Top 50 Harry Potter Wedding Gift Ideas

by Auhbon

The wedding of your favorite Potterhead couple is approaching. If you still don’t know what to give them as a present, here are the top 50 ideas for a Harry Potter-inspired wedding gift.

1. Potterhead Mr. and Mrs. Shot Glasses

Harry Potter Mr and Mrs etched shot glasses

What makes a better gift for couples than a set of Potter-inspired drinking glasses? This set of two etched shot glasses with a Mr. and Mrs. print will make your Potterhead couple look like they drink tequila at Hogwarts. 

2. Potter-Inspired Engraved Cutting Board

Personalized wooden cutting board with deathly hallows logo

Personalized gifts are the best simply because they’re unique. The wooden cutting board, with the most romantic saying ever said inscribed around the Deathly Hallows sign, will make your couple’s engraved names shine.

3. A Potter-Inspired Ring Box

Personalized Harry Potter inspired wooden ring box

Gift your couple a Potter ring box and give their wedding vows a spellbinding touch. The handmade wooden box can be personalized and the “Always” and “Unbreakable vow ” inscriptions go great with the occasion.

4. Harry Potter Plush Blanket

Synthetic harry Potter gray always plush throw blanket

If your couple’s home strives to maintain that Hogwarts vibe, a Potter-inspired plush blanket is a way to make it even cozier than the castle during the Christmas season. The polyester blanket is perfect for the bedroom and will keep the couple warm all year round.

5. Golden Wine Glasses Set

Four piece set of Harry Potter wine glasses

The set of 4 wine glasses with golden symbols from the Potter universe is a classy present for newly married Potterheads. The attractive glasses will give wine tasting a magical vibe.

6. Ceramic Potter Spice Jars

Set of four Harry Potter ceramic spice jars

Every castle needs some spice. These ceramic spice jars featuring Hogwarts houses symbols will make sure that spices, potion ingredients, and herbs are kept cool and dark. Who would even think your couple is muggles when they see them?

7. Deathly Hallows Drinking Glasses Set

Deathly hallows Tall drinking glasses and acacia box

This set of two high drinking glasses and an elegant box made from acacia wood, with the Deathly hallows symbol engraved, is a classy gift. It’s a sure way to make it look like you’re drinking in the great hall of Hogwarts.

8. Hogwarts House Crests Tumbler Glass Set

Four Harry Potter Hogwarts house crests tumblers

A set of 4 tumbler glasses with the iconic Hogwarts houses crests is certainly going to turn heads. You shouldn’t underestimate glassware when choosing a present, especially if it contains any reference to the drinker being a Gryffindor.

9. Hogwarts Chess Set

Official Harry Potter plastic wizard chess set

Officially authorized by Warner Brothers, the Hogwarts chess set will transport your Potterhead couple straight to the infamous chess scene in the Philosopher’s stone. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail and consisting of 32 elegant figures, the boar is sure to leave your couple in awe.

10. Chocolate Frog Jewelry Box

Harry Potter golden chocolate frog glass jewelry box

This licensed glass storage box with a golden chocolate frog on the top is bound to make any environment magical. Put anything you want in it – jewelry, keys, or any magical item – and exhibit your favorite piece on a hanging hook inside the box.

11. Alohamora Metal Key Holder

Harry Potter themed wall mounted metal key holder

With the witchy metal key holder that says “Alohamora,” as soon anyone enters the newlywed’s home they’ll feel the Hogwarts vibe. The key holder has seven hooks that will keep the charms for opening the locks of the couple’s home safe.

12. Cauldron Soup Mug

Harry Potter soup mug shaped like a couldron

Present your Potterhead couple with this soup mug designed to look like a cauldron, and help them prepare the best home-cooked potions ever. The ceramic cauldron comes with a lid and a spoon for the full potion-making experience.

13. Juniper Books Castle and Owl Edition Box Set

Seven volume hardcover Harry Potter books set

The Juniper Books 7-volume box set of complete hardcover Harry Potter books is the perfect gift for collectors. With our dearest Hedwig on the covers, is there a better present for Harry Potter lovers than a deluxe, unique box set of their favorite books? 

