Gifts for Tesla Owners

by Craig

Looking for gifts for Tesla owners as unique as their vehicles? Don’t worry if finding the right present for them creates a headache – here are some great gift ideas for your beloved electric car aficionados.

1. Center Console Tray 

Tesla Center Console Alset Tray and Storage bin

Every driver needs a center console tray from time to time. Whether it’s to hold food or essential items, this tray will come in quite handy while waiting at the charging station or going on long drives on Autopilot.

2. Navigation Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Touchscreens can be extremely sensitive, and that goes for Tesla’s massive navigation screen. Of course, a screen protector is a perfect solution to keep this essential gadget safe. The protective glass is shock resistant and tempered. Note that the protector is designed specifically for Tesla 3 and Y models.

3. Laptop Desk

Car Laptop Desk for Tesla Model 3 Model Y

Who says you can’t have a laptop desk in your car? When it’s time to stop and maybe do some remote work from the cabin, this removable carbon fiber desk will transform the Tesla into a mobile office. The tray is intended for use with Models 3 and Y.

4. LED Cup Holder

LED Cup Holder Coaster For Tesla USB Powered

A regular cup holder is merely convenient, but this Tesla-branded LED holder takes it to the next level. The light can change color with a simple three-second press. This USB-powered cup holder will add a special flair to the vehicle’s interior.

5. Center Console Docking Station

Docking Station Center Console For Tesla Model 3 Model Y

This USB docking station can turn the Tesla into a true entertainment center. It supports USB-C connections and fast charging. The hub also features a sliding cover to prevent dust from coming in. This is an ideal gift for Tesla owners, particularly those with Models 3 or Y.

6. Trunk Organizer

Car Trunk Organizer With Built-in Leakproof Cooler Bag

With multiple compartments, a robust build, and even a dedicated cooler bag, this trunk organizer will be excellent on journeys of any length. There are removable dividers in the organizer, allowing for extensive customization.

7. Ultra-Bright Interior LED Lights

Tesla Interior Car LED Light Bulb Kit Fits

Made for 3, S, Y, and X models, these dark-pink LED lights will create a completely new atmosphere in the cabin. The lights also come in blue and white. They can be installed practically anywhere – in the doors, trunk, footwell, or Tesla’s unique frunk.

8. Puddle Lights With Logo Projector

Puddle Lights With Logo Projector  for Tesla Model 3/S/Y/X

Custom lights make for great gifts for Tesla owners. But these puddle lights take the show outside. They install at the bottom of the doors and project the Tesla logo on the ground when the doors are open.

9. Car Washing Kit

Car Wash Kit with Foam Gun Bucket and Cleaning Chemicals

There’s probably no Tesla owner in the world who doesn’t like to keep their vehicle squeaky clean. That’s why this 14-piece washing kit represents a perfect gift. It contains various cleaning tools, as well as 16 ounces of cleaning chemicals.

10. Beanie Hat With Headphones

Bluetooth Beanie Headphones Hat Unique Gift

It’s no surprise that Tesla owners are most often tech enthusiasts as well. And a Bluetooth headphone beanie is just the present for tech heads. The headphones sync almost immediately and can stay on for up to 20 hours.

11. 4-in-1 USB Hub

USB Hub Center Console Adapter Fits Tesla Model 3/Y

This USB hub has two USB 3.0 and two Type C ports. It can power any device with the appropriate connection, from a mobile phone to a boombox. In addition, the hub features a sleek design that will fit perfectly in the Tesla’s interior.

12. Tesla Branded Coffee Mug

Tesla Coffee Mug Matte Black

If you’re after gifts for Tesla owners that allow them to show off their love for the brand, this Tesla mug is just the thing. The mug is black on the outside, red on the inside, and features a massive Tesla logo.

13. Tire Inflator/ Air Compressor

Air Compressor Tire Inflator Pump  AC/DC Portable For Car

This air compressor can come in quite handy if a tire on the Tesla needs some inflating. The device is light, powerful, and easy to store. The compressor features various adapters to ensure universal use.

14. Upright Trash Can With Storage Pockets

Car Trash Can with Lid Upright Floor or Seatback Use

No matter if it’s a Tesla or any other vehicle, every car can become messy without a proper trash solution. That’s precisely why this surprisingly stylish trash can exists. It’s built to stay upright and can rest on the seatback or the floor.

