14 Year Old Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

by Auhbon

Teenage girls are notoriously difficult to shop for, so it’s perfectly understandable if this task scares you. To help you crush this task, we’ve compiled a list of the top 14 year old girl birthday gift ideas that will make this birthday unforgettable.

1. Cloud-Shaped Magnetic Clock

Voice activated cloud shaped magnetic digital alarm clock

Why should a dull smartphone alarm wake you when you can start each day with sounds coming from a fluffy cloud? This adorable cloud-shaped clock will fit most bedrooms’ aesthetics and attract the attention of anyone who enters. Besides time, its LCD screen displays the date and temperature.

2. Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume

Ariana grande cloud perfume birthday gift for girl

Following the theme of cloud-shaped goodness, Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume is a major hit among teen girls. This delicious-smelling fragrance has gone beyond the singer’s fandom, making it one of the best 14 year old girl birthday gift ideas, regardless of their music preferences.

3. Personalized Bucket Hat

tie dye bucket hat gift with custom embroidery

Billie Eilish, a beloved teen pop star, started rocking the bucket hat, and her fans followed suit. If the birthday girl has hopped on this stylish trend, why not gift her a personalized bucket hat? The seller offers many font types and colors, so you have plenty of room to make the perfect combination.

4. Coach Backpack

Coach mini court backpack birthday gift for girl

With the start of high school, the birthday girl will probably want to upgrade her backpack to a more mature version. This Coach piece is an excellent investment for a stylish and long-lasting backpack.

5. JW PEI Ruched Handbag

Hobo handbag birthday gift for 14 year old

If your 14 year old is starting to experiment with fashion, she’ll fall in love with this JW PEI Gabbi Ruched Hobo handbag. This vegan leather handbag comes in 15 colors that will brighten any outfit.

6. Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

Airforce one nike shoes birthday gift for girl

Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are all the rage among teenagers. You can go with the plain white version that goes with every outfit or mix it up with one of the newly designed Shadow versions. They come in several vivid color combinations that will steal the spotlight each time.

7. UGG Classic Mini Boots

Classic mini UGG boots birthday gift for girl

With the resurgence of Y2K fashion trends, UGG boots are making a comeback. Keep your 14 year old on top of the latest trends with this comfy birthday gift.

8. Cosmetic & Makeup Bag Organizer

Leopard print drawstring cosmetic and makeup travel bag

If the gift recipient is into makeup, this cosmetic and makeup bag organizer will help her store her growing product collection. You can get it in over 25 styles, from solid colors to visually striking designs.

9. Eos 8-Piece Lip Balm Set

Super soft shea lip balm pack of eight

Many teen girls love collecting lip balms in all shapes and sizes. If the gift recipient can’t get enough of these products, surprise them with this fabulous eos set. It features eight lip balms in four delicious flavors.

10. Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

Fourteen shades eyeshadow palette birthday gift for girl

Suppose you’re looking to kickstart your daughter’s makeup collection in style. Why not purchase one of the most influential makeup palettes of all time? The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette is a must for any teen girl interested in makeup.

11. Sheet Mask Collection

Im real sheet mask collection pack of ten

Sheet masks are one of the best 14 year old girl birthday gift ideas for two reasons. Of course, they offer plenty of perks for girls slowly stepping into the skincare world. But also they provide a fantastic selfie opportunity.

12. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Twelve piece gift set of moisturizing bath bombs

Colorful bath bombs are fun at any age, but teenage girls go crazy over them. This stunning bath bomb collection includes 12 handcrafted pieces of different colors and scents.

13. Scented Candle

French vanilla scented large jar single wick candle

You can never go wrong with a good scented candle. This Yankee Candle Fresh Vanilla jar candle looks great and smells even better.

14. Revlon One-Step Volumizer

volumizer hot air brush and hair dryer

This handy one-step hair dryer and volumizer has taken over TikTok. So, if your teen spends much time on this addictive app, chances are she’s dying to own one. This tool performs incredibly, especially compared to its relatively affordable price.

15. Set of Silk Scrunchies

Silk scrunchies six pack birthday gift for girl

Scrunchies are arguably the most popular hair accessory among teen girls. This practical set of six silk scrunchies is perfect for girls who like to sport a new color daily. The available sets contain mostly earth tones, which can match any outfit.

16. Lap Desk

lap desk with space for laptop and mouse

This LapGear lap desk is more of a practical gift. However, it will be an ideal gift for 14 year olds taking the start of high school seriously and wanting to stay on top of their workload in a cozy, stress-free environment.

17. Journal and Thermos Gift Set

Pink birthday gift set for teen girls

If the birthday girl is always scribbling something, she’ll probably enjoy a cute journal. Besides a journal, this gift set features a lovely thermos bottle and a stylish pen, transforming daily journaling into a fun experience.

18. Set of Succulent Plants

six artificial succulent plants in white ceramic pots

Artificial succulents are one of the best 14 year old girl birthday gift ideas for teens who want plants in their room but aren’t great at keeping them alive. This adorable set comes with six different succulents in white ceramic pots.

