Top 50 Gift Ideas for Popcorn Lovers

by Craig
Top 50 Gift Ideas for Popcorn Lovers

There’s no better combination than a movie and popcorn. However, popcorn lovers don’t require a movie to munch on their favorite treat. If you need a gift for the popcorn lover in your life, look no further. We’ve done the work for you. Here are the best gift ideas for popcorn lovers.

1. Winona Pure Popcorn Theater Style Butter

A 3-pack of Winona Pure Popcorn Theater Style butter will give home-popped popcorn that movie theater popcorn taste. This spray-on flavoring is both low in fat and calories, so you won’t feel guilty while enjoying this popped treat. It’s the perfect gift for the calorie-counting snacker.

2. Orville Redenbacher’s Poppycock Cashew Lovers Popcorn

Orville Redenbachers Poppycock Cashew Popcorn Lovers Gift

This 10.5-ounce container is packed with delicious Orville Redenbacher’s Poppycock with cashews and makes for a fabulous popcorn lover’s treat. Mixed in with fluffy glazed popcorn are cashew clusters. This gluten-free snack is perfect for a stay-at-home movie night.

3. West Bend Stir Crazy Movie Theater Popcorn Popper

Popcorn Popper Machine Movie Theater Popcorn Lovers Gift

The West Bend Stir Crazy Movie Theater Popcorn Popper looks like it came straight out of a movie theater. Imagine popping 4 quarts of popcorn in just a few minutes. This is a great gift for a family who loves movie-watching while munching on this traditional movie night snack.

4. Cusinium Aluminum Popcorn Scoop Salt Shaker and Bags

Popcorn Scoop Salt Shaker and Bags

The Cusinium aluminum popcorn scoop and salt shaker can give movie night at home a more authentic theater feel. The set also includes 75 vintage-style paper popcorn bags so the entire family can share in the fun. Popcorn eaten out of these bags makes movie night even more exciting.

5. Shirtside Professional Popcorn Eater Tee

Professional Popcorn Eater Tee Shirt Popcorn Lovers Gift

Those who take their popcorn seriously can proudly wear it on their chest. This professional popcorn eater tee by Shirtside lets everyone know what they’re good at doing. Truly a fun gift for the silly snacker in your life.

6. Amish Country Popcorn Gift Set

Amish Country Popcorn Kernel Variety Gift Set

Popcorn lovers who are looking for something a bit different will be pleased to receive this Amish Country popcorn gift set. Included are six different styles of 4-ounce bags of un-popped kernels and a container of popcorn salt. This makes for a unique gift for the discerning muncher. One of the best gift ideas for popcorn lovers

7. Popco Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper

Popco Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper Machine Gift

For those who prefer to pop their popcorn kernels in a microwave, Popco’s silicone microwave popcorn popper is a great gift. Glass popcorn poppers get hot and can cause burns, but Popco’s is made from silicone, so there are no more burned fingers when extracting this fun to eat treat.

8. Kickin’ Premium Microwave Popcorn Variety Gift Pack

Kickin Premium Microwave Popcorn Spicy And Sweet Pack

Microwave popcorn lovers who enjoy a spicier treat will go bonkers for the Kickin’ Premium Microwave Popcorn Variety Gift Pack. The set includes six different flavors such as ghost pepper and habanero. These are sure to burn in a most delicious way.

9. Great Northern Pre-Measured Popcorn Packs

Great Northern Popcorn Company Kernel Portion Packs Gift

Sometimes making the appropriate amount of popcorn can be difficult, but not with Great Northern’s Pre-Measured Popcorn Packs. The set contains 24 individual packs and comes complete with salt and oil packets. Your popcorn-eating fan won’t have to guess if they’ve made too much or too little.

