Hanukkah Gift Ideas

by Auhbon

The Jewish Festival of Lights isn’t complete without celebrating with friends and family, and there are few better ways to do so than with gifts. Here are some of the best Hanukkah gift ideas to consider.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Horse rock extra virgin olive oil hanukkah gift

Extra virgin olive oil is a necessary component during the eight days of the celebration, and this bottle from Horse Rock is made in California. The trees are more than 100 years old and are of fine pedigree. The oil is 100% organic, without harmful substances, and healthy for you.

2. Decorative Menorah

Decorative nine branch black iron menorah Hanukkah gift

This Stur-De menorah is one of the best Hanukkah gift ideas, especially for those celebrating for the first time. Made of iron, this menorah will hold Hanukkah candles and withstand years of use without corrosion or rust. It’s a perfect fit for both modern and traditional home designs.

3. Throw Tapestry

Star of David woven throw blanket Hanukkah gift

Made by Pure Country Weavers, this woven tapestry can also work as a throw blanket or bed topper. It has a Star of David design suitable for Hanukkah, while the whole thing is eight miles of high-quality cotton. This blanket will last for generations and still be comfortable.

4. Ner Hanukkah Lights

ready to use hanukkah olive oil colored cups

This pack of 44 olive oil cups is entirely kosher and made under Beth Din Tzedek Eidah Ha’Chareidis of Jerusalem, ensuring it’s suitable for Jewish use. The oil vials are pre-filled with colored oil and burn long enough to last three hours. That’s enough for the whole eight days.

5. Floating Dreidel

Blue levitating dreidel on disc Hanukkah gift decoration

You can’t go wrong with dreidels, as they’re one of the best Hanukkah gift ideas. A floating dreidel like this model will make for an excellent desktop accessory. It even lights up and spins around until someone turns it off.

6. Charcuterie Board

Marble and wood lazy Susan serving tray board

A charcuterie board holds delicious treats for snacking or mealtimes, and this one is wood and marble. Even when not holding finger snacks, it works as a cake stand or kitchen decoration. White marble lasts forever and is aesthetically pleasing.

7. Blue Plastic Plates

Blue and gold plastic dinnerware set with napkins

When inviting family and friends over for Hanukkah, serve food on these blue plastic plates. They come with plastic silverware, cups, and napkins. The heavy-duty plastic makes them light and easy to use, and once someone has eaten their fill, these plates go right into the trash.

8. Flameless Candles

Flameless LED candles Hanukkah gift with remote control

These ivory flameless candles are battery-operated replacements for wax candles. The set of 10 fit standard-size candlestick holders and flicker when activated. Use the included remote and included batteries immediately.

9. Wearable Blanket

Oversized microfiber and sherpa wearable blanket with pocket

It’s Hanukkah, and the weather is getting colder, but this wearable blanket will keep anyone warm and cozy. Whether for reading, watching movies, or just relaxing at home, the blanket won’t disappoint. You can even take it with you outside for trips or traveling.

10. DIY Terrarium Kit

Real Simple DIY terrarium kit with tools included

This small DIY terrarium kit for adults can jumpstart anyone’s interest in gardening. The kit comes with tools and everything needed to start a tiny ecosystem inside a vessel. Consider placing your succulents on a table or shelf for anyone to admire.

11. Instant Camera

Sky blue fujifilm instant print camera Hanukkah gift

Made by Fujifilm, the Instax Mini 11 can reproduce exciting and pleasant memories for all to see. This instant camera even has a modern macro mode and selfie mirror. Remember to buy some film as you might run out in no time.

12. Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless gaming mouse with RGB lights Hanukkah gift

Lightweight gaming mice like this model from Glorious Gaming are for competitive players and those who want swift and precise control. The mouse battery has 71 hours of playtime before you need to charge it. The side buttons and lights are all customizable.