15. Wireless Phone Charger

Car Wireless Charger for Tesla Model 3 Phone Charging Pad

The latest wireless charger for Tesla Model 3 lets the user charge their phone in any position – portrait or landscape. It also supports USB-C charging via a hidden cable.

16. Travel Pillow

Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Tesla Branded

This memory foam travel pillow is ideal head support for drivers and passengers alike. It comes with a branded black pillowcase and will look great while staving off neck pain. If you want practical and aesthetic gifts for Tesla owners, you won’t go wrong with this pillow.

17. Second Row Console Organizer

Rear Center Console Organizer For Tesla Model Y

There are plenty of first-row organizers out there, but this second-row storage unit shows some love to the back seat area. It’s designed as a perfect fit for Tesla Model Y.

18. Back Seat Trash Bag

Tesla Model 3 Trash Can for Back Seat Garbage Bag

While a passenger might mistake it for a business bag, this backseat trash bag handles garbage with an abundance of style. In fact, while the product is advertised as a trash bag, it can double as storage.

19. Aluminum Key Fob Cover

Aluminum Key Fob Cover For Tesla Model X

With an aluminum case and leather keychain, this key fob cover for the Tesla Model X key is gorgeous and practical. Not all gifts for Tesla owners allow them to take the unique style of Tesla outside the vehicle. This fob cover does just that.

20. Magnet Phone Mount

Magnetic Phone Car Mount for Tesla

Phone mounts are very practical, but they can look jarring when standing on their own. This magnet phone mount is designed to fold out of sight when not in use. It features a powerful magnet that will keep any phone firmly in place.

21. Center Console Cushion

Center Console Cover Quilting White Armrest Cushion Fits Tesla Y

Made of vegan leather, the Model 3 and Y-compatible center console cushion is fashionable and cozy. It comes in several colors and installs seamlessly with elastic bands.

22. Tactical Wallet

Bifold Wallet Tactical Metal RFID Blocking Aluminum

With space-grade aluminum, this RFID tactical wallet counts among the most convenient gifts for Tesla owners not related to the vehicle itself. The color selection is massive, and the wallets look stunning.

23. Hidden Tissue Holder

Hidden Tissue Holder for Tesla Model 3 or Y Magnetic

It’s fair to say that even Tesla owners cry sometimes. And when that happens, what’s better than a hidden tissue holder? All jokes aside, this minimalist magnetic compartment is ideal for various purposes like storing phones, glasses, or other essentials out of sight.

24. Universal Phone Holder

Universal Phone Holder Tesla Branded Adjustable Car Cellphone Mount

This Tesla Model 3 and Y phone holder is made to keep the phone secure and look amazing even when empty. Made as a custom fit for 2021 3 and Y models, the holder is made of ABS plastic and reinforced for maximal stability.

25. Vacuum Thermal Bottle With Tesla Logo

You’d be forgiven if you saw this thermal bottle and thought it was some high-end gadget. The bottle is made of stainless steel and will preserve the temperature of any beverage in it, be it hot or cold.

26. Branded Insurance and Car Registration Holder

Tesla Branded Insurance and Car Registration Holder

The best gifts for Tesla owners are meant to keep their style on brand to the smallest detail. This registration holder fits the bill perfectly. It can fit into different compartments, comes in several colors, and in addition to the Tesla branding, features a magnetic shut.

27. Clean Air Vehicle Sticker Magnet

Clean Air Vehicle HOV Lane Sticker Magnet

Tesla owners can get Clean Air Vehicle stickers, allowing them to use carpool or HOV lanes. This removable magnet for CAV stickers lets the owner put the stickers on or off without actually sticking them to the vehicle.

28. Door Scuff Plate

Stainless Steel Door Scuff Plate for Tesla Model X

Even if your doors are scuffed, a Tesla can still look beautiful with these stainless steel scuff plates. They are quality-made, sturdy, and durable, ensuring long service life. Plus, the plates truly look stunning.

29. Walnut Center Console Cover

Walnut Wood Center Console Cover  for Tesla Model 3 And Y

Actual wood elements elevate every interior, and with this walnut center console cover, the Tesla’s cabin will look even classier. It comes in ebony, black ash, and maple variants.

