Top 30 Birthday Pajamas for Men

by Jessa

It’s crucial to stay comfortable when sleeping, and pajamas are one way to help make that happen. Here are some birthday pajamas for men that are guaranteed to impress the man in your life on his special day.

1. Noble Mount Flannel Pajamas

Noble Mount Flannel Pajamas

Made by Noble Mount, this cotton flannel pajama set comes in several colors. It’s made of 100% cotton and has been double-brushed to ensure a comfortable night of sleep every time. Both the pants and shirt have at least one pocket to carry personal belongings. The set is made roomy to accommodate shrinkage after washing.

2. Customizable Photo Pajamas

Customizable Photo Pajamas

If the many pajama patterns on the market don’t satisfy him, consider getting a customized photo pajama set instead. Simply choose the Customize option and upload a photo. The manufacturer will print the photo on the garment, which is made of polyester and cotton. The casual style is perfect for indoor lounging and calling it a day.

3. Classic Lightweight Pajama Set

Classic Lightweight Pajama Set

If the birthday boy is a no-nonsense kind of guy, this classic EVERDREAM pajama set is for him. It consists of a button-down top and pants made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. There’s an elastic band inside the pajama pants to make them comfortable while wearing them around the house. This set makes an excellent gift for his birthday.

4. Fruit of the Loom Broadcloth Pajama Set

Fruit of the Loom Broadcloth Pajama Set

This broadcloth pajama set is made by Fruit of the Loom. The materials consist of 55% cotton plus 45% polyester for comfort and durability. The button-up shirt has long sleeves, and the pants can be adjusted for size with two buttons. They have an elastic band for added comfort. The top has a pocket for stashing reading glasses or the TV remote while getting comfy.

5. Marvel Pajamas

Classic Marvel Pajama Set

This 100% cotton Marvel pajama set consists of a comfy T-shirt and pajama pants, the latter having his favorite classic Marvel superheroes all over the surface. The shirt has the Marvel logo on the front. This set can be worn year-round thanks to the breathable fabric. As an official Disney-licensed product, it has other authentic patterns as well.

6. PajamaGram Plaid Pajamas

Breathable Plaid Pajamas Set

PajamaGram’s plaid pajama set is made of 100% cotton to keep him warm, and is made to be oversized to help him relax. The fabric is breathable, so he’ll sleep comfortably any time of year. The long-sleeved top has rib-knit cuffs to keep out any drafts.

7. Bamboo Cool Men’s Pajamas

Bamboo Cool Men’s Pajamas
Bamboo Cool Men’s Pajamas

Not many people know that bamboo pajamas like this set exist. Bamboo fibers are combined with cotton and other fabrics to yield a unique garment that’s breathable and extremely comfortable. This two-piece set is comprised of a buttoned shirt and elastic-waisted lounge bottoms. The birthday boy will surely appreciate a good night’s sleep in these classic-cut pajamas.

8. Mickey Mouse Pajamas

Mickey Mouse Pajamas

As one of the many Disney-licensed pajama sets, this one has the company’s famous mascot all over the pants. The top has a large winking Mickey and can be worn outside if he wishes. Both the top and bottom are made of 100% imported cotton for the best fit and results. These effects are multiplied when you purchase matching sets for the rest of the family to help the birthday boy celebrate.

9. Sushi Pajama Pants

Sushi Pajama Pants

Any sushi-lover will be overjoyed when he receives this pair of sushi-inspired pajama pants for his birthday. The cartoony designs on the pants depict various popular sushi recipes, ranging from tamago to sashimi. These pants are made of 100% high-quality cotton that has been pre-shrunk, eliminating the uncertainty some cotton garments introduce.

10. Baby Yoda Pajama Onesie

Baby Yoda Pajama Onesie

This Baby Yoda pajama onesie is a licensed Star Wars product approved by Disney and made for men and women. It comes with an adorable hood depicting The Child from Disney’s The Mandalorian series, while the rest is a light-brown hue. This onesie is made of 100% polyester in fleece and microfleece form, guaranteeing comfort and warmth all day long.

11. Scooby Doo Men’s Pajamas

Scooby Doo Men’s Pajamas

This set of Scooby Doo men’s pajamas is an officially licensed product for fans who love the iconic Mystery Gang. The top is a T-shirt with a large winking Scooby Doo, while the long pants are covered with smaller images of the Scoob. Both are made of 100% high-quality cotton, and the bottom has a drawstring to ensure a perfect fit.

