Top 13 Birthday Gift Baskets From Barnett

by Jessa

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for a friend, coworker, or family member, there’s always the option of a birthday gift basket. Barnett’s is famous for its tantalizing gourmet sweets, so here are 13 great options from their offer.

1. Barnett’s Classic Chocolate-Covered Cookie Gift Box

Barnett’s Classic Chocolate-Covered Cookie Brown Gift Box

If you want to surprise someone with a small but thoughtful (and tasty) present, check out this birthday gift basket. Barnett’s gift box contains twelve cream-filled sandwich cookies. They are hand-dipped in high-quality dark chocolate for an added layer of decadence. In addition, the cookies also have various toppings that make each one unique and interesting. Toppings include caramel chips, dried fruit, nut and candy crumbs, and added chocolate.

The cookies are presented in an elegant brown box topped with a bow. It’s a great gift for any occasion, birthdays included.

2. Barnett’s Classic Fine Biscotti Gift Box

Barnett’s Classic Fine Biscotti White Gift Box

Even if sandwich cookies aren’t the recipient’s favorite, Barnett’s has something else to offer. This classic gift box includes 12 fine biscotti in six different flavors. The biscotti are hand-made and dipped in premium dessert chocolate. Almond crunch, cranberries, coconut blend, cookie crumbs, and other sweets top the cookies. You can enjoy them with a cup of coffee on the side.

This birthday biscotti box, like other Barnett’s products, is Kosher and non-dairy certified. The sweets come in a lovely white box and the company’s signature brown bow.

3. Barnett’s Deluxe Biscotti Gift Box

Barnett’s Deluxe Biscotti Brown Gift Box of 24 pcs

If twelve delicious biscotti just won’t cut it, consider buying this 24-biscotti chocolate box instead. The sweet and soft biscotti are covered with chocolate and various toppings. Besides the toppings mentioned above, this set also includes rainbow sprinkles and sunflower seeds.

Similar to other Barnett’s products, the desserts come in a nice gift box. You can select between a red, brown, or gold bow to make the gift box unique.

4. Barnett’s 20 Cookie Chocolate Box

Barnett’s 20 Cookie Chocolate Box with Brown Ribbon

The next birthday gift basket Barnett‘s has to offer is as fun as it’s delicious. This cookies includes five different flavors. The cookies are dipped in chocolate and topped with coconut crunch, nut crunch, cranberry, crushed peppermint, and rainbow chips. The rainbow chips add a splash of color to this sleek and elegant birthday gift.

Barnett’s 20-cookie box is a suitable gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, even those with lactose intolerance.

5. Barnett’s Birthday Artisanal Cookie Assortment

Barnett’s Birthday Artisanal Cookie in Premium Gift Box

Birthdays are a special occasion. If you want to celebrate your loved one’s special day with special treats, this premium birthday gift box is a great choice. Barnett’s birthday box includes four different but equally decadent gift confections. The selection includes Barnett’s signature chocolate-dipped sandwich cookies and biscotti, in addition to coated wafer rolls and sweet skids. All the confections are decorated with toppings.

The sweets are in an attractive tin box perfect for the occasion. They are equally suitable for birthday gifts and party snacks.

6. Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Birthday Gift Basket

Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Birthday Gift Basket with Black Ribbon

Barnett’s also has boxes especially for birthdays. If you want to say happy birthday in style, this cookie gift box is the answer. Barnett’s has prepared 12 sandwich cookies with 12 different toppings for an exciting birthday adventure. The selection includes all of Barnett’s best flavors. The recipient will get to try sweet papaya, crunchy pretzels, peppermint candy, dried cranberry, cookie crumbs, chocolate chips, and more.

The cookies come in a sleek brown gift-ready box. Consequently, this gift is suitable even in corporate settings.

7. Barnett’s Biscotti Birthday Gift Basket

Barnett’s Biscotti Birthday Gift Basket in Lively Blue Box

All age groups love Barnett’s sweets equally. While other Barnett’s gift baskets feature simple packaging, this lively blue box will appeal to anyone’s inner child. The biscotti birthday box includes 12 delicious hand-coated biscotti. They have toppings like chocolate chips, peppermint candy, and almonds, which complement the texture of the biscotti nicely.

The gift-ready packaging makes this box a great option even when you’re in a pinch to find a gift.

8. Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate-Covered Hazelnut Crepes

Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate-Covered Hazelnut Crepes in elegant box

The next delicacy-filled birthday gift basket Barnett‘s has prepared is this box of irresistible crunchy crepes. The flaky wafer crepes are hand-filled with sweet hazelnut creme. They are also generously coated with premium dark chocolate. The crepes feature five toppings. Cappuccino drizzle, cookies and cream, and coconut are just some examples.

The tasty crepes are inside an elegant box with Barnett’s logo and an attractive bow.

9. Barnett’s Biscotti & Chocolate Cookies Set

Barnett’s Biscotti & Chocolate Cookies Set of Twelve

If you want the best of both worlds, get a set of dessert boxes. Barnett’s lets you purchase a box of their biscotti together with a smaller sample of chocolate cookies. The set includes their popular 12-biscotti box in addition to a small box of six cookies. The desserts are chocolate-dipped with dried fruit, nuts, and other toppings.

