Top 50 I’m Sorry Gifts for Him

by Jessa

If you’re looking for a gift to show how sorry you are for messing up and hurting your guy’s feelings, we’ve hand-picked 50 of the best apology gifts that may inspire him to forgive you and love you even more. Hopefully, the misunderstanding will lead to greater closeness in the future.

1. Please Forgive Me Teddy Bear

Please Forgive Me Teddy Bear

If you think buying a grown man a teddy bear as a peace offering isn’t okay, surprisingly, many men appreciate a soft toy. It offers comfort and can make him feel closer to you when you’re apart. He may think it’s a cute way to say sorry and chuckle at the message on the T-shirt.

2. Cuban Link Chain

Stainless Steel Cuban Link Chain

A Cuban link chain would make a pleasant surprise apology gift, especially if he likes chains. This stainless steel chain comes in an attractive soft-touch gift box with an “I am sorry” message card. 

3. To My Handsome Man Whisky Glass Set

To My Handsome Man Whisky Glass Set

If he appreciates whisky, he’ll be thrilled with this whisky glass set. It features a short sentimental message titled “To my handsome man,” which will hopefully soften him up if he’s still mad. If the message doesn’t do the trick, the stainless steel stones to prevent dilution from ice should.

4. Couple Reconnect Game

Couple Reconnect Psychological Technique Game

Why not say sorry to your husband with a couple reconnect game? The game is designed to rekindle your romance, initiate deep conversation, and have fun as you do so. It’s backed by scientific and psychological techniques and is a great way to show your man how much you love him.

5. Beard Grooming Kit

Self care Beard Grooming Kit

Male grooming has come a long way since cavemen used hinged shells as tweezers. For a more convenient self-care routine, consider this comprehensive beard care kit as an apology gift. The products include organic and natural ingredients to keep him feeling soft and looking as handsome as ever. 

6. Wedding Band

Handmade 8mm Wedding Band

Does your man like rings? If so, this wedding band design ring is an excellent I’m sorry gift idea. This 8 mm ring is available in 18k or 14k rose, white, or yellow solid gold. It’s handmade with a hammered finish.

7. Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Show your man how sorry you are with a deep-tissue massage gun. It’s intended to relieve sore muscles and for full body relaxation. It allows you to customize pressure and speed with 12 attachment pieces for different areas. 

8. Fossil Watch

High Quality Stylish Fossil Watch

Most men love a good watch, and this top 50 I’m sorry gifts for him list would be incomplete without one. Fossil watches are high quality and stylish. This one offers touchscreen Alexa functionality and many other apps to keep him connected.

9. Multifunctional Charging Station and Organizer

Multifunctional Charging Station and Organizer

He may be delighted to receive a gift to organize his prized and easily misplaced possessions. This organizer stand is a docking station and a safe place for his glasses, watches, iPods, etc. It’s made from natural solid ash for sturdiness and a unique aesthetic.

10. Harley-Davidson Boots

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots

These Harley Davidson motorcycle boots are stylish, comfortable, and strong. They’re 100% premium leather, with breathable mesh and are slip-resistant. Even if your man doesn’t ride a motorcycle, they will make fabulous streetwear shoes for when he needs extra grip.

11. Nike Men’s Air

Nike Men’s Air Cross Trainers

You could say sorry with these Nike Air cross trainers. If he enjoys going to the gym, he may be thrilled to receive this pair and accept your apology. They’re designed for comfort and traction on various surfaces.

12. 2022 Apple 10.9-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – (10th Generation)

2022 Apple 10.9-inch iPad

Surely the latest iPad will do the trick! It’s available in four vivid colors and includes cutting-edge Bionic chip technology, 5G Wi-Fi capability, and an all-day battery.

13. Smartwatch 

Neat Bluetooth Smartwatch 

A smartwatch is an ideal I’m sorry gift any gadget-loving man would be pleasantly surprised to receive. This neat watch uses Bluetooth to deliver calls, track activity, monitor health, and more.

14. Telescope

High Quality Optics Telescope

If stars, space, and all things related to the universe intrigue your man, he may forgive you quicker than you expected with this impressive telescope gift. It offers high-quality optics and optimum magnification for enhanced images. He can magnify the moon up to 180 times! 

15. Chain Necklace

24K Gold Rope Chain Necklace

Offer your apology and a token of affection with a 24k gold rope chain. It’s available in white or yellow solid gold. As this design is unisex, maybe he’ll let you borrow it after you’re forgiven.

16. Cell Phone Stand

Cell Phone Stand with Bluetooth Speaker

A cell phone stand with Bluetooth speakers would be ideal for his work desk or outdoor entertainment. It is a smartphone stand with a speaker to deliver impressive sound and a built-in microphone. The phone stand is adjustable for several viewing angles.

17. Body Heat Massager

Body Heat Massager for Ultimate Relaxation

He’ll be more likely to forgive you if you make him feel good. We needed to add this body heat massager to our I’m sorry gifts for him list, as it’s purported to work wonders. Consider offering him a home Shiatsu massage for ultimate relaxation. 