12. The Nightmare Before Christmas Pajamas

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pajamas

Fans of Tim Burton’s masterpiece will love this pair of pajama pants for men, as they can be paired with any of his tops. Made of 100% imported cotton, these pajama pants have a drawstring closure and are covered in the artwork of many popular characters in the movie. These pajama pants are machine-washable and will surely become one of his favorites.

13. Ekouaer Men’s Satin Pajamas Set

 Men’s Satin Pajamas Set

Satin pajamas like this set are made to be silky smooth without the extravagant price tag. This set is comprised of a short-sleeve top and long pants, and the latter has an elastic waistband. There are two pockets to let your loved one carry objects around the house. With five colors to choose from, he’s sure to appreciate these birthday pajamas for men.

14. Satin Kimono Robe With Shorts

Satin Kimono Robe With Shorts

If standard pajamas don’t impress him, try this satin kimono robe with shorts instead. The long-sleeved robe can be tied with a removable belt or worn loosely, while the shorts have an elastic waistband for comfort. He can carry objects in the two robe pockets before bed too. These birthday pajamas for men are sure to please.

15. LoveSilk Men’s 100% Silk Pajamas

LoveSilk Men's 100% Silk Pajamas

You can now spoil your significant other with this set of luxury silk pajamas made from silk charmeuse for the best feel. The button-up shirt has long sleeves and a chest pocket, while the pants have no pockets but come with an elastic waistband. The maker recommends using neutral detergent and hanging away from direct sunlight to keep these luxurious birthday pajamas for men looking their best.

16. Men’s Jogger Sweatpants Pajamas

Men’s Jogger Sweatpants Pajamas

Some people prefer wearing sweatpants to bed, and this pair makes for comfy pajama pants too. Made by Lazy One, this pair is covered with the Canadian maple leaf and the words “Canada, Eh?” to joke about the stereotypical Canadian accent. They’re made of 100% terrycloth and have an elastic drawstring.

17. Cute Bear Onesie

Cute Bear Onesie with Zipper

You just might giggle upon seeing him wear this cute bear onesie, which is made of 100% polyester and can be machine-washed. It has a zipper to let anyone wear it with ease and stay warm during the harsh winter season. This cartoonish bear hoodie is sure to keep the head toasty while also appearing adorable. It’s a great idea for birthday pajamas for men who have a sense of humor.

18. Ekouaer Hooded Pajamas for Men

Hooded Pajamas for Men with Pockets

Perhaps a shirt isn’t enough to keep the birthday boy warm. He might want a set of hooded pajamas like this one instead. The hoodie has kangaroo pockets, while the jogging sweatpants have side pockets, allowing him to carry everything he needs. Besides wearing these as pajamas, your loved one can also lounge in them in style.

19. Camouflage Onesie

100% Polyester Camouflage Onesie

If the birthday boy enjoys hunting or was in the military, this camouflage onesie will be right up his alley. It’s made of 100% imported polyester to help it last for years without losing color. The camouflage pattern comes in a variety of colors, making this an excellent choice among birthday pajamas for men.

20. Ekouaer Men’s Velour Pajamas

Men’s Velour Pajamas

Made of ultra-soft velvet comprising 95% polyester and 5% Spandex, this comfortable velvet pajama and lounge set will surely keep him warm on his birthday. It has a button-down shirt and elastic pajama pants. There are three pockets in total to let your loved one keep his smartphone and other objects handy. He’s sure to love these birthday pajamas for men.

21. Fishers Finery Men’s Ecofabric Jersey Pajama Pant With Pockets

Men's Eco fabric Jersey Pajama With Pockets

This pair of pajama pants is 70% bamboo viscose, 25% cotton, and 5% Spandex for flexibility and stretchiness. It has an adjustable drawstring for a perfect fit. Bamboo fabric is especially suitable for people who sweat a lot when sleeping, thanks to its moisture-wicking properties. The birthday boy can also keep his belongings close by with two pockets.

