Complete List of 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

by brian

Although men turning 60 have probably received every gift under the sun, the 60th birthday is a huge milestone that deserves an unforgettable gift. So, here are 50 ideas to help you pick a 60th birthday gift that your husband, father, or friend will cherish for many years to come.

1. A Whiskey Gift Set

whiskey gift set cocktail cards crystal

Most men over 55 are notorious for their love of whiskey. More than half of them prefer indulging in this drink at home. So, this whiskey set is nothing short of a perfect gift. It contains two crystal glasses, eight whiskey stones, tongs, and cocktail recipe cards, all packed in a beautiful wooden gift box.

2. A Whiskey Globe Set

whiskey globe set tongs glasses

If your husband has finally gotten around to building a home bar, this decorative whiskey set will be an ideal addition. It comes with a globe-shaped decanter with an antique ship inside and two elegant glasses covered in a world map. When displayed on the wooden stand, this set will undoubtedly elevate his home bar.

3. A Personalized Bar Sign

personal bar sign gift

A striking sign is another must-have for a home bar. You can personalize this canvas sign to say whatever you’d like. Try to think what would put the biggest smile on the birthday fellow’s face and go with that. He’ll remember the big 6-0 celebration each time he sees the sign.

4. A Chilling Stones Gift Set

chilling stones gift set

If your significant other’s drink of choice is whiskey on the rocks, but he doesn’t want his liquor diluted, chilling stones are the way to go. Besides being functional, these luxurious, gold-colored, diamond-shaped stones are visually striking, making each glass of whiskey quite an attention grabber.

5. A Smoking Box Kit

whiskey drink smoker set

Any whiskey aficionado will probably already own many whiskey tools. If you’d like to find a way to surprise him, we suggest this smoking box kit. This unique gift will enhance any whiskey’s taste by infusing it with a smoky and delicious flavor. Besides whiskey, the recipient can use the machine for virtually any other drink, and even food.

6. A Personalized Wooden Wine Box

wooden wine box gift set

This custom wooden wine box will bring joy to any wine-loving 60-year-old. The box is made from birch and features a rustic rope handle. Customize it with a lovely birthday message, pop in his favorite bottle of wine, and ring in the new decade in style.

7. A uKeg for Beer

ukeg beer healthy gift

Drinking one to two glasses of beer daily has been linked to many health benefits in older people. If you’d like your loved one to always have fresh beer at his disposal, this uKeg is the way to go. This innovative device will keep beer fresh for weeks while providing a fun tap beer experience right at home.

8. A Personalized Beer Mug

personalized beer mug gift set

Sixty-year-old beer lovers are guaranteed to savor their favorite beverage more when using this amazing, personalized beer mug. Engrave their name, birthday, or picture to make the mug their own. They’ll probably reach for this fun mug even when not drinking beer.

9. A Cigar Box

cigar box gift idea set

Most 60-year-old men take the art of smoking very seriously. To elevate this experience for your significant other, gift him this artisan cigar box in rich cherry finish. Thanks to the integrated humidor and the sealed construction, all the cigars you pop in the box will stay fresh.

10. A Poker Chip Set

poker chip gift idea casino

Playing poker is a much-beloved ritual among men, and it has no age limit. If poker is the gift recipient’s favorite pastime, he’ll love this chip set. The traditional game night will transform into a full-fledged casino with as many as 500 pieces of quality poker chips, two decks of cards, five red dice, and a dealer button.

11. A Premium Chess Set

chess skill gift metal birthday

An avid chess player deserves a set worthy of their skillset and age. What better time to gift this magnificent chess set than his 60th birthday? Once he unwraps the gift, he’ll feast his eyes on an intricate, hand-made board and superb metal pieces. Best of all, you can personalize the board with his name and birthday.

12. A Premium Golf Wedge Set

golf club range skill course

If your favorite 60-year-old to-be has been spending much of his free time golfing, it’s time to surprise him with a serious equipment upgrade. These quality forged golf wedges guarantee great control, spin, and consistency on any terrain. They are suitable for all skill levels.

