Top 30 Birthday Pajamas for Women

by Jessa

We are calling the birthday squad! Level up your sleepover with the cutest PJs ever! We’ve got all the birthday pajama vibes you need, from roar-some animal onesies to slumber party-ready multi-piece sets that scream ‘comfy and cute. Get ready for epic birthday dreams with these top 30 picks!

1. One-Piece Bodycon Pajamas

Sleek and comfortable one-piece sleepwear in bodycon style

Every woman should feel like a queen on her birthday. Gifting her these MissShorthair Women’s One-Piece Bodycon Pajamas is a sure way to accomplish this. This statement piece features the words “I am the birthday queen” in gold prominently displayed all over the pajama’s silky, black fabric. Thanks to the unique design of this romper, the birthday girl can wear it as pajamas or loungewear.

2. YIJIU Pajamas Set

cozy pajama set consisting of a top and pants

Who says pajamas are only meant for sleeping? They can also serve as the perfect outfit for having the time of your life on your birthday. Accordingly, the top of this comfy YIJIU Pajamas Set features the text “Popping bottles in my PJs.” The bottoms stay on theme with prints of cute champagne flutes. This adorable set will make you feel cozy and relaxed during or after your birthday festivities.

3. Luxury Sleepwear Cami Top Pjs with Shorts and Robe

Silk cami top shorts and matching robe

Ditch the sweats and level up your bedtime routine! This luxe cami, breezy shorts, and flowy robe combo will have you feeling like a slumber party queen – ultimate comfort and major style, all in one shot.

4. Zaxicht V-Neck Printed Pajamas

Cozy V-neck printed pajamas

If your friend is gentle, nurturing, and discerning, or in other words, a Virgo, she’ll love these Zaxicht V-Neck Printed Pajamas. The romper-style pajamas come in bright purple with galaxy-inspired details and “Virgo” written all over them. The birthday girl will feel comfortable wearing them because they are curve-hugging yet stretchy and soft.

5. Harry Potter Pajama Set

Comfy Harry Potter magical world pajama set

Is the birthday girl a die-hard Potterhead? Is the entire party Harry Potter-themed? Well, we’ve got some good news! You can stay on track with this fun INTIMO Harry Potter Pajama Set. This fleece set is available for all four Hogwarts houses, so you’ll have no trouble matching it to the birthday girl’s allegiance.

6. Silk Striped Pajama Set

Comfortable and elegant silk striped pajama set

Throwing a huge birthday pajama party? Host it in style in this stunning Women’s Striped Silky Pajama Set. This set comes in 25 colors, so all your friends can get one to match. Regardless of the color, this set checks all the boxes for ideal birthday pajamas for women: it’s cute, cozy, and picture-perfect!

7. Hooded Jumpsuit

A one-piece hooded jumpsuit providing comfort and warmth

These HOXINE Hooded Jumpsuit Pajamas are a dream come true for any birthday girl who likes spending a lot of time in her PJs. Thanks to the cozy material, the adorable cat-ear hood, and the zip-up style, they’ll be able to throw these pajamas on and forget about the world around them.

8. PajamaGram Checkered Sleepwear

Fitting style  nightshirts warmer nights

Is your friend one birthday away from giving in to the cat-lady lifestyle? If yes, then she’s all set with these cozy PajamaGram Pajamas. All jokes aside, any cat-loving birthday girl will love this two-piece set adorned with dozens of adorable feline friends. There’s also a dog version for those playing for the other team. Regardless of the print, these birthday pajamas for women are luxuriously soft, slightly stretchy, and perfectly lightweight.

9. EISHOPEER Women’s Pajama Set

Women's pajama set with let me sleep graphic

If your friend’s birthday wish is to get more sleep, we’ve got the perfect pajama set for her. This EISHOPEER Women’s Pajama Set sends a clear message: “Let me sleep.” You’ll find this playful print on sets in four colors, each made from comfortable, stretchy, and breathable cotton. The bottoms even have pockets, every girl’s true dream.

10. Tulle Robe Nightgown

Soft tulle robe nightgown for a luxurious feel

This Tulle Nightgown is the ideal birthday pajama gift for women who will settle for nothing less than extreme glamour. This magnificent tulle piece comes with long, puffy sleeves and a big fluffy train, making the birthday girl feel like royalty on her special day. It will also make memorable birthday photos or perfect birthday honeymoon attire.