22. Lured to Fishing Pajama Pants for Men

Lured to Fishing Pajama Pants for Men

If your man is a fisherman, you already know that’s all he ever thinks about. These “Lured to Fishing” pajamas might give him a chuckle when he opens the present. The materials are 90% polyester and 10% Spandex, the latter used for its stretchy quality for comfort. The design consists of fishing lures placed over a wooden plank pattern.

23. He-Man Pajama Pants

He-Man Pajama Pants

These He-Man pajama pants will remind him that he’s impressive every time he wears them. The simple, black sleep pants feature a He-Man graphic plus the words “I have the Power” from the famous cult classic show. Wearers can adjust the tightness according to their preferences with the elastic drawstring. He’ll love this Masters of the Universe fan product!

24. Men’s Winter Fleece Pajama Set

Men's Winter Fleece Pajama Set

For guys with birthdays in the colder months, these winter fleece pajamas are the best clothes for the job. They’re made of mostly polyester and 10% Spandex, and the pull-on enclosure helps the wearer retain body heat easily. Even so, the fabric is highly breathable so he can sleep in comfort when the temperatures plummet.

25. Men’s NASA Short Sleeve Pajama Set

Men’s NASA Short Sleeve Pajama Set

Should your loved one be a science or space fan or even an employee of NASA, you can surprise him with these NASA pajamas. The short-sleeved T-shirt has a large NASA logo on the front, while the pants are covered in smaller graphics of the famous logo. The drawstring closure ensures a comfortable fit, and the two pockets hold small objects perfectly. He’s sure to think they’re out of this world.

26. Calvin Klein Flannel Pajamas

Calvin Klein Flannel Pajamas

This Calvin Klein flannel pajama set is made to last, and this particular product is a holiday limited edition. The materials are all imported and safe for machine washing, a necessity in today’s lifestyle. The top is extra soft, and your loved one will also appreciate the comfortable flannel pants. These are a great choice for birthday pajamas for men.

27. Nautica Men’s Soft Knit Sleep Pants

Nautica Men's Soft Knit Sleep Pants

This pair of knit pajama pants from Nautica is made of a cotton and polyester blend and come in a variety of colors, even red with polar bears for winter-themed sleep. These are machine-washable for convenience and feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring and buttoned fly for comfort. These pants have handy pockets on the sides for stashing things while lounging before bedtime.

28. Hanes Men’s 2-Pack Woven Pajama Short

Hanes Men's 2-Pack Woven Pajama Short

If he likes having more than one pair of pajama shorts, get him this two-pack for his birthday. Both shorts are made of cotton and polyester, designed to prevent skin irritation at all times. The loose fabric makes it extra comfortable to wear, even before bed. Tighten them by using the elastic drawstring.

29. Warhol-Style Star Wars Pajama Pants

Star Wars Pajama Pants

Made in the Andy Warhol pop art style, these Star Wars pajama pants are guaranteed to satisfy any Star Wars fan. The characters on this garment include Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and other Old Trilogy faces. The fabrics used are polyester and Spandex, which are common sleepwear materials designed for comfort. The pants are tightened by a drawstring to ensure a good fit.

30. KINGBEGA Men’s Short Sleeve Henley Cotton Pajama Set With Shorts

Short Sleeve Henley Cotton Pajama Set With Shorts

For warmer climates, wearing shorts to bed is best, and this cotton short pajama set are proof of that. They’re made of soft, high-quality material that is exceptionally breathable for summer temperatures. Besides being sleepwear, this set can be worn during exercise or just lounging, because the material allows for moisture wicking. Keep smartphones and other objects handy in the chest and side pockets.

Worst Ideas

When choosing birthday pajamas for men, it’s best to avoid rough materials or something that could cause an allergic reaction. All-natural materials are more expensive, but some people need them to prevent any unpleasant reactions with synthetic fabric.

Getting the wrong size or a color he doesn’t like may indicate you didn’t put much thought into the gift, so be sure to check the size charts before ordering. You can also double-check if he dislikes any specific patterns and styles. For example, some people don’t like plaid or may find paisley too ostentatious.

Finally, price doesn’t always matter, but a cheap pair of birthday pajamas for men may not have the same impact as premium pajamas for his birthday.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Birthday pajamas for men can come in almost any conceivable pattern, and that can make it difficult for some to choose wisely. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Use the form below to reach out to our expert shoppers. We can help you with any uncertainties when selecting just the right birthday pajamas for men.

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