Top 50 Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas in 2022

by Craig

Bat mitzvah signifies the transition to adulthood and a commitment to practicing Judaism. A ceremony takes place to celebrate the occasion when a girl turns 12 years of age. When invited to a bat mitzvah, it is essential to bring a unique and appropriate gift. Read on as we list 50 of the best bat mitzvah gift ideas for 2022 and discuss all things bat mitzvah.

1. Jewish Star of David Necklace

Jewish Star of David Necklace Pendant

Consider gifting the lucky young lady a symbol of God’s protection with this beautiful Jewish Star of David necklace. The necklace features a 1/4 inch pendant set with cubic zirconia stones. The chain is 16-inches with an adjustable 2-inch extender, available in sterling silver or 14k gold vermeil. Its subtle and sparkling design would make a perfect bat mitzvah gift.

2. 12 Bead Sterling Silver Necklace

12 Bead Sterling Silver Necklace Top Bat Mitzvah Gift

This sentimental and elegant beaded bar necklace has a bead for each of her precious 12 years. It is made with high-quality sterling silver chain with 12 decorative beads handcrafted with love. The necklace measures around 18-inches with the beads on a silver wire at the front. This piece may look delicate but is durable and will not easily break.

3. Tree of Life Gold Necklace

Tree of Life Gold Necklace Gift For Bat Mitzvah Girl

The tree of life symbolizes maturity, responsibility, and spiritual elevation and is one of the most ancient symbols in Jewish tradition. The elements of the pendant design include the sun and the moon to represent time. The tree of life represents hope, and the leaves and fruit represent love. The 18-inch chain with premium birthstones available will be a cherished reminder of her big day.

4. Good Girl Kiddush Cup Goblet

Kiddush Cup Goblet With Good Girl Yalda Tov By Judaica artist Yair Emanuel

In preparation for the practice of Kiddush, consider offering her own luxurious Kiddush cup. This cup is tastefully detailed with the words “Yalda Tova” (Good Girl) with a metal cut out over it. The aluminum cup comes in silver, maroon, and purple.

5. Hamsa Candlesticks Candle Holder

Shabbat Candlesticks Candle Holder Blue and Ivory Hamsa

These hand-painted Shabbat-inspired candlesticks are one of a kind. Their intricately designed features include the Star of David and Hamsa shape with premium Matashi crystals. At the bottom of both candle holders is an elegant two-tier pedestal for additional height and a confident structure. These candlestick holders will make the perfect addition to a Jewish home and a great bat mitzvah gift.

6. Spa Gift Box

Spa Gift Box Includes Candle Lip Balm Soap Bath Bomb

A special spa gift set is perfect for home pampering sessions. It’s handmade and includes all the products needed to help make a teenage girl feel extra special about this joyous occasion.

7. Custom Hebrew Name Bracelet

Custom Hebrew Name Gold Bracelet Jewish Bat Mitzvah gift

This stunning handmade bracelet in a minimalist design will look elegant on her arm. In a choice of eight font types and finishes, you can choose to have her name written in Hebrew or a Hebrew word of up to 10 characters. The bracelet is available in six chain designs, so you’ll have plenty of flexibility in creating a memorable bracelet customized to look just how you imagine.

8. Small Dainty Hebrew Name Bracelet

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with Hebrew Name

She’ll likely love this cute Hebrew name cuff bracelet if she loves bracelets. It is made of sterling silver, with a width of four millimeters and adjustable sizing. You can have it engraved with her Hebrew name.

9. Personalized Keepsake Jewelry Box

Personalized Stained Glass Jewelry Box With Start Of David

A personalized jewelry box makes an ideal lifetime bat mitzvah gift with utility. This jewelry box design has a classic elegance and is available in six colors. The Jewish Star of David and her name will be engraved in white frost and displayed on the glass top. It’s made from metal and glass and perfectly sized to hold her jewelry, trinkets, and other small treasures.

10. Personalized Mazel Tov

Personalized White Dish Handmade Porcelain Bat Mitzvah Gift

This simple and classy white ring dish is another option if you’re considering personalized gifts. It is handmade in Porcelain, just 3-inches in diameter and 1-inch deep. You can have it customized with her name and the bat mitzvah date.