13. Gaming Mousepad

Large RGB gaming mouse pad with keyboard space

Some users run out of room to use their mice comfortably, but this large gaming mousepad combats the lack of space. Many pads are small, but this one is perfect for desks. Plus, the smooth surface ensures accuracy and control.

14. Cocktail Shaker Set

Fifteen piece bartending set with shaker and accessories

Those who enjoy making delicious cocktails when guests arrive will be thrilled with this cocktail shaker set. There are 15 tools that make up a skilled bartender’s cocktail-making arsenal. Beginners can also consult the recipe book for common cocktail recipes.

15. Extra Large Blanket

Machine washable extra large  black seamless throw blanket

This extra-large seamless blanket is perfect for families or couples who want to spend time together. Don’t worry, it’s comfortable for pets as well, and even works as a picnic blanket outdoors. The soft material is sure to prevent your family and friends from getting cold.

16. Air Fryer

Easy touch digital air fryer with included recipes

Latke and donut makers will be thrilled with this stainless steel Dreo air fryer. It has a capacity of four quarts and can make all sorts of delicious recipes, Jewish or otherwise. There are nine functions and timers, making it a multipurpose device.

17. Portable Heater

Fast and quiet twenty four inch space heater

Stay warm indoors with this quiet electric heater from Dreo, which keeps bedrooms, offices, and other locations heated. It has a remote control to access the various settings and temperatures. After running for 24 hours straight, it turns off automatically.

18. Hi-Fi Player

Black full touchscreen MP3 player with bluetooth

Most adults have used an mp3 device before, but this model from TIMMKOO is a portable HiFi player. It runs on a version of Android and does more than play high-quality music files. The SD card slot accepts cards up to 512GB for endless music.

19. Mighty Music Player

Mighty vibe Spotify and amazon bluetooth music player

The Mighty music player saves your Spotify or Amazon Music playlists so you can play them offline, even if your mobile device is at home. The tiny device requires wireless earbuds or headphones and has no screen. This makes it a durable player you can carry anywhere.

20. Portable Shortwave Radio

Portable shortwave radio with bluetooth capability Hanukkah gift

This portable shortwave radio is one of the best Hanukkah gift ideas for lovers of the outdoors. It can even play music files if you slot a microSD card into the radio. Weighing a quarter of a pound, outdoors enthusiasts can take it anywhere.

21.Overhead Headphones

Sony noise cancelling wireless headphones with Alexa control

Sony headphones have always been high-quality, delivering impressive audio performances. This model has extra bass and can even control Alexa and Google Assistant. The battery life is specified to be 30 hours, but it can depend on your listening habits and volume.

22. Bluetooth Speaker

Extended battery life portable water resistant bluetooth speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is IPX5 water resistant, meaning you can take it into the shower and keep playing your favorite tunes. It can play music loudly without distortion, which is useful for events or house parties. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it has a range of 100 feet.

23. Pewter Dreidel

turquoise enamel dreidel with beige jewels Hanukkah gift

This pewter dreidel features striking enamel and has a dedicated display stand. The dreidel and stand have crystals that sparkle under the light and make the objects stand out. The dreidel comes with a gift box too.

24. Letter Opener

Vintage sword letter opener hand crafted in Italy

No office or study corner is complete without a letter opener. This elegant item is made in Italy and consists of brass plated with a layer of silver. It’s seven inches long and can open practically every envelope.

25. Smart Watch

Smart watch fitness tracker with various monitoring funtions

This smartwatch lets you make or answer calls and monitors your heart rate and oxygen levels – all in one compact package. Exercise and fitness enthusiasts will love this watch, making it an excellent Hanukkah gift idea. As a water-resistant device, you can go swimming or mountain climbing with it.

26. Luxury Wine Glasses

two hand blown wine glasses Hanukkah gift set

These luxury wine glasses are made of high-quality crystal glasswork. The stem is blue but the base is clear, making them unique creations that will impress anyone. The makers use scientific methods to design the shape of the glass and improve the wine’s taste.

