Top 50 Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas in 2022

by Craig

A bar mitzvah is a traditional Jewish coming-of-age ritual for young boys when they turn 13. Not only is this a sacred ceremony, but a joyous occasion marked by a huge celebration. If you’re going to your first bar mitzvah, you may be wondering what present to give to the celebrant. Buying a gift for a bar mitzvah can be tricky since the present should be appropriate and celebrate the role of Jewish tradition. Here are the top 50 bar mitzvah gift ideas you can’t go wrong with.

1. Ateret Judaica Tallit Prayer Shawl

Judaica Tallit Prayer Shawl from Israel Soft Talis

A tallit prayer shawl is a beautiful present for a bar mitzvah boy. While they can be somewhat expensive, this Ateret Judaica tallit prayer shawl should be within your price range. It comes in six different color combinations, and it’s certified kosher. The fabric is smooth, soft, and comfortable.

2. Star of David Wooden Box

Star of David Wooden Keepsake Box Bar Mitzvah Gift

This Star of David wooden keepsake box is another wonderful bar mitzvah gift. The box comes with a lock and key, and it has a red velvet-lined interior, perfect for storing small memorabilia. It was made in the Tetra Mountains in Poland, so it holds a special meaning as well.

3. Star of David Charm Bracelet

Star of David Charm Bracelet With Adjustable String

This Star of David charm bracelet is made with a black adjustable string and a stainless-steel pendant. The Star of David-engraved pendant is hypoallergenic, and it won’t rust or fade over time. This elegant bracelet for men and women is the ideal Jewish gift of faith.

4. Creative Bar Mitzvah Guestbook Poster

Bar Mitzvah Guest Card Great Sign In Board Centerpiece

A bar mitzvah poster is a fun and creative present, and it gives other guests an opportunity to sign their names and leave a short message for the celebrant. Once the bar mitzvah comes to an end, the boy will be able to hang the poster in his room and remember the celebration fondly.

5. Judaica Torah Book Pointer

Torah Pointer Yad Hand With Chain Silver Finish

A Torah pointer, or a Jewish ritual pointer, is a thoughtful and appropriate bar mitzvah present. This Judaica Torah pointer comes with a bead charm. It’s made from alloy metal, so it’s durable. It will aid the celebrant when he’s reading from the parchment Torah scrolls.

6. Sterling Silver Mezuzah Necklace for Men

Sterling Silver Mezuzah Hasma Necklace Top Bar Mitzvah Gift

This mezuzah necklace for men is made from sterling silver. You can choose from three designs: a closed hamsa, a menorah, or an open hamsa. Each necklace has a secure twist lock, allowing the bar mitzvah boy to put something small inside. The bottom is set with blue turquoise.

7. Money

Most bar mitzvah guests bring money to the celebrant. Whether you’re a friend or family member, cash is always a welcome bar mitzvah gift. The amount of money you plan to give should have ritual significance. It’s tradition to gift the celebrant $18 in multiples ($18, $36, $54, $72, and so on) because the number 18 is very important in Jewish tradition.

8. Blue Star of David Keepsake Box

Jewelry Keepsake Box Wooden Handmade with Star of David

This is another beautiful Star of David box, except this one has a stunning blue color. It’s handmade from seasoned linden wood from the Tetra Mountains in Poland. This keepsake box is a great present for a bar mitzvah boy, who can keep it in his room and store small collectibles.

9. Modern Handmade Mezuzah

Two Tone Gold Pomegranate Mezuzah Case Gift

A mezuzah case is another appropriate gift for a bar mitzvah celebrant. They come in various styles and colors, but this modern handmade mezuzah cover stands out from the crowd. It comes with a non-kosher scroll and a complimentary eBook. The hermetic seal is waterproof, and you can choose from blue, white, or gray.

10. Chai Sterling Silver Bracelet

Chai Sterling Silver Bracelet Pendant With Leather Band

If the celebrant is someone you’re close to, perhaps you can invest in this Chai sterling silver bracelet. The leather band and the sterling silver pendant are handmade. “Chai” comes from the Hebrew alphabet, and it can mean “life,” “alive,” or “living.” Its meaning is also related to luck, success, and health.

