Top 50 Bulk Gifts for Coworkers Ideas

by Jessa

Colleagues are your work family, and one way to show your appreciation is to get them some presents. Check out the best bulk gifts for coworkers below.

1. Inspirational Notepads

Inspirational Notepads Great for Motivation

Everyone needs a helping hand and some encouragement from time to time, and these inspirational notepads are great for motivation. This pack contains 20 notepads, each with a different design than the others. The paper is high-quality and doesn’t allow for ink bleed.

2. Appreciation Pens

Appreciation Pens with Various Macaron Colors

This pack of appreciation pens comes in various macaron colors, allowing your coworkers to choose their favorite hues. The pens have motivational quotes and are comfortable to write with even with a metal case. These encouraging words are laser-engraved onto the metal casing to prevent them from fading quickly.

3. Back Scratchers

Back Scratchers for Back Scratches

Our arms may not be as flexible as needed to scratch itches on our back, but these back scratchers can do the job. This pack contains 10 scratchers, each made of wood with a natural finish. They measure 16 inches in length and are easy to store when not being used.

4. Scented Candles

16 Scented Candles with Pure Essential Oils

These 16 scented candles make for excellent gifts for your fellow workers, especially if they want new ways to relax. Each candle is made of soy wax and pure essential oils to produce a safe fragrance. You can burn them for around 18 hours in total.

5. Multi Tool Pens

Multi Tool Pens with Six Functions and 40 Refills

These 16 multitool pens have six functions each, and the package includes 40 refills. The ABS plastic components keep each pen lightweight so that owners forget they’re carrying them. The functions include a level, double-head screwdriver, screen stylus, ruler, and ballpoint pen.

6. Wine Tumblers

Wine Tumblers with Vacuum Insulation Technology

This pack of six wine tumblers isn’t only good for alcoholic beverages, but you can use them to hold coffee and other drinks. The tumbler walls have vacuum insulation technology built-in to keep drinks at desired temperatures for longer. Made of stainless steel, each cup resists corrosion.

7. Stress Balls

2.5 inches Funny Stress Balls

It’s no secret that stress is the killer of productivity, and these 24 funny stress balls are one answer to the pressure. Measuring almost 2.5 inches, each ball is made of faux leather and can withstand a strong grip. Help your coworkers relax during lunch or at work with these round balls with funny faces.

8. Thank You Cards

24 Thank You Cards with Different Designs

You get 24 thank you cards in this purchase, and each package contains six different designs. They can be ordered in one of 10 styles as well. Besides the cards, you’ll also get sticker labels and envelopes so you can pack them elegantly.

9. Cards and Keychains

20 Cards Keychains and Pull String Bags

This package contains 20 cards, keychains, and pull string bags for your coworkers. The keychains are made of metal and take up very little space. Stuff the cards and keychains into the drawstring bags for a memorable gift.

10. Succulent Pots

Small Succulent Pots Shape of an Animal

For small teams, consider getting this pack of four small succulent pots, each made in the shape of an animal. The pots allow water to drain off after a while, as succulents don’t need too much moisture to stay alive. In addition, they look great, even as decorative pieces.

11. Multicolor Pens

Multicolor Pens with 22 Colorful Ballpoint

Most pens come with only one ink color, but these multicolor pens increase that number to six. You can choose from red, orange, green, purple, black, and blue ink. The package contains 22 of these colorful ballpoint pens that anyone will love.

12. UV Protection Sunglasses

80s Style UV Protection Sunglasses

These 80s-style UV protection sunglasses bring back memories of the good old days. Each pair comprises a plastic lens and frame, helping them stay lightweight. Consider having everyone wear them for a group photo, too.

13. Glass Nail Files

20 Tempered Glass Nail Files

There are 20 glass nail files in this purchase, and each is made of tempered glass that is treated to withstand wear and tear. These files can be stored in a handbag or other bags for travel, so you can use them anywhere.