11. Hand stamped Necklace Star of David

Bat Mitzvah Necklace handstamped Date And Star of David

This traditional bat mitzvah necklace is hand stamped with the Star of David, the celebration date, and you can also have her name on it. It is simply designed with a small, medium, and large disc pendant layered in size order. It’s made from mixed metal and is available in two chain types at various lengths.

12. Metal Sculpture Frame

Bat Mitzvah Metal Art Sculpture Frame With Torah And Photo Frame

If the young lady is into sculpture and art, she may appreciate this dynamic sculpture picture frame. Made from mixed metals, it has a round photo frame on one end of the lateral sculpture and a laser-cut bat mitzvah girl on the other, sitting on a fused glass bottom. This is a distinctive and decorative gift to be enjoyed for years.

13. Jewish Art Keepsake Box

Jewish Art Keepsake Box With Judaica Jewish Symbols

A customized keepsake box with Judaica symbols would make a wonderful bat mitzvah gift for the special teen. The box is a wooden square and the perfect size for storing precious mementos. It’s decorated with a stylish, glossy ceramic tile insert and fully lined in soft white fabric.

14. Personalized Judaica Heart Box

Personalized Judaica white porcelain Heart Box With Flowers

This adorable heart-shaped box is likely to capture her heart. Made of white porcelain with a bead-detailed bottom that can be personalized with her English or Hebrew name. It includes a short hand-painted personal message on the inside lid.

15. Personalized Star of David Keepsake Box

Name Personalized Star of David Keepsake Box Bat Mitzvah Gift

A Star of David-shaped keepsake box can make a suitable bat mitzvah gift for a young lady. This one offers a simple and classic design in white with their name displayed in the center of the star. There are seven font types and colors to choose from and the option to add a custom message inside the bottom.

16. Miriam’s Cup Tambourine Dancer

Italian Crystal Kiddush Wine Glass Cup with Tambourine Dancer

Miriam is the tambourine dancer pictured on this magnificent crystal Kiddush cup. She is hand-graved with Sapphire Swarovski crystals to enhance a star-filled ribbon. Stories of Miriam and other Exodus women are about them singing and dancing with their children in the desert. This cup can be personalized with her name and the bat mitzvah date in Hebrew for an extra special touch.

17. Birkat Banot Hamsa Framed Décor

Birkat Banot Hamsa Art In Solid Wood Frame

This Birkat Banot Hamsa piece is another ideal bat mitzvah gift. It represents the blessing of a girl being like her foremothers, combined with a modern style Hamsa symbol for powerful symbolism. It’s made from acid-free paper, archival ink, and a solid wood frame and is available in four colors.

18. The Dolphins of Knossos (Malkah’s Journals)

The Dolphins of Knossos Journal Malkahs Notebook Collection

Journaling has many benefits that can contribute to the young lady’s well-being. This journal has a mesmerizing hand-drawn illustration on the front. It depicts Malkah encountering the dolphins of Crete as she begins to engage with the ruins of ancient civilizations. There are 128 blank pages to inspire her creative expression.

19. Beaded Bracelet

This set of two pretty bracelets will sparkle as much as she will on her special day. They make an ideal bat mitzvah gift. It is a beautiful combination of turquoise colored crystals and gold-filled beads. When stretched, it measures 6-inches; however, it can be adjusted.

20. Forever Love Necklace

Forever Love Necklace Heart Pendant Bat Mitzvah Gift

A dazzling “Forever Love” necklace is likely to melt her heart. It features a 14K white gold finish heart pendant with a 6.5mm cubic zirconia and embellished with smaller crystals. This handmade-to-order necklace has an adjustable cable chain from 18 to 22-inches.

21. Personalized Gift Card Box

Personalized Gift Card Box Bat Mitzvah Gif

A personalized gift card box is another great gift to store all the gift cards and checks received on the special day. This box can display photos of the lucky teenager, with logos and initials in a raised 3D effect. It is completely sealed shut and includes a slit at the top. Once the bat mitzvah celebrations are over, the box can be cut open from the bottom to retrieve the goodies inside and still have a thoughtful keepsake to remember the special occasion.

