Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Dad

by Auhbon

Your dad’s milestone birthday is around the corner, and hitting the golden age requires a special present. If you still don’t have an idea of what to gift your dad for his 60th birthday let us inspire you with the top 50 suggestions of 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad.

1. Personalized Backgammon Set

Handmade walnut and solid wood backgammon set with personalized engravings

A backgammon set with your dad’s name inscribed on it makes for a perfect gift for a man in his best years. Made from walnut and solid wood, pulling this elegant set out to play with their friends will make your dad look like a true old-money gentleman.

2. Elegant Whiskey Decanter

Personalized handmade engraved whiskey decanter with square glass stopper and glasses

Drinking whiskey from a personalized decanter is a thing of prestige. The decanter comes with two whiskey glasses, a designed glass stopper, and a classy wooden box. Its solid look and heavy weight make it something to display with pride.

3. 1962 Sixpence Cufflinks

Handmade 1962 black enamel sixpence cufflinks with personalized engraving

A perfect gift for a 60th birthday, these enameled sixpence cufflinks contribute to class and elegance. Sixpences are a lucky charm, so if you gift these to your dad for his milestone, you will make sure that he spends his upcoming days in good fortune.

4. Personalized Watch

Personalized gift wooden watch with custom engraving

Men tend to appreciate wooden designs more when they’re older. This wooden watch with a personalized message is a great gift for dads that love straightforward and timeless designs. A customized watch is unique, so by gifting your dad this one, you will give him something both personal and practical.

5. Unique Chessboard

Premium walnut and rosewood chess board with metal pieces and personalized name and date

Chess is another classy game that gives off old-money vibes. Gifting your dad this personalized chess set is something that will make him stand out. Writing your dad’s name and a meaningful date on the rosewood and walnut handcrafted board will speak to him on a personal level.

6. Luxury Grooming Set

Nine piece luxury grooming kit for men with classy wooden box

A handmade grooming set with a customized inscription is something only a gentleman possesses. Secured in an elegant wooden box, this nine-piece shaving and grooming kit provides exquisite precision and comfort to any bearded man who looks after himself. It’s a perfect gift for dads who like a clean shave.

7. Leather Cigar Humidor

Custom engraved leather travel cigar humidor gift set

Lined with will keep your father’s cigars fresh. Possessing a cigar humidor speaks volumes to those who Spanish cedar, this elegant leather cigar humidor are classy, leather being the first choice for any man who wants to radiate sophistication. The set also comes with a practical cigar cutter.

8. Gentlemen Spa Gift Set

Spa gift set for men including after shave, facial soap and scrub, bath soak, and hand salve

If your dad is a hedonist who likes to smell and feel good, a gentlemen’s gift box with spa essentials will be the perfect gift. Including handmade soaps, an after-shave, facial scrub, bath gel, and more, this set will make your dad’s skin glow and keep it moisturized.

9. Elegant Guillotine Ashtray

Folding ashtray with guillotine cigar cutter and custom engraving

Another essential for cigar lovers, this folding ashtray and cigar cutter set makes a classy addition to any man’s table. Made from wood and stainless steel, the ashtray is glazed with a rich walnut finish. The ashtray closes when not in use and can be engraved on the top.

10. Personalized Bourbon Drinking Set

Bourbon drinking set including whiskey stones and personalized wooden box

bourbon drinking set with your dad’s name on it is a statement of class. Coming in a stylish wooden box, it includes a set of whiskey stones, a stone coaster, and a stylized glass. The set is perfect for a man who loves his bourbon cold and wants to drink with elegance.

11. Vintage Rosewood Shaving Kit

Vintage luxury five piece rosewood shaving kit including leather strop, strop paste, razor, and brush

A wooden design never goes out of style. This handmade shaving kit made of rosewood has the vibe of a luxury barber salon. The set includes all a man needs for a clean cut: a razor, a brush with wooden handles, and a leather hanging strop.

12. Camping Gift Box for Men

Assorted camping items gift box including Rambo knife, insulated mug, grit soap, and firestarter (1)

This gift box is as manly as they come. The set includes stuff that cool men can’t help but like, such as fire starters, a Rambo knife, grit soap, and insulated mugs. It is perfect for outdoor and indoor activities your dad might indulge in.