11. Personalized Round Keepsake Box

Personalized Round Keepsake Box Made from Earthenware Clay

If you are looking for personalized bar mitzvah gift ideas, this round keepsake box can be customized. It’s made from high-quality clay, and the boy’s name can be written on the lid. You can also choose the color of the letters and the special message that goes inside the box.

12. Bronze Pewter Star

Pewter Star of David Necklace Bronze Bar Mitzvah Gift

This bronze pewter Star of David necklace is simple, and it’s the perfect symbol of one’s devotion to religion. You can choose from antique gold, rustic brown, or silver for the pendant’s color. The leather cord is adjustable.

13. Personalized Framed Hebrew Chai Art

Framed Hebrew Personalized Bar Mitzvah Gift Chai Art

This personalized framed Hebrew Chai art is a sentimental gift that can be purchased by the celebrant’s friends. All you need to do is provide the Etsy account with some information, like names and dates, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind bar mitzvah present the boy will cherish for the rest of his life.

14. Watch With Hebrew Letters

Wrist Watch With Hebrew Letters Alephbet With Leather Band

If you’re looking for more practical bar mitzvah gift ideas, check out this attractive leather-band watch with Hebrew alphabet. It’s still something that celebrates the bar mitzvah boy’s coming of age, but it’s a present that he will be able to use every day. The watch has a classic style, ideal for everyday use.

15. Judaica Filigree Nickel Kiddush Cup

Filigree Kiddush Cup Wine Goblet with Saucer Judaica Art

For those interested in more meaningful bar mitzvah gift ideas, take a look at this Judaica filigree nickel Kiddush cup. Since a bar mitzvah is a coming-of-age ceremony, the celebrant is now allowed to participate in Jewish customs for adults. What better way to symbolize this than with your own Kiddush cup?

16. Jewish Star of David and Hebrew Jewelry for Men

Silver Star Of Dave Necklace With Shema Israel

If you want to get a bar mitzvah gift that will last, this sterling silver Jewish Star of David necklace is high-quality and durable. It’s lead- and nickel-free. It has a different design than most Star of David necklaces, making it more special.

17. Tallit Katan

Woven Talit Katan Tzitzit Jewish Prayer Shawl Tallis

A tallit katan is usually worn under or over the clothes, and it’s a traditional part of Jewish culture. This beautiful tallit katan is made from fine cotton, and the stripes are available in blue, white, and light blue. This piece of clothing is handmade, making it a special bar mitzvah present.

18. Zion Judaica Silver Plated Yad

Zion Judaica Silver Plated Yad Torah Pointer with Enamel

This is another Torah pointer, only this one comes with more details. It’s silver-plated, and it was painted with enamel. It’s 8 inches long, and it has a pointing hand at the tip. If you are looking for Judaica bar mitzvah gift ideas, this yad might be the perfect present.

19. The Jewish Book of Why

The Jewish Book of Why b Alfred J Kolatch ISBN 9780142196199

Bar mitzvah gift ideas usually include educational books about Jewish religion, tradition, and culture. “The Jewish Book of Why” takes you through everything you need to know about Jewish customs and traditions. This informative and fascinating guide may be just what you were looking for.

20. Personalized Bank

Personalized Money Bank-Or-Charity Box With Your Name.jpg

Another great personalized bar mitzvah present, this clay and ceramic money bank can be customized in different ways. Aside from the name, you can choose a symbol and a personal message on the back of the bank. It’s possible to choose from six colors for the letters.

21. Leather Bracelet With Star of David Charm Star

Leather Bracelet with Star of David Charm Judaica Gift

The bar mitzvah celebrant will probably wish for more gifts he can use, which is why this stylish leather bracelet will make him happy. It’s a double-wrap leather bracelet that comes with a Star of David pendant. Not only is this handmade bracelet a reminder of faith, but it will also look great on the teen’s hand.

