Complete List of 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

by Auhbon

Turning 70 is quite an impressive feat, so the occasion calls for a well-thought-out gift. We’ve compiled a list of the best 70th birthday gift ideas for men that will make any man in your life keep the big 7-0 as a cherished memory.

1. An Echo Dot Speaker

Third generation echo dot smart speaker with alexa

Many elders aren’t fans of technology. However, you can use this 70th birthday gift to show how technology can make their life easier. Just tell the birthday boy he’ll never have to struggle to call someone, set the alarm, or read the news. This handy, voice-activated speaker will do all the work.

2. An E-Reader

Kindle paperweight eight gigabyte e reader

If your loved one is an avid reader struggling with his favorite activity as he grows older, we’ve got just the present for him. E-readers are significantly more accessible for older people since they allow text size changes. Besides enlarging the font, he can break it into smaller sections, allowing him to focus better.

3. A Magnifying Glass for Reading

Large anti glare magnifying glass with dimmable LEDs

Sometimes poor eyesight isn’t enough to make the birthday fellow forego his old ways, so he refuses to give up on printed books. If that’s the case, this LED magnifier will be his best friend moving on. Pair it with a book he’s been excited to read, and you have a perfect 70th birthday gift.

4. An Engraved Pocket Watch

Seventieth birthday gift engraved pocket watch for men

A milestone birthday calls for a new pocket watch. This stunning piece features the big 7-0 on the front. In addition, you can engrave the back with a touching birthday message. This way, each time your loved one looks at the time, he’ll think of you and this unforgettable birthday celebration.

5. An Engraved Compass

Personalized engraved working compass with custom handwriting

This stunning, custom-made compass is the perfect gift for any outdoorsy 70-year-old. The compass is fully functional, and you can customize it with a sweet birthday message. Best of all, you can engrave the text in your handwriting, making this gift extra special.

6. An Engraved Watch

Engraved wooden mechanical watch in steampunk style

Some might think watches don’t make a particularly creative gift. This stunning watch stands out for its unusual design and beautiful wooden construction. In addition, you can engrave the watch, making it his prized possession.

7. A Watch Storage Case

Faux leather watch storage box with various sizes

Watch lovers have probably accumulated their fair share of watches throughout the years. If you believe there’s nothing you could add to the collection, you can always help him keep it neatly displayed. This stylish watch storage case holds up to eight watches and features a drawer for all the accompanying accessories.

8. A Smartwatch

Waterproof smartwatch with Alexa gps and sports modes

Another watch you should consider as a gift is a smartwatch. Of course, this watch is more practical than aesthetically pleasing. But it can be the ideal gift for 70-year-olds suffering from health issues. This nifty device will allow them to track many health aspects and ensure they’re always alert.

9. A Massage Pillow

Shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow with heat

It’s perfectly normal to feel neck or back pain as you age. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something about it. If your loved one has been complaining about aching muscles, this massage pillow will put a smile back on his face.

10. A Foot Massager

Foot massager boots with heat and air compression

You can never have enough massagers once you turn 70. Any elder suffering from poor circulation will rejoice after opening your birthday present. This foot massager uses an all-around airbag design, offering a comfortable massage experience from the foot to the leg.

11. A Seat Cushion

Massage seat cushion with heat and vibration motors

If sitting for a prolonged period has become somewhat of an issue for the soon-to-be 70-year-old, this massage seat cushion will thrill him. With 10 vibrating motors and a heating function, this soft cushion provides a highly soothing massage. This will help reduce tension, stress, and muscle pain.

12. A Hand Massager

Cordless hand massager with heat and compression

Arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome can be nasty in your 70s. If you’d like to help your loved one feel more comfortable in his eighth decade, this hand massager is the way to go. This portable device combines heat, kneading, and air pressure to ease any pain sensations.

13. A Grooming Kit

Nine piece hair clippers grooming set with bag

This comprehensive grooming kit is ideal for men who like to care for themselves at any age. The kit contains everything he’ll need to maintain a clean and polished look for years to come.