13. Antique Cigar Cutter

Antique cigar set including cutter and lighter and custom engraving

An engraved cigar cutter set designed in the classic, vintage spirit is a present that speaks volumes. Including the cutter and a torch lighter, you can choose between silver and bronze versions and two striking fonts. It will make your dad look like an old gentleman who “knows things.”

14. Classic Leather Cigar Case Humidor

Personalized leather cigar case and humidor for travel with custom engraving

Leather never goes out of men’s styles. The leather cigar case serves as a humidor and comes with a removable cigar tray and a silver hygrometer set. Customizable and simply designed, this case has a removable tray for adding extra space to your cigar storage, making it perfect for travel.

15. Globe-Shaped Whiskey Carafe

Whiskey carafe globe set with 2 etched whiskey glasses

This impressive glass carafe takes the shape of a globe and comes with a set of two similar bourbon glasses. The carafe has a sailing ship inside and the world map engraved on the surface. This unique carafe is made for display as much as for storing whiskey or cognac.

16. Draft Beer Dispenser

Universal zinc reinforced pc-abs composite beer dispenser

Practical and elegantly designed, this beer dispenser will make your dad’s beer creamy and add to its aroma. The dispenser fits any beer can or bottle, and can easily fit any place. The dispenser works on all types of beer, and makes drinking even tastier and more enjoyable!

17. Classy Silk Tie Set

Premium tie set gift including several ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and tie clips

Men in their sixties love a polished style, and with these silk ties, your dad will have a chic, manly look. The set of three ties comes with handkerchiefs, cufflinks, and tie clips, making it a perfect gift for a well-dressed man. Choose one of five color schemes your dad likes most.

18. Buffalo Horn Shaving Set

Buffalo horn camel bone cut throat straight razor shaving set

Quality speaks for itself, and a shaving set that includes a straight-edge razor with a buffalo horn and camel bone handle is a manly way to get a clean cut. The set comes with a bar of shaving soap and a leather traveling bag, making it a very durable present.

19. Whiskey Fountain

Personalized whiskey fountain made from pine wood and iron

Another impressive gift for whiskey lovers, a whiskey fountain is a showcase centerpeice. Customizable, and completely handmade out of pine wood and iron, simply put a whiskey bottle on top of the fountain to make serving bourbon classier, and a bit eccentric.

20. Designer Barber Clippers

Professional hair clippers set with trimmers, guards, brush, and comb

Elevate hair and beard trimming with these patterned barber clippers. These clippers have a powerful low-noise motor and a sharp steel blade for maximum precision. With a comfortable grip and an elegant, bold design, every cut your dad makes with these will be better than the previous.

21. Handmade Wooden Beer Mugs

Six natural oak wood and stainless steel tankards

Oakwood beer mugs give drinking that old inn vibe. This set of six wooden tankards is a cool gift if your dad is a beer fan. The glazing of the mugs makes the beer stay cold for longer periods, making beer even more enjoyable.

22. Barrel Whiskey Set

Whiskey half barrel gift box with granite stones and glasses

This unique half-barrel whiskey drinking set is a great present for whiskey enjoyers. The set includes two bourbon glasses, whiskey cocktail recipe cards, and ice tongs. A set of eight reusable granite whiskey rocks will make each drink taste like cold bourbon heaven without diluting the experience.

23. Dad Gift Set

Gift box for dads including tumbler, tie, and keychain

This gift box pays homage to your dad’s unique “dadness.“ The set contains an elegant square towel, a tumbler, a keychain, and a tie with clips and cufflinks. Every piece can be personalized with a message to your very own dad.

24. Vintage Leather Wallet

Minimalist vintage leather wallet with keyfob

Dads love vintage. Gift your dad this minimalist leather wallet with a firm leather fold, to complement his usual polished style. The wallet comes in brown or black, and is easily paired with any fashion accessory and style. This wallet also comes with a stylish leather key fob.

25. Airplane Whiskey Decanter

Wooden airplane stand for whiskey decanter and two glasses

For airplane lovers, this bold whiskey decanter is everything. An airplane stand with space for two bourbon glasses and a globe-styled decanter is an exceptional piece of functional decor. If your dad is a man who aims for class and elegance, this is the perfect gift.

