Top Copper Gifts for Men

by Jessa

Copper signifies many different things. Some believe it promotes good luck and fortune, while others feel it can protect the home from evil. Most guys really like items made of metal, and copper is one of the more popular ones. We’ll give you some fantastic ideas for purchasing copper gifts for men.

Top 50 Gifts

1. Sertodo Hammered Copper Hip Flask

Hammered Copper Hip Flask

This stunning Sertodo Copper Hip Flask is made from 100% pure copper. It holds 5 oz. of their favorite adult beverage and comes complete with a copper funnel, so filling the flask is easy. Each one is unique since they’re individually hand-hammered. Also included is a lovely gift box.

2. Mint State Gold Copper Bar Ingot Paperweight

Copper Bar Ingot Paperweight

When purchasing copper gifts for men, a solid Mint State Gold .999 pure copper ingot is a statement piece. Engraved on its surface is its periodic element. It makes a great paperweight but can also stand on its own as a display piece.

3. Kesar Zems Copper Helix

Kesar Zems Copper Helix

Perfect for the copper lover who dabbles in spirituality, the Kesar Zems Copper Energy Helix is an ideal gift. A copper helix can help to activate and balance the fire element in the southeast corner of a home. Recipients can also hang it as a decorative item.

4. Copper Cure Hammered Copper Mugs and Copper Straw Set

Copper Mugs and Copper Straw Set

These elegant yet rugged Copper Cure hammered copper mugs have a distinctive manly look. The set also includes four copper straws and wooden coasters. The straws are made a little wider than the standard, making them easier to clean. Everything is packed in an elegant gift box.

5. Namba Copper Canyon Bowl

Copper Canyon Bowl

An elegant and modern-looking gift, the Namba Copper Canyon Bowl can be used as a small serving bowl for nuts or candies. However, it stands on its own as a beautiful display piece. Each bowl is unique due to its subtle patina.

6. Copper Cure Pure Copper Pitcher With Lid

This handcrafted Copper Cure pure copper pitcher with a lid is durable and made to last. It looks great as a display piece. Crafted from solid copper, it can hold 32 ounces. It’s made to be used for drinking water so the user can gain the benefits of water that’s been exposed to copper.

7. Vensila Handmade Copper Oil Lamp

Handmade Copper Oil Lamp

Handcrafted by experienced artisans using traditional methods, this working antique-inspired handmade Vensila copper oil lamp is a work of art. Its beautifully engraved base stores oil, making this an actual functional lantern. A great gift that’s not only decorative but can also function for emergency or mood lighting.

8. Sai Mart Copper Plate

Sai Mart Copper Plate

Although typically used for Hindu ceremonial worship, this 10-inch Puja copper plate by Sai Mart can be used for any occasion. It’s a unique gift and can be displayed to highlight a room or even mounted on the wall. Or, for a more functional use, it’s great as a plate for finger foods.

9. Brass Nautical Antique Brass and Copper Sundial Compass

 Antique Brass and Copper Sundial Compass

With its Indiana Jones look, this Brass Nautical antique brass and copper sundial compass combination is one of the more unique copper gifts for men. It comes with a weathered-looking leather case which adds to its charm. An excellent gift for the adventurer in your life.

10. Kosdeg Copper Water Bottle

Copper Water Bottle

Water stored in a copper vessel has a much fresher taste, and this Kosdeg 34-ounce copper water bottle does the trick. Ayurvedic practitioners claim drinking water stored in copper has many health benefits. Its wide-mouth opening makes drinking from it a breeze.

11. Keweenaw Gem and Gift, Inc. Handmade Copper Moose Ornament

Handmade Copper Moose Ornament

This fun handmade copper moose ornament by Keweenaw Gem and Gift, Inc. can be displayed on a Christmas tree or used as a wall hanger. Made by skilled artisans in Michigan, this makes a great gift for the outdoors type of guy or those simply fascinated by wildlife.

12. StarStuff.Rocks Pure Copper Pyramid

Pure Copper Pyramid

This small but powerful pure StarStuff.Rocks copper pyramid is a welcome addition for guys who believe in the power of pyramids. It can be used for energy work, ceremonies, or simply as a curiosity piece. It comes with a removable cork bottom to prevent scratching surfaces.