14. A Wooden Docking Station

Wooden docking station for daily carry items

As you get older, you don’t have the patience to frantically look for your glasses or keys that have gone MIA. This docking station is ideal for seniors who want all their most-used belongings at arm’s reach. The layout allows keeping all the items neatly organized with the added benefit of easily charging your phone.

15. A Pair of Comfortable Outdoor Shoes

Light and flexible canvas and linen loafers

The 70s are all about comfort and coziness. If you want to ensure your partner, father, or grandfather gets a good head start for the eighth decade, get him a pair of highly comfortable shoes. These lightweight and breathable shoes are among the comfiest on the market, making each walk a joy.

16. A Golf Storage Rack

Rack to store and organize golf equipment

Once men start playing golf, they’re in it for life. If your loved one is an avid golf player, his equipment is probably lying all around the house. Help him build a dedicated golf corner and feel like a hotshot golfer with this practical golf organizer.

17. A Premium Golf Wedge Set

Premium steel golf wedge set

Any golfing 70-year-old will appreciate a serious equipment upgrade. These premium golf wedges are forged with a milled face and are perfect for all skill levels. More importantly, they guarantee excellent consistency, control, and spin wherever he might play.

18. A Personalized Golf Gift Set

Golf gift set including personalized wooden box

This personalized golf gift set will ensure your favorite 70-year-old will roll up to the golf course in style. It features 20 tees, 12 balls, an all-weather golf glove, a scorecard holder, a divot remover, and three ball markers. Best of all, each of these fabulous items will have his name or initials engraved.

19. A Premium Chess Set

Premium metal chess set with handmade wooden board

You’re never too old for a friendly—or competitive—game of chess. A 70th birthday is a perfect occasion to upgrade his existing set, and this glorious gift will surely blow him away. The set features a hand-made board that you can engrave. The board has an integrated drawer, safeguarding the magnificent metal pieces.

20. A Garden Tool Set

Stainless steel heavy duty garden tool set

Gardening is one of the hobbies many people take up after they retire. If that special man in your life loves this hobby too, surprise him with a heavy-duty tool set. This stainless steel set is an all-in-one gardening kit, ideal for those who like to keep their garden in impeccable condition.

21. A Pair of HD Binoculars

Professional water proof light weight high power binoculars

If your loved one is big on bird watching, this gift will take his experience to the next level. These HD binoculars will provide exceptional brightness and clarity, even in the harshest weather conditions.

22. A Personalized Bird Feeder Swing

bird feeder swing  with personalized engraving

If your significant other can’t get enough of his birds, consider gifting him something both he and the birds will enjoy for years to come. This lovely swing presents a twist on the traditional bird feeder. You can engrave the swing with his name to make it even more personal.

23. A Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

Custom Jigsaw puzzle created from personal photos

One of the most enjoyable and stimulating hobbies for retired people is good old puzzling. Challenge your puzzle-loving 70-year-old and gift him this unique 1,000-piece puzzle. He’ll actually be assembling a personalized picture with a sweet message you’ve chosen.

24. A Wooden Guitar

Acoustic guitar set with case and accessories

Your favorite 70-year-old might have decided to pick up an instrument now that he has all this free time. In fact, learning new skills is vital in slowing down cognitive decline. So, gift him this classical wooden guitar – and don’t forget to cheer him on during the first lessons.

25. A Grill Accessories Set

Thirty eight piece stainless steel grilling tools

If your loved one plans to spend most of his 70s grilling in the backyard, make sure he’s got the right tools. This incredible set comes with as many as 38 essential tools, transforming any grilling session into a culinary spectacle.

26. A Personalized Passport Holder

Leather passport holder with personalized engraving

Traveling is a favorite pastime of many people in their 70s who want to stay active. If the birthday boy has a jam-packed travel agenda, ensure he’ll take off in style. This high-quality passport holder is an excellent travel companion. Besides the passport, it can hold tickets and a notebook.

27. A Luggage Set

Two piece expandable spinner wheel luggage

Another critical aspect of enjoying traveling is having a reliable suitcase. This luggage set features a regular suitcase and a handy carry-on. Both are sturdy and durable and have expandable handles and wheels for maximum functionality.