The person who gets this box will be able to try various treats and even share their gift with their loved ones. This gift option will make any occasion even more special.

10. Barnett’s Birthday Gift Tin Box

Barnett’s Birthday Gift Tin Ornate Blue Box

If you’re looking for a truly premium birthday gift basket, Barnett’s signature cookie assortment, dressed in a different but equally beautiful tin box, is a solid choice. This ornate blue box will sweep the recipient off their feet, both with its look and its contents. Like their other birthday box, it contains all four types of the company’s delicious sweets. The lucky recipient will be able to sample crunchy wafer crepe rolls, chocolate-dipped sandwich cookies, soft biscotti bites, and a handful of sweet skids.

Barnett’s also offers a money-back guarantee in case the gift doesn’t meet your or your loved one’s expectations.

11. Barnett’s Biscotti & Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket Tower

Barnett’s Biscotti & Chocolate Cookies Tower Largest Gift Box

To truly pamper your loved one, you can also select Barnett’s biggest gift basket: their biscotti and chocolate cookies tower. The set includes Barnett’s largest biscotti gift box in addition to a set of decorated cookies. The biscotti box contains 24 of these gourmet desserts, while the cookie box contains 12 pieces. All of these sweets are Kosher and non-dairy. They also come with a variety of toppings that make trying each one an exciting adventure.

The boxes are packaged together and decorated with a sleek black ribbon.

12. Barnett’s Six Cookie Box

Barnett’s Six Cookie Box with Delicious Toppings

Are you looking to complement your birthday gift with a sweet surprise? You can pick up Barnett’s chocolate cookie gift box that contains six sandwich cookies. The small gift box looks attractive inside and out. Each cookie has a delicious topping like dried cranberries and caramel. They make great gifts as well as party favors.

Barnett’s cookie boxes are suitable for all occasions. You can have them sent to the recipient’s address to surprise them if you can’t make it to their birthday party.

13. Barnett’s Five Biscotti Box

Barnett’s Five Biscotti in a Cute Compact Box

Finally, this small but sweet birthday gift basket from Barnett’s includes five biscotti in a cute, compact box. The Italian dessert is hand-coated with chocolate and sprinkled with different toppings. The five toppings in this box are caramel chips, cookie crumbs, almond crunch, dried cranberries, and coconut blend. Both dairy-free and Kosher, the biscotti box will delight anyone.

You can order Barnett’s biscotti box alongside one of their cookie or wafer dessert boxes to complete your gift.

Ways to Make the Gift Unique

Ways to Make the Gift Unique

Ensuring your gift reflects the recipient’s personality is key to making it truly unique. However, that doesn’t mean a pre-made gift box cannot be personal. A few creative touches will ensure your recipient feels the warmth of your attention through your Barnett’s gift. We have a few tips and ideas.

Choose a Custom Box

Choose a Custom Box

Barnett’s offers various gift boxes, including neutral but versatile to more ornate, birthday-specific packaging. Choose a box with a unique design, and the recipient will love the packaging as much as what’s inside it. You can also request a different-colored ribbon for some of the gift boxes. Finally, you can add your own touches after the gift box arrives at your address and before gifting it to your friend or loved one..

Add Your Own Message

Add Your Own Message

A birthday gift without a message can feel impersonal. Fortunately, Barnett’s lets you include a gift message for the recipient in case you are having their gift delivered straight to their home. Don’t forget to add your message at checkout, and you can rest assured the recipient will know who the gift is from.

Include a Birthday Card

Include a Birthday Card

A birthday card can also add a unique touch to any birthday gift, chocolate gift boxes included. You can browse the stores for a card with an interesting design or make your own if you’re feeling creative. A one-of-a-kind card is as unique as a gift can get!

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Birthdays are the perfect occasion to allow ourselves some decadence. Therefore, a birthday gift basket from Barnett’s is a foolproof gift idea. If you need help selecting your gift basket or are still looking for the right gift for a special person in your life, we can help. Fill out our form, and our expert shoppers will facilitate the process for you.

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Amy Reyes
Amy Reyes
1 month ago

I might buy 1 for myself haha. Thanks though!

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Nerissa White
1 month ago

looks very delicious. These are great for any occasion! Thanks!

Angela Prince
Angela Prince
25 days ago

So sad.It is now unavailable 🙁

Maeisha Carter
Maeisha Carter
24 days ago

Looks yummy but sadly its unavailable. hmm

Amanda Lopez
Amanda Lopez
23 days ago

I love this but sadly its unavailable.

Grace West
Grace West
17 days ago

I wonder when will these be available again. ;(

16 days ago

Looks yummy!

Sunshine Jones
Sunshine Jones
10 days ago

So sad we cant order online but I’m happy they have a Physical Store.

Cristine Evans
Cristine Evans
9 days ago

Its unavailable! 🙁

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