11. CHYRII Women’s Silky Pajama Set

Silky women's pajama short set

The CHYRII Women’s Silky Pajama Set is ideal for a birthday girl who likes feminine clothing. This two-piece set consists of a camisole top with adjustable straps, high-waisted tap pants, and a ruffled hem. Both pieces are soft and loose-fitting, making this elegant set as comfortable as it is beautiful.

The set is available in over 20 colors, from more muted black, white, and tan options to vibrant choices like bright green, indigo blue, and neon pink.

12. Soft Comfy Pjs Sets

Soft and comfortable star pajama sets

The Ekouaer Pajamas for Women are perfect for those seeking a more traditional pajama set. This two-piece set is made from cotton and provides superior comfort. The adorable print combinations are what makes this set stand out. You can choose the one packed with polar bears for a winter birthday or the star print to show her you think she’s out of this world.

13. Women’s Satin Pajama Set

Soft and silky women's satin pajamas

Comfort meets elegance in this classy LYANER Women’s Satin Pajama Set. This set comes in over 20 striking colors, including champagne, wine red, and sage green. The LYANER Women’s Satin Pajama Set is best described as effortlessly cool and will make the perfect birthday gift for a woman who matches that description.

14. Three-piece Pajama Set

Comfortable three-piece pajama set

The SOLY HUX Pajama Set consists of three pieces of knitwear goodness: a camisole top, shorts, and a belted robe. The fabric has some stretch and feels exceptionally comfortable. It comes in over 10 colors and looks as good as it feels on the skin.

15. BDAWQUG Hoodie Dress

A warm and comfortable hoodie dress

If the birthday girl embodies Black excellence, she’ll love this BDAWQUG Hoodie Dress. Although this hoodie dress doesn’t look like typical pajamas, it will be perfect for a good night’s sleep. Besides being stretchy and comfortable, this dress is vibrant and fashionable, ensuring the birthday girl looks great even when sleeping.

16. Lazy One Oversized Hoodie Sweatshirt

Relax in style with this oversized hoodie sweatshirt

The Lazy One Oversized Hoodie Sweatshirt is another hoodie sweatshirt born to be the perfect pajamas for women who prioritize comfort and coziness. This snuggly, oversized sweatshirt will keep the birthday girl warm and toasty during cold winter nights. It comes in over 20 designs, most with witty prints, such as “Nope, I’m going back to bed” and “Mama Bear.”

17. PajamaGram Boyfriend Pajama Set for Women

Women's pajamas with a boyfriend-style relaxed fit

Move over, boyfriend sweater. It’s time for boyfriend pajamas! This PajamaGram Pajama Set is ideal for the woman who keeps stealing her boyfriend’s clothes. To be honest, she can probably pull them off better, which will also be the case with this classic pajama set.

18. 100% Cotton Pajamas

Breathable 100% cotton pajama set

Bruno Mars once said: “Today I don’t feel like doing anything,” and the rest is history. This PajamaGram Women’s Pajamas Set With Graphic Top is the perfect birthday present for women who live by the words of “The Lazy Song.”

19. Disney Women’s Pajama Set

Women's pajamas with a fun Disney design

Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you grow out of your love for Disney. This Disney Women’s Pajama Set is ideal for any woman who’d like to celebrate another birthday with their favorite Disney characters. The set is available in four combinations, featuring Mickey Mouse, Stitch, and Eeyore from “Winnie the Pooh.”

20. Floral Print Nightgown

Soft nightgown with a delicate floral design

The Holagift Lingerie Floral Print Nightgown is the go-to birthday item for those looking for a nightgown with the wow factor. This sexy slip dress is as much about comfort as it is about looking fabulous in bed. You can choose from five color combinations, each with a beautiful flower print.

21. Casual Short Set

Two-piece casual outfit with shorts and a top

Birthday girls looking for a pajama set without all the bells and whistles may consider this simple Ekouaer Pajama Set. While simple, it’s far from boring. Most options include a visually appealing combination of two colors and a touch of some exciting print. Still, this pajama set places the accent on comfort above all else.

22. Sleeve Shirt with Shorts Sleepwear

Two-piece sleepwear set with sleeved shirt and shorts

This LYANER Women’s Pajamas Set is reminiscent of patterns offered by many high-end brands. It’s simple yet striking, thanks to carefully placed details like the chest pocket with an embroidered heart and a notch collar. There are 15 color combinations to choose from, most consisting of a single color with black lines accentuating the design. It’s reminiscent of a 1950s lady’s bowling league outfit.