28. A Personalized Wallet

Thin minimalist handmade wallet with personalized engraving

A personalized wallet makes a great gift for any 70-year-old. This one features a minimalistic yet timeless design. Unlike its traditional bulky counterparts, it fits in the pocket nicely. Don’t forget to throw in a favorite photo of you to remind him who gave him that awesome gift.

29. A Pair of Comfortable Indoor Shoes

Warm and soft two tone moccasin slippers

Some men aren’t particularly fond of spending their retirement outdoors. If the gift recipient fits this category, these soft slippers will be his best friend. Since there’s no lacing, they are a breeze to put on. These shoes involve no hassle, just warmth, and coziness.

30. A Blanket With Sleeves

Premium fleece blanket with sleeves and pocket

If your partner, father, or father-in-law likes to feel cozy and warm at all times, this blanket with sleeves will blow his mind. He can lounge on a sofa, watch TV, or read the news while wrapped up in a wonderful fabric for maximum comfort.

31. A 70th Birthday Tumbler

Stainless steel vacuum insulated   tumbler with fun print

If your loved one likes his drinks hot, this tumbler might be the perfect gift for him. Although primarily practical, the print on the front and back also makes this gift personal.

32. An Engraved Beer Pint Glass

Handmade engraved personalized  seventieth birthday beer pint mug

You know what they say – a beer a day keeps the doctor away. (Just roll with it!) Drinking beer in moderate quantitates daily actually has significant health benefits. So, make sure your loved one takes his “medicine” in style with this personalized beer pint glass.

33. A Funny 70th Birthday Shirt

Funny beers graphic shirt for seventieth birthday

Any beer lover will put on this funny graphic T-shirt immediately. All that is left to do after that is to follow the shirt’s text. So, there will probably be a lot of cheers and even more beers.

34. A Sommelier Wine Board Set

Personalized sommelier wine board in four styles

They say wine gets better with age, and it has that in common with your gift recipient. If the birthday boy is also a wine lover, you’ll have a match made in heaven with this stunning wine board set. The set features spots for wine glasses and a levitating stand to proudly display his favorite bottle of wine.

35. An Engraved Crystal Whiskey Glass

Personalized engraved seventieth birthday whiskey glass

This beautiful crystal whiskey glass is a wonderful gift for a whiskey lover celebrating his 70th birthday. Engrave it with his name, date of birth, ad a short birthday message for a beautiful personal touch.

36. A Whiskey Decanter Set

Crystal whiskey decanter and glass set

Whether he loves to entertain guests or have a glass alone, you can’t go wrong when gifting this beautiful whiskey decanter set as a 70th birthday present. The set includes a visually striking diamond-shaped decanter and four matching glasses. The set comes in a chic box, elevating the gift-unwrapping experience.

37. A Cigar Case

Premium three finger brown leather cigar case

If the birthday boy loves his vices, cigars probably hold a special place in his heart. With this gift, they can also hold a special place on any other surface. This classy leather case is lined with cedarwood and features a humidor and a stainless steel cutter.

38. An Herbal Tea Selection Box

Box of forty five organic herbal tea bags

Tea lovers will be delighted to see 45 tea bags in five different flavors. They can choose a blend that encourages peaceful dreams or one that will help them stay relaxed throughout the day. To top it off, these tea bags are beautifully presented, making this box a perfect birthday gift.

39. A Chocolate Gift Box

Birthday gift box of gourmet chocolate covered pretzels

Retirement age is the time to let yourself go, enjoy your favorite hobbies, relax, and indulge in delicious food. If the soon-to-be 70-year-old has a sweet tooth, surprise him with this exquisite box of chocolate-covered pretzels. As an added bonus, they come in a stunning birthday box.

40. A Vintage Candy Gift Box

Seventieth birthday three pound box of candy

Gifting this fantastic 3-pound candy box will be rewarding in two ways. First, you’ll see your partner’s, father’s, or grandfather’s face transform as they pick through their favorite candies from childhood. And second, you’ll undoubtedly hear some hilarious stories from his early days associated with these tasty candies.