22. DIY Tabernacle Model Kit

Tabernacle Model Kit DIY Toy Realistic Biblically Sanctuary

If the celebrant loves to assemble toys and play with puzzles, this DIY Tabernacle model kit will give him something to look forward to. The scale model has 328 pieces, and it’s suitable for all ages. The entire family can work together to build the model.

23. Tree of Life Hanukkah Menorah

A menorah is another traditional bar mitzvah present that’s a safe option. This specific model is made to look like the Tree of Life, and it has an aluminum finish. The bar mitzvah boy will be able to use this Menorah on the next Hanukkah.

24. The Newish Jewish Encyclopedia

The Newish Jewish Encyclopedia Book ISBN 1579658938

This is another book about the Jewish lifestyle that might be more interesting to a teenager. It covers Jewish culture, history, traditions, religion, food, and language in an entertaining way. It also talks about a lot of new aspects of Jewish culture the boy might be more interested in than historical facts.

25. The V’ahavta/Torah Portion Vaetchanan

Judaica Art Print of The Vahavta Torah Portion Bar Mitzvah Gif

This beautiful artwork of the V’ahavta prayer is taken directly from this Torah portion. Not only does this bar mitzvah present make eye-catching room décor, but it will also serve as inspiration to the celebrant. You can combine it with different frames and choose between standard or premium paper for the print.

26. Tallit for Men

Tallit For Bar Mitzvah Traditional Jewish Prayer Shawl

There are various tallit options you can find for men, but this traditional Jewish prayer shawl is made from high-quality materials. It’s a wool-polyester tallit with colorful stripes and a pomegranates design. This tallit is 100% kosher, which might be very important to the celebrant.

27. The Lion of Judah Gold Pendant

Lion of Judah 14K Gold Pendant In Gift Box

If you’re looking for a bar mitzvah present that is both stylish and meaningful, this Lion of Judah pendant might be it. The Lion of Judah is a symbol of courage and leadership. It’s handmade, and it can be personalized. You can choose 14k yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.

28. The 100 Most Jewish Foods

The 100 Most Jewish Foods Book By Alana Newhouse ISBN 1579659063

This is another excellent book that’s all about the delicious cuisine of the Jews. As the title says, the book describes the 100 most Jewish foods. This not only includes delicious food that’s famous all over the world but also recipes that are no longer made. It’s definitely not your average cookbook.

29. Hamsa Hand Black String Bracelet

Hasma Hand Silver and Blue Bracelet with Black String Good Luck Charm

The hamsa symbol is believed to bring good fortune and happiness to whoever wears it. This handmade bracelet might be the perfect choice for a 13-year-old boy, since it isn’t too flashy. The high-quality black string is durable, so it won’t wear out over time.

30. Charity Tzedakah Box

Yair Emanuel Tzedakah Charity Box Hammered Nickel Designed with Multi Colored Rings

This charity box is a meaningful bar mitzvah present that will encourage the boy to be charitable. The Yair Emanuel Tzedakah Box comes with multi-colored rings that make it look more fun. The Hebrew word Tzedakah is engraved on the box. It’s the Hebrew word for philanthropy and charity.

31. Great Jews in Sports

Great Jews In Sports Book By Robert Slater ISBN 0824604539

If the bar mitzvah boy is a sports fan, this “Great Jews in Sports” book might surprise him. The book is full of information about the most important 150 Jewish athletes. It also offers interesting facts and statistics, as well as fun trivia and photographs.

32. Hebrew Bracelet

Shema Yisroel Jewish Bracelet Silver Plaque With Blue Cord

If you like the idea of giving the celebrant a bracelet with a Jewish motif, take a look at this Hebrew bracelet for men. It’s handmade, and it comes in various colors. The plaque comes with an engraved Hebrew sentence that represents a pledge of allegiance to God.

33. Art Glass Mediterranean Sea Mezuzah Case

Art Glass Mediterranean Sea Mezuzah Case

This mezuzah Case has beautiful Mediterranean-style art and a sea bubble design. It comes with a non-kosher scroll and a gift box. Brass screws are included for easy mounting. Since it’s for indoor and outdoor use, the boy will be able to put it on the front door entryway after adding a kosher scroll.

