Top 50 Good Luck Gifts 

by Jessa
Good Luck Gifts for Family

As someone who knows a lot about thoughtful gifts, let me help you learn how to support and send good wishes to your friends and family. Whether they’re starting something new or going through tough times, our list of 50 great good luck gifts has been carefully chosen to help you show your loved ones how much you care.

1. Bangle Bracelet

Number and Words Bangle Bracelet

As an expert, I am recommending this 11:11 bangle bracelet that is meticulously crafted from high-quality brass. Adorned with the significant 11:11 number and the empowering phrase “Make A Wish,” this oval bracelet encapsulates the belief in the auspiciousness of this particular time. Handcrafted by skilled artisans based in America, each piece is meticulously created to ensure unparalleled quality and precision in jewelry craftsmanship.

2. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers made of Alloy

These shakers have a special feature that when you put them next to each other, they look like they’re kissing, which adds a playful touch to your dining table. They were made by Karim Rashid, who’s famous for designing furniture and ceramics. This pair is really elegant and stylish. They symbolize togetherness and harmony, making them a great choice for giving as a gift to newlyweds. You can even add them to a wedding gift list.

3. Feng Shui Bell

Feng Shui Bell drives out evil forces

This Feng Shui bell is meant to bring prosperity into the household while also driving out evil forces. The bell is made of bronze, as are the five Chinese Qing dynasty-style coins. A tassel at the end helps it appear ornamental and preserves the Chinese style. I have this bell in front of my house to help drive evil forces away.

4. Dolphin Sculpture

24K Gold Plated Dolphin Sculpture

Dolphins are considered a symbol of protection and good luck. This dolphin sculpture is made of 24K gold-plated metal and contains two Matashi crystals, one clear and one dark green. I have this dolphin sculpture on my office table and not only adds beauty it also brings Good Luck. The craftsmanship that goes into this piece is apparent, and you even get a money-back guarantee within two years. 

5. Evil Eye Necklace

Hypoallergenic Evil Eye Necklace

Made by Jemplestic, this evil eye necklace combines the evil-warding powers of the eye and an elephant made of brass. The pendant contains cubic zirconia, both blue and clear, which make up the sizable evil eye. The chain is sterling silver and hypoallergenic. I recommend this necklace to those who have feelings of bad luck is always with them. Wear this and surely bad luck will disappear.

6. Sea Turtle Wine Glass

Beautiful Sea Turtle Wine Glass

Ahhhh! One of my personal favorites. This beautiful sea turtle wine glass is made with high-quality glass in China, though the design is American. The thicker glass base helps the glass stand firm, and the bottom is also dyed a deep blue. Each glass has sea turtle patterns etched onto the surface.

7. Four-Leaf Clover Lamp

Four Leaf Clover Lamp 110 to 240 Voltage

This four-leaf clover lamp is made in a minimalist style that blends into practically any home design. I have this lamp in my living room, making it look cozy. Its voltage rating is 110-240 and will provide lighting to master bedrooms or dining halls. The large size will surely make it a conversation starter for its owners. 

8. Sea Turtle Windchimes

Sea Turtle Windchimes

Did you know that sea turtles are known to bring good luck? I recommend This wind chime to be hung in your gardens or balconies. Each set has six small turtles plus a large one, while the metal pipes produce gentle tones when the wind blows. But, even if you place this indoors, it is still a good luck decorative piece. 

9. Good Luck T-Shirt

Good Luck T-Shirt made of Cotton and Polyester

This Good Luck T-shirt is made of high-quality cotton and polyester fabric. The Care Bears design on this shirt is licensed and authentic, making it an excellent gift for Care Bears fans. With the words “Get Lucky” on the tee, I know the recipient will surely love this.

10. Good Luck Tree

Good Luck Tree with real Jade

This good luck tree contains real jade stones to represent lush green leaves, as this stone represents growth and fertility. Following Chinese Feng Shui practices, the tree is made with copper wire, handcrafted by Balinese artisans. A portion of each tree’s proceeds goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

11. Manager T-Shirt

Black Manager T-Shirt

This humorous T-shirt will easily lift the spirits of friends or family who just received a promotion to become a manager. The shirt has a definition of the word that’s not meant to be taken seriously. This T-shirt comes in various sizes and styles for men or women, depending on the recipient. 

