Top 50 Gender Reveal Gifts

by Jessa

Are you invited to a gender reveal party and would like to express your excitement with a small but thoughtful gift? Here are 50 gender reveal gifts any mom- and dad-to-be will appreciate!

1. My Pregnancy Journey Journal

Pregnancy Journal with Plants and Animal Print

Welcoming a new member into the family is an exciting journey. Let your friend or relative document every step of this unforgettable experience with a beautiful pregnancy journal. This journal features gilded edges and a natural color palette.

2. Mom-to-Be Care Package

Mom to be Care All In One Package

Although it’s hard to resist buying all the tiny baby socks and cute toys a newborn would want or need, it’s the mom-to-be who needs gender-reveal gifts the most. Pregnancy can be stressful, so help her relax with this handmade care package by Three Bears Emporium.

3. Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow

Adjustable Keep Cool Pregnancy Pillow by Frida Mom

Finding the right sleeping position can be challenging during pregnancy. This body pillow by Frida Mom will be a game changer for your friend or relative. It provides support for the belly, hips, and legs, and is made of breathable materials for maximum comfort.

4. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Burt’s Bees Gift Set Skin Care Set

Pregnancy can take a huge toll on the body. Is the mom-to-be worried about her skin? Surprise her with this Burt’s Bees skincare set. It includes belly butter to nourish the stretching skin, foot cream for aching muscles, and vitamin-rich lip balm.

5. Gender Reveal Gift Basket

Hand Made Cute Gender Reveal Gift Basket

Just because the baby’s gender is yet to be revealed, it doesn’t mean clothes are off-limits. This handmade set of baby essentials by Forest Tale Design is not only completely gender-neutral but also made of super soft merino wool that will be gentle on the little one’s skin.

6. Portable Diaper Changing Pad

Alatino Portable changing Pad is comfortable and discreet

Soon, the new parents are going to be flooded with new responsibilities. This portable diaper changing pad by Alatino will ensure they can keep their baby clean and comfortable even while out and about. Its discreet grey color will fit in seamlessly with other accessories they purchase later.

7. Gift Basket for Relaxation

Gift Basket for Relaxation Ready for Spa Day

This opulent gift box by Natural Succulents has a bit of everything: a non-toxic soy wax-scented candle, a bath bomb for a relaxing spa session, soft socks and scrunchies for the mom-to-be’s comfort, and even a couple of delicious snacks.

8. Sense-U Baby Monitor

Monitor Your Baby's Breathing by Sense-U Baby Monitor

Are the soon-to-be parents the anxious kind? This baby monitor will give them peace of mind when the little one arrives. It tracks the baby’s sleeping position, breathing, and more, and alerts parents through an app when necessary. The green color makes it a gender-neutral gift.

9. Matching Tumblers

Stylish Tumbler with Reusable Straw and Cleaning Brush

This simple yet stylish matching set of tumblers is a great way to show your attention to both the mom and dad. The color combinations also makes it a versatile accessory they’ll be able to use for years.

10. Baby Milestone Blocks

Cute Wooden Baby Milestone Blocks with Box and Stickers

If the parents-to-be aren’t expecting gender reveal gifts but you still want to surprise them with something small, these wooden baby milestone blocks are a perfect choice. The set offers great variety with seven pieces and comes in lovely gender-neutral packaging.

11. Maternity Clothes

Sexy and Colorful Polka dot Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothing pieces are also a great gift option for a gender reveal party. The mom-to-be might get too busy in the coming months to spend a lot of time shopping, so she is surely going to appreciate your gift. This square-neck floral blouse will accommodate her baby bump with no issues!

12. Mama-to-Be Necklace

Sterling Minimalistic Silver Mama to Be Necklace

Jewelry that will always remind the expecting mom of this magical time of her life is also a thoughtful gift option. This chic and minimalistic sterling silver necklace represents the bond between a mother and her baby. It also comes in gift-ready packaging.