13. Ebuty Men’s Copper Bracelet

Men’s Copper Bracelet

Guy’s looking to increase their energy levels by using copper can do so with this stylish Ebuty solid copper bracelet. Included is a size-adjusting tool, so it’s sure to fit wrists of all sizes. Worn for show or spirituality, this masculine piece of jewelry makes a great gift.

14. Copper Mules Thick Copper Handcrafted 16 oz Mug

Handcrafted 16oz Mug

A  Copper Mules solid copper mug that can weather rough handling is great for the clumsy guy in your life. Made from thick gauged copper, it’ll keep beverages cold while sporting a bold look. Its riveted handle is sturdy and has an old-time look.

15. GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Beer Growler

Carbonated Beer Growler

Beer enthusiasts will rave about the copper and stainless steel GrowlerWerks uKeg Beer Growler. This mini-keg can keep beer cold and fresh for weeks. It has a capacity of 64 ounces and looks great in any home bar, man cave, or kitchen.

16. Butterfield Machine Cufflink Spinning Tops

Butterfield Machine Cufflink Spinning Tops

For the guy who likes to dress well but also has a playful side, these Butterfield Machine copper cufflinks are a great gift. The cufflinks are handmade in the U.S. They can be worn for a night out on the town, but when the urge strikes, they can become a fun tabletop toy.

17. Mascot Hardware Hammered Copper Coaster Set

Mascot Hardware Hammered Copper Coaster Set

Stylish and bold, these Mascot Hardware Mascot Hardware hammered copper coasters these little art pieces are crafted individually for a unique look. The 4-piece set can take constant wear and tear and still look new with minimal cleaning. A great addition to a home bar or living room, they add a burst of color to any setting.

18. Yuvadan Copper Raki Glass Cooler

Copper Raki Glass Cooler

Widespread in Turkey, its traditional use is to keep raki cool by placing ice around the glass in a copper bowl. This Yuvadan Copper raki glass cooler can be used for anything from iced tea to beer. The set comes with two raki glasses and a copper bowl.

19. On The Fly Copper Dowsing Rods and Pendulum Kit

Copper Dowsing Rods and Pendulum Kit

Whether or not you believe in these tools, this On The Fly dowsing rod and pendulum kit is a fantastic gift for the guy who has everything. Great for searching for water or ghosts, the copper dowsing rods will keep you entertained.

20. Shalinindia Copper Soup Ladle

 Copper Soup Ladle

Instantly upgrade the home chef in your life with a Shalinindia copper soup ladle. Typically found in homes in India, a copper ladle looks great hung as a display piece or for use in the kitchen. Copper cooking utensils consume much less energy.

21. Butterfield Machine Copper Buffalo Spinning Top

Butterfield Machine Copper Buffalo Spinning Top

Used as either a top or fidget toy, this fun Butterfield Machine copper buffalo spinning top contains an actual Buffalo nickel surrounded by solid copper. A fun gift for coin lovers or for the guy that needs to keep himself entertained. Looks great as a display item too.

22. Butterfield Machine Copper Greek Worry Beads

Butterfield Machine Copper Greek Worry Beads

Typically referred to as begleri, worry beads are the original fidget toy. These Butterfield Machine Greek worry beads are made of copper strung onto a cord, which is fantastic for the guy who needs to keep his hands busy. These are hand-machined and come inside a soft cloth bag made of muslin.

23. Boballe Copper Air Fryer Basket

Copper Air Fryer Basket

With air frying being so popular with men, this copper air fryer basket adds style and class to the kitchen. Boballe Copper Air Fryer Baskets are easy to clean and a healthier choice when cooking fried foods. The non-stick ceramic surface allows for all-around air flow in ovens up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

24. Keweenaw Copper Texas Ornament

 Copper Texas Ornament

Great for guys who love the Lone Star State, this Keweenaw Copper Texas ornament is a one-of-a-kind gift. It can be hung on a Christmas tree, as wall art, or as a display piece. Each ornament is handcrafted in the U.S.

25. Medoosky Lotus Incense Burner

Lotus Incense Burner

Lotus flowers represent purity, strength, and rebirth. For guys who enjoy burning incense, this Medoosky lotus incense burner can help them to calm their minds while enjoying what the lotus represents. This gift can be a constant reminder of their strength.