12. Jade Bracelet

Jade Bracelet with Elegant design

I love this jade bracelet. The jade is paired with 14K gold plating over sterling silver, and the clasp displays the Chinese character for good luck. An elegant design, this bracelet will enhance any lady’s appearance while giving her that needed boost of luck. 

13. Protection Bracelet

Protection Bracelet Brings Protective Power

I bought one for my husband. This protection bracelet incorporates hematite, obsidian, and tiger’s eye into its construction. They are said to bring protective power and cleansing properties, and the tiger’s eye also prevents bad luck from sticking around. This bracelet is made for anyone and blends with various fashion styles. 

14. Horseshoe Charm Necklace

Horseshoe Charm Necklace

This horseshoe charm necklace is great for those who love horses or want good luck. The pendant is made of stainless steel plated with 14K white gold. Everything is packaged in a beautiful mahogany box for the best presentation. 

15. Good Luck Necklaces

Good Luck 14K White Gold Necklaces

These necklaces are meant to provide the wearer with good luck and best wishes, and the card inside the package contains an inspirational blessing. Made of 14K white gold plated over stainless steel, these necklaces are perfect for any occasion. 

16. Cha-Ching Necklace

Cha-Ching Necklace with Gift Box

With a large “Cha-Ching” on the greeting card, this necklace will bring the recipient good luck. What I like about this necklace is it has a card and even has the soundwave of the prosperous phrase many people enjoy hearing. The necklace and card are presented in a gift box. 

17. Love Pendant

14K Solid Gold Love Pendant

18. Silver Necklace

Made of 14K solid gold, Also, one of my favorites. This pendant has the Chinese and Japanese characters for love, a common sight in Buddhist and other types of literature. It’s made in the U.S. and is a pendant only so the recipient must use their own. Fortunately, any cord or chain should work just fine. 

925 Silver Four Leaf Necklace

SLIACETE makes this 925 silver necklace, and the pendant is in the shape of a four-leaf clover. The clover is made up of four hearts and makes for an excellent good luck gift. What I love about this is that the adjustable chain comes with a two-inch extension if the default length isn’t enough.

19. Good Luck

Good Luck Book Hand cover Version

This book from Alex Rovira shows that good luck isn’t just a matter of chance; you’ll want to create your own opportunities. As a motivational story, the book is an excellent gift for anyone who wants to succeed in life. I’ve already read this and this version is the hardcover version.

20. Leather Wallet

RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

Leather wallets are stylish and look better after extended use, and this one has RFID-blocking material to prevent identity theft. There are eight card slots and two ID windows to expand the storage space. The manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty, no questions asked. Now that’s lucky!

21. The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Military Grade Wallet

If a traditional wallet isn’t your loved one’s preference, consider getting them The Ridge Wallet, a military-grade wallet that will hold plenty of cards and cash. It slides into the pocket and prohibits RFID chip readers from reading the cards. 

22. Motivational Posters

Waterproof Motivational Posters

This set of three motivational posters will prompt your loved one to work harder, as luck isn’t useful without action. Each poster contains three words and an inspiring sentence. Made of wood and treated to be waterproof, they can hang anywhere. 

23. Chinese Wall Art

Chinese Fish in a pond Wall Art

Many Chinese people believe hanging images of fish help their businesses prosper, and this wall art has seven fish in a pond for good luck. The print is beautiful and mounted within a pine frame. It’s ready to be hung right out of the box. 

24. Jade Phoenix Pendant

Jade Phoenix 14K Gold Loop Pendant

This jade phoenix pendant connects to cords or chains via a 14K gold loop. The jade has a beautiful pale-green color that won’t clash with most wardrobes. It measures 43 mm, which is quite large for a jade pendant. 