26. Personalized Wooden Workshop/Man Cave Sign

Large two tone personalized engraved solid pine sign

Your dad has probably dreamed of having his “man cave,” and this engraved wooden sign that says who it belongs to can certainly help make that dream a reality. Personalize this large wooden plate, mount it on the wall, then watch your dad become the king of the workshop or the garage.

27. Waxed Canvas Apron

Durable light weight waxed canvas apron gift

For the handy dads, a waxed canvas Apron is a piece of the coolest-looking protective gear. The apron is waterproof, durable, and very light weight. It’s also fashionable and will make anyone look like they know what they’re doing in it! The apron comes in tan or olive.

28. Personalized Grill Set

Personalized grill set with custom engraved wooden case

This unique grilling set with a customized message inscribed will make any BBQ fun and simple for the whole family. The set includes grilling essentials: a spatula, tongs, and a grill fork, all with a nicely designed wooden storage box that can be engraved for a unique touch.

29. Vintage Leather Journal

Journals contain memories, and leather covers make them durable. This handmade leather journal with airplane detailing will impress your dad and make his diary entries feel like they will last forever. The journal is very light, making it a perfect travel accessory.

30. Golf Decanter

Whiskey decanter with golf design and four glasses

If your dad’s a golf fan and likes classy drinks, this golf drink decanter is a perfect gift. The set contains a stylish club-shaped decanter, four golf ball whiskey glasses, and a wooden plate, and is the perfect addition to the home decor. The decanter is handblown and contains a real golf ball.

31. Cocktail Smoker Kit

Cocktail smoker kit with torch and wood chips

Another one for whiskey lovers, a smoker kit for drinks is a great gift for dads who like to spice up their beverages. The set provides all the essentials for whiskey infusion and creating aromatic smoke, all the while looking impressive to the ones who watch.

32. Stylish Ridge Wallet

RFID blocking, slim, and aluminum  wallet with cash strap

Fashionable and of minimalist design, the ridge wallet is made out of military-grade materials that guarantee durability and make it a timeless present. The slim design of the wallet fits any bag or pocket and has a security strap to protect cash and credit cards.

33. Elegant Wooden Watch Box

Acacia wood watch box with custom engravings

Men of class wear watches, and quality watches need a storage box. This custom wooden watch storage box is made of beautifully polished Acacia wood and is covered in velvet on the inside. With enough space for five watches, it can be a classy and personal present for a father with a decent collection.

34. Personalized Desk Clock

Handmade brass desk clock with custom engraving

This customized desk clock is also an elegant present for a 60th birthday. Gifting clocks may remind the person of the passing of time. Put a positive spin on getting old with the antique design of this clock and a thoughtful message that will make your dad enjoy every second.

35. Carved Puzzle Box

Handmade carved wooden puzzle box with unique design

Handmade puzzle boxes always have an aura of mystery around them. The box is made of wood and carved with a traditional Transylvanian floral pattern. Presenting your dad with such a box, with a smaller present inside that he has to unlock, is truly a unique way of gifting.

36. Personalized Garage LED Sign

Personalized dual color LED neon sign

Does your dad own a garage or a man cave? Make it clear that it’s “his” garage by gifting him this custom LED neon wall sign. This decor is perfect for mounting on any wall and provides a fun touch to any room with its flashiness. It is low maintenance and perfectly safe to use.

37. Steampunk Watch Box

Handmade wooden watch box with steampunk design

A steampunk-styled box for storing watches is a beautiful addition to any decor because of the vintage vibe it has. This wooden watch box contains eight compartments and is a unique gift for a dad who loves old technology, watches, and turning gears.

38. Golden Zodiac Pendant

Personalized pure gold pendant with zodiac designs

Zodiac signs are closely related to birthdays. A personalized 14k yellow gold plated pendant with your father’s star sign motifs makes a truly thoughtful gift. Choose a star sign you want, customize the inscription in 24k gold, and there you have a luxurious gift for your dad.

39. Original Vintage Watch

Vintage French mechanical diving watch with leather band

Many dads have a thing for old watches. For his 60th birthday, surprise your dad with a vintage French mechanical diving watch from the 1960s. This Herma watch has a leather band and a stainless steel body, giving off authentic 60s vibes.