27. Fountain Pen

Picasso gentleman collection fountain pen original box gift

Calligraphy fans love their writing instruments, and you can impress them with this Picasso fountain pen. It doesn’t come with ink but does have a converter for bottled ink products, meaning buying cartridges separately is necessary. The clip is made of platinum, a sign of premium quality.

28. Honey Pot With Spoon

Pewter bee glass honey pot jar with spoon

This honey pot with spoon is designed to impress guests to your home, as the metallic parts are handcrafted from pewter. The glass jar is voluminous, and you can scoop honey out with the stainless steel spoon. For bread, tea, or any other food, this jar is a must-have.

29. Jewish Cookbook

The Jewish Cookbook hardcover book Hanukkah gift

The Jewish Cookbook by Leah Koenig is a collection of 400 recipes that contain dishes from all over the world. For those who want to taste the delectable cuisines of other Jewish traditions, this book is a must-have. It’s an excellent Hanukkah gift idea for someone who loves to cook.

30. Silver Bracelet

Sterling silver Star of David bracelet Hanukkah gift

Made in Isreal, this silver bracelet features a Star of David and is a great gift for a special someone who cares about their culture and ancestry. The silver is plated with rhodium, a metal more expensive than platinum, and the zircon stones and other materials are hypoallergenic.

31. Silver Shema Ring

Sterling silver shema prayer ring Hanukkah gift

The silver Shema ring from Yair is made of 925 sterling silver, and the surface is engraved with the Shema blessing both in English and Hebrew. The ring also comes with cubic zirconia stones that sparkle under bright light. Made in Israel, these are among the best Hanukkah gift ideas for ladies.

32. Steel Paperweight

Stainless steel modern art paperweight for your desk

For a loved one with an untidy desk, consider getting them this steel paperweight. Thanks to the workmanship, this piece of stainless steel will keep all types of documents in place.

33. Xbox Controller

robot white Xbox core wireless controller Hanukkah gift

Xbox and PC gamers will love this Xbox controller. It takes AA batteries or can connect to the device using a USB-C cable. The battery lasts for up to 40 hours as well.

34. Hangover Relief

Osmosis skin care hangover relief elixir Hanukkah gift

Few people look their best after a few too many drinks, but this hangover relief elixir can help them recover. This elixir is infused with 24K gold and has other minerals and nutrients to let the skin heal.

35. Massage Gun

Handheld deep tissue percussion massage gun set with case

Athletes and exercise fans appreciate any kind of muscle relief, and this massage gun is a great Hanukkah gift idea. The many heads and accessories come packed in a carrying case, and the rechargeable battery lasts for 15 hours at most. The portable design allows for recovery everywhere.

36. Fleece Hoodie

Under armor new freedom fleece hoodie for men

This fleece hoodie from Under Armour has the word “Freedom” emblazoned on it, which is perfect for Hanukkah. The company’s mastery over apparel technology is nearly unmatched, and the hoodie is machine-wash safe. It’s great for any casual occasion.

37. Cast Iron Skillet

Twelve inch pre seasoned round cast iron skillet

This Backcountry cast iron skillet is pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking to the surface and provide a better sear. The skillet can be used on all stovetops and even on campfires without damage. Even after decades, they’re still more than serviceable and will cook food brilliantly.

38. Wireless Earbuds

Waterproof bluetooth wireless ear buds with LED display

These true wireless Bluetooth earbuds have a 42-hour battery life in total and can be charged within 1.5 hours. Thanks to the APX8 waterproof rating, it’s suitable for outdoor activities even when the rain is pouring. The sound quality is good, and you won’t want to put them down.

39. Mini Projector

Full HD Mini projector compatible with any device

When hanging out with friends and family, this mini projector can be the best way to watch movies. The projector connects to many devices if the correct cables are available. In addition, it can read media files from a USB device.