18. Xbox Series S

Amazing Xbox Series S

Offer your man an escape from life’s stresses and some “him” time with an Xbox Series S. He can play games from the four generations of Xbox. And with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership (sold separately), he can access 100+ high-quality games, including “Halo.”

19. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Blaze Sunglasses

These Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster sunglasses would make a tasteful gift. If he’s into sunglasses, he may quickly forget about your falling out when you present these impressive, trendy frames.

20. Comic Book Collection

Marvel and DC Comic Book Collection

Many guys have grown up loving superheroes and collecting comic books. If your man was into Marvel comic books as a youngster, consider getting him this Marvel and DC comics collection as your peace offering. He can escape, reminisce, and have fun while he forgets all about the transgression. 

21. Men’s Cowboy Boots

Men’s Western Style Cowboy Boots

If your man is a snazzy dresser, he may like these fashionable western-style boots. These boots boast 4LR technology for additional cushioning and support. They’re ideal for construction or warehouse work, or casual attire.

22. Handcrafted Leather Laptop Bag

Handcrafted Leather Laptop Bag

Say sorry with this sophisticated full-grain leather briefcase. It’s perfect for a daily commute or travel, offering several compartments to house almost everything he needs. It even arrives in its own elegant gift box.

23. Gucci Dive Watch

660 Feet Water Resistance Gucci Dive Watch

Perhaps he’ll love a stainless steel Gucci dive watch. This one has a sporty, sophisticated look, featuring a sapphire crystal dial window. It’s rated for water resistance down to 660 feet. He’ll likely accept your apology and feel proud to wear this statement piece on his wrist.

24. Rolling Tackle Box

Waterproof Rolling Tackle Box

Does your guy fish? Then he’ll love this waterproof rolling tackle box. It has lots of storage to conveniently transport his fishing gear. The tough fabric and strong zippers will hold up to 26 pounds of hooks and lures.

25. Soccer Football Pendant

Soccer Football Pendant

Many men are obsessed with soccer. If your man is one of them and likes jewelry, this soccer football pendant necklace will make an ideal I’m sorry surprise. The football features moissanite diamonds and is made from sterling silver.

26. Nike Jordan Shoes

Fashionable Nike Jordan Sneakers

These fashionable Nike Jordan sneakers could make a great finishing touch to one of your man’s smart casual looks. The gray and white colors will work well with most clothing. Jordan shoes are known for being made with high-quality material for outstanding comfort and support.

27. Star Wars Encyclopedia

Star Wars Encyclopedia Boxed Set

He’ll love this comprehensive Star Wars boxed set covering every aspect of the franchise. It includes information from the six original movies, cartoons, video games, and more. Three volumes will be sure to help him forget all about the reason for the I’m sorry gift.

28. Cuban Link Bracelet 

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Cuban Link Bracelet 

Call a truce and say sorry with this stunning Cuban link bracelet. It’s made from solid 925 sterling silver and iced out with premium cubic zirconia. If he likes bling, he will surely appreciate this piece.

29. Cufflinks 

Eye Catching Elegant Cufflinks 

These eye-catching cufflinks will put an elegant finishing touch to a tuxedo or nice suit. They offer a varied sparkle depending on the light and angle and are made from high-quality, long-lasting material. 

30. Whiskey Glass, Ashtray, and Cigar Rest

Whiskey Glass Ashtray  and Cigar Rest Set

If he enjoys whisky and a cigar, this whisky glass tray set could make a thoughtful I’m sorry gift. It’s handmade from premium acacia wood and has a classic wooden look, and it would make an attractive side table accessory.

31. Flannel Robe

Flannel Bath Robe in Variety of Colors

A bathrobe is a handy item of clothing to grab and wear over nightclothes or to keep warm. A cotton flannel bathrobe is another sweet gesture he may like, along with your apology. It comes in a variety of colors.

32. Beard Trimmer Kit

Waterproof Beard Trimmer Kit

If he needs to upgrade his beard-trimming tools, or even if he doesn’t, he may welcome this waterproof beard kit. Although this is called a beard trimmer, it includes six trimmer heads to work on different areas of the body.

33. Vintage Calculator Watch

Vintage Calculator Watch in Beige or Green

We had to include this vintage Casio calculator watch on our I’m sorry gifts for him compilation for classic tech lovers. If he’s one of them, he may fall in love with this functional retro Casio watch, available in beige or green.

34. Black-and-Gold Cufflinks 

Black and Gold Cufflinks 

These black-and-gold cufflinks are striking, and a great way to say you’re sorry. With these accessories, he can effortlessly enhance any shirt or suit jacket and look the part for a special occasion.

35. Harley-Davidson Men’s Sweatshirt

Harley Davidson Men’s Sweatshirt

Depending on where your partner resides, he may need a sweatshirt at some point. Owning more than one is handy. Keep him warm while saying you’re sorry with this stylish, black Harley-Davidson pullover sweatshirt.

36. Leather Click Belt

Genuine Leather Click Belt

Consider offering him a pair of tasteful genuine leather belts. They provide a solid zinc alloy click-sliding buckle with auto-lock. They come in many colors, including cognac, black, tan, and white.