10. Urban Accents Movie Night Popcorn Kernels and Seasoning Variety Pack

Urban Accents Popcorn Kernels And Seasoning Variety Pack

Popcorn munchers who enjoy some variety can do so with this Urban Accents Movie Night Popcorn Kernels and Seasoning Variety Pack gift set. Included are 3 different styles of kernels and 5 different shakers of popcorn seasoning. This kit is a great way to spice things up.

11. Popcorn Lovers Gifts Popcorn King Sweatshirt

Popcorn King Movie Snack Sweatshirt Gift Idea

This unisex sweatshirt is a hilarious gift for the popcorn nut in your life. The Popcorn Lovers Gifts Popcorn King sweatshirt is available in a variety of sizes. When looking for gift ideas for popcorn lovers, this fun sweatshirt certainly fits.

12. Urban Accents Popcorn Seasonings Variety Pack

Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack Great Gift Idea

With six flavors to choose from, the Urban Accents Popcorn Seasonings Variety Pack can suit almost any taste. With flavors like dill pickle and sriracha, the flavor spectrum is far-reaching. These seasonings are a great way to spice up plain old popcorn.

13. Themed Cosmetics Bag Gift Ideas For Popcorn Lovers

Popcorn Themed Cosmetic Makeup Bag Popcorn Lovers Gift

For the woman in your life who’s crazy for popcorn, the WZYMPA popcorn themed cosmetics bag is a fun gift. Emblazoned on its side are the words Peace, Love, and Popcorn along with fun graphics. 

14. Franklin’s Gourmet Buttery Vegan Popcorn Topping

Franklins Gourmet Buttery Popcorn Topping Vegan Gluten Free

It can be difficult to get that authentic movie theater popcorn taste, but not when you use Franklin’s Gourmet Buttery Popcorn topping. This gluten-free, vegan-friendly popcorn topping is a healthy and animal-friendly way to get that real movie theater popcorn flavor.

15. Kernel Seasonings Popcorn Flavors Variety Pack

Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning Flavor Variety Pack

With 15 different flavors to choose from, popcorn doesn’t need to be boring. Kernel Seasonings Popcorn Flavors Variety pack has awesome flavors like milk chocolate, ranch, bacon, and 12 other mouth-watering options.This is one of the top gift ideas for popcorn lovers

16. Skinny Pop Original Popcorn 30-Pack

SkinnyPop Popcorn Skinny Pop Original Snack 30 Pack

A thoughtful gift for the popcorn lover who also counts calories is this Skinny Pop 30-pack. With its pre-measured preservative-free portions, Skinny Pop Original Popcorn allows for guilt-free snacking. They’ll thank you for the treat.

17. Popcorn Country USA Un-Popped Popcorn Lovers Gift Set

North Loup Valley Popcorn kernel Lovers Gift Box

Weighing in at a hefty 8 pounds, this gift set contains four bags of different un-popped popcorn. The Popcorn Country USA Un-Popped Popcorn Lovers gift set contains white, blue, red, and yellow popcorn kernels. The set comes complete with a convenient gift box.

18. Winona Sweet Caramel Popcorn Spray 2-Pack

Winona Pure Sweet Caramel Popcorn Spray Delicious Seasoning

Popcorn lovers with a sweet tooth will drool over this spray-on popcorn topping. Winona’s Sweet Caramel Popcorn spray adds a yummy caramel taste to popcorn making it an extra special crunchy treat. This special flavoring can turn average popcorn into something entirely new.

19. Angie’s Boomchikapop Gluten-Free Sea Salt Popcorn Case

Angies BOOMCHICKAPOP Popcorn With Sea Salt 24 Pack

Give the popcorn eater in your life the gift of a 24-pack Angie’s Boomchikapop gluten-free sea salt popcorn. At only 35 calories per cup, even the most calorie-conscious friend can indulge in their desire for this tasty treat. This is a great gift for all popcorn munchers.

20. Jiffy Pop Butter Flavored Popcorn 8-Pack

Jiffy Pop In Pan Butter Popcorn Lovers Gift

This old-time treat is just as fun to make as it is to eat. Jiffy Pop butter flavored popcorn makes the cooking part easy. With its all-in-one packaging design, all that’s required is to heat it on the stove, and once popped, open the foil and enjoy.