14. Lip Balm

24 Lip Balm made in the U.S.

The lips tend to crack in dry and cold areas, but this pack of 24 lip balm sticks will prevent that from happening. This lip balm is made in the U.S. and helps moisturize the skin while tasting good. They last all day, too.

15. Bracelets

Inspirational Bracelets can fit with various wrist sizes

These 12 inspirational bracelets are ideal for coworkers and have been engraved with “THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME” on the interior surface. They can bend to fit various wrist sizes, too. The stainless steel stays shiny and rust-free forever.

16. Bamboo Pens

Pens made of Polished Bamboo and Metal

Most writing instruments today are made of metal or plastic, but these pens have a bamboo case, though other components are made of metal. Polished bamboo is comfortable to hold for long periods and doesn’t deteriorate rapidly. Your coworkers will appreciate this gift.

17. Stress Keychains

Square Stress Keychains with nine Round Bubbles

These stress keychains are made in the shape of a square and have nine round bubbles on two sides. When your hands are idle, or you want to squeeze something, these keychains will keep you focused. Attach them to your bag or carry them anywhere.

18. Silicone Keychains

Pack of 24 Silicone Appreciation Keychains

Made by Fumete, this pack of 24 silicone keychains will show your appreciation for your colleagues. Each keychain can be attached to a wallets or keyring, though you won’t find them too large. Silicone is durable and keeps the motivational message visible for a long time.

19. Cute Pens

12 Cute Cat Pens in 6 Different Colors

These 12 cute cat pens come in six different colors, but each has an adorable cartoon kitty on the lid. The pens all have black ink and are rollerball pens. Use them for keeping notes, doodling, or any other task you can expect to use a pen for.

20. Steel Bookmarks

Steel Bookmarks for Longer Use

Paper bookmarks can wear out after many uses, but these steel bookmarks will last much longer. Each bookmark is large enough to stand out and help bookworms pick up where they left off. They’re among the most unique bulk gifts for coworkers.

21. Smartphone Holders

Flexible Smartphone Holders can Hold Different Models

These funny smartphone holders with two thumbs-up hands at the end of a flexible plastic band make a fun gift for coworkers. They’re great for keeping smartphones propped up or off the table surface. You can bend them to accommodate many different models due to the flexible TPU construction.

22. Shower Steamers

24 Shower Steamers comes in Several Scents

These 24 shower steamers come in several different scents, all inspired by natural aromas. The entire space transforms into a wonderful and relaxing spa when added to the shower. Consider wrapping them up before handing the steamers out.

23. Shower Loofas

Feel Clean after Refreshing with Shower Loofas

Feel clean after a refreshing shower by using these loofas. This pack contains four soft loofas made of PE mesh for long lasting suds, and the ribbon handle is perfect for hanging. As extra-large products, these sponges are no ordinary gifts.

24. Desiccant Sticks

Desiccant Sticks Made of Water Absorbent Materials

These five desiccant sticks are made of diatomaceous earth, a material that absorbs water readily. While fragile, proper care will allow you to use them repeatedly since this natural material easily keeps moisture away from your belongings. You can keep them in kitchens, bedrooms, and other rooms in the house.

25. Steel Water Bottles

Steel Water Bottles with Double Walls Vacuum Insulation

Each of these eight steel water bottles has vacuum insulation in the form of double walls. Therefore, your beverages can stay cold or hot for extended periods without worry. They’re among the most practical bulk gifts for coworkers.

26. Hairbrushes

Curved and Vented Hairbrushes with Ball Tipped Bristles

Ladies will love these curved and vented hairbrushes. They have ball-tipped bristles that keep the brushing experience comfortable and prevent hair damage. Each brush is almost eight inches long and small enough to be carried when traveling.

27. Tile Pro

Tile Pro a Tracking Device like Apple Airtag

The Tile Pro is a Bluetooth tracking device similar to Apple’s AirTags, though this pack of four is inherently compatible with Android devices. Coworkers who find themselves losing track of their belongings will love this gift. Each has an effective range of 400 feet and is water-resistant.