22. Jewish Personalized Stained Glass Keepsake Box

Personalized Keepsake Box Stained Glass Engraved Star Of David

The special girl will treasure a stained glass keepsake box engraved with the Star of David for a lifetime. This particular design offers personalization flexibility. The Jewish Star of David and lettering will be etched in white frost on the clear beveled glass top. It features clear architectural patterned glass intended to cast soft light in all directions. Other design features include a metal trim and solder stained with an antique charcoal patina and waxed to help maintain its beauty for years.

23. Jewish Engraved Bracelet

Israeli Jewelry Sterling Silver Bracelet With Blessing For Jewish Girls

This delicate bracelet offers understated elegance and would make a sophisticated and symbolic bat mitzvah gift. It’s made from 925 sterling silver and engraved with the Jewish Priestly Blessing for girls.

24. Glass Tzedakah Box

Gary Rosenthal Bat Mitzvah Glass Tzedakah Box

Another idea for a traditional bat mitzvah gift is a charity box. This glass Tzedakah box is a combination of copper, steel, and fused glass. The fused front glass features a 24k gold screened design of a bat mitzvah girl holding the Torah.

25. Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet

Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet Personalized Name and Verse Inscription

This is another style of bracelet that would make a meaningful gift. It is made from surgical-grade stainless steel in a cuff style. It can be personalized inside with a scripture from the Tanakh and outside with the lucky young lady’s name in several fonts.

26. Personalized Miniature Platter – Star of David

Personalized Miniature Platter With Name and Star of David

A personalized miniature platter stamped with the Star of David symbol would make a unique and memorable bat mitzvah gift for a young lady. The platter is white, and you’ll have a choice of six colors, including white, to stamp the Star of David, their name, and the ceremony date.

27. Jewish Birthday Spoon With Personalization

Mazal Tov Spoon With Age Date Bat Mitzvah Gift

Another way to congratulate the special girl is with this Mazel Tov “good fortune” spoon. It’s handmade from stainless steel with a non-toxic and food-safe finish. It features a cute little cut-out heart on the handle.

28. Bat Mitzvah Compass With Hebrew Engraving

Brass Compass Personized and Engraved Name Date Gift

This vintage-looking Hebrew engraved compass is also an ideal celebratory gift for an adventurous girl. It is made from high-quality metal in either silver or bronze and can be personalized with engraved text and a selection of Jewish symbolism.

29. Star of David Personalized Bank

Personalized Money Bank Or Charity Box With Your Name

The gift of money is a popular and traditional bat mitzvah present, and the lucky young lady will likely receive monetary donations. Therefore, this Star of David personalized bank would make a timeless and treasured gift. This handmade money holder is made from earthenware clay and can be customized with the girl’s name, and the Star of David printed on the front.

30. Personalized Puzzle Guestbook

Bat Mitzvah Puzzle Guestbook Wooden Personalized Engraved

This fun puzzle guestbook is an alternative to the traditional bat mitzvah guestbook. This square or rectangle puzzle feels sturdy while lightweight as it’s made from 1/4-inch thick Birch. Its sanded, smooth finish, light color, and light grain are perfect for writing on. It features a personalized centerpiece area, and the pieces are interlocking hearts.

31. Custom Soccer Keepsake

Soccer Ball Personalized Soccer Bat Mitzvah Gift

If the young lady is into soccer, consider a personalized soccer gift to mark their special day. This one is made from synthetic leather and is available in two sizes.

32. Wooden Memory Box

Custom Keepsake Wooden Memory Box Bat Mitzvah Gift

An engraved wooden memory box is another fitting bat mitzvah gift idea. It’s available in eight colors, and you can choose from 12 font types for personalized text. The design offers a traditional and antique distressed look perfect for storing and organizing precious items.