23. Trim Cami Lingerie Sleepwear Robe

Lingerie set with Cami sleepwear and robe

The SOLY HUX Women’s Satin Pajama Set will elicit an “Oh là!” from the birthday girl or the lucky one who sees her wearing it. This set consists of four sensual pieces with as many as 40 color combinations. Thanks to a striking satin-lace combination, this set is ideal for a Victoria’s Secret-themed birthday party or birthday honeymoon.

24. Flannel Pajamas

Soft flannel pajamas for ultimate comfort

These PajamaGram Women’s Flannel Pajamas are the perfect birthday pajamas for women born around Christmas who happen to love animals. These fun pajamas come in four distinct styles, each sure to elicit a huge smile from the birthday girl. Made with 100% cotton, these loose-fitting pajamas will keep her warm and cozy during cold winter nights.

25. Fuzzy Three-Piece Lounge Set

Cozy three-piece pajamas m

Looking for a set of pajamas that doubles as loungewear? The Linsery Fuzzy Lounge Set has you covered. This three-piece set of fuzzy goodness consists of a tank top, wide-leg pants, and a long cardigan. It comes in 26 color combinations, some monochromatic and some with a splash of different colors or matching patterns.

26. Animal Cosplay Sleepwear

Fun and comfy animal cosplay sleepwear

If we had to describe this Vavalad Adult Sloth Onesie Pajamas using only two words, they would be cuteness overload. This unique onesie features a hood with a sloth face, a tail, and detachable gloves resembling sloth paws, making it possibly the most adorable sleepwear choice ever.

27. Arwser Women’s Satin Pajamas Set

Sleek satin pajama set

The Arwser Women’s Satin Pajamas Set oozes elegance and luxury. Besides a silky-smooth pajama set, you’ll receive a matching eye mask and hair band. Thanks to this item combination and its fashion-forward design, this set puts the beauty in beauty sleep.

28. Onesie Pajamas

Soft and hooded one-piece pajamas for ultimate comfort

If your partner is born around Christmas and loves matching with you, consider gifting her these Frawirshau Christmas Onesie Pajamas. They come in 24 color combinations, all Christmas-themed and all delightful. You can even buy multiples and have the entire family match as a fun surprise for the birthday girl.

29. V-Neck Long-Sleeve Jumpsuit Pajamas

Cozy jumpsuit pajamas v-neck and long sleeves

Suppose basic pajama sets don’t cut it for the birthday girl. In that case, these RUEWEY Women’s V-Neck Long-Sleeve Jumpsuit Pajamas will probably be more up her alley. These form-fitting pajamas look super flattering and feel super comfortable. They are available in over 15 exciting color combinations, from a sexy leopard print to a goofy pop art combo.

30. Just Love Adult Onesie Pajamas

Ruffled adult one-piece pajamas

One of the best things about being an adult is that you can wear whatever you’d like. So, if you want to wear a onesie resembling a pig dressed in a tutu skirt, who’s going to stop you? That’s right, no one! So, go get yourself these Just Love Adult Onesie Pajamas and have the most amusing birthday slumber party ever.

Worst Ideas for Birthday Pajamas for Women

Girl looking at red birthday pajamas and disappointed

Like any other clothing item, pajamas reflect a person’s personality. So, if the birthday girl dresses classy and elegant, it’s unlikely she’ll enjoy a goofy onesie for her birthday pajamas. Similarly, women with big personalities and those who don’t take themselves too seriously probably won’t be fond of a basic pajama set.

Regardless of the style, you should ensure the pajamas are comfortable and suit the birthday girl’s needs. If they only want the pajamas for lounging, getting them a fitted set with a deep-V neckline is probably not the best idea.

Also, if the birthday girl is sensitive about her age, you should avoid gifting her any gag gifts making fun of how old she’s getting. The same goes for pajama sets. Only buy pajamas with a witty print if you’re confident the birthday girl likes poking fun at herself.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you’re having trouble choosing among the many excellent top 30 birthday pajamas for women we’ve listed here, feel free to reach out to our expert shoppers. Fill in the online form below, and we’ll respond as soon as possible to help you reach a final decision.

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