25. Picture Frame

Picture Frame made or reclaimed wood

Some people like to hang their first dollar or banknote earned as part of their paycheck. This picture frame made of reclaimed wood will easily hold that lucky money and much more. It comes fully assembled to accept any picture or other flat object. 

26. Artificial Bamboo

Artificial Bamboo Replica Plant

Some see bamboo as a lucky plant, and this artificial bamboo plant is perfect for people who simply don’t have time to care for this fast-growing plant. The replica is so life-like, many can’t tell it’s a fake. Though artificial, it will brighten any office or living space. 

27. Good Luck Elephant

Good Luck Elephant made of bronze

Made of bronze-colored resin, this good luck elephant features this large animal sitting on its hind legs. It’s meant to be placed on desks or shelves as a decorative piece and bring good fortune. It’s said to dispel the negative energy in the home, just make sure the trunk is facing a window.

28. Handbag and Purse Set

Faux Leather Handbag and Purse Set

Thick uses faux leather to craft this handbag and purse set, elegant accessories for any lady. They can hold your money, smartphone, and other personal belongings. A high-quality zipper ensures the cargo doesn’t spill out accidentally. 

29. Four Leaf Clover Token

Four Leaf Clover Token in Hardened Resin

This four leaf clover token contains a preserved clover within hardened resin. The manufacturers also cover the token with a pattern made of metal. As four-leaf clovers are so rare, having one on your person is sure to improve your chances of success. 

30. Farewell Tumbler 

Farewell Tumbler with Reusable Metal Ice Cubes

This farewell tumbler set also includes reusable metal ice cubes, a bamboo bottle opener, and a small pouch. With two walls, the tumbler keeps up to 20 ounces of liquid or food at the desired temperature for longer. The hilarious text is sure to be a hit. 

31. Elephant Glass Bowl

Tabletop Elephant Glass Bowl

You can use this elephant glass bowl as a flower pot, candle holder, or even a tabletop fish bowl. The elephant is made of solid resin treated to appear like genuine bronze. It will surely bring luck into the home. 

32. Rose Quartz Trees

Rose Quartz and Copper Wire Trees

Made of rose quartz crystals and copper wire, these two trees can be placed anywhere in the home, office, or even a workplace counter. The bases are made of solid pink quartz, and the copper wire holds the smaller “leaves” together. 

33. Chimes

Cute Stainless Desk Chimes

Anyone hearing these desk chimes can take a moment to relax before getting back to work. This instrument consists of many aluminum pipes played with fingers or a stick. It stands on any flat desk, thanks to the stainless steel legs. 

34. Luck Charm Bangles

Bangles with Dark Green Stones

These three luck charm bangles from Alex and Ani have lovely dark-green stones and golden beads. The main attraction is the horseshoe charm to bring good luck to the wearer. Your loved one will surely appreciate this gift.

35. Feng Shui Coins

1000 pieces Feng Shui Coins

There are 1,000 pieces of Chinese coins in this gift set coming from five different Qing Dynasty emperors’ reigns. You can carry them anywhere or stash them at home, especially by looping them on a string to form coin bundles. The strings required can be any thread, but red is a good color. 

36. Chalcedony Bangle

Chalcedony Bangle comes in Various Diameters

Made of chalcedony, this bangle comes in various diameters, with this particular item measuring 56 mm. The chalcedony is polished to a mirror sheen and should bring good luck and positive energy to the wearer. Each piece is unique, as no two crystals are the same. 

37. Keyring

Keyring made of High Quality Materials

Keyrings are considered a gift of good luck. If your child is waiting to pass their driving test, this Hugo Boss keyring is sure to help them stay motivated. It’s made of high-quality materials and keeps all the keys organized. 

38. Stemless Wine Glasses

Hand Blown Stemless Wine Glasses

This set of four stemless wine glasses is hand-blown by master craftsmen. Gone are the days of knocking over a tall wine glass since these sit right on the table. As a housewarming gift or otherwise, your loved ones will appreciate this gift. 