33. 2006 Silver Quarter Coin Ring

Coin Ring 2006 Silver Quarter Coin Rings

This handmade piece is a double-sided silver coin ring, made from a U.S. state quarter in 90% silver proof. It has a minimalist design, can be personalized with one of five states, and is available in ring sizes 3 to 13, including half sizes. The ring comes in a black ring gift box for a tasteful presentation.

34. Star of David Woven Cotton Bracelet

Woven Cotton Bracelet With Steel Star Of David

If the girl you’re buying for appreciates accessories, she may like this woven cotton bracelet. The design features a carved Star of David on a stainless steel barrel bead surrounded by a leaf-and-dot motif. This piece is available in several colors.

35. Handmade Mezuzah Cover

Two Tone Gold Pomegranate Mezuzah Case Cover

A elegent Mezuzah cover is another great idea for a traditional bat mitzvah gift. It features a waterproof and airtight seal, with an engraved Shema prayer laser engraved on the side. It is made from anodized aluminum and sticks easily on the door post.

36. Custom Hebrew Judaica Jewelry Box

Wooden Jewelry Box With Custom Name Bat Mitzvah Gift

This lovely Hasma jewelry box is the perfect way to congratulate or wish the young lady luck. It’s a beautiful blue alcohol art piece that can be customized with their name or initials and the date. It features an artistically designed Hamsa and is made from ceramic tile and wood for long-lasting quality.

37. Star of David Key Chain

Personalized Pewter Star of David Key Chain Bat Mitzvah Gift

A keychain can be a nostalgic reminder of the young lady’s bat mitzvah. This stainless steel personalized Star of David pewter keychain can be stamped with her name or word of your choice. Pewter is considered a precious metal and perfect for a memorable gift they will cherish.

38. Personalized Crystal Yad With Blue Swarovski Crystal

Personalized Crystal Torah Yad With Blue Swarovski Crystal

This Jewish ritual pointer is handcrafted with an optical clear glass shaft, a blue Swarovski crystal adorned with Swarovski rhinestones. On one end of the piece is a Swarovski ball, and on the other end, a genuine pewter pointer. The heart-shaped silver tone charm can hold at least three initials.

39. Interlocking Hearts Necklace

Interlocking Hearts Necklace Bat Mitzvah Jewelry

An interlocking heart necklace would make a truly memorable bat mitzvah gift. This charming piece representing never-ending love is made from premium quality polished surgical steel featuring two hearts embellished with Cubic Zirconia stones. The chain can be adjusted from 18 to 22-inches.

40. Handmade Torah Pointer

Torah Pointer Yad Sterling Silver, Handmade Artisan

This handmade artisan Yad Torah pointer is simply and elegantly designed. It is silversmith handmade from high-quality sterling silver. It comes wrapped in a gift box and could perfectly suit the lucky girl.

41. Commemorative Pillow

Star Of David Commemorative Pillow Personalized With Name

A memorial pillow is another great idea to mark this joyous occasion. This Jewish keepsake is made from a combination of cotton-poly blend and polyester for a soft touch. It features a threaded blue and icy silver embroidery of the Star of David. you can also add her name and date if you wish.

42. Folded Book Sculpture

Star of David Folded Book Art Sculpture

This handmade folded book sculpture in the Star of David is another magnificent bat mitzvah gift idea. If the special girl is into art pieces, she’ll likely appreciate and cherish this unique reminder of her special day.

43. Giant Happy Bat Mitzvah Birthday Card

Jumbo Large Pink Happy Bat Mitzvah Birthday Card

A pink bat mitzvah “jumborific” card offers an excellent opportunity for her guests to write personal messages. When folded, this high-quality card is 16.5-inches wide by 22-inches tall. This idea would make a great keepsake and likely put a smile on her face when she sees the size of it.

44. Gold Star of David Earrings

Gold Earrings Star of David Design Bat Mitzvah Gift

If the lucky young lady loves earrings, she’ll likely love this Star of David pair. These gold stud earrings are made in 14K solid yellow gold with a beautiful cut blue Sapphire gemstone. The gem symbolizes the tribe of the fifth son of Jacob and is one of the September birthstones, so if her birthday falls in September, even better.

