Best Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts

by Craig
Bridal Shower Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts

Offering a suitable wedding gift to an environmentally conscious couple may seem difficult. However, the market has a surprising variety of lovely eco-friendly wedding gifts, and we’ve picked the 40 best ones to help you make your choice. 

Folded Book Art – Book Sculpture 

Wedding Folded Book Art Eco-Friendly Gift

This handmade folded book sculpture features the newlyweds’ names and the wedding date. The lovely, authentic gift will make a stunning home décor element the lucky couple will cherish forever. 

Natural Market Basket by Design Dua 

Natural Market Woven Basket Elephant Grass Vegan Material

The Bolga Market Basket or signature basket is made with utmost attention to detail. The elephant grass material is 100% vegan and can be placed or taken just about anywhere – around the house, to a picnic, or the market. 

Ultra Deluxe Skincare Gift Box 

Deluxe Skincare Gift Box Eco friendly And Natural

Shopping for eco-friendly cosmetics can be tricky. But this handmade, all-natural skincare gift box contains European spa salts, lemon balm, organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, organic olive oil, and many other natural ingredients without harsh chemicals. 

Extra Large Natural Notebook 

Extra Large Natural Notebook All Organic Vegan Leather

This extra large natural notebook is a perfect gift for newlyweds who enjoy writing and making scrapbooks. The organic vegan leather material is eco-friendly and available in multiple sizes and styles. 

Lazy Susan Turntable Cheeseboard

Eco Friendly Turntable Cheeseboard Rotating Charcuterie Wooden Board

This beautiful charcuterie cheeseboard is a charming wedding gift for gourmet couples who know how to enjoy their Saturday evenings. The seller of this product can also engrave a design of your choice to make this present more personalized. 

Personalized Cutting Board Engraved

Personalized Cutting Board Wooden Engraved Wedding Gift

If you’re searching for a great gift for newlyweds who love to spend time in the kitchen, this personalized cutting board with an engraving and forest scenery is a great option!

Sunset Boho Wood Wall Art

Sunset Boho Wood Wall Art Framed Wall Hanging

The fabulous laser-cut wall art is a unique gift for any nature and sunset-loving couple. Perfect as a bedroom or living room décor element, this painting also has a relaxing effect and fits into just about any design. 

Eco-Friendly Gift Box 

Eco Friendly Gift Box Wood Kitchen Utensils

This zero-waste gift box contains all the essentials an eco-conscious couple would want. Bamboo toothbrushes, wooden utensils, honey bee glass cup, handcrafted wooden bowl, and much more awaits in this lovely sustainable set. 

Wooden Figurine Curving Elephant’s Couple 

Wooden figurine curving Elephant's couple Wood Sculpture

Does the newlywed couple you’re shopping for love art? This wooden figurine of an elephant couple is so adorable they won’t be able to keep their eyes off it. Perfect as a living room decoration piece, the elephants can fit next to the TV or any shelf on the wall. 

Engraved Wooden Vase 

Engraved Wooden Vase  Eco Friendly Wedding Gift

This engraved wooden vase makes a perfect personalized wedding gift for couples who love authentic flower vases. Include the wording or numbers you want and choose from a variety of fonts to truly make this gift customized. 

Wind Chime Upcycled Wine Bottle Remembrance 

Wind Chime Upcycled Wine Bottle Remembrance 

Does the newlywed couple live far away from you? With this wind chime upcycled wine bottle remembrance, they will think of you and the times you spent together every time they go out in the backyard. 

Personalized Hexagon and Sun Boards

Personalized Hexagon and Sun Wooden Cheese and Sushi Boards

Are you gift shopping for sushi-loving newlyweds? If so, this hexagon board will knock them off their feet. Choose from a range of sizes and include an engraving of your choice to make this gift more personal. 

Natural Leaf Wedding Guest Book 

Natural Leaf Wedding Guest Book Eco Friendly Gift

Do you want to surprise the newlyweds and ensure they never forget the details about their wedding day? Gift them this handmade sketchbook made from 100% organic materials so the happy couple can revisit their joyous day over and over. 

Groom and Bride Matching Stainless Steel Water Bottles 

Groom and Bride Matching Sports Water Bottles Thermos

Plastic water bottles are a big no-no for the environment. Surprise the bride and the groom with these lovely matching stainless steel water bottles so they can drink their favorite beverage without feeling guilty. 