19. Ring Light

LED ring light with tripod and desk stand

If your 14 year old is constantly dancing around making TikToks in her room, it might be time to upgrade her equipment. This 13-inch ring light with a tripod and a phone holder will provide the perfect lighting, resulting in significantly better-quality videos.

20. Riki Skinny Smart Vanity Mirror

Bluetooth skinny smart vanity mirror with LED lights

Good lighting is crucial for taking amazing photos and applying makeup. The Riki Skinny vanity mirror might be a perfect gift if the birthday girl is into any of these activities. Besides ideal lighting, it offers an adjustable phone attachment, allowing your teen to film high-quality TikTok or YouTube videos.

21. LED Strip Lights

Bluetooth smart light strip birthday gift for girl

LED strip lights are one of the few décor choices most teens can agree on, regardless of their styles. These lights can instantly transform any room and set the mood for numerous occasions. The more DIY-savvy teens combine them with cotton wool to create an effect of a stormy sky on the ceiling.

22. Bed Canopy With Lights

White bed canopy with lights for girls bedroom

Bed canopies are another LED-powered hit product among teens. This mesmerizing canopy is reminiscent of the pillow forts they used to build as children, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Still, this design is surrounded by an air of maturity and will fit perfectly in any teen room.

23. Custom Neon Sign

Custom neon sign birthday gift for teen girl

This custom neon sign is a fabulous addition to your teen’s bedroom. It will have the room shining while eliminating any doubt about who’s in charge of that space.

24. LED Galaxy Projector

RGB LED laser star projector with smartphone app

This compact projector is another must-have for setting the mood in a teenage bedroom. With a push of a button, it will turn any room into a magnificent galaxy filled with drifting stars.

25. Wall Art Building Set

Lite bride wall art birthday gift for girl

This Lite Brite Wall Art set is one of the more unique 14 year old birthday gift ideas girls with inquisitive minds will like. It offers three pop art designs that the gift recipient will build from scratch and then proudly display on the wall.

26. Changeable Felt Letter Board

Felt letter board with three hundred letter pieces

This trendy letter board is a fun way to write cute and punny phrases for household members and visitors who enter the birthday girl’s room. It comes in over 25 colors, so you’ll have no trouble finding a board that blends in with the 14 year old’s room.

27. Portable Blender

Princess pink portable blender for shakes and smoothies

If the birthday girl is all about her morning smoothies and shakes, surprise her with a handy portable blender. This PopBabies blender checks all the boxes for a great teen birthday gift – it’s practical and easy to use, but it also looks fabulous.

28. Hydro Flask

Hydro flask with a wide mouth straw lid

Hydro flasks caught major wind with teen girls, thanks to the ever-growing VSCO aesthetic trend. For this reason, this gift will undoubtedly make most 14 year old girls ecstatic. You can choose between nine colors, from classic Black to more vivid Pacific and Laguna options.

29. Cat-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Cat ear bluetooth headphones with LED light up

Few things can compete with a cute pair of headphones. These colorful headphones are a fun way for your teen to stand out from the crowd. As a bonus, they have a built-in LED light that blinks and changes color with the song’s rhythm.

30. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds with noise cancellation

Not every 14 year old girl wants to stand out, and that’s perfectly fine. If the gift recipient likes to keep up with the latest tech trends, Apple AirPods will probably be her go-to choice for everyday earbuds.

31. Beats Wireless Headphones

Beats bluetooth wireless headphones birthday gift for girl

Music plays an essential role in every teenager’s life, so here’s another popular headphone option that you can gift your 14 year old. These high-performance Beats headphones offer a sleek design and comfortable wear for blasting music daily.

32. Apple Watch

Series six apple smart watch with pink band

Whether it’s to track their exercise routine or listen to music, an Apple Watch is an excellent tool for teen girls. Plus, if the birthday girl is an Apple lover, this smartwatch will easily integrate with the rest of her Apple ecosystem.

33. Bluetooth Speaker

Black durable and portable waterproof bluetooth speaker gift

Bluetooth speakers are a more universal 14 year old girl’s birthday gift idea. After all, almost everyone needs one of these portable devices, especially if they are music lovers.

34. Kindle Paperwhite

Eight gigabyte storage waterproof kindle digital book reader

If your 14 year old is an avid reader looking to go digital with her books, consider gifting her a Kindle Paperwhite. This practical gadget is perfect for traveling and allows instant access to a sea of books and other written works.

35. The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy

The complete summer books trilogy box set gift

Generally speaking, print books are great 14 year old girl birthday gift ideas, especially if the recipient prefers them to e-books. Thanks to a hugely successful Amazon Prime series, the Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy has been on every teen girl’s mind. Amazon offers a wide selection of books if this trilogy doesn’t suit the birthday girl’s taste.

36. Wildflower iPhone Case

Limited edition wildflower case for iPhones birthday gift

Among teens, a Wildflower phone case is the case to have. You can choose from over 40 visually striking designs that will brighten any iPhone.

37. Instant Camera

Pink colored instant camera birthday gift for girl

With the likes of Lady Gaga serving as Polaroid’s creative director and Taylor Swift’s massively successful 1989 album aesthetic, seemingly every teen girl wants to get her hand on this camera. If that’s the case with the gift recipient, make her birthday memorable with a stunning Instax instant camera. She can even use the first photo to capture her birthday celebration.