28. USB Drives

USB Drives can Hold 16GB of Data

Each of these 10 USB drives can hold up to 16GB of data, enough for plenty of projects, photos, and even music files. These USB drives have a built-in twisting cover and are designed to work with USB 2.0 and above sockets.

29. Pro USB Sticks

Pro 64GB USB 3.0 Sticks

For those who need extra storage space, these Pro USB sticks are the best solution, and these 64GB sticks are made for USB 3.0. This means they have faster read speeds and still work with older computers. The aluminum housing keeps them from breaking if dropped.

30. 4K Memory Cards

4K Memory Cards with a capacity of 128GB

Photographers and camera buffs will love these 4K memory cards, each with a storage capacity of 128GB. These are full-size SD cards, and the package contains five of them. With fast read and write speeds, never struggle with large files again.

31. Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks for light sleepers

Some people are light sleepers, and any light can wake them up. These sleep masks are excellent gifts and will grant wearers a good night’s sleep even in the daylight. This pack contains 30 masks, more than enough for larger teams.

32. Invisible Ink Notepads

Invisible Ink Notepads comes with UV Lights

These 12 invisible ink notepads are funny gift ideas for your coworkers, especially for sending each other hilarious messages. Each notepad comes with a pen with invisible ink and UV lights. The batteries are included, but any UV light will work fine.

33. Veterinarian Bracelet

Black Rope Bracelet with Stainless Steel Paw Print

The job of a veterinarian is challenging, and you can show your colleagues you care by getting them these keychains. Each has a stainless steel paw print bound with black rope. In a messier environment, the steel stays rust-free no matter what.

34. Smartphone Fans

Smartphone Fans with Dual Connectors

There are times when people get too hot, but these smartphone fans will help your coworkers cool off during a work break. Thanks to the dual connectors, you can use them with various smartphone brands. These are small enough to fit in a pocket and bag.

35. Sports Towels

Sports Towels made of breathable mesh

Your gym rat coworkers will love these cooling sports towels made of breathable mesh material. By absorbing sweat away from the skin and helping it evaporate, your colleagues can stay cool when exercising. This pack comes with four towels, all identical and with carrying pouches.

36. Journal Notebooks

Executive Hardcover Journal Notebooks with 200 pages

These executive hardcover journal notebooks are the perfect gift for people who take lots of notes. Each has 200 pages of premium paper and 9mm lines for neat sentences. A magnetic buckle is attached to the cover giving it a stylish look.

37. Military Appreciation Coins

1.57 Inches Diameter Military Appreciation Coins

Each of these military appreciation coins is 1.57 inches in diameter and can easily be kept in a wallet. There are 10 in this pack, and you can gift them to fellow military service members. They work for all branches of the military as well.

38. Cute Highlighters

12 Cute Colorful Highlighters

These 12 cute highlighter pens are great gifts for anyone, though the animal theme does particularly suit vets or anyone who works with animals. These highlighters work for art, highlighting fax, and other documents. The lines they draw can be 4mm or 1mm thick, depending on the situation.

39. Drinking Straws

Paw Patterned Straws Made of Silicon and Plastic

These paw-patterned drinking straws are made of silicone and plastic, with the silicone comprising the little paw print. There are six colors and four straws of each, perfect for coworkers who love animals. At 10 inches long, they’re great for sipping from larger glasses.

40. LED Penlights

LED Penlights has 200 Lumens Illumination Each

Not every situation requires a large flashlight, so these 10 LED penlights are perfect for delicate tasks. With the pocket clip, you can carry one on your jeans or shirt pocket and keep it handy. Each has 200 lumens of maximum illumination, enough for small spaces.

41. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards worth $10 Credit Each

Packed in red mini envelopes, these Amazon gift cards are worth $10 of credit each. The cards have no expiration dates and will let recipients purchase whatever they want within the amount. Hand them out to coworkers for a gift everyone will love.