14. Marauders Map Tapestry Blanket  

Harry Potter woven tapestry throw blanket marauders map design

This woven throw blanket with the Marauders map design is a great way to say “mischief managed” to anyone who enters the home. The polyester tapestry with fringes around the edges has a vintage touch that will surely impress any Potterhead and their friends and family.

15. Felix Felicis Shot Glasses

Felix Felicis liquid luck Harry potter shot glass

Who’s up for a little liquid luck? A shot glass that says “Felix felicis” will make any drinking activity more fun. When a newly married couple decides to do shots, they should toast to a happy and prosperous future.

16. Quidditch-Inspired Storage Jars

Three pack quidditch themed ceramic food storage jars

If your couple is a sports fan, then a set of 3 storage jars with Quidditch motifs is a cool present to go with. With a golden snitch, brooms, and hoops printed on them, storing cookies, tea, spice or ingredients will be a breeze for Quidditch enthusiasts.

17. Platform 9 3/4 Night Light

Platform nine and three quarters wall hanging night light

Bring the Hogwarts train into your couple’s room with this Platform 9 3/4 wall-hanging night light. Made of metal, the light will give anyone a nod that the pathway to the iconic platform is right there. Just make sure they do not try to go through the wall.

18. The Wedding Guest Book

Personalized wood cover deathly hallows wedding guest book

The Deathly Hallows-inspired guest book with the names of your newlyweds engraved onto the wooden cover is a beautiful way to welcome guests. The book is handmade and personalized and can be also used as a photo album. 

19. Potterhead Shoes for the Bride

From muggle to mrs Harry Potter high heels

With those bridal high-heel shoes, your bride will go “from muggle to Mrs” in great style. Choose a color that your bride would personally like the most and make her feel as fashionable as Fleur Delacour on her big day.

20. A Potterhead Tie for the Groom

Four pack Harry Potter house themed neck ties

If your groom is a Potterhead, then a tie in the colors of Hogwarts uniforms is a great way to spice up his outfit. Choose the color of the house your groom belongs to and surprise him with a stylish accessory for his wedding day.

21. Death Eater Wine Bottle Lamps

Harry Potter death eater inspired bottle lamps

These Dark Mark-inspired wine bottle lamps will make any setting unique. Made of frosted glitter glass or clear glass, they’re a great present for any Potterhead who wants to transform their living space in the spirit of Voldemort.

22. A Potion-Making Book

Detailed Advanced potion making book from harry potter

This one is for the potion-makers. A movie replica, the book of Advanced potion-making presents a thoughtful gift for the Potterhead couple who always admired Professor Snape’s career. Above all, with detailed descriptions, handwritten notes, and a beautiful wrap, it makes the perfect present for the newlyweds.

23. A Golden Snitch Light

Harry Potter golden snitch USB powered desk lamp

A Golden snitch lamp is everything your couple needs to bring Hogwarts vibes into their home. USB-powered with a golden snitch figure inside the bell jar, the golden light will certainly brighten up any desk or nightstand.

24. Deathly Hallows Wand Display

Deathly hallows wall mounted wand stand

Every wizard’s home needs to have a wand stand. Therefore The Deathly Hallows-inspired wand display is the ideal decor for the home, assuring that the wands are in place and ready to cast spells. This set comes with two wands and a wooden wall holder.

25. Marauders Map Porcelain Dinnerware

Harry Potter marauders map four piece dining set

This four-piece dinnerware set with Marauders map inscriptions comes with a dinner and salad plate, a bowl, and a mug. Elegantly designed to fit any setting, the Potter-inspired print will give dinner parties a touch of magic.

26. The Triwizard Tournament Trophy

Harry Potter triwizard tournament trophy ceramic mug

If you want to present them with the coolest drinkware ever, then gift your newlyweds a Triwizard tournament trophy to drink from. The ceramic replica of the iconic trophy Harry won in “Goblet of Fire” can hold 20 ounces of the potion of choice. This will make any Potterhead thrilled.

