Top 40 Gift Ideas for 9th Anniversary

by Auhbon

Traditional gifts for a 9th anniversary involve pottery and willow wood. Since choosing the perfect gift isn’t easy, we hope this list of top 40 gift ideas for the 9th anniversary will help.

Top 20 Ideas for Her

Here are the best pottery and willow wood anniversary presents for her.

1. Batter Bowls

Handmade three piece white stone bowls with handles

The set includes three nested bowls made of stoneware clay with a white glaze. Every bowl has a spout that makes pouring much easier. These bowls represent kitchen essentials and are chip-resistant and durable. Since they’re made of natural materials, these bowls are microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

2. Kitchen Utensil Holder

Large handmade animal art ceramic kitchen utensil holder

Generic kitchen utensil holders can affect the appearance of the entire kitchen. This one-of-a-kind holder is made of clay and is nothing but impressive. The gold luster represents a beautiful finishing touch and makes the holder even more appealing. You can choose from several color options to ensure the holder matches the recipient’s preferences.

3. Pottery Fruit Bowl

Large green handmade pottery fruit bowl anniversary gift

This lovely fruit bowl is wheel-thrown and hand-painted and looks great on any table or counter. The bowl features a glaze in blue, green, white, beige, and gray. It’s the perfect gift for any lady who enjoys unique, handmade presents.

4. Hand-Painted Oil Painting

Oil painting weeping willow and water lily pond

If you want to surprise someone celebrating their 9th anniversary with some beautiful art, choose this hand-painted oil painting. The painting features a weeping willow and a pond with breathtaking reflections. This painting symbolizes peace and nature, and should look great in any room.

5. Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Fourteen karat yellow dangle earrings with blue gemstones

Many ladies love colorful jewelry. If the lady celebrating her 9th anniversary is one of them, think about getting her these lapis lazuli earrings. Since the earliest of times, lapis lazuli has been associated with courage, wisdom, and truth, so it can be a great anniversary gift. These earrings are handmade and feature 14k yellow gold.

6. Royal Albert 100 Years Five-Piece Mug Set

Fine bone china five piece mug set

This five-piece mug set is a part of the 100 Years collection that celebrates a century of wonderful design and floral heritage. Each mug from this set features unique patterns that look great together and a classic curved saucer. The 22-carat gold gilding and a one-of-a-kind gift box make the mug set even more impressive for your favorite Anglophile.

7. Greek Pottery Vase

Greek pottery amphora vase Paris abducts Helen

Bring a piece of Greece into the home with this unique pottery vase inspired by Greek mythology. The vase is handmade from start to finish and comes with a certificate that proves it. Every pattern on the vase is nothing but impressive and can enhance the appearance of any room.

8. Ceramic Coffee Set

Ceramic coffee set of jug dripper and tumblers

This ceramic coffee set is a must-have for every coffee lover. It consists of a coffee dripper pot and two cups. Every part of the set is entirely made to order and represents a perfect 9th anniversary gift.

9. Lapis Lazuli Necklace With Gold Elements

Handmade blue gemstone bead necklace with gold accents

This necklace features lapis lazuli and metal beads. The necklace is 18 inches long, and you can choose whether you want silver or gold beads. Thanks to the vibrant color of lapis lazuli, this necklace will catch everyone’s eye.

10. Decorative Figurine

Creative chunky pegasus porcelain pottery decoration anniversary gift

For someone that enjoys unusual decorative ornaments, she’ll love this gift. The horse-shaped figurine comes in a beautiful blue-purple color and a smooth, matte texture. Thanks to the carefully designed bottom, the figurine is stable, so there’s no need to worry about it falling and breaking into pieces.

11. Handmade Ceramic Decanter

Seven inch diameter colorful decorative handmade ceramic decanter

There’s nothing better than giving someone a unique, hand-crafted gift that shows how much you care about them. This handmade ceramic decanter is the perfect spot for storing a favorite drink. The decanter also has a decorative purpose thanks to its wonderful design and lively colors.

12. Serving Platter

Fourteen inch customizable hand painted moroccan serving dish

This Moroccan plate is handmade of top-quality clay and painted using natural colors and traditional procedures. It can be used for serving different snacks and food, but it also looks great as a decorative item, thanks to its impressive design. The plate is very easy to clean and is designed to last for years.

13. Three-Legged Clay Bowl

North African primitive found bowl ancient handmade clay

This handmade clay bowl features a raw, natural look, and its black color is a result of burning clay with charcoal. Each bowl is unique and can have different purposes, depending on the gift recipient’s preferences. The bowl is an excellent gift for everyone that likes natural, organic materials.

14. Willow Tree Metal Wall Art

Silver willow tree wall art on metal plates

Willow is strong and flexible at the same time, and these two qualities are necessary for every successful marriage. If you want to surprise someone with a heartwarming gift for their 9th anniversary, this willow tree metal wall art is an excellent choice. It measures 24 x 64 inches and is incredibly easy to hang.

15. Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Fourteen karat gold necklace with lapis lazuli bars

The striking blue shade of lapis lazuli looks even more impressive when combined with 14k yellow gold. The chain has just the right amount of sparkle and creates a wonderful contrast. If you want to give someone a meaningful present for their 9th anniversary, this necklace is a great choice.

16. Porcelain Fishbowl

Oriental furniture sixteen inch cherry blossom porcelain fishbowl

This lovely porcelain fishbowl features cherry blossoms and Chinese calligraphy characters. The vibrant patterns will enhance the appearance of any room. The fishbowl can be used for potted plants, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have drainage holes. It can also be used for decorative purposes or for storing different items.

17. Oriental Porcelain Fishbowl

Oriental furniture twenty inch celadon porcelain fishbowl

Those who like porcelain will adore this extra-large fishbowl. The lovely green fishbowl is glazed inside and out and can be a great addition to any room. Due to its size, this fishbowl can even serve as a coffee table base.

18. Ceramic Evil Eye Wall Hanging

Handmade ceramic evil eye to ward off negativity

Giving someone an evil eye for their anniversary doesn’t sound like a great idea unless you know what it stands for. The evil eye symbol is meant to protect against negative energy and represents good luck. Hence, this wall-hanging ceramic piece is an eye-catching and meaningful gift idea for a 9th anniversary.

19. Handmade Ceramic Bowl Set

Handmade eight piece ceramic nesting bowls centerpiece

This breathtaking bowl set is inspired by ranunculus (buttercup) and features seven nesting bowls and a plate. The set can have a decorative purpose when the bowls are put together. When separated, the different-sized bowls can be used for serving food or planting flowers and succulents.

Top 20 Gifts for Him

Contrary to popular belief, pottery and willow aren’t only for females. Numerous traditional 9th anniversary gifts are suitable for men as well.

1. Willow Wood Light Sculpture

Willow wood branches lamp sculpture ninth anniversary gift

This stunning lamp is made of real willow branches that have been cast in clear resin and decorated with LED lights. The lamp represents a blend of traditional and modern and can be perfect for side lighting or as a night light. Thanks to the beautiful glow the lamp casts, the room in which it’s placed will look brighter and warmer.

2. 9th Anniversary Willow Tree of Life

Ninth anniversary gift personalized willow tree wall art

Giving someone a personalized willow tree of life is one of the most heartwarming anniversary gifts. The tree is made of cast steel and features a premium sealer that guarantees durability. You can personalize the tree by adding a special date, initials, or both to its trunk.

3. Pottery Machine

Pottery wheel for beginners with LCD touch screen

If the gift recipient likes learning new skills, you can surprise him with this pottery machine. The machine is simple to use even for beginners and allows the creation of unique items. He can use it with his partner and have fun while making pottery on their 9th anniversary.

4. Willow Bowl With Turquoise

Handmade willow bowl with turquoise inlaced cracks

This impressive, natural-looking bowl is made of willow trees from southeast Missouri and represents a perfect 9th anniversary gift. Turquoise is inlaid into the bowl’s cracks, creating a subtle yet effective contrast. Since turquoise symbolizes peace, luck, and protection, it’s a great addition to the willow bowl.

5. Personalized Willow Music Box

Weeping willow music box personalized with engraving and music

A 9th anniversary is a great time to remember the most precious memories created with a partner. Not only can this handmade willow music box be customized with your chosen music, but it can also be an ideal place for storing the photos, souvenirs, and items that make him think of his significant other. Furthermore, the box can be engraved with initials or a special message.

6. Reusable Modeling Clay

Fifteen color sticks of reusable  modeling clay

Who says reusable modeling clay is only for children? Give him this amazing set and he’ll have fun creating different shapes and figurines together with his mate of 9 years. You’re never too old to have fun!

7. Willow Tree Acrylic Painting

Willow tree original acrylic painting on canvas

If the man celebrating his 9th anniversary is an art lover, why not surprise him with this impressive acrylic painting with a willow tree motif? This lovely painting can embellish any space. The stretched canvas is 8 x 10 inches.

8. Japanese Style Coffee Mug and Saucer

Japanese style ceramic small mug and saucer set

Let him drink coffee or tea in style on his 9th anniversary with this Japanese-style set. The set consists of a coffee mug and a saucer. Both are made of porcelain clay and covered in a food-grade colored glaze.

9. Willow on Driftwood

Handmade copper willow sculpture mounted on driftwood

Willows symbolize both strength and flexibility, and every successful marriage is based on these two values. Therefore, the willow can represent a symbol of the love and effort put into the marriage. Surprise him with this one-of-a-kind copper willow on a piece of driftwood for his 9th anniversary.

10. Weeping Willow of Winter

handmade weeping willow of winter wire model

If the 9th anniversary is during winter, this weeping willow of winter figurine can be the perfect gift for him. The silver twisted wires represent the root, trunk, and branches, while the gray pearls represent leaves. Every tree is handmade, and you can choose a different color or size.

