looking Leather Journal Tree of Life

Does your other half appreciate antique objects? If so, they are guaranteed to love this vintage leather journal for jotting down their thoughts, plans, and memories of the best moments you two have spent with each other.

28. DAQQ Red Wine Glasses

Red Wine Glasses with Unique Design

Here’s a charming gift for wine lovers that you shouldn’t miss. The DAQQ glass set is inspired by the “Duomo di Milano” remarkable architectural work and makes a charming addition to any wine decanter.

29. GEMBOURY Natural Large Chakra Crystal Tree

Natural Large Chakra Crystal Tree

Want to celebrate your love by offering a meaningful, symbolic gift to your other half? This Crystal tree is made of 1,251 gemstones filled with positive energy. Bonsai trees symbolize patience, balance, harmony, and luck, and are ideal for gifting on an anniversary.

30. Charcuterie Board Gift

Charcuterie Board Gift for Different Occasions

Do you two love to enjoy your evenings with a bottle of your favorite wine and an assortment of fine cheeses? Spice up the ambiance starting on your anniversary with this unique charcuterie board made to last.

31. Artisanal Barcelona Hand Painted Whiskey and Wine Decanter Set

Hand Painted Whiskey and Wine Decanter Set

This decanter set is a more sophisticated version of the wine glasses inspired by Milan’s cathedral earlier on the list. This stunning set comprised of a decanter and four glasses is great for whiskey and wine lovers and is made by artisan glassblowers.

32. Celebrimo Couple Coffee Cup Set

Couple Coffee Cup Set with sweet quotes

Could you two coffee lovers use a cute, authentic, and matching pair of coffee cups for your coffee-sipping rituals? If so, this modern mug set of two cups will make a great anniversary gift.

33. KGEZW Jewelry Box

Elegant Clam Shape Jewelry Box

KGEZW Jewelry Box for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings makes a great storage space for the jewelry piece you plan to offer your better half on your special anniversary.

34. Dazzlingrock Collection 0.45 Carat 10K

Dazzling 10k Ring for your Wife or Girlfriend

If you’re looking for more sophisticated jewelry pieces, consider this Dazzlingrock Collection 0.45-carat ring with a combination of round diamonds to complement the wedding band and serve as a reminder of your strong love for each other.

35. Diamond Pendant

Elegant Silver Blue and White Diamond Pendant

This charming Amazon Collection silver blue and white diamond pendant necklace in the shape of a heart is an ideal gift for romantic souls. Celebrate your big anniversary by offering your other half a piece of jewelry they will cherish and remember forever.

36. NOVICA Handmade Balinese Hero Bracelet

This NOVICA handmade Balinese Hero bracelet for him is a handcrafted artisan product of fair trade origin and outstanding quality. The silver bracelet makes a great anniversary gift for all the husbands out there who appreciate a nice jewelry piece.

37. Personalized ID Bracelet

Personalized ID Bracelet for Men and Women

Here’s another bracelet idea for men, but those who prefer yellow gold jewelry. The personalized ID bracelet has a Figaro chain and can feature the name of the person it’s for. Elegant, sophisticated, and customizable, this bracelet is an instant match.

38. Long Distance Touch Bracelets Set

Keep in touch with Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Have work or life circumstances separated you from your partner for a few weeks? With this long-distance touch bracelets set, you can add a new way of keeping each other close besides video and voice messaging. Check out more details here.

39. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Anniversary Special Gift100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Six years together is a long time. You might need extra help in finding things to do. Why not make the iron anniversary special by offering this scratch-off poster with 100 date ideas you can complete by the time your seventh or eighth anniversary comes? Or the ones after that.

40. Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack

Stylish Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack

This Stylish Picnic Backpack for two makes a great anniversary gift for couples who love to spend time in nature. Pack up your blankets, cutlery, plates, and wine, and hit nature for an unforgettable 6th-anniversary treatment.

41. The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

If you’re looking for ways to add romance and spontaneity to your relationship, this Adventure Challenge Couples Edition is just what you need. Go on 50 creative, exciting dates, and make sure to take pics along the way – you can add them to the book in the provided spaces.