27. Mirror of Erised 

Harry Potter mirror of erased replica wall decor

This 25×10 replica of A Mirror of Erised will allow your newlyweds to see what their heart truly desires, and will decorate their home in fine Potterhead style. The mirror fits any bedroom or hallway and will bring those moments from Hogwarts to life.

28. Harry Potter Tea Gift Box

Harry Potter teas with collection and quantity options

This Potter-inspired tea box gift set is a great way of drinking tea in the Leaky Cauldron style. Choose between box sets with tea mixes such as Amortentia, Espresso patronum, or Accio Tea. This gift will certainly send the bride and the groom straight to the Diagon Alley.

29. Deathly Hallows Stained Glass

Harry Potter deathly hallows stained glass handmade art

This Deathly Hallows-inspired stained glass is a beautiful addition to any home. Different colors are available and they make a perfect gift for any Potterhead. Put it in the living room or the bedroom and open the portal to the wizarding world.

30. The Gryffindor Tankard

Harry Potter Gryffindor house themed tankard

For a beer-loving bride and groom, a Gryffindor-styled tankard is the right choice. It’s officially licensed and hand-painted, making it a perfect collectible for Potterheads. Other Hogwarts houses designs are also available.

31. A Pensieve Journal

Harry Potter pensieve memory set wand pen and journal

Dumbledore’s students would like to possess this journal with an embedded pensieve. If your bride and groom are devoted Potterheads, then they will love this set! It consists of a wand pen, a memory vial, and most importantly a keepsake box. All of which are perfect for keeping precious memories of their wedding day alive.

32. The Tale of Three brothers’ Wall Decor

Harry potter tale of three brothers wall decor

This “The tale of three brothers” wall decor is something that will inspire any art lover and Potterhead. Handmade from wood and 37×18 inches long, it fits any room in your bride and groom’s living place.

33. Coffee Spoons

Stainless steel Harry Potter acacia coffee engraved spoon

Make drinking coffee magical using these stainless steel spoons with an engraved “Accio coffee” inscription. The spoon comes with a high-end red customized gift box, which makes the gift even more spellbinding. This gift is something every Potterhead’s home needs.

34. The Sorting Hat Tray

Harry Potter sorting hat ceramic trinket tray

This sorting hat trinket dish makes a great present for any occasion. The bewitching trinket tray is meant for placing jewelry, coins, or anything small. It’s also an intriguing addition to any Potter fan’s home.

35. Enchanted Keys

Forty six skeleton key charms with dragonfly wings

Gift your couple a set of 42 skeleton key charms to keep their home safe from the dark magic. The set comes in 23 different styles, including dragonfly wings, and is made of metal and PVC. The keys are essential for any wizarding-styled setting.

36. “She Found Her Keeper” Cake Topper

She found her keeper Harry Potter cake topper

When your bride is a Potterhead, a Quidditch-inspired cake topper is a must for her bachelorette party – or even a wedding cake. “She found her keeper” – and you can gift this cake decor to her to let everyone know that.

37. Muggle into Wizards Pillow

Books turn muggles into wizards throw pillow case

If your newlyweds fell in love over a passion for Harry Potter books, then consider gifting them an 18×18-sized pillow that says “Books turn muggles into wizards”. Potter-inspired soft cushions are a must for any Potterheads’ living space and bring a Hogwarts-style vibe to any home.

38. Potter-Inspired Coffee Mugs

Harry Potter deathly hallows coffee mug set

The set of 2 gold-plated coffee mugs with the “Always” quote inscribed is a beautiful gift for a couple. One piece of the set has Deathly Hallows printed on it, and the other shows a doe, which pays homage to the greatest love story in the wizarding world.

39. The Hedwig Planter

Harry Potter three inch Hedwig ceramic mini planter

The mini 3-inch big Hedwig planter will bring cuteness to your bride and groom’s home. The small ceramic planter also has a miniature artificial plant sprouting from the top, which brings a feeling of Hogwarts’ nature world to any space. It’s a sweet little piece of wizard-inspired home décor.

40. Quidditch Couple’s Keychain

Harry Potter he's a catch and she's a keeper charms

A keychain with a Quidditch-inspired phrase engraved is a sweet way to show love. Made from stainless steel with a simple but eye-catching design, this is a nice gift for a newly married couple. Who doesn’t want to feel like a great keeper or a golden snitch wearing their part of the keychain?