34. Victorinox Classic SD 7 Function Pocket Knife

Victorinox Classic SD 7 Function Pocket Knife With American Flag

If you’re interested in more outside-the-box bar mitzvah gift ideas, this Swiss army knife is a popular bar mitzvah present. It’s a small pocket knife that comes with scissors, a screwdriver, a nail file, and more. The blue knife comes with the Star of David print. It’s made from stainless steel.

35. Personalized Star of David Necklace

Personalized Silver Star of David Necklace Dog Tag Top Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas in 2022

This personalized Star of David dog tag necklace is ideal for a 13-year-old boy. It’s made from sterling silver, and it can be personalized by adding a name and the birthday of the celebrant. It comes with a sterling silver ball chain.

36. Bar Mitzvah Keepsake Box

Personalized Bar Mitzvah Keepsake Box Made From Cedar Wood

If you want a bigger keepsake box, this Bar Mitzvah box measures 10.5 x 8.75 x 4.25 inches. It’s made from cedarwood, and it’s available in black and mahogany. It can be customized by adding the celebrant’s name and the date of the Bar Mitzvah on the lid.

37. Personalized Star of David Keepsake Box

Name Personalized White Porcelain Keepsake Box Bar Mitzvah Gift

Conversely, if you want a smaller keepsake box, this white ceramic box is shaped like the Star of David. The celebrant’s name can be written on the lid in red letters, and there can even be a special message inside the box.

38. Custom Hebrew Name Necklace

These custom Hebrew name necklaces are quite special and beautiful. Not only can you select the material and font style, but the length and type of chain. Simply submit the celebrant’s name in Hebrew (or English if you’re not sure).

39. Rustic Ceramic Sabbath Goblet

Kiddush Cup Rustic ceramic Sabbath Goblet With 24k Gold

This rustic ceramic Sabbath goblet is a unique and handmade Kiddush cup. It has a capacity of 10 fluid ounces, and it’s decorated with 24k gold. It has stunning blue and gold details that make it a wonderful bar mitzvah present.

40. Hebrew Scroll Necklace

Bracelet With Priestly Blessing 14K Gold Bonded With Sterling Silver

Unlike other Hebrew necklaces, this scroll necklace is definitely one of a kind. It’s made from sterling silver, and it’s 14k gold-filled. It’s possible to personalize it, and even the length of the chain can be adjusted. You can choose up to 100 characters for the text.

41. Custom Bar Mitzvah Baseball

Custom Bar Mitzvah Baseball Gift Sports Memorabilia

This bar mitzvah baseball is a fun and creative present a young boy will love. It’s made from synthetic leather, and it comes with a display base. You can choose the text in blue, gold, or silver, and you can choose either blue or red stitching.

42. Handmade Mezuzah Cover With Guitar

Handmade Painted Mezuzah Cover With Guitar Bar Mitzvah Gift

If you want fun bar mitzvah gift ideas, check out this guitar-themed mezuzah case. You’re still giving a traditional bar mitzvah present, but with a twist. The mezuzah is handmade, and is recommended to purchase a hand written Kosher scroll along with the cover. It’s also possible to add the celebrant’s name to the mezuzah.

43. Star of David Book

Star of David Folded Book Art Sculpture

This Star of David custom book is interesting and creative décor. It can be a great bar mitzvah present for a boy who likes books. It’s custom-made for every order and made by folding pages of a recycled book. The boy can put it on his bookshelf or mantel.

44. Bible Verse Name Sign

Bible Verse Personalized Name Sign Torah Hebrew Gift

This Bible verse name sign will be the perfect bar mitzvah gift because you can personalize it. What makes it special is that the verse starts with the same letter as the boy’s name and ends with the last letter of your name.

45. Dinosaur Menorah

Dinosaur Lovers Hanukah Menorah For Chanukah Top Bar Mitzvah Gift

A fun menorah design might be just what you are looking for. This dinosaur menorah is definitely more appealing to a 13-year-old than the standard designs. Regular 9 mm-thick candles will fit. The dinosaur is made from plastic, and it’s colored in gold.