13. Baby Wrap

Cute Practical and Gender Neutral Baby Wrap

Baby wraps are practical but often take some practice to master. Get the soon-to-be mom a cute wrap in a gender-neutral color like grey, green, or yellow, and she’ll have plenty of time to practice before the little one arrives. This wrap is soft, stretchy, and above all, ergonomic for the baby.

14. Light Dimmer

Smart Lamp Dimmer and Remote Kit

Are the soon-to-be parents already designing their nursery? This smart light dimmer will be a great accessory for this space. It works with Alexa, Apple Home-Kit, Google Assistant, and other smart home devices, allowing seamless integration. It also comes with a handy remote.

15. Vitamins

PinkStork High Quality Prenatal Vitamins

The expecting mom needs all the vitamins she can get in this period of her life. But vitamins can be expensive, so giving her high-quality prenatal vitamins will certainly help the new family out. This set also includes a bag of coconut lavender tea, which is not only delicious but will also help her sleep.

16. Parenting Book

Parenting Book Practical Guide for New Mom's

The first baby can be a huge learning journey. This practical guide for taking care of a baby in the first six months of its life can be extremely helpful for first-time parents. The book is also bundled with a high-quality swaddle, making it the perfect gift set.

17. Crocheted Gift Set

Cute and Adorable Crocheted Gift Set from MamalamaKids

The next gift idea on our list is this adorable set from MamalamaKids that consists of a pair of booties and a lovely hand-crocheted plush toy. The light grey color palette makes it a safe choice regardless of the gender reveal’s result.

18. Hooded Towel

Organic Bamboo Cute White Hooded Towel by MINIBOO

This adorable white hooded towel from MINIBOO is made from premium-quality organic bamboo, which makes it suitable for newborns’ sensitive skin. The baby will love it for its softness, while the parents won’t be able to get enough of its cuteness.

19. Spa Gift Box

Relax with AzaliaHandCrafted Spa Gift Box

Is the mom-to-be anxious about the delivery? This gift box from AzaliaHandCrafted is what she’s looking for. Handmade with the post-partum period in mind, it’s full of products that will help her relax. You can select the scented candle and the tea yourself if you know what your friend prefers.

20. New Parents Gift Box

New Parents Gift Box with Mugs and Baby Essentials

This simplistic gift set from Dulhan Diaries contains something for all members of the new family: a matching set of mugs for the parents, a cute onesie for the little one, a pair of socks for mommy, and a hand-poured soy candle for the whole family.

21. Baby Memory Book

Keep Memories With This Memory Book by ZIRI & ZANE

Journaling doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This baby memory book from ZIRI & ZANE allows moms to capture their baby’s journey from birth to age five by spending just a few minutes a week filling in the book. A lovely woodland theme also makes this book appropriate for baby boys and girls alike.

22. Water Bottle

Black Stylish Water Bottle with Brush

The mom-to-be needs to stay hydrated at all times. This stylish water bottle will help her track her water intake and motivate her to drink more throughout each day. The bottle also comes with a practical sleeve that’s certainly going to come in handy once her hands are full of baby responsibilities.

23. Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card in a Box with Cute Design

If you’re not sure what gender-reveal gifts you should get, a gift card is always a solid alternative. This Amazon gift card is presented in a cute Welcome Baby Gift Box to make it fit the occasion. The lively animal-themed box makes it suitable regardless of what gender is revealed.

24. Gourmet Snacks

You Can Never Go Wrong With Country Gift Basket

The mom- and dad-to-be are going to appreciate a few delicious quick bites in the upcoming hectic period. This Wine Country gift basket is filled to the brim with gourmet delicacies. It’s also a suitable gift if you can’t make it to the party; personalize your gift message and have the basket delivered.

25. Pregnancy Journal

250 Pages Pregnancy Journal from Bibi & Beau

Another great gift for chic moms-to-be is this 250-page pregnancy journal from Bibi & Beau. With plenty of prompts to help her fill it out, she won’t get bored while she’s waiting for the little one to arrive. The gold details also make this an elegant gift.

26. New Parents Gift Set

Parents Gift Set with Mug and Teddy Bear

This matching mug and teddy bear set is a simple but cute option among gender-reveal gifts. The mugs can be decorated with custom text, so you can make your gift truly personalized.

27. Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Sophie the Giraffe Teether 100 Percent Natural Rubber

Sophie the Giraffe is a staple baby essential across the world. Made of 100% natural rubber, it’s completely safe for little ones. Its texture, weight, pattern, and squeaky sound provide various stimulations for the baby, making it a useful and fun toy at the same time.

28. Belly Buds Baby Bump Headphones

Play Music With Belly Buds Baby Bump Headphones

Another fun gender reveal gift the parents will get to use throughout the pregnancy period is a pair of baby bump headphones. This gadget lets them play music and sounds for the little one. Split audio also allows parents to listen to music together with their babies, a great way to bond.

29. Thermal Pad

Natural Microwaveable Heating Thermal Pad by Glow Botanica

Muscle pain is expected during pregnancy. The future mom will be eternally grateful for a relaxing heating pad. This natural microwaveable heating pad by Glow Botanica isn’t just soft and easy to use. It’s also scented with flaxseed and lavender for maximum relaxation.

30. Baby Grooming Kit

Baby Grooming Kit for your babies Bathing Essentials

This compact but all-encompassing baby healthcare and grooming kit is another essential every new parent will need. It includes everything from a water thermometer to a baby toothbrush. It comes in soft green suitable both for baby boys and baby girls.

31. Baby Milestone Building Blocks

Cute and Colorful Baby Milestone Building Blocks

Milestone blocks are a popular concept. This set takes them a step further and makes them interactive. The rubber texture makes them a great baby toy. The blocks are also stackable, helping babies develop their motor skills. At the same time, parents can also use them to take creative photos.

32. Baby Keepsake Box

Baby Keepsake Box for Your Little One's Memories

Babies grow up fast, so let the soon-to-be parents store their memories of their little one’s early days in this practical keepsake box. This vault allows parents to keep the most important baby items and documents organized. The muted slate color makes it appropriate for either gender, too.

33. Countdown Frame

Have Fun While Waiting for Your Little One

Are the parents already counting down the days until they get to meet their little one? Then this countdown picture frame is an excellent gender reveal party gift. The neutral silver color fits any interior design and is appropriately gender-neutral as well.

34. Personalized Glass

High Quality Personalized Glass for Dad's

During this period, the soon-to-be dad is often left out, but he deserves a unique keepsake, too. This classic whiskey glass with a stylish bottom engraving of his new role will always remind him of this exciting journey. It’s an understated but classy gift.

35. Children’s Book Set

Children’s Book Set by Doctor Sevss

Although it’s a little early for children’s books, a well-chosen set can get parents excited about what’s to come. Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection includes five classics in hardcover, which are all timeless gender-reveal gifts.

36. Baby Sound Machine

Baby Sound Machine with nightlight for any nursery.

This décor-friendly owl-shaped nightlight and sound machine is essential for any nursery. It helps babies calm down and fall asleep with gentle music, nature sounds, and a soft glow. It even creates starry sky projections. This device is also easy to use and has an auto-off timer.

37. Third Trimester Pregnancy Box

Third Trimester Pregnancy Essential Box for Mommy

Dedicated to a specific stage of pregnancy, this third trimester pregnancy gift box could be the perfect token of attention for the soon-to-be mom. The set includes items that she’ll appreciate during this exciting period, including a foot soak, an eye treatment, and hair wrap, a wood massager, and a headband.

38. Baby Milestone Blanket

Cute and Girly Milestone Mat Blanket with Numbers

Parents love tracking and documenting their baby’s growth. This gender-neutral baby milestone blanket makes the process a breeze. The blanket is a good size and machine-washable.

39. Smart Vacuum

Shark Smart Vacuum will keep your home clean

The new parents are about to step into a hectic period. A smart vacuum that keeps their home effortlessly clean can make their life easier. Today, there are affordable models you can pick up as a gift, like this Shark ION Robot Vacuum.