30. Window Shades

Foldable Sunroof And Window Shade Set For Tesla Model X

These window and sunroof shades are made of glass and are designed to block UV radiation. They are ideal gifts for Tesla owners who like driving in the sun but don’t want the heat and glare that come with it.

31. Roadside Emergency Kit

Roadside Emergency car kit tool set

Emergency kits can save you a lot of trouble if you have issues on the road. You can’t predict when a problem might occur so having this with you at all times is a smart move. This roadside kit features a total of 81 pieces for any occasion, from basic tools to tire repair essentials.

32. 3D Crystal Tesla Cybertruck Model

Crystal Tesla Cybertruck 3D Model Gift

As far as perfect gifts for Tesla owners go, there may be no better thing to give than – more Tesla. Truth be told, this Tesla is a 3D model of the futuristic Cybertruck, not the real thing, but it will make for a great present nevertheless.

33. Survival Gear Kit

Survival Gear Kit Tools And Equipment

While not directly related to Tesla, this survival kit is a great gift for any Tesla owner who loves the outdoors. The kit has 11 pieces, including a wire saw, flashlight, emergency blanket, and a fire starter.

34. Headrest Pillow

Tesla Headrest Neck Pillow Two Pack

Made of genuine leather, this Tesla-branded pillow is cozy and fashionable. It comes in black and white to accommodate any interior style. The pillow provides excellent neck support and is designed exclusively for Models 3 and Y.

35. Sunglass Holder

Sunglass Holder Credit Card Clip For Tesla Car

Small accessories make for wonderful gifts for Tesla owners. And this sunglass holder represents just that. It’s a stylish clip that fits onto the sun visor and – as the name says – holds sunglasses. The holder comes in grey, black, and gorgeous red.

36. Compact Trash Can

Tesla Trash Can with Garbage Bags For Car

Compatible with all Tesla models, this small, leak-proof trash can looks like it should hold anything but garbage. With a sleek design and black color, it boasts a better look than a trash can should have. Plus, it comes with eight garbage bag rolls to keep this beauty clean on the inside.

37. Unisex Tesla T-Shirt

Tesla T-Shirt Unisex In Black

There’s no better way to show pride in being a Tesla owner than by wearing this quality-designed Tesla t-shirt. It’s made of premium cotton and designed for an athletic look. The t-shirt is machine-washable, so it can stay in use all year round.

38. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner High Efficiency And Potable Handheld

This wireless vacuum cleaner has to count among the best gifts for Tesla owners who wish to keep their vehicles tidy. The mini gadget packs a whopping 135 watts of power and comes equipped with an LED light. It’s an ideal solution for cars and other smaller or dimly-lit interiors.

39. Lifting Jack Pads With Storage Case

Lifting Jack Pad Pucks For Tesla Cars

Tesla models have particular jack points that require specific adapters, and these lifting jack pads are just that. Made for easy installation, the pads will fit every Tesla model perfectly. The only exception is the X, where the pads may be a bit loose. However, these pads can be used with Model X as well with some careful lining up.

40. Vacuum Travel Mug

Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler Vacuum Mug Branded Tesla

With a high-tech look and stainless steel construction, these travel mugs represent great gifts for Tesla owners who like to take their drinks on the go. The vacuum casing maintains the ideal temperature and slips into Tesla’s cup holders seamlessly.

41. Baseball Cap With Handmade Logo

Tesla Model S3XY Baseball Cap Gift

As a piece of original Tesla merch, this baseball cap is a must-have for true Tesla fans. The cap is made of 100% cotton and features a hand-made 3D Tesla logo.

42. Seat Gap Filler

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler Set

If you watch the TV show Shark Tank, you may remember this handy car gadget. The seat gap filler does precisely what it says – it fills the space between the seat and the center console. It has a special slot that allows the gadget to attach firmly, and prevent anything from falling between the seats.

43. Tesla Branded Hoodie

Mens Hoodies Pullover Sweatshirt With Tesla Brand

Breathable, fashionable, and soft, this Tesla hoodie is ideal for a loose style. Gifts for Tesla owners are often beautiful or highly practical, but they rarely get as comfortable as this hoodie. Best of all, it will go well with almost any attire.

44. Neck Massage Pillow

Shiatsu deep kneading massage pillow with heat

Even if you’re not a Tesla owner, everybody enjoys a good massage. This is why this massage pillow provides the perfect relaxation tool. With 3D massage nodes and gentle heating, it’s great for neck, back, foot, and shoulder massages. The pillow has an ergonomic design that allows it to follow the contours of any body part.