38. LED Photo String Lights

Thirty foot string of photo clips with lights

Suppose the birthday girl already owns an instant camera. In that case, you can gift her a creative way to display her most cherished memories. These string lights come with photo clips for instant photos. Fully assembled, this display will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of any room.

39. Mobile Photo Mini Printer

White Kodak Step wireless mobile phone mini printer

This practical device can print photos from any phone or social media account. The birthday girl can use these photos to decorate her room, locker, or school supplies.

40. Personalized Birthstone Necklace

Tiny personalized birthstone necklace birthday gift for girl

This personalized birthstone necklace is a beautiful gift that the birthday girl will cherish for years to come. This delicate necklace comes with two pendants – a sterling silver charm with your teen’s initials and a Swarovski crystal birthstone.

41. Custom Name Necklace

Custom name necklace with box chain in gold

If the gift recipient likes dainty jewelry, she’ll adore this custom-name necklace. You can choose the material, name dimensions, and chain length for a gift your 14-year-old won’t want to take off.

42. 14th Birthday Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelet gift for 14 year old girl

This sweet charm bracelet is the ideal gift for a 14 year old niece, granddaughter, or friend. It comes with seven charms, each one celebrating the special occasion. Best of all, you can personalize it with the birthday girl’s initial and birthstone.

43. Reversible Octopus Plushie

Red and yellow reversible octopus plushie birthday gift

It might seem silly, but girls of all ages are dying to get one of these cute reversible octopus plushies. They are an effective emotional communication tool that quickly lets everyone know how your teen feels. The octopus plushie has two sides — a happy and an angry one. They differ in colors based on the color combo you choose.

44. Nintendo Switch Lite

Coral colored Nintendo switch lite handheld gaming system

The Animal Crossing video game is all the rage among teens. This game is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch devices, which teen girls and boys adore. So, this portable game console will be the perfect gift for a 14th birthday. It’s compact, light, and available in seven colors, allowing you to match the birthday girl’s aesthetic to a tee.

45. VR Gaming Headphones

Immersive VR gaming headphones for oculus quest 2

If the birthday girl loves video games, especially Oculus Quest 2, she’ll adore these VR headphones. They provide the lowest latency setting possible, thus creating a realistic and immersive gaming experience.

46. Microscope Kit

Fifty two piece beginners microscope kit with case

If your 14 year old is interested in science, encourage her to pursue her passion with a microscope kit. This practical kit has a powerful microscope and 52 handy accessories in a sturdy plastic case.

47. DropMix Music Gaming System

Drop mix music gaming system lively party game

This unique music gaming system uses songs from famous artists and lets users create unexpected mixes. It makes for a perfect gift for a 14 year old interested in music production.

48. Bluetooth Record Player

Vintage three speed bluetooth portable suitcase record player

Vinyl records are another trend that has had an incredible resurgence in recent years. If your 14 year old prefers physical music formats to streaming ones, this Victrola Bluetooth record player might be an ideal gift. This item comes in a trendy suitcase design and over 20 colors, so you can rest assured you’ll find a perfect fit for the 14 year old’s room.

49. 14th Birthday Photo Collage

Photo collage 14 year old girl birthday gift

This personalized photo collage is a great way to take the birthday girl down memory lane. Plus, it makes a lovely display piece for her bedroom.

50. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card in birthday pop up box

You can always buy a gift card if you can’t decide what gift to get. This gift card in a pop-up box is perfectly festive for the occasion. Plus, this gift will tell your 14 year old that you trust her choices.

Worst 14 Year Old Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

Worst 14 Year Old Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

At 14, most teens are starting high school and want to be taken seriously by everyone around them. So, be careful about purchasing a gift that seems too juvenile. However, a practical gift, such as a big pack of socks, will also miss the mark since 14 year olds are still too young to appreciate these gifts.

Besides their age, considering their interests is crucial. By age 14, most girls have developed a unique personal style that affects how they dress and decorate their rooms. They also have hobbies and specific interests in movies, TV shows, and music. Try to cater to their style and interests instead of purchasing a gift that clashes with them.

Finally, avoid getting too generic gifts unless they specifically asked for them. An iPad is anything but unique, but if they’ve wanted it forever for drawing, they’ll adore this gift.

Ways to Make the Gift Unique

Teenage girls have a reputation for being challenging to shop for, so you might be afraid that your gift is too ordinary. However, you can make even the most generic 14 year old girl birthday gift ideas unique with a few tricks.

  • Connect the gift to their hobbies and interests
  • Personalize the gift with engraving or embroidering
  • Center the gift around a shared memory
  • Handcraft the gift box and the card
  • Add a heartfelt message to the gift

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you’re still unsure what to get that special 14 year old girl in your life, don’t worry. Our expert shoppers are here to help. Just fill in the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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My daughter will turn 14 tomorrow, I bought her a ring light since she loves to face the camera, I’ve seen this article yesterday and thanks a lot for this gift idea.

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Eva Martel
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I will let my daughter choose what she likes, nice article, great job!

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