21. G.H. Cretors Popcorn Just Cheese

GH Cretors Popcorn Just Cheese Flavor 6.5 Ounce Bag

For some popcorn lovers, adding cheese flavoring sounds like a dream. G. H. Cretors Popcorn Just Cheese has the cheese flavoring already added, making this a great popcorn and cheese lovers treat. This set contains 3 bags of cheesy popcorn deliciousness.

22. Princeton Popcorn Giant Popcorn Kernels

Giant Popcorn Kernels by Princeton Popcorn Farm Grown

Inside this huge 8-pound bag are special popcorn kernels. Princeton Popcorn’s Giant Popcorn Kernels are different from the everyday variety. Not only are these bigger, but they also pop into large ball-shaped popcorn. These are better for those who like to eat them by the mouthful.

23. Popinsanity 2 Gallon Tin with 3 Different Flavored Popcorn

Popinsanity Gourmet Popcorn Gold Tin With Three Flavors

Packed into a stylish tin are 3 different flavors of popcorn. The Popinsanity Popcorn Tin contains sweet and salty, cookies and cream, and caramel chocolate flavored popcorn. This popcorn is more than just a movie-time snack, it’s a gourmet delicacy.

24. Franklin’s Original Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Franklins Original Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Machine Popper

True popcorn lovers know that half of the fun of enjoying this popped treat is making it. The Franklin’s Original Whirley Pop stovetop popcorn popper adds the element of fun while preparing a tasty movie-time treat. Its whirly handle prevents popcorn from burning by keeping the kernels moving around.

25. Wild Ties Skinny Tie Gift Ideas For Popcorn Lovers

Popcorn Print Tie Skinny and Microfiber Ties

That popcorn-loving guy in your life will be proud to wear this Wild Ties Popcorn skinny tie. Beautiful fluffy yellow popcorn is featured on this silly piece of men’s attire. This makes for a great gift for the goofy popcorn fanatic in your life.

26. Cornrush Theater-Style Popcorn Popping Machine

Popcorn Popping Machine Vintage Professional Kettle Popcorns Maker

Popcorn lovers will flip out over this vintage-style functioning popcorn popper. The Cornrush theater-style popcorn popping machine can be used to pop their favorite treat but also looks incredible as a display piece. it comes with everything required to pop movie theater-style popcorn.

27. 500 Carnival Themed Bags Gift Ideas For Popcorn Lovers

A fun way to enjoy popcorn is to eat it out of vintage-style grease-resistant paper bags. The gift of Veeboost popcorn bags will please even the pickiest of popcorn lovers. This set comes complete with 500 carnival-themed popcorn bags.

28. Snappy Butter Burst Popcorn Oil

Butter Burst Popcorn Oil 1 Gallon

There’s nothing better than popping fresh popcorn with buttery-flavored cooking oil. Snappy’s Butter Burst Popcorn oil comes in a 1-gallon jug and makes a great gift for the popcorn enthusiast in your life. Even after opening, it doesn’t require refrigeration, so it’s sure to last.

29. Mud Pie Fireside Popcorn Popper

Fireside Popcorn Popper For Campfire And Bonfires

This vintage-style popcorn popper pops popcorn the old way. The Mud Pie Fireside popcorn popper is great for making your favorite treat directly over an open flame. It’s a perfect gift for the camper who wants to enjoy fresh-popped popcorn while enjoying the great outdoors.

30. Cinema Retro-style Popcorn Plastic Containers

Retro Movie Style Plastic Popcorn Bowl 
Reusable Containers

A fun way to eat popcorn is out of a retro-style popcorn container, just like in the movie theaters of the past. Ononglobal’s retro-style plastic popcorn containers come in a set of four, each with a fun movie-themed design.