40. Personalized Box Decanter Set

Whiskey set with custom box, decanter, glasses, and stones

With a simple timeless design, this custom wooden box decanter set won’t let you down. The handblown high-quality glass drinking set comes in a stylish wooden box, making it perfect for this occasion. This set contains two whiskey glasses and nine whiskey stones for serving the bourbon cold and enjoying company.

41. Vintage Car Wall Art

laser cut stainless steel classic car wall art

Assist your dad in the interior designing of his living space with this classic car wall art. Made of laser-cut stainless steel, this metal construction is the perfect decor for a living room, workshop, or maybe a garage. For dads who like vintage motifs, this is a great gift!

42. BOBO-BIRD Casual Wooden Style Watch

Wood and stainless steel watch with personalized engraving

This half wooden-half stainless steel watch is for those who prefer more of a casual vibe. While still delivering on the vintage vibes because of the wooden bracelet and body, you can make it personal for your dad by ordering an engraved message on the back.

43. NFL Pilsner Glass Set

NFL Pilsner beer glass gift set with bottle opener

One for football lovers; this Pilsner beer glass set with the Oakland raiders’ motifs is for the dads who like to have a drink while they watch a game. Coming together with a bottle opener, this set will prepare your dad for the next Super Bowl!

44. Vintage Cuffs

Art Deco black tuxedo cuff links and shirt studs

Vintage accessories are always a thoughtful gift. These Art deco styled cufflinks are an elegant addition to any man’s style. The set of two cufflinks and three studs comes in an original box. Being from 1940, they will bring some old money vibes to your father’s style.

45. Elegant Stash Box for Tobacco

Premium handmade bamboo stash box for tobacco

An elegant wooden storage chest is something as practical as it is decorative for genuine tobacco lovers. Gift your dad this stash box made from bamboo and make organizing his supplies a pleasant activity. The box has a removable tray that can house a miniature tobacco set and doubles as a tablet stand.

46. “You Are THE Man” Gift Box Set

Gift box including socks, mug, soap, bath bomb, and blanket

Your dad’s 60th milestone is a great time to remind him that he still “has it”, and what better way than to present him with this gift set? The set includes a double-layered blanket, a double-insulated coffee mug, beer socks, body soap, and much more.

47. Elegant Tactical Pen

Multifunctional pen including flashlight, bottle opener, and screwdriver

A multitool pen can be stylish, and not many people have one. This aluminum pen is a great gift for men who already have everything but need a convenient gadget – the pen contains an emergency glass breaker, a screwdriver, a mini-LED flashlight, and more. Plus, it’s packaged in a convenient gift box.

48. Fourteen-Piece Multitool

Stainless steel multitool with nylon sheath and 14 tools

Dads love multitools. This one features 14 tools such as spring-action pliers, scissors, a knife, a screwdriver, a package opener, and more. It is simply everything a handyman needs, and being lightweight, it’s easy to carry around everywhere.

49. Watch Display Case

Elegant black watch display case with accessory drawer

Your dad’s watches deserve to be shown off, and this elegant black display case is perfect for it. The modern, minimalist design of the acrylic box will complete the decor of any space you put it on. The case also has an additional drawer for storing smaller accessories.

50. Water Purifier Bottle

Twenty four ounce water purifying and filtering bottle

Gift your dad this water purifier bottle so he always has clean water on his outdoor adventures. The bottle filters water and removes all pathogens, making it a perfect gadget for hiking, camping, fishing, or any other wilderness activity!

Worst Ideas

Worst Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Dad

To avoid surprising your dad in a bad way, avoid giving him elaborate or complicated gifts such as the latest tech gadgets. Keep in mind that the person celebrating his 60th birthday may not be the most in touch with modern technology. As much as gifting your dad an ultra-modern Apple iWatch may help him in his daily ventures, he may not know how to use it at it’s full potential. If you decide to go for it, make sure that he’s tech-savvy or that you’re prepared to spend some time showing him the ropes.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you still haven’t decided what to gift your dad for his milestone birthday, we can help you do that. Contact us by filling out the form and we will respond to you as soon as we can with a possible solution.

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Amy Garcia
Amy Garcia
1 year ago

Such great Ideas. I appreciate you!

Danielle Campbelle
Danielle Campbelle
1 year ago

My dad will surely love the grill set. I bought one for his birthday this weekend.

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