The Hatteras Outdoor Birdhouse 

Outdoor Birdhouse Wooden Landscape Backyard Decor Bird House

Does the soon-to-be-married couple live in a home with a big yard? If so, consider this outdoor birdhouse in the mid-century style to serve as a backyard décor and a safe haven for the birds nearby. They’re guaranteed to love this thoughtful and fully-wooded birdhouse. 

Navaris Insect House With Stakes 

Insect House Large Bug Hotel Natural Nesting Habitat

If you were blown by the birdhouse gift idea, wait until you hear more about this bee, butterfly, and ladybug natural nesting house for the yard and the garden. Lovely design, natural colors and materials, and plenty of living space for nature’s dearest creatures can now make it inside your loved one’s backyard!

100% Organic Cotton Sheet Set

Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Set Eco Friendly Bedding

The four organic cotton sheets in this premium set are super comfortable, smooth, and easily washable. Available in plenty of colors, they can make the perfect bedding for just about any décor and are made from sustainable fabrics for that eco-loving couple in your life. 

Cheese Board, Ceramic Bowls, Serving Plates Bamboo Set 

Cheese board with serving plates utensils and drawers

There are never enough eco-friendly foodie ideas for couples. This bamboo charcuterie set is a perfect gift for cheese and fruit lovers of all ages, and there’s no better occasion to offer it as a gift than at a wedding. 

NOVICA Artisan Crafted Recycled Hand Blown Glass Water Glasses 

Artisan Crafted Recycled Hand Blown Glass Confetti Multicolor

These authentic NOVICA Fair Trade water glasses are a great wedding gift for any eco-conscious couple. Multicolored in the confetti style, this set of six blown glasses is handmade from recycled glass with the help of glass-blowing techniques perfected over the course of three decades. 

Ceramic Coffee Cups and Pot Set 

Ceramic Coffee Tea Cups and Pot Set

Looking for a breathtaking eco-friendly gift for the eco-loving couple in your life? If so, look no further than this amazing ceramic coffee cup and pot set. Choose from the red or blue design for a more customized gifting experience. 

Antoni Barcelona Champagne Flute 

Antoni Barcelona Champagne Flute Blown GOLD Line Hand Painted Glass

Is the couple you’re shopping for a gift for also crazy about champagne? If so, this authentic, hand-painted champagne flute will be right up their alley. 

Hand-Crafted Marble Ruffle Bowl 

HandCrafted Marble Ruffle Flower Bowl In White

This charming marble mirror-finished bowl is made from heavy-duty stone and is 100% eco-friendly and organic. Thanks to its robust structure, it’s made to last forever, is easy to clean, and can be used for both serving and storage purposes. 

Cheese Board Set 

charcuterie board with cheese utensils and bowls

This super advanced cheese board set comes with four knives and four bowls for a complete gourmet experience for late family dinners or parties. Elegant, spacious, and durable, this set is a must-have for cheese-loving couples conscious of the environment. 

Fishers Finery 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 

Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Good Housekeeping Winner

These pure mulberry silk pillowcases will have the newly wedded couple in your life counting sheep in no time. Available in beautiful light colors, they come in multiple sizes and make for a perfect accompaniment to silk bedding sets. 

Organic Cotton Queen Size Bed Sheet Set 

Pure Organic Cotton Queen Size Bed Sheet Set White

This organic cotton bed sheet set for the Queen size bed comes with an extra long staple sateen weave, deep pockets, and is super soft to the touch. The newlyweds will enjoy this organic bedding set available in 10 colors. 

Ever After Wood Keepsake Box 

Ever After Wood Keepsake Box Personalized Eco Wedding Gift

This charming handmade keepsake box is made 100% from wood and makes for a perfect wedding gift. The “Ever After” engraving will remind a couple of their eternal love whenever they open it. 

Flower Vase Set

Flower Vase Set Home Décor Wedding Gift

This flower vase set is a perfect wedding gift for couples who appreciate marble pot-looking flower vases with eye-catching arrangements. Add style and personality to the newlywed’s home by gifting them this charming set made of solid and thick materials. 

Cake Stand With Glass Dome 

Cake Stand With Glass Dome and Charcuterie Cheese Serving Platter

The Kaxra Cake Stand is a 6-in-1 charcuterie board, cake stand, cheese board, serving platter, cutting board, and cupcake display. Its functionality, organic origin, and beautiful design make it a great wedding gift for environmentally-conscious couples. 

Eagle Crystal Salt Lamp 

Eagle Crystal Salt Lamp re Natural Rock Salt Light

This pure natural rock salt night lamp is a unique gift that any eco-friendly couple will enjoy. Your newlywed friends or family will enjoy reading before bed next to this loving eagle crystal lamp that can fit on their nightstand. 