13. A Personalized Golf Gift Set

golf gift set personalized divot ball

Performing your best sometimes boils down to looking your best. Besides upgrading the birthday boy’s equipment, you can also deck out his golf gear. This fabulous gift set includes an all-weather golf glove, 20 tees, 12 balls, a divot remover, a scorecard holder, and three ball markers, all with his name or initials.

14. Gold Golf Balls

gold golf ball 24k unique gift

Are you looking for an over-the-top 60th birthday gift for an avid golfer? These golf balls have got you covered. After all, how much more extravagant can it get than gold golf balls? These unique balls come in a luxurious package, perfect for the occasion.

15. A Smoker Grill

smoker gift men bbq cooking

For most men, grilling feels more like fine craftsmanship than cooking. For this reason, they’ll probably be stuck to a grill as long as they can stand. If you want to make this experience even better for that BBQ-loving special someone, get him this fantastic smoker grill.

16. A Grill Tool Set

grill tool set meat chef stainless

Even with prime pieces of meat and incredible skills, no barbecue turns out perfect without the appropriate tools. Ensure your soon-to-be 60-year-old chef has only the best equipment at his disposal. This 20-piece stainless steel set has all the essential components for a mouth-watering barbecue.

17. A Coffee Maker

coffee maker machine brew cup

If your spouse can’t start his day without a cup of coffee, this coffee maker will be the ideal 60th birthday gift. Despite offering many different functions, this mighty machine is simple to use, guaranteeing a freshly brewed cup of coffee every morning without hassle.

18. An Herbal Tea Sampler

herbal tea gift bag box sampler

It’s natural for our tastes to change over time. If your loved one has been into tea lately, he’ll adore this herbal tea sampler. The set contains 45 expertly-blended tea bags in nine different flavors. To top it off, the set comes in a beautiful box for the ultimate gift-unwrapping experience.

19. A Scented Candles Gift Set

scented candle stress soothe relax

Your 60s should be a stress-free zone. If your brother or friend desperately needs some soothing and relaxing time, this manly scented candle gift set will do the trick. These aromatherapy candles are the ultimate stress-relief gift, guaranteed to lift his mood and energy while eradicating unpleasant odors.

20. A Retro Candy Gift Box

candy fun sugar dip chocolate retro

Few gifts will delight those with a sweet tooth more than almost three pounds of candy. Even better, it’s not just any candy. Instead, the recipient will get over 60 pieces of classic retro candies for an instant blast from the past. This nostalgic gift can gather the whole family for fun stories from the birthday boy’s youth.

21. A Sketchbook With Pencils

sketch book art artistic drawing pencil

Passion for art and creativity is ageless. If the newly 60-year-old has finally found time to pursue art, you can support his endeavor by gifting him this exquisite set. It includes a hand-made leather sketchbook pad with inserted pencils, allowing the recipient to take his art on the road.

22. A Wooden Docking Station

Sixty years is plenty of time to run around the house looking for the glasses, the watch, or the wallet. The seventh decade is all about comfort and convenience. Therefore, this wooden docking station is just what your loved one needs to keep all his essential items within arm’s reach.

23. A Minimalist Wallet

ridge wallet minimal card slim

Your 60s are the time to let go of everything that doesn’t serve you. That includes bulky and messy wallets. Get your loved one this sleek Ridge wallet and give them the upgrade they deserve. Since this slim wallet is made from military-grade materials, it will stay intact for many birthdays to come.

24. A Damascus Hunting Knife

damascus hunting knife enthusiast hand blade

A 60th birthday offers an amazing opportunity to show a man you love how much you know him. Any knife enthusiast will rejoice at the sight of this marvelous knife. The knife features a hand-forged blade and turquoise and brass fiber spacers for a standout piece in any collection.

25. A Mechanical Pocket Watch

mechanical pocket watch roman numerals gunmetal

If your loved one has been carrying around the same pocket watch for years, it’s time for an upgrade. While the Roman numerals are reminiscent of old-fashioned ways, the overall sleek design of this gunmetal pocket watch has a modern appeal. You can engrave the back of the case to make this gift extra special.

26. An Engraved Wooden Watch

engraved wooden watch unique heartfelt message

Sixty years means a lot of birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas celebrations. So it’s highly likely a watch has popped up as a gift more than once. This stylish wooden watch puts a twist on traditional watches, making it a unique gift. Best of all, you can engrave a lengthy, heartfelt message on the back.