11. Ceramic Pottery Tea Set

Korean style celadon porcelain  crane design tea set

This wonderful gift set consists of a teapot, a lipped bowl, and three cups. Each element of the ceramic set is decorated with a lovely bird design. Thanks to the high-quality materials and impressive craftsmanship, this set will last for a long time and look as good as when he received it on his 9th anniversary.

12. Willow Oil Painting

Signed original weeping willow oil painting on canvas

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for an art enthusiast, you’ve found it. This impressive oil painting features a magnificent weeping willow. It has a mystical, calming vibe and can look great in any room. You can choose the dimensions depending on the amount of available space and the recipient’s preference.

13. Ceramic Rooster Figurine

ceramic rooster figurine designed and crafted in Italy

This ceramic rooster figurine is designed and made in Italy. It can be a great present for figurine collectors or anyone that enjoys the rooster motif. Roosters are associated with good luck, protection, and confidence, so this figurine can be a symbolic 9th anniversary gift.

13. Turquoise Raku Vase

One of a kind rake technique ceramic turquoise vase

This impressive turquoise ceramic vase is made using the Raku technique. Thanks to this technique, the vase features a myriad of cracks on its surface. Every vase is unique, so you can be 100% sure you’re getting him something no one else has.

14. Vintage Pottery Jar

Small gray ceramic vintage jar with handles

This vintage pottery jar features two handles and has a wonderful, natural design that will attract everyone’s eye. It looks just as great when placed indoors as outdoors, so it’s up to the receiver to choose where to keep it. The jar can be used for plants, storing different products, or as a stand-alone decorative element.

15. Home Décor Pottery Set

Three piece set of vintage raku vases

This set consists of three vases with unique patterns and can be a great anniversary gift. The vases are available in five different finishes, so you can choose the one that best suits the recipient’s preferences. Thanks to their unusual shape, these vases are guaranteed to attract attention.

16. Blue Pottery Mugs

Set of handmade blue rustic pottery mugs

Who says mugs can’t be unique? This set includes four mugs featuring an impressive design. Since the mugs are handmade, no two mugs look exactly the same. The mugs are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

17. Ceramic Appetizer Tray Plate

Italian made ceramic appetizer tray with fruit art

This attractive appetizer tray plate is made in Italy and comes with a certificate of authenticity that confirms its origin. It’s divided into seven compartments that allow the receiver to serve different appetizers without mixing them. If you want, you can send a greeting card with the tray and leave a heartwarming note of congratulations on his 9th anniversary.

18. Baby Elephant Figurine

Green and black baby elephant vintage pottery figurine

Elephants are associated with good luck, prosperity, strength, and wisdom, so why not give a figurine featuring this animal to someone celebrating his 9th anniversary? The green-and-black elephant figurine can be a perfect gift for collectors. It’s also a great addition to every bookshelf, counter, or nightstand.

19. Japanese Beer Cups

Vintage ten ounce handmade Japanese beer cups

These cups represent a perfect gift for any beer lover. Besides the impressive appearance, these beer cups feature micro air holes that keep the beer fresh and creamy. The production of these cups happens only twice a year, and the process lasts several weeks. You’ll receive the cups in a wonderful wooden box.

Worst Gift Ideas

Worst Gift Ideas for 9th Anniversary

Selecting the right gift for a 9th anniversary isn’t easy, regardless of how well you know the recipient. Sometimes, you may not have the inspiration or feel like you’ve come up with all the best ideas. Knowing what not to get for a 9th anniversary gift is just as important as learning what they like.

It’s hard to say there’s a universally bad gift; there are simply more or less appropriate gifts. If you’re afraid you’ll get someone a “bad” gift, remember the golden rule: the receiver’s preferences and interests should always come first. For example, if they’re a sports fan, find a way to implement this in your gift. You can give them game tickets, a jersey, or a gift that celebrates a particular sport.

Let’s explain what to avoid when purchasing gifts with a simple example. Suppose the woman you’re buying a gift for has short hair. You probably want to stay away from purchasing hair ties, scrunchies, or hair clips.

If you want to find the perfect gift, you need to prioritize the person’s hobbies and preferences. Of course, if you’re buying an anniversary gift, you probably know the person pretty well and know exactly what they may or may not like. In such cases, it’s important not to confuse their interests with yours. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean they won’t like it.

If you want to impress the recipient, listen to them carefully at all times. Chances are they’ll say something like, “I really need to buy this,” at some point. Take note of such instances and you won’t have to think much about what to get them.

How to Make Your Gift Even Better

How to Make Your Gift Even Better

If you want to make a present even more special, consider personalizing it. Choose a gift that can include the person’s engraved initials or add a special symbol or message. If this isn’t an option, you can always send a personalized card with the gift and express your love and appreciation.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

How often have you had to purchase a gift for someone who seems to have everything they need? Although it may seem impossible, there’s a perfect gift for everyone. Although some say that the more you know a person, the easier it is to purchase them a great gift, this isn’t always the case.

If you’re not sure what to get for your loved one, our expert shoppers can point you in the right direction. Our team has years of experience and can help you choose a gift that will leave the receiver speechless. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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