26. Staglife Antique Black Large Mug Set

 Antique Black Large Mug Set

The Staglife antique black mug set is made from pure handcrafted copper and includes two 16-ounce mugs. Their rustic, well-worn look makes drinking anything out of them feel more masculine. This set has a blackened exterior and is great to take on a camping trip or to chill with at home.

27. Jobosi Tortoise Wind Chimes

Tortoise Wind Chimes

The tortoise is a symbol of longevity, health, and perseverance. A Jobosi tortoise wind chime makes for a wonderful gift for the guy who’s stood the test of time. Great for hanging indoors or out, this present can remind them of their perseverance.

28. PXBNIUYA Tabletop Bonsai Tree Light

 Tabletop Bonsai Tree Light

The copper wire string lights that hang from the branches of this PXBNIUYA tabletop bonsai tree light provide mood lighting to any room. Its branches can be moved so you can create your own look or change them up when you want. Looks great in any room.

29. Prisha Copper Dinnerware Set

 Copper Dinnerware Set

With its unique and ethnic look, this 10-piece Prishna copper dinnerware set is a real head-turner. Although traditionally used for serving Indian meals, it can be used for almost any occasion. This set is a good gift for the eccentric guy in your life.

30. Copperkraft Seamless Pure Copper Bottle and Tumblers

Seamless Pure Copper Bottle and Tumblers

This Copperkraft seamless copper bottle and two tumblers have a cool and clean appearance and make an excellent gift for a cool and clean guy. The bottle holds 32 ounces, and each tumbler has a capacity of 11 ounces.

31. HG Artworks Copper Palm Tree Wall Art

Copper Palm Tree Wall Art

For the guy who loves the tropics, this HG Artworks palm tree wall hanger looks great hung in a den, man cave, or living room. It can even be displayed outside of a home or porch wall.

32. Bakir Concept Copper Wine Tumbler

 Copper Wine Tumbler

To look like royalty, you need the proper drinking vessel. For the king in your life, buy them a unique Bakir Concept copper wine tumbler. Made in Turkey, this wine tumbler will let everyone know who’s the king. Great for wine or his majesty’s favorite beverage.

33. Bakir Concept Japanese Teapot

Copper Japanese Teapot

This Bakir Concept Japanese copper teapot is handmade in Turkey. It’s functional for brewing a hot pot of tea but also looks great as a display piece. It’s a fabulous gift for the tea-drinking guy in your life.

34. Unique Metals Pure Copper Sphere

 Pure Copper Sphere

Some believe copper disperses negative energy. For the guy in your life who’s into the magic of metals, this Unique Metals copper sphere will be of great interest. It can be used for cleansing rituals or simply as an exciting curiosity piece.

35. Top Chi Solid Copper Baoding Balls

Solid Copper Baoding Balls

This set of two Top Chi solid copper baoding balls keeps hands, fingers, and wrists flexible and healthy. They can be quietly used just about anywhere and are a good way to relieve stress while strengthening hands and fingers. It comes with a zippered carrying pouch.

36. Artistor Moroccan Tealight Holder

 Moroccan Tealight Holder

A great gift for the guy who wants to add a Moroccan flare to his home, this Moroccan-made copper tealight holder by Artistor will do the trick. Fantastic for indoor or outdoor use, this holder will cast decorative light and shadows.

37. MagEnergy Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet

This pure copper MagEnergy magnetic bracelet is not only a stylish choice for the fashion-conscious guy, but it may also have healing properties. Some believe that wearing copper and magnets can have remarkable effects. It can be worn as a healing bracelet or as a fashion accessory.

38. Hakan Apple Cocktail Mule Cup

Apple Cocktail Mule Cup

Made of pure copper, this mule cup by Hakan comes with a lid and straw, giving it a fun appearance. It isn’t your typical cocktail cup. Mixologists will enjoy making their favorite adult beverages and serving them in a not-so-average drinking vessel.

39. Prime Nautical Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Compass

 Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Compass

Perfect for Beatles fans, this Prime Nautical copper compass has the band’s iconic album name engraved on its cover. Not only a working compass, but it also looks great as a display piece. It comes with a beautiful antique-looking wooden box.