46. Papyrus Bar Mitzvah Card

Papyrus Bar Mitzvah Birthday Card With Start of David

If you want to get something additional, you can never go wrong with a bar mitzvah card. This papyrus bar mitzvah card has a beautiful design and an inspiring message inside. If you’re planning to gift the bar mitzvah boy money, this card will be the perfect place to put it.

47. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Card in a Holiday Gift Box Great For Bar Mitzvah

A great alternative to giving cash is an Amazon gift card. With this gift card, the celebrant will be able to buy anything on Amazon that costs from $25 to $2,000, depending on how much you paid. If you want to be symbolic, you can buy an Amazon gift card that can be redeemed for $324, as this is considered a perfect number in Jewish tradition.

48. Bar Mitzvah Gift Etiquette

A bar mitzvah is different from your typical birthday party. Instead of buying regular presents for a 13-year-old, you should buy the guest of honor a gift that celebrates his Jewish tradition. Traditional bar mitzvah gift ideas include money, gift certificates, books with religious value or educational books, Jewish cookbooks, Jewish ritual items, or anything that is connected to Judaism.

Worst Ideas

Worst Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas in 2022

As we said before, a bar mitzvah is a special occasion that’s taken very seriously in Jewish culture. While you aren’t forced to buy a traditional bar mitzvah gift, it should still be something appropriate. Here are some gifts you definitely shouldn’t bring to a bar mitzvah.

  • Less than $30
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Presents related to other religions
  • Gifts not appropriate for 13-year-old boys

How Much Cash Gift to Give

How Much Cash Gift to Give

If you’ve browsed through these 50 bar mitzvah ideas and want to go with cash, you might be wondering what amount is appropriate. Whereas for weddings, giving anywhere from $75 to $200 is considered enough, you don’t need to give so much money for the bar mitzvah guest of honor. Giving between $30 and $100 is the norm for bar mitzvahs. For family members and people close to the celebrant, it’s all right to give more.

As already mentioned, it’s traditional to give money in increments of $18 on bar mitzvahs. That’s because the number 18 symbolizes “chai” in Judaism, and it translates to “life.” Those close to the celebrant can also give $324, which is considered the perfect amount (18 x 18).

What to Write on the Bar Mitzvah Card

What to Write on the Bar Mitzvah Card

If you’re getting a bar mitzvah card, you might be wondering what you should write in it. Here are a few ideas.

  • Mazel tov!
  • Mazel tov on your Bar Mitzvah!
  • Wishing you so much happiness on your bar mitzvah!
  • Mazel tov to [ name of the celebrant]
  • Love, blessings, and best wishes to you on your bar mitzvah!
  • Mazel tov on your big day!

Of course, what you should and shouldn’t include on the card depends on how close you are to the bar mitzvah boy. If you’re close, feel free to add a personal message of encouragement and congratulate him on his special day.

Meaningful Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas

If you’re interested in meaningful bar mitzvah gift ideas, you should aim for Judaica presents. The term “Judaica” refers to Jewish customs, history, literature, and culture. Here are some thoughtful Judaica presents for a bar mitzvah.

  • Jewish cookbooks
  • Educational books about Jewish values, history, and culture
  • Mezuzahs
  • Menorahs
  • Tallits
  • Charitable donations (or making a donation to charity in the name of the celebrant)
  • Symbolic jewelry
  • Shabbat candles and candleholders

Even if the young boy doesn’t need some of these gifts right now, he will be grateful he has them in the future.

Bar Mitzvah Gift if Not Attending

If you have to decline your bar mitzvah invitation, you can still bring or send the celebrant a present. Here are some bar mitzvah gift ideas if you’re not attending the ceremony.

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Gift certificates
  • Stock market shares
  • Traditional Judaica presents

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Shopping for a bar mitzvah for the first time may seem confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with Jewish customs. Whether you want to buy a traditional present or something creative, there are lots of bar mitzvah gift ideas for you to choose from.

If you need any help buying a bar mitzvah present, you can contact an expert shopper. Feel free to fill out the form below, and we will respond as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you find the perfect bar mitzvah present.

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