41. A Personalized Keepsake Box

Wooden keepsake box with personalized engraving options

Just think of how many memories have accumulated over 70 years. If you want your loved one to preserve all his favorite memories in one spot, gift him this splendid wooden keepsake box. You can personalize the outside and the inside, and don’t forget to throw in your favorite memory together to get him started.

42. A 70th Birthday Photo Collage

Seventieth birthday gift photo collage digital file

What better way to celebrate this milestone birthday than taking a trip down memory lane? This stunning collage can feature up to 18 photos of cherished moments with a heartfelt, personalized message in the middle.

43. A Digital Picture Frame

digital picture frame with wifi and touch screen

Few 70-year-olds are willing to keep up with technology and social media, but all of them are eager to know what’s happening in their family’s life. This digital picture frame is perfect for meeting them in the middle. You can update the pictures in the frame remotely, thus always keeping your loved one in the loop.

44. A Family Tree Art Print

Personalized family tree photo collage wall art print

Your 70s are the perfect time to reflect on your life, everything you’ve experienced, accomplished, and built. This family tree print is a moving way to remind your loved one of his biggest treasure in life – his family.

45. A Portrait

Portrait painting from photo personalized gift wall art

Few gifts are more unique and memorable than a beautiful portrait. But unlike the old times, the birthday boy doesn’t have to sit for hours on end to get the portrait done. His photo is all the artist needs to surprise him for his birthday.

46. A Personalized Birthday Book

American themed personalized seventieth birthday fact book

Your favorite history buff will absolutely love this gift for his 70th birthday. This personalized book will allow him to revisit the most important events in U.S. history, starting with his birth year. In addition, he’ll learn something new about himself based on his date of birth.

47. A 70-Reasons-We-Love-You Poster

Seventy reasons we love you birthday print

No gift can beat the feeling of being profoundly loved by your friends and family. This birthday poster is ideal for larger groups who want to express their appreciation for their favorite 70-year-old.

48. 70th Birthday Decorations

Seventy six seventieth birthday decorations pack

If your loved one has implemented a “no gift” policy, you can still find a way to make their birthday memorable. These striking 70th birthday decorations are perfect for a party or get-together. They’ll ensure that the birthday fellow feels extra special on his big day.

49. A Birthday Candleholder

Birthday candle holder centerpiece decoration with mirror finish

Do you want to commemorate his birthday in style and ensure he feels like the absolute star of the show? Enter this lavish candleholder. Lighting 70 little candles might be challenging, but it will be well worth it once you see how the birthday boy’s face lights up.

50. An Amazon Gift Card in a Birthday Pop-Up Box

Amazon gift card in a birthday pop up box

By the time men hit 70, they’d probably received every gift under the sun. It’s perfectly reasonable not to know what to get to someone, especially if you’ve already gone through many of these gifts throughout the years. But don’t worry; the festive Amazon gift card is here to save the day.

Worst Ideas

Worst 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

The gift recipient will appreciate whatever you choose to purchase, as long as it is thoughtful and shows how much you know him. The worst gifts are those that he has never wanted or talked about. While it’s always great to help someone expand their horizons, keep their wishes in mind when buying them a gift, not yours.

For most men who are about to turn 70, it’s all about comfort and relaxation. So try to purchase gifts that cater to their hobbies and interests. Avoid anything they won’t be able to do due to poor health or other similar limitations.

Ways to Make a Gift Unique

Ways to Make a Gift Unique

If you’re afraid your gift is not unique enough, remember that the recipient’s wishes are all that matter. What is just a suitcase for some is what has perhaps stopped your loved one from traveling to farther destinations. Follow the pointers below to make any gift more unique.

  • Pay attention to the recipient’s desires
  • Engrave the gift with his name, initials, or date of birth
  • Attach a special note he’ll cherish dearly

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you need help finding the perfect gift for a man who’s turning 70, we’re here to help. Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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My grandfather will celebrate his 70th birthday next month. I’m so glad I found your blog Auhbon.

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