42. Makeup Bags

Makeup Bags with Unique Quotes and Patterns

Your female coworkers will appreciate being able to carry toiletries around in these makeup bags. All 10 have inspirational quotes and varying patterns to make them unique. They can be washed when not in use to prolong their lifespans.

43. Jewelry Cases

Light Blue Jewelry Cases Covered in PU Leather

Carrying jewelry is made easier with these jewelry cases, and the pack contains 12 identical ones in light blue. Covered in PU leather, each case holds earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. There are two removable partitions to help organize smaller pieces.

44. Multitools

Credit Card Shaped Multitools with 46 Functions

Inside this package are six credit card-shaped multitools, each having 46 individual functions and made of stainless steel. You can find screwdrivers, a ruler, a letter opener, and more ready for use. Owners can carry these tools in their wallet, pocket, or luggage.

45. Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers with Nail File

Caring for fingernails and toenails is part of personal hygiene, yet people don’t always have the tools like these nail clippers at hand. There are six fingernail clippers and six toenail clippers in the set, so each person gets two tools. All 12 come with a nail file and can be taken anywhere.

46. Leggings

Leggings made of Polyester and Spandex

The perfect gift for gym coworkers, these leggings are made of polyester and spandex. There are seven in the pack, and each pair can be worn for years with proper care. Select the size before checkout, as there are four to choose from.

47. Hairbands

Hairbands with No Metallic Parts

If you have coworkers who worry about losing hairbands, consider getting them this pack of 80. There are 40 black ones and 40 colored ones that suit anyone with long hair. With no metallic parts, these bands can keep hair tied up neatly.

48. Magnetic Bookmarks

Slim Magnetic Bookmarks comes in 12 styles

Instead of folding dog ears on pages, let your coworkers use these magnetic bookmarks. All 24 of them are slim enough to let books close flat, and each pack comes in 12 styles. Choose the patterns you think your colleagues will like before making the purchase.

49. Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares made of Polyester and Silk

These men’s pocket squares are made of polyester and silk, perfect for formal events or any other occasion. There are 40 in this set, each in a different color and pattern. Let your coworkers choose the ones they prefer from the lot.

50. Hip Flasks

Hip Flasks made of Stainless Steel

Carrying six ounces of liquid, these 10 hip flasks are made of stainless steel and given a black coating. They don’t contain lead or other harmful substances so as not to endanger anyone’s health. Every flask also comes with a steel funnel to prevent spills and make pouring straightforward.

Worst Ideas

Worst Bulk Gifts for Coworkers Ideas

Your coworkers all have different likes, dislikes, and preferences regarding gifts. However, most reasonable people understand that it’s not possible to please everyone in a group. A thoughtful present is usually enough to satisfy your colleagues.

Try not to get gifts that seem too ordinary and impractical. Even though nail clippers are sold everywhere, they’re practical items almost everyone would love to have at some point. Stress balls may seem like mundane gifts, but you also send a message that acknowledges you understand how everyone feels the pressure from work.

When gifting coworkers, there’s a balance; keeping it will usually result in happy teammates. The worst ideas are those that don’t have a relation to your line of work or highly generic gifts that seem dull. Try to avoid anything that doesn’t scream special to you.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Choosing gifts for your coworkers can be confusing because you have to consider various factors. However, our expert shoppers are here to help you make the correct decision and guide you through the mass of possible gift options.

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Amazing work!

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Samantha Harris
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I ordered the jewelry case for my workmates.

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My workmates will sure like these Appreciation Pens

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Rowena Antonio
1 year ago

Amazing work!

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Rhea Yess
1 year ago

The items are so cute!!!

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Margarette Williams
1 year ago

lol thanks for the gift ideas, my Supervisor will love the succulent pots, since she’s addicted to succulent plants

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the items are nothing much, but I like the idea of giving gifts to a co-worker, it’s a nice gesture for being friendly, nice article!

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Nice gifts, great gifts to give to a coworker, nice article, good job!

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