45. Tire Pressure Gauge

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge for Car Truck Bicycle

A tire pressure gauge might not be among the most impressive gifts for Tesla owners, but it’s one every driver will be thankful to have. Even with built-in tire pressure monitoring, having an independent gadget to maintain proper levels is always a good idea. That way, it’s easy to take a quick check if the car doesn’t behave as usual.

46. Bamboo Steering Wheel Tray

Bamboo Steering Wheel Tray Or Desk

With this bamboo tray, a quick snack in the car will become an easy-to-manage feast, and opening a laptop will make a work day on the go a breeze. The tray attaches to the steering wheel and features a smooth finish that acts as protection and looks amazing. Made of bamboo, the tray falls in line with Tesla’s environmentally-friendly mission.

47. Cargo Carrier

Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Weatherproof And Large

Fit for any car roof, this cargo carrier can store all of the travel essentials. The carrier is entirely weatherproof and resistant to UV rays. It will stay on the roof even without a roof rack due to special clips that keep it secured to the door frame.

48. Tesla Desktop Supercharger

Tesla official Desktop USB Supercharger Gift for Tesla Owners

Made using the exact data from actual Supercharger stations, this desktop Supercharger is a miniature version of the same design made for phone charging. It’s made of sturdy metal and stands six inches tall. The gadget comes in a genuine Tesla box, which isn’t a surprise since this product is an official Tesla commission.

49. Pet Seat

Dog Seat Car Cover For Pets Waterproof

This waterproof, sturdy pet seat is among the best gifts for Tesla users with pets. The seat is resistant to scratching but soft enough to keep the pet comfortable. At the same time, it allows four-legged friends to take a ride without messing up the car’s interior.

50. Floor Mats

When it comes to keeping the car floor clean, nothing does the job as well as a set of quality floor mats. These Tesla Model Y mats are the perfect solution for that precise purpose. The mats are resistant to staining and waterproof. They’ll also keep any dirt, snow, or mud away from other surfaces.

Worst Ideas for Gifts for Tesla Owners

Worst Gifts for Tesla Owners

Tesla cars come with plenty of unique equipment that makes certain gift items obsolete. For instance, you shouldn’t buy a camera or sensor set for a Tesla owner since every model of this electric car comes fully equipped with both.

Other presents are, of course, also off the table. An electric car has no need for anything gas-related, and Tesla’s touchscreen display makes gadgets like navigation unnecessary. But there’s a particular sin you must avoid at any cost: Never buy a Tesla owner anything with the logo of another car manufacturer!

Talk to an Expert Shopper About Gifts for Tesla Owners

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

While our list of gifts for Tesla owners is quite extensive, there are even more great presents out there. If you want to learn about other gift ideas, you can consult an expert shopper. Simply fill out the form below and ask us any questions – we’ll have the answers in the shortest time possible.

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Jasper Barlowe
Jasper Barlowe
1 year ago

I don’t know someone with a tesla but some items here can be also given to non-tesla owners. Thanks!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jasper Barlowe

Hello Jasper! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Paul Carter
Paul Carter
1 year ago

Out of words to compliment you and your team. Thanks

1 year ago
Reply to  Paul Carter

Our pleasure, Paul!

Ken Ken
Ken Ken
1 year ago

I just found this blog and I cant stop reading.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ken Ken

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

1 year ago

I bought screen protector. TY

1 year ago
Reply to  Kent

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Danielle Campbelle
Danielle Campbelle
1 year ago

Very great gift ideas for tesla owners!

1 year ago

Thank you, Danielle!

Maria Adams
Maria Adams
1 year ago

I ordered the Tire Inflator/ Air Compressor as a gift for my cousin.

1 year ago
Reply to  Maria Adams

Maria, Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Richard Jones
Richard Jones
1 year ago

wow! amazing items

1 year ago
Reply to  Richard Jones

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, Richard!

Jake White
Jake White
1 year ago

One day I will own a tesla

1 year ago
Reply to  Jake White

Manifesting, Jake!

Cinthia Carter
Cinthia Carter
1 year ago

I just can’t believe that there is such a gift idea for Tesla owners, I don’t think they need one! Lol, good article anyway.

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