31. Johnny’s Popcorn Salt 6-Pack

Johnnys Popcorn Salt Spice Seasoning 6 Pack

Popcorn lovers know that you can’t top their favorite snack with just any ordinary salt. Johnny’s Popcorn Salt brings out the real flavor of movie theater popcorn. It comes in a handy 6-pack which should keep the popcorn fiend in salt for ages.

32. Denim Popcorn Themed Baseball Cap

Denim Cap Popcorn Themed Classic Adjustable Baseball Hat

The FEAIYEA Denim popcorn baseball cap is a fun gift for those who live, eat, and breathe popcorn. On its front is a fun graphic of the stages of a kernel popping. It has an adjustable strap, so it’ll fit almost anyone.

33. World Market Popcorn Server Bowl – Set of 4

World Market Popcorn Server Bowl Set Microwave Safe

Perfect for popcorn lovers with huge appetites, World Market’s porcelain popcorn bowls make a great gift. Printed on the side is exactly what the bowls are for, so there’s no mistaking it as just another bowl. This is a fun gift for the popcorn lover in your life.

34. Dash Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Dash Hot Air Popcorn Maker with Measuring Cup

For popcorn lovers who don’t want to microwave their favorite treat, the DASH hot air popcorn maker is a great gift. All they’ll need to do is add popcorn kernels, press the “on” button, and minutes later they’ll have fresh popcorn.

35. Gutwein Gourmet Microwave Popcorn

Gutwein Gourmet Microwave Popcorn Variety Pack 36 Count

The Gutwein gourmet popcorn kit comes with 36 individual microwavable packets. They’ll receive four different flavors; extra butter, cheese, kettle, and hot & spicy. Fans of popcorn will love the variety and quality of this gourmet treat.

36. Lunarable 1960s-Style Apron Gift Ideas For Popcorn Lovers

Lunarable Popcorn Themed 1960s Chef Apron Gift Ideas

The popcorn-loving chef of the BBQ can show off his or her love for their favorite snack with this Lunarable 1960s-style popcorn apron. It’s machine washable, long-lasting, and makes a fun gift. The old-school graphics give it a retro feel.

37. Voenls Movie Night Canvas Wall Art

Movie Night Film Reels Popcorn Poster On Canvas

Popcorn lovers need some movie theater-themed artwork for their home theater. Voenls Movie Night canvas artwork features a fun vintage graphic of a paper bag full of their favorite treat and old-style movie film. This is a fun gift for the popcorn fan.

38. Pardick Popcorn-themed Area Rug

Washable Indoor Rug Buttery Popcorn Round Non Slip

A fun gift for popcorn lovers, this popcorn-themed area rug by Pardick is perfect. It’s 3 feet in diameter and features an old-school bag of popcorn. It’s the perfect addition to a living room, den, or home theater.

39. Popcornopolis 12-Cone Variety Popcorn Gift Set

Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn 12 Cone Variety Snack Pack

The Popcornopolis Variety Popcorn set comes with 12 individual cones. Its flavors include cheddar cheese, kettle, Zebra, and caramel. This is a fantastic gift for popcorn lovers who crave variety. Each cone makes the perfect serving of this popped treat.

40. Nosiny Popcorn and Soda Trays

Movie Night Snack Trays Hold Popcorn And Drinks

Nosiny’s Popcorn and soda trays can make the home movie experience feel more like a night in the theater. These fold-up cardboard boxes have fun movie-themed graphics and a spot for popcorn, a beverage, and other snacks. The set comes with 20 disposable trays.

41. WoBinay Bath Mat Set Gift Ideas For Popcorn Lovers

Popcorn Non Slip Bath and  Bathroom Mat Set

If you need a gift for someone who’s gone popcorn crazy, this 3-piece popcorn bath set by WoBinay is just what you’re looking for. Included in the set are a bath mat, toilet seat cover, and U-shaped toilet rug. It’s colored a buttery yellow with freshly popped kernels.