41. A Mandrake

Harry Potter screaming electronic plush mandrake

Bring the herbology classes back with the electronic plush mandrake, which screams when you pull it out of the ground. The mandrake is not only meant for kids – every Potterhead collector, no matter what age, will love to have magic come alive in their home.

42. Potter-Inspired Photo Scrapbook

Harry Potter vegan leather photo album and scrapbook

The as-seen-on-screen magical scrapbook is what every Potterhead wished for when they first got into the wizarding world. Inspired by the photo album that Hagrid gifted Harry, this vegan leather scrapbook with the Hogwarts crest on the front makes a thoughtful gift for a wedding occasion.

43. “Always” Cake Topper

Harry Potter deathly hallows wooden always cake topper

A wedding isn’t a wedding without the cake, and a wooden “Always” cake topper is what will make a Potterhead wedding truly special. Backed by the Deathly Hallows symbol, everything about this cake topper screams “forever”. And that is what all newlyweds naturally strive for.

44. “From Muggle to Mrs” Decor

Harry Potter From muggle to mrs gold balloons

Surprise the bride with these “From muggle to Mrs” decorative balloons, and make her bridal shower or bachelorette party magical. The package contains 16 golden letter balloon pieces and 10 heart balloons that are easy to inflate and great fun for everyone. 

45. Hogwarts Express Wall Clock

Harry Potter platform nine and three quarter clock

A Potterhead’s home must have a Harry Potter-inspired analog wall clock. Gift the couple this enchanting clock that will always remind them when it’s time to board the Hogwarts Express. The clock has a plastic loop so you can hang it on the wall easily.

46. Triwizard Cup Mood Light

Harry Potter triwizard cup battery operated mood light

This impressive Triwizard cup desk lamp will give an ethereal flair to any room you put it in. The battery-operated LED light is a perfect gift for Harry Potter fans because it vividly resembles the original cup.

47. The Elder Wand in Ollivander’s Box

Harry Potter the elder wand in ollivanders box

The plastic replica of Dumbledore’s the Elder wand is something that every Potterhead desires. The replica is crafted from high-quality material and comes with the original Ollivander’s wand box. Let your newlyweds experience the power Dumbledore himself had.

48. Harry Potter Money Safe Book

Officially licensed Harry Potter themed coin bank book

If your couple ever needs to hide some change, then a Harry Potter-themed Money Safe Book is the perfect gift for them. Part of the licensed merchandise, the safe book closely resembles the books in the Hogwarts library and will complement any bookshelf.

49. Harry’s Wand Pen

Harry Potter officially licensed wand shaped pen

A wand-shaped pen taking the form of Harry Potter’s wand is a great present for those who want to look cool while writing. The ballpoint pen hidden inside the plastic wand is a secure way to secretly conjure up some magic every time the writer picks up their wand.

50. A Harry Potter Trinket Dish Set

Harry Potter three piece trinket dish set

These glazed ceramic Potterhead-styled trinket dishes never go out of style. In addition, with some iconic quotes inscribed on them, they make a perfectly convenient decoration for any nightstand or coffee table. The trinket dishes have their own Potter-inspired gift box, which makes it a great and thoughtful present for a Potterhead wedding.

Worst Ideas

Worst Harry Potter Wedding Gift Ideas

When choosing a Harry Potter-themed gift for a wedding, toys aren’t the most useful thing for a grown-up couple. Though Harry Potter fans are of all ages and some grownups would appreciate it if you gifted them a toy, it’s not always the best choice. A better option would be a gift the couple can make practical use of or be a great decorative addition to their home.

If you do decide to go for a toy, then make sure it’s one that will have special meaning to the couple. 

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you’re still not sure what to gift a Potterhead couple for their wedding, we can help you. Contact us via our online form and we’ll respond as soon as possible with a solution or a recommendation

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It’s crazy I’m a fan of harry potter! and these gift idea is great! hope one of my friends can think of giving me one of the items here, Lol

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