Set of 6 Handmade Wooden Beer Mugs 

Handmade Wooden Beer Mug Set of eco Friendly Wood

Beer lovers conscious about their drinking equipment are sure to love this handmade set of six wooden beer mugs that look like they jumped straight out of a middle age tavern. 

KAZI Decorative Bowls Baskets

Decorative Bowls Baskets Eco-friendly Housewarming Wedding Gift

This eco-friendly home décor bowl set will fit most interiors just fine. It’s ethically sourced and woven and comes with a hand-stitched functionality. Add an authentic piece of décor to the newlyweds’ home that’s pleasing to the eye. 

Boho Basket Wall Décor – Set of 14

Boho Basket Hanging Wall Decor African Design Art

This Boho Basket Wall Décor set of 14 woven wall baskets featuring an African design is the ultimate gift for Boho-loving couples. They can hang all 14 baskets on the same wall or split them over multiple rooms, but the lovely effect remains. 

Bamboo Bay Luxury Sheets

Bamboo Bay Luxury Sheets King Size Set Cooling Organic Bedding

You can never go wrong with picking bamboo luxury sheets for a lucky couple. Make sure they enjoy coming home from their honeymoon to the most comfortable, breathable, and beautiful sheets. 

Modern Floral Upcycled Desk Clock 

Round Floral Table Clock Upcycled Desk Time Piece

This modern desk clock is handmade from old magazines and makes for a unique wedding gift that’s also eco-friendly. Ensure the lucky couple never forgets the time when they check on this chic authentic clock. 

Large Whimsical Eco-Friendly Poly Birdhouse 

Large Whimsical Eco-Friendly Poly Birdhouse

If Amazon’s birdhouses weren’t matching your taste, try this lovely Large Whimsical Eco-Friendly Poly Birdhouse with a black and yellow roof available at Etsy. This eco-friendly poly birdhouse will fit just about any front and backyard without taking up too much space. 

Handcrafted Dough Bowl With Mango Wood 

Handcrafted Dough Bowl made with Mango Wood Bread Basket

This charming dough bowl made from mango wood is a perfect addition to any kitchen table. The handcrafted item is highly functional as it can serve as a fruit or veggie holder, decoration, or as a potpourri bowl. 

Wall-Hung Yoga Mat Tube 

Lagoon Nebula Space Pattern, Yoga Mat Tube Holder Wall Hung

Couples who practice meditation and yoga daily can keep their mats in plain sight with this yoga mat home décor shelf. Smoothness, flow, and tranquility are the feelings this mat tube gives away by simply looking at it, especially when placed next to a lovely plant. 

Bouquet Art 

Custom Wedding Flower Preservation Pressed Bouquet Gift

This wedding flower preservation bouquet is a lovely zero-waste gift for your favorite newlyweds. Pick the size and color you want and transform their interior with a lively and refreshing floral painting bouquet that will fit perfectly with the existing décor. 

Painted Portrait 

Wedding Painting Custom Watercolor Portrait and Painted Couple

Get the newlyweds a painted portrait of their dreams. This handmade, watercolor and pencil drawing will always remind them of the most important day in their lives, but also of the person who gifted it. 

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Robe 

Plush Robe Organic Cotton Soft and Absorbent

Make sure the newlyweds come home to soft, comfortable, plush robes made from organic cotton. Netflix binge-watching, lazy evening napping, or getting out of the shower will become much more enjoyable with this thick and soft must-have robe. 

Worst Ideas 

So what are some of the worst gift ideas for an eco-friendly couple? Here’s our choice of big no-nos regarding environmentally friendly gifts. 

Plastic Gifts

Plastic is among the leading polluters of the planet that has caused so much trouble for environmentalists. So plastic cups, bottles, home décor, or any other gift made from this material is not the best idea.

Coral Jewelry 

Coral jewelry or any jewelry piece made from ocean creatures like pearls should be avoided.

Gifts Needing Batteries 

Any gift that requires a battery to operate means sooner or later, this tiny part will be corroding in a landfill and spreading harmful chemicals. If you cast an eye on such a gift, try buying one that can handle rechargeable batteries instead of regular ones. 

Excessively Packaged Products 

Products such as electronics and coffee machines come with a lot of wrapping and boxing material. These waste-generating elements won’t be welcome in an eco-conscious home. 

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Still haven’t decided on the best eco-friendly wedding gift? Fill out the form below to have one of our expert shoppers for advice.

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