27. An Openwork Watch

openwork hand filigree watch timeless gift

If you’re on team “one can never have too many watches,” we’ve got just the thing for you. This stunning openwork hand-made watch will be the perfect 60th birthday gift for that remarkable man in your life. This timeless gift comes in a splendid box with a personalized message.

28. A Watch Display Case

watch collection wooden display case accessory

Apart from helping your significant other grow his watch collection, you can also allow him to display it proudly. This innovative, two-tier display case has a museum-like feel to it. It’s a great way to showcase up to seven watches. The six-compartment bottom drawer is the best place to store all other accessories.

29. An Amazon Echo Dot

amazon echo dot alarms music call hands free

Modern technology can offer many benefits to people, regardless of their age. This compact Echo Dot speaker is designed to make our lives easier. Your loved one will be able to set alarms, listen to music and the news, check the weather, and call you, all hands-free.

30. An Amazfit Smart Watch

amazfit smart watch health heart blood oxygen

The 60s might be when some health issues start to arise in men. If you want to ensure your father or grandfather stays on top of his health, we suggest gifting him this Amazfit Smart Watch. Apart from many other excellent functions, it offers comprehensive health tracking, including heart rate and blood oxygen level monitoring.

31. A Bullet Pen

bullet pen writing gift wooden metal

If you’re looking for a timeless and elegant gift, this bullet pen might be your go-to choice. This hand-crafted pen is made using a .50-caliber bullet that has been previously fired out. The pen comes in a wooden box that you can engrave with a special birthday message.

32. Irish Sixpence Coin Cufflinks

irish coin cufflink wexford irish 1962

Irish heritage is strong in the U.S. If your loved one has some Irish DNA, why not gift them a genuine piece of Irish history? These authentic 1962 Irish coin cufflinks are hand-made in Wexford and will surely blow him away. They come in a beautiful leather box with a story card included.

33. Comfortable Overalls

Mens bib denim overalls with triple stitched seams

Suppose your dad or granddad has been spending his free time tinkering with objects around the house and the garage. In that case, he’ll love these roomy overalls that allow him to keep all his essential tools and equipment close by. While built for hard work, these convenient overalls retain their comfort and coziness.

34. A Heating Pad

Large weighted heating pad for neck and shoulders

Has your loved one complained about unbearable pain in his neck, shoulders, or back? If yes, his 60th birthday is the ideal time to make his life easier. This weighted heating pad will reduce his pain and keep him warm and relaxed.

35. A Home Massager

Shiatsu neck and back massager with heat

This handy device will allow your loved one to receive a deep Shiatsu massage anytime he’d like, from the comfort of his own home. This adjustable massager will alleviate muscle soreness and ease neck stiffness in no time. Best of all, it comes with a car adapter, ensuring each trip will be as comfortable as possible.

36. A Foot Spa Bath Massager

Foot spa bath massager with heat and infrared

The older you get, the more you recognize the value of feeling good and taking care of yourself. This electric foot spa massager will delight any man battling stress, anxiety, and tension. Thanks to multiple massage modes and powerful bubble jets, it will be challenging for the recipient to stay away from this gift.

37. A Grooming Kit

Seven piece hair clippers set including bag

Although creative gifts are endlessly fun, sometimes practical gifts are the way to go. This kit is ideal for men who pride themselves on being perfectly groomed at every age. This all-in-one kit contains beard, nose, and ear trimmers, a body groomer, and a clean-shave razor.

38. A Bath and Body Gift Set

All natural bath and body gift set for men

This eight-piece shaving and skincare set contains all the necessary products for men who like to feel and smell good. The products use all-natural ingredients and come in clever packaging, perfect for gifting.

39. A Pair of Comfortable Indoor Shoes

Soft and warm two tone moccasin slippers

Some new 60-year-olds prefer staying in as opposed to going out. If your father or partner is one of them, you should ensure he’s comfortable when lounging and taking it slow. These super comfy slippers are perfectly cushioned, offering a non-stop warm and cozy feeling.

40. A Pair of Comfortable Outdoor Shoes

Canvas and linen multicolored mens loafers

After turning 60, most men are focused on relaxation and their hobbies. If your loved one is fond of taking long walks and enjoying the outdoors, you should gift him this pair of highly comfortable loafers. These lightweight yet supportive shoes will make him feel like he’s walking on clouds.