42. 14K White Gold Ring

Luxurious 14k White Gold Ring

This brilliant-cut round-shape diamond ring is among the most stunning, luxurious, and elegant 6 year anniversary gift ideas. The 14K white gold in 0.75-carat edition makes this handcrafted piece a memorable addition to any woman’s jewelry collection.

43. Fossil Man’s Nate Stainless Steel Watch

Fossil Man’s Nate Stainless Steel Watch

Looking for a sophisticated, modern, and robust watch for your husband or partner? If so, this Fossil Men’s Nate Stainless Steel Quartz Watch may be just what you need. The watch is water resistant, and it has an oversized look and bold design.

44. LEGO Central Perk Building Kit

Surprise Them with LEGO Central Perk Building Kit

Who says LEGO enthusiasts have to forget about their hobby after they’re married? Surprise your loved one by gifting them a LEGO set of their favorite TV show, Friends, and keep yourselves busy recreating some of the best moments from the legendary series.

45. Swarovski Infinity Jewelry

Simple but Elegant Swarovski Infinity Necklace

This Swarovski Infinity Heart necklace is super simple and elegant it will fit your partner perfectly. The delicate infinity sign and a crystal pave touch complement all looks regardless of the occasion.

46. Coolife Luggage Expandable 3-Piece Set

Expandable 3-Piece Set Luggage for Travel Goals

Ready to embark on a new year of adventures and fun travels with your partner or the whole family? What better way to say “I’m ready to hit the road” than by freshening up everyone’s suitcase arsenal with this set of rolling luggage?

47. Royal Albert 100 Years 5-Piece Teacup and Saucer Set

Royal Albert 100 Years 5-Piece Teacup Saucer Set

Surprise your tea-loving partner with this charming Royal Albert 100 Years five-piece teacup and saucer set with beautiful patterns and floral designs. The set reflects the fashion of each decade of Royal Albert’s century-old floral design tradition.

48. PIAOLIGN Wal Art Décor Tree

Wal Art Décor Tree with Charming Color Combination

This PIAOLIGN wall art décor tree of life is a wonderful way to commemorate your eternal love, appreciation, and dedication to your partner or family. The unique details and charming color combination make this a great wall décor piece for most interiors.

49. PICNIC TIME Deluxe Basket Set for 2

Deluxe Basket Set for 2 Picnic Set

Looking for an authentic way to celebrate your 6th anniversary as an outdoorsy couple? If so, this original Picnic Basket is just what you need. Packed with porcelain plates, napkins, wine glasses, food containers, and much more, this gift basket will make your outings all the more convenient.

50. Tabletop Fountain

Charming Tabletop Fountain Decoration for Office Desk

This charming Tabletop Fountain is a cute 6th-anniversary gift to decorate your partner’s office desk or your home interior. Also used as a stress reliever, this authentic fountain is a unique, graceful gift idea that’s pleasant for the eyes and the ears.

Worst Ideas

If you’re wondering not to gift your partner for your sixth anniversary, check for some things to avoid below.

  • Gift card or cash – There’s nothing less authentic or original than offering a person you’ve been with for six years cash or gift cards.
  • Exercise equipment – Unless your partner is crazy about the gym and fitness, gifting them gym equipment can transfer the wrong message.
    • Cosmetics – Perfumes are okay, but other cosmetics like makeup, lotions, or creams aren’t guaranteed to work.
  • Last-minute gifts – Waiting for the last day before the anniversary dinner to buy the gift is one of the worst things you can do. Take your time to come up with a great gift idea weeks before the celebration.

Traditional 6 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Worst 6 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Sixth-anniversary symbols include iron-made objects, as the sixth anniversary is referred to as the iron anniversary.

The official sixth wedding anniversary stone most commonly used in jewelry pieces is amethyst. Although it usually comes in purple, amethyst also has different shades that are more similar to blue or red. There are also quartz products in other hues like green.

The sixth anniversary is traditionally about sweet things, so you can go for candy or your partner’s favorite sweet treats as well.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to an Expert Shopper

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