45. Colorful Modern Polymer Clay Candle Holder Set

Clay Shabbat Candle Holder Set Colorful Handmade Gift

This modern and retro-looking polymer clay candle holder pair is fun and vibrant. The design includes 1,000 different hand sculpted flowers using a traditional Mesopotamian mosaic glass-making process. This is another excellent bat mitzvah gift idea to celebrate her coming of age.

46. Bat Mitzvah Gift Etiquette

Gifts are expected at bat mitzvahs; however, finding the right gift can be tricky. For a suitable present, you’ll need to consider the gravity of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion and the tastes of a 12-year-old girl. Although most gifts can be purchased online, your local Judaica shop and bookstore are great places to find a meaningful gift.

Here are the categories of customary gifts to consider sticking to:

47. Judaica

  • Hanukkah menorahs
  • Shabbat candlesticks
  • Tzedakah (charity) boxes
  • Mezuzahs

48. Money and Bonds

  • Checks
  • Gift cards
  • Israel bonds
  • Israeli currency

49. Jewelry

  • Star of David necklaces
  • Hamsa pendants
  • Hebrew word for life, “Chai,” is a popular Jewish symbol for jewelry

50. Torah Art

If you’re considering artwork based on the bat mitzvah’s Torah portion, be sure about the Torah portion the ceremony will be chanting. This information is important as the design won’t always correspond with the date the celebration falls on.

Charitable Gifts

  • Kiva card
  • CharityChoice
  • Israel Gives

Jewish Books

Jewish Book
  • Humor
  • Text study
  • Fiction
  • Young-adult novels
  • History and Culture
  • Cookbooks

Bat Mitzvah Gifts to Avoid

What to avoid

And here are gifts to avoid based on traditional bat mitzvah gift ideas.

  • Shofar
  • Sedar plate

Non-Returnable Items

No return No exchange

If you’re considering earrings remember they are usually non-returnable so perhaps find out the young lady’s taste before making the purchase. And if you’re thinking about artwork, consider purchasing from a seller that accepts returns, in case the piece you choose isn’t to the young lady’s taste. Otherwise, getting the artwork squared with the parents is probably better.

How Much Cash Gift to Give

How much Money to Give

Money is commonly given to mark a bat mitzvah and can be given to go toward college or studying abroad in Israel. A custom known as “Tzedakah” is when the family donates some cash to charity. You could also donate to a charity in honor of the bat mitzvah. If you decide to give money, consider giving cash in multiples of 18. This is a significant number as it is the numerical value for “Chai” (life).

However, no one will take offense if you offer a more rounded number like $100 or $150 or whatever you can comfortably afford.

What to Write on the Bat Mitzvah Card

What to write on a Card

It’s essential to include a personal note with your bat mitzvah gift. A thoughtful message should show your support and confidence that the young lady is up to the task. Some message ideas include:

  • “Wishing you an abundance of blessings as you celebrate this special time.”
  • “Happy Bat Mitzvah! May your next chapter of life bring you many blessings.”
  • “I’m proud and happy to celebrate this special day with you.”

Funny messages also work:

  • “You have finally grown up! It’s about time. Mazel tov!”
  • “Even though you’re an adult, you still have to obey your curfew.”
  • “Welcome to the world of jobs, bills, and more responsibilities.”

Bat Mitzvah Gift if Not Attending the Ceremony

Gift for not Attending The Ceremony

Giving money or a gift card is better if you cannot attend the ceremony. Consider the multiple of 18 to show your thoughtfulness.

Talk to an Expert Shopper For Great Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas

Talk to an Expert Shopper

The families of the young woman coming of age will spend months or years preparing to ensure their big day is as wonderful as they are. And it is customary for guests to give a gift to the bat mitzvah celebrant. Appropriate and popular offerings include items with Judaism symbolism, money, and jewelry; however, something connected to their hobby or interests also works.

If you need some help finding a great bat mitzvah gift for a ceremony you’re about to attend, send us a message by completing the form below. One of our gift experts will be in touch as soon as possible.

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