41. A Pair of HD Binoculars

There are many fun activities you can do in your 60s, some of which rely heavily on your eyesight. If vision isn’t the recipient’s strongest suit, gifting him this pair of binoculars will ensure nothing can stop him from pursuing different hobbies. Bird watching, hunting, or watching football games from the stands will be much more pleasurable.

42. A 60th Birthday T-Shirt

Vintage nineteen sixty two original parts shirt

While turning 60 is undoubtedly an impressive feat, it’s also the perfect time for some light-hearted teasing. If you want everyone to know just how old your friend or coworker is, get him this retro birthday T-shirt. He’ll love that the front says “Vintage” but also “Original parts.”

43. A Photo Collage

Personalized birthday gift photo collage number

It will be challenging to fit an incredible 60 years into a 25-photo collage. However, this gift can serve as a supercut of the most memorable events your loved one will likely want to look at daily.

44. A Digital Picture Frame

Ten inch touch screen wifi picture frame

This digital picture frame can be a fantastic way to connect with family for 60-year-olds who are not on social media. You can email new family photos to the frame’s address or set up a slide show of some sentimental memories from years ago. Whatever you choose, the gift recipient will always happily anticipate what will come next.

45. A Family Tree Photo Collage

Three dimensional art piece picture frame with figurines

If you’re looking for something to take your husband’s breath away, look no more. This unique artwork features a delicate tree, a photo collage of your choice, and a figurine for you two and each of your children. What an incredible way to reflect on the beautiful life you’ve built together.

46. A 60-Things-We-Love-About-You Poster

Sixty things we love about you print file

If the whole family or a friend group would like to show appreciation for the birthday boy, this thoughtful poster is the way to go. After all, love is a gift that keeps on giving. Choose the color scheme, the font, and the reasons, and bask in the joy this gift will bring.

47. A Personalized Birthday Book

Personalized colorful and fun sixtieth birthday book

Soon-to-be-60 history buffs will cherish this gift for years to come. This incredible book is full of U.S. nostalgia, memories, and facts, taking the recipient on a wonderful trip down memory lane. You can personalize it with his name and date of birth, and the book will also contain some fascinating facts based on these details.

48. 60th Birthday Decorations

Sixtieth birthday party decorations seventy six pack

If the soon-to-be 60-year-old explicitly doesn’t want gifts, you can still make his day one to remember by throwing a fun surprise party. This 60th birthday decoration set has all the supplies you need to organize an over-the-top party worthy of the occasion.

49. A 60th Birthday Framed Board

Sixtieth birthday gifts framed birthday decoration

Sixty years is quite some time, so let’s throw it back to the good old days. This framed board will allow your friend or coworker to travel back in time to their birth year and revisit important events in U.S. history. Though, no event is as important as his birth!

50. An Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card in birthday pop up box

By the time they turn 60, most men have a clear idea of what they like and dislike. If you’re unsure which category your gift will fall into, buying an Amazon gift card might be your safest bet. The card comes in a colorful pop-up display with a customized message, giving it a more personal touch.

Worst Ideas

Worst 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Unsuitable Gifts for The Age

Unsuitable Gifts for The Age

While it’s true you shouldn’t let your age stop you from doing what you love, some activities are simply not feasible for older people. So, avoid gifting your loved ones anything that will remind them of what they can no longer do. For example, if they have a bad knee, let’s stay away from running equipment.

Inappropriate Gifts for The Individual

Inappropriate Gifts for The Individual

Similarly, the worst gifts are those that don’t match the recipient’s interests. If he’s never played golf or talked about taking up this sport, there’s really no point in getting him a golf-related gift.

Last Minute Tips

Last Minute Tips

If you’d like to purchase a more practical gift but don’t want it to seem impersonal, there are several ways to make your gift more unique.

  • Engrave the gift with the recipient’s name or birthday
  • Have the gift custom-made to fit him perfectly
  • Purchase something he’s always talked about

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

The sheer choice of gifts can be pretty overwhelming. If you’re struggling to find the perfect present for your loved one, you can get in touch with an expert shopper.

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