40. Challah Board

Yair Emanuel wooden challah board Hanukkah gift

Designed by Yair Emanuel, this challah board is fitted with pomegranate branches and comes in two different shades of wood. The handles facilitate carrying if required. Few Hanukkah gift ideas are as thoughtful as this one.

41. Tasman Slippers

Black Ugg Tasman slipper for women Hanukkah gift

These UGG Tasman Slippers for ladies are made of dyed sheep fur from Australia, the U.S., and several European countries. The slippers are incredibly comfortable to wear and keep the feet warm during the colder months. Even in warm weather, that special someone will always feel pampered.

42. Tea Bags and Mug

Scottish breakfast tea set with rampant lion mug

This tin of 50 Scottish breakfast tea bags comes with a unique china mug that promises the perfect cup of tea all year round. The mug isn’t designed for dishwashers. The patterns on the mug evoke the highlands, but this package remains a nice Hanukkah gift idea.

43. Leather Pillow Cover

Pure lambskin leather pillow cover for throw pillows

Most pillow covers are made of textiles, but this one is made of leather. Available in many colors, it’s cross-wise stitched and helps the cover retain its shape for years to come. The zipper is also hidden to prevent cold jolts.

44. Hanukkah Door Mat

This house is lit door mat Hanukkah gift

Made of coir, this Hanukkah doormat comes with a funny message associated with the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah. The back is made of PVC and is slip-resistant, as no one wants a poor doormat. Coir is all-natural and attractive as a doormat material.

45. Keurig K-Mini

Keurig mini coffee maker for use with pods

The Keurig K-Mini coffee maker is perfect for passionate coffee drinkers. Small and compact, it fits into most carry bags. Get some Ckeurig cups and enjoy a warm cup anywhere.

46. USB Docking Station

USB docking station with USB C adapter

Keep everything on the work desk tidy with this USB docking station, which can be stowed in any bag. It comes with various ports to accept monitors, USB devices, and many more. You can even plug your earphones into the 3.5mm jack at the side.

47. Hanukkah T-Shirt

Star Wars BB8 lighting menorah shirt Hanukkah gift

Getting into the festive season is easy with this Star Wars Hanukkah t-shirt, which features fan-favorite droid BB-8 lighting a menorah. The shirt is machine-wash safe and is made of cotton or a blend, depending on the color.

48. Mesh Wi-Fi System

Mesh network wifi system pack of three

Keeping in touch with friends and family becomes easier with this TCL mesh WiFi system, which offers internet coverage up to 4,500 square feet. This pack comes with three routers and eliminates dead zones.

49. Dangle Earrings

Blue opal Star of David earrings Hanukkah gift

These dangle earrings incorporate the design of the Star of David, perfect for anyone who wants to show off their heritage. The sterling silver is plated with rhodium, and the star contains artificial opal parts.

50. Embossing Rolling Pin

Embossing rolling pin with engraved patterns for baking

This embossing rolling pin is designed to produce dough patterns as it’s rolled over the surface. The set comes with a cookie mold and cutter too.

51. Casual Shoulder Bag

Large capacity denim hobo shoulder bag for women

Made of denim, this casual shoulder bag is perfect for a loved one who likes to socialize. It can be used as a handbag or crossbody bag as well.

Hanukkah Window Light

Hanukkah window light ornaments decoration with remote control

Why not show your love for Hanukkah with this window light? It has eight modes and can be controlled with a remote. The light is powered by USB, meaning power banks are an acceptable source of energy.

Worst Ideas

Worst Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Generally, gift-giving during Hanukkah is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s still important to never send inappropriate gifts. Everything should be kosher and family-friendly to prevent offending the recipients. However, there aren’t any official rules for this season, meaning the gifts are always acceptable as long as they’re sincere.

The best gifts aren’t necessarily the most expensive, but objects the recipient will love. Gift cards aren’t the best idea unless your loved ones specifically said they don’t mind them.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

If you still aren’t sure what to buy for your friends and family during Hanukkah, reach out to us and we’ll help. Our experts can help you make a decision quickly.

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

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