37. Swiss Automatic Watch

Gold Swiss Automatic Watch

Perhaps he’ll quickly forgive you when he sees this gold Swiss Automatic watch. Its features include an oval shape, a sapphire crystal dial bed, and a day and date display. This exquisite watch will suit most skin tones.

38. Vintage Genuine Leather Bag

Vintage Genuine Leather Bag

One thing’s for sure, if he likes man bags, you’ll likely be forgiven with this stunning genuine leather briefcase. This vintage-style bag in black is ideal for safely transporting his laptop and other essentials. 

39. Yellow Gold Geometric Ring

Yellow Gold Geometric Ring

Rings are a great way to express yourself and say sorry. This 14k yellow gold geometric style ring would make a memorable apology gift. It’s also available in white gold or stamped with 925 sterling silver.

40. Full Leg Massager

Full Leg Massager with Adjustable Velcro Wraps

Our I’m sorry gifts for him compilation has two other massage devices. However, this one focuses solely on the legs and feet and includes adjustable Velcro wraps to accommodate most leg sizes. This full-leg massager is suitable for promoting exercise recovery. 

41. Soft Twill Shirt Jacket

Trendy Soft Twill Shirt Jacket

Say you’re sorry with a trendy shirt jacket to keep him feeling cozy and warm. This design is made from 100% cotton and is available in several neutral colors.

42. Jean Paul Gaultier Spray

Jean Paul Gaultier Spray

Everyone loves a man who smells good. If he enjoys experimenting with different fragrances, consider “Le male” by Jean Paul Gaultier to accompany your apology. It has a fresh and woodsy scent.

43. Michael Kors Set

Michael Kors Wallet and Belt Set

This Michael Kors wallet and belt set makes a tasteful gift. The wallet is made from the brand’s signature PVS and leather and has eight card slots. The reversible belt fits up to size 40. It’s said that gifting a wallet also brings the recipient good luck.

44. Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles with Five times Digital Zoom

If your guy is into the great outdoors, he can look closer at objects of interest at night with these night-vision binoculars. They accommodate both day and night use and have five times digital zoom and playback features.

45. Drone Camera

2K HD Drone Camera

Drone photography is becoming popular, as it presents a new perspective. If your man is into photography, he can get some stunning bird’s-eye-view images and recordings. Consider saying sorry with a Drone with a 2K HD camera.

46. Carhartt Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined Jacket

Carhartt Duck Insulated Flannel-Lined Jacket

This insulated and flannel-lined hooded jacket from Carhartt is made with 100% cotton and comes in several colors. Fashionable clothing is typically a hit when buying an I’m sorry gift for men.

47. LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 

Authentic LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 

Is the love of your life a die-hard Avengers fan? If so, he’s almost guaranteed to accept your apology with this authentic golden Marvel Infinity Gauntlet. Give him the opportunity to immerse himself in recreating one of the most devasting weapons. He’ll know what we’re talking about.

48. Squat Resistance Home Gym

Portable Squat Resistance Home Gym

If your man enjoys a gym session, this is the ultimate I’m sorry gift. This portable gym resistance band equipment works the entire body for toning and strength.

49. Leather Jacket

Genuine Leather Biker Jacket

Who doesn’t love a cool leather jacket? Many men love leather jackets, and this genuine leather biker jacket would make a handsome gift. This vintage design is made from lambskin in distressed brown, wax brown, or black. 

50. Cute Poop In a Jar

Funny and Cute Poop In a Jar

This cute poop inside a jar is a funny way to apologize and will likely make him chuckle. The poop is available in brown or rainbow colors. In addition to a card, you can customize the message inside the jar or go with the standard message “Sorry I was a little….”

Reasons to Give an I’m Sorry Gift

Here are some of the reasons why a thoughtful gift helps restore balance and repair your relationship.

Actions speak louder than words. When you buy your man something you think he’d like, the gesture may melt his heart and make him realize how sorry you are.

It’s an excuse to treat him. If your partner’s love language is receiving gifts, a lovely gift coupled with a heartfelt apology will remind him how much you love him.

It can show that you recognize how your actions affected him. A gift is a great way to establish accountability.

Worst Gift Ideas

Worst Gift Idea for Him

Avoid gifts that could remind your partner of why they got mad in the first place. It could be received as sarcasm, and while it may be funny at first, it may also communicate that you’re downplaying how they felt.

Avoid a last-minute gift. These include something from the gas station or an item he already has in abundance, like socks or underwear. Avoid anything that involves ongoing costs, like a subscription to something unless it’s something you know he’ll appreciate. In that case, you could pay for a year’s subscription, and then he can decide whether he wants to continue. 

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Choosing an apology gift can be challenging, especially if you’re unsure what will cement your sincerity. If you don’t think he’ll like anything on our I’m sorry gifts for him list, or you can’t decide, help is at hand. Reach out by sending a message using the form below and one of our apology gift experts will be happy to help you.

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nice items to give to someone, thanks to this article

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This is a wonderful gift idea, saying you are sorry together with this gift will definitely melt someone’s heart, I really love the idea great job!

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