39. Money Frog

Jade Colored Resin Money Frog

Made of jade-colored resin, this fat money frog holds a Chinese coin in its mouth while its body is inlaid with red stones. The frog is also standing on top of a pile of coins and ingots to symbolize wealth and prosperity. 

40. Brass Elephant

Brass Elephant with Indian Style

This lucky charm is made of high-quality brass, and the elephant charm is made in an Indian style by trained artisans. Elephants are meant to symbolize good luck and bring positive energy. The sand-casting techniques used for this charm are ancient too. 

41. Jade Bracelet

10 mm Green Jade Bracelet

Each bead on this bracelet is made of 10 mm green jade, and wrist size doesn’t matter due to its stretchable nature. It can be worn anywhere to help prevent bad luck from befalling you. 

42. Hamsa

Alloy Hamsa made in Israel

This alloy Hamsa is made in Israel and has a Spanish blessing engraved onto the surface. Each example is handmade and can be hung on any wall. It’s small enough to take up very little space. 

43. Evil Eye Ring

925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Ring

Keep bad luck at bay by wearing this evil eye ring. It’s made entirely of 925 sterling silver, free of toxic rare earth metals or allergens. The ring can also be strung on a chain or cord around the neck as a pendant if wearing it on the hand isn’t an option. 

44. Crystal Bracelet

Crystal Snowflake Obsidian Beads Bracelet

This crystal bracelet has many snowflake obsidian beads polished to a mirror sheen, while two beads are made of painted stainless steel. The beads are separated by 4 m hematite spaces that won’t rust. The biggest bead says “The Hustle Prevails.”

45. 3D Crystal Figurine

Figurine with Engraved Butterflies and Flowers

Within this 3D crystal figurine are engraved butterflies and flowers. The base is an LED light that colors the crystal in the whole spectrum, and you can let it change automatically or manually. Set it on a bedside table or shelf. 

46. Inspirational Blanket

Inspirational Blanket made of Soft Flannel

This inspirational blanket can accompany someone recovering from surgery or needing to stay in bed. It’s made of soft flannel fleece that can be thrown into the washing machine without pilling or stretching. 

47. Essential Oil Diffuser

Black Essential Oil Diffuser

Having an essential oil diffuser is one of the best ways to stay relaxed even after a day of stressful work. When the water runs out, the device shuts itself down and prevents waste. Some oils thought to bring good luck and prosperity are lavender, bergamot and peppermint, and lemon.

48. Cutting Board

Cutting Board made of Bamboo

Whether the gift recipient loves cooking or wants a charcuterie board, this one made of bamboo will last for years. It’s an inch thick to withstand forceful cuts and has grooves to catch juices or water. 

49. Longevity Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Longevity Necklace Pendant

This 925 sterling silver pendant has the traditional Chinese character for “long life” depicted inside a circle border. This makes a lovely good luck gift. It comes in a special package to impress the recipient. 

50. Giant Good Luck Card

Giant Good Luck Card

Small cards are ubiquitous, but we bet you haven’t seen one measuring 16.5 x 22 inches. This oversized plastic good luck card can hold messages written with permanent markers. 

Reasons to Give a Good Luck Gift

Most people give good luck gifts when the recipient has something to celebrate or needs some encouragement. Here are some potential scenarios:

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Surgery
  • Driving tests
  • Graduation
  • New employment
  • Promotions
  • Other endeavors

Worst Ideas

Worst Good Luck Gifts

There aren’t many hard and fast rules regarding good luck gifts. It’s usually considered bad luck to gift knives or other sharp items, as well as hankies and opals. It’s crucial to remember that while you may value spiritual gifts or objects like good luck charms, the other person may not. Always consider their beliefs and preferences and get them something they will love. 

Finally, a gift must always be sincere. It should be something your loved one can use or will appreciate. The price doesn’t always matter, but something that’s too cheap may backfire. Thinking ahead should eliminate most of the risk of offending someone. 

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you’re not sure whether the good luck gift you have in mind will please the intended recipient, reach out to our expert shoppers for help and we’ll readily assist you.

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