40. Baby Bath Set

Baby Bath Set with Cute shapes by Skip Hop

This baby bath set by Skip Hop will make bath times more comfortable, both for the parents and the little one. The set includes soft pads for parents’ knees and elbows as they bend over the bathtub. The design of the pieces is also adorable and will complement any bathroom.

41. Newborn Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers Diaper for Newborn Baby Recommended by Pediatricians

Are you looking for a very practical gift? Then you can’t go wrong with a huge pack of newborn diapers. Diaper expenses can add up, so this gift is a great way to support the couple financially. And Pampers are a no-brainer when it comes to diaper brands.

42. Bathrobe Set

Matching Bathrobe Set made with High Quality Cotton

A matching bathrobe set for the couple is another thoughtful gift for any occasion. This two-piece set is made of high-quality cotton and is machine-washable. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can pick the couple’s favorite. Custom embroidery options are also available.

43. Foot Spa Kit

Pamper with this Foot Spa Kit Set

Pregnancy can be really hard on the feet. The expecting mom will surely appreciate this pampering foot spa kit. The set includes a foot mask, foot scrub, foot balm, a foot soak, a lava stone, and a wooden spoon. You can choose from three herbal formulas.

44. Baby’s First Year Picture Frame

Cute Wooden Baby’s First Year Picture Frame

The soon-to-be parents are about to have thousands of baby photos on their phones. This picture frame lets them display printed copies of their little one’s first year on their wall. The white color will easily fit into any room’s décor.

45. Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket Filled with Different Kinds of Fruits

The soon-to-be parents will need all the healthy nutrients they can get in the period following the birth. A large fruit basket with a selection of fruits, cheeses, and other snacks is a great gift for any occasion, gender reveals included. This basket weighs eight pounds.

46. Baby Bottles

Philips Avent Baby Bottles Made of Natural Materials

Perfect gender-reveal gifts are practical. Which makes a set of baby bottles another solid idea. This stylish baby bottle by Philips AVENT is a trusty baby-feeding companion. It’s made of natural materials and has a natural response nipple. Pick up a set of four nine-ounce bottles in neutral white color.

47. Maternity Pajama Set

Comfortable and Soft Maternity Pajama Set

The soon-to-be mom will need plenty of comfortable clothes both during and after her pregnancy. You can surprise her with this practical maternity pajama set. Thanks to a double-layer design, it’s also suitable for breastfeeding, so she will get a lot of use out of it.

48. Mamacado Sweatshirt

Mamacado Sweatshirt is very comfortable with cute design

Are you looking for a fun and lighthearted gift for your bestie who’s expecting? This sweater with a cute design might just become her favorite maternity wear. The material is soft, and the oversized fit makes it comfortably. You can pick from numerous color options.

49. Sweets

Tower of Sweets to satisfy sweet cravings

The expecting mom is sure to have sweet cravings in this demanding period of her life. This Wine Country Tower of Sweets contains all the decadent snacks she might desire. The packaging makes this gift option even grander.

50. Matching Outfits

Matching Outfit is Available in all Neutral Colors

Gender reveal gifts are for the whole family. Get something for each member with this cute matching outfit set. The three-piece set includes a T-shirt for both the mom and dad and a cute bodysuit for the little one – all in gender-neutral colors.

Worst Ideas

Worst 50 Gender Reveal Gifts Idea

Although there are no hard-set rules for gender-reveal gifts, some ideas are still better avoided. Make sure you don’t make a mistake with the following gifts:

  • Gender-specific gifts – It’s a no-brainer that pink and blue are off-limits.
  • Alcohol – Don’t forget that the mom-to-be can’t drink for the time being.
  • Nursery décor – Unless you know the theme the couple is going for, gifting nursery décor is risky.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Gender reveal parties are a relatively new idea, so finding the right token of attention for the occasion can be challenging. If you need a hand choosing the perfect gender reveal gifts for your friend or family member, fill out the form below, and our expert shoppers will help you out.

Meta Description: Are you invited to a gender reveal party and don’t know what gifts are appropriate? Here are 50 gender reveal gifts any expecting couple will appreciate.

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