40. Lawrence Frames Hammered Copper Photo Frame

Lawrence Frames Hammered Copper Photo Frame

A tabletop hammered copper photo frame by Lawrence Frames is a great way for the copper-loving guy to display his favorite photo. Made from high-quality copper, it’ll add some flare to any room or décor. It makes for a picture-perfect gift.

41. Mosscoff Hammered Copper Wine Glasses

Hammered Copper Wine Glasses

This set of two hammered copper wine glasses by Mosscoff can truly set the stage for an elegant night. Sipping your favorite wine from one of these can make even an ordinary guy feel like a king. Each glass holds 11 ounces.

42. AnnaPDesign Copper Wire Wrapped Ring

 Copper Wire Wrapped Ring

Constructed from copper and copper wire, the guy in your life can feel confident sporting this rugged AnnaPDesign industrial-style ring. A mix between “Mad Max” and “The Hobbit,” it has a tough appearance. It comes complete with a box ready for gifting.

43. BhagyodayFashions Copper Elephant Ice Bucket

Copper Elephant Ice Bucket

With its embossed elephants and Indian motif, no home bar is complete without this unique BhagyodayFashions copper elephant ice bucket. It comes with copper ice tongs and a lid and is certainly a conversation starter. Handcrafted by artisans in India.

44. Hand Trades Customizable Copper Wallet Insert

Hand Trades Customizable Copper Wallet Insert

Create your own message for the guy who loves copper with a Hand Trades copper wallet insert. This one-of-a-kind gift is something he can carry around neatly tucked into his wallet. Customized messages can be up to 150 characters.

45. BuyGifts Copper Cat Figurine

 Copper Cat Figurine

For the guy who loves cats, he’ll enjoy this BuyGifts copper cat figurine. Made by hand, it features a whimsical feline figure. At around 2 inches by 2 inches, it’s small enough to display unobtrusively on a work desk.

46. AnnaPDesign Copper Pendant and Cord

Copper Pendant and Cord

Handmade with copper and braided copper wire and jasper accents, this unique pendant by AnnaPDesign can be worn for everyday use or special occasions. Hung with a leather cord, it has a masculine appearance. It makes a fantastic gift for the guy who likes to wear statement pieces.

47. Kindred Spirits Personalized Copper Keychain

Personalized Copper Keychain

Most guys carry keys, so why not give them a copper Kindred Spirits keepsake keychain? You can personalize the message with up to 20 characters on its 1-inch copper washer. This simple yet personalized gift will remind them of you every time they see it.

48. Kershaw Copper Handle Pocketknife

 Copper Handle Pocketknife

Pocket knives are a favorite item for guys who love the great outdoors. This handy Kershaw pocketknife has a solid copper handle which gives it a distinct look. Its small size makes it easy to carry for everyday use, even when not out hiking or camping.

49. Kingsunshine Pure Copper Boiler Pot

 Pure Copper Boiler Pot

For guys who like to tinker with distilling spirits, a copper boiler pot by Kingsunshine is what they need to take their concoctions to the next level. This unique gift is fully functioning but can also be used as a fun display piece to complement any home bar or man cave. It can also be used to distill water.

50. Carita Copper Coffee Dripper

Carita Copper Coffee Dripper

Made in Japan, this copper coffee dripper by Carita is a thoughtful gift for the guy who takes his coffee making seriously. No longer will he need to go to his local barista for a proper cup of joe. He can brew his coffee at home with some to spare.

Worst Ideas

To find the perfect gift for a copper-loving guy, you’ll need to pay extra careful attention to your chosen item. Many items that claim to be copper could actually be copper-plated or even copper colored.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Purchasing that perfect gift doesn’t have to be a daunting and tiresome chore. If you’re having difficulty locating copper gifts for men, we’re here to help. Kindly fill out the form below, and one of your expert shopping consultants will get back to you.

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A very good idea, my uncle’s birthday is coming so, I will give him the Bonsai tree light, thanks a lot!

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Josh King
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Hope my girl can see this article and buy me a Copper hip flask, LoL

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Oliver Davies
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these copper items are good for a birthday gift. a brilliant idea for a gift.

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