42. Soft House Popcorn Slippers

House Slippers Soft Memory Foam Popcorn Lovers Gift

The popcorn nut in your life will go bananas for these popcorn slippers by Umidedor. Looking more like two bags of movie-style popcorn, these slippers make a great gift for the goofy popcorn fiend. Made of comfortable memory foam, they can be worn not just for movie night.

43. Ambesonne Retro Popcorn Shower Curtain

Retro Stall Shower Curtain Popcorn Lovers Gift Idea

This fun Ambesonne retro popcorn shower curtain is a fun gift for a diehard popcorn fan. It features a bag of carnival-style popcorn and has a comic-book feel. This is a fun gift for the popcorn head in your life who has everything.

44. DECHOUS Popcorn Plush Pillow

Popcorn Plush Hugging Pillow Squishmallow

The perfect sofa pillow for a night of movie-watching is this DECHOUS popcorn plush pillow. Suitable for everyday use, this fun and colorful plush pillow has a silly feel. Shaped like a bucket of theater-style popcorn, this is a great gift for a lover of popcorn.

45. Greenbriar Retro Popcorn Bowl and Container Package

Vintage Popcorn Cup And Bowl Set Theater Style

This Greenbriar retro popcorn bowl and container set is a fun gift for movie-night popcorn lovers. This reusable set comes with 4 individual red and white containers and a large bowl for sharing. They have the look of carnival-style popcorn bags.

46. Twin Bed Fitted Sheet For Popcorn Lovers

Movie Theater Fitted Bed Sheet Popcorn Lovers Gift

A perfect gift for the person in your life who dreams of their favorite snack, the Ambesonne twin bed fitted sheet is a dream come true. The sheet features a large graphic of an old-style bag of popcorn with a retro feel.

47. Black Jewell Original Popping Kernels Gift Ideas For Popcorn Lovers

Black Jewell Popcorn Kernels Non Gmo Vegan

For the popcorn connoisseur who prefers a more refined popped treat, Black Jewell Original Popping Kernels is the gift for them. These kernels are for adults with a refined taste who want higher-quality popcorn. This makes a great gift for the popcorn snob.

48. Graphics And More – Pop Goes the Popcorn Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap Paper Rolls Popcorn Mouths Lips Pattern

A fun way to wrap a popcorn-inspired gift for the popcorn fanatic in your life is with Pop Goes the Popcorn gift wrap by GRAPHICS AND MORE. The eye-popping graphics and color will get the gift receiver wanting to munch on their favorite treat.

49. Betsy Johnson Butter Me Up Crossbody Purse

Betsey Johnson Popcorn Themed Crossbody Bag Handbag Purse

A fun gift for the fashionable popcorn lover is this Betsy Johnson Butter Me Up crossbody purse. Capturing the style of Johnson’s flair for fashion, this fun purse looks like a bag of popcorn. Fans of popcorn and fashion will drool over this eccentric bag.

50. Dnier Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine Maker Makes Flower Ball Shaped Snack

Compact in size, the DNIER popcorn machine is great for snackers who don’t have a lot of space but still want to enjoy popping their own kernels. It’s closed design keeps the popping inside but it’s still visible through its clear dome.

Worst gift ideas for popcorn lovers

True popcorn lovers want the real deal. When shopping for a gift for popcorn fanatics, a quick supermarket purchase of a few bags of microwave popcorn probably won’t cut it with this crowd. It doesn’t show much effort or thought, and they’ll most likely think you took them from your kitchen and wrapped them up.

Great gift ideas for popcorn lovers require a little more thought than the obvious choices. If they are really into popcorn, they won’t be thrilled with a box of cheap kernels.

Talk to an Expert Shopper about gift ideas for popcorn lovers

If you’re still having problems with finding the right gift for the popcorn lover in your life, we’re here to help. Fill out the form below to send a message to one of our expert shoppers. Someone will get back to you and provide assistance.

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