Top 50 Last-Minute Anniversary Gifts for Him

by Jessa

Finding the perfect gift for your partner can be difficult, especially when you have to do some last-minute shopping. Luckily, we have compiled a list of 50 of the coolest last-minute anniversary gifts for him!

1. Compact Wallet

Stylish Compact Slim Wallet

Wallets are one of the most traditional gift options. Nevertheless, a stylish, compact, and well-designed wallet is a gift that won’t disappoint. With more focus on contactless payments and less on carrying cash and coins, a slim wallet is excellent for a future-oriented guy.

2. Leather Planner

Elegant Leather Planner Notebook

Another elegant traditional gift that can always come in handy is a leather planner notebook. It can be used for jotting down notes, as a schedule and appointment planner, or as a personal journal.

3. Digital Watch

Solar Powered Digital Watch

This is a classic gift that will never go out of style. We recommend a solar-powered digital watch to put a twist on the classic gift and because they are practical, durable, versatile and easy to use. To make things better, the solar-powered model charges itself as it’s worn.

4. Zipper Bag

Keep your Documents Neat and Safe Zipper Bag

We all sometimes need to carry around important documents. A zipper bag will keep his documents neat and safe in any weather or environment. The bag has a tough, fireproof design that still manages to look good, making it practical and fashionable. It’s a great gift in our books… or papers!

5. Ceramic Mug

Stylish Ceramic Mug for Coffee or Tea

A stylish ceramic mug is a thoughtful and practical gift to give someone who loves coffee or tea. It’s always important to have a cup of something hot nearby in case you’re feeling under the weather. Some may say that mugs are a boring gift. But if the recipient is a tea or coffee enthusiast, they’ll be in love with it.

6. Waterproof Jacket

Waterproof Jacket for Cold and Rainy Days

A jacket is a great gift for someone who loves adventuring on cold, rainy days and is generally useful. A simple design will work well with any outfit combination. Make sure to choose the one in the recipient’s favorite color. We’re sure he will love this new addition to his collection.

7. Adjustable Sunglasses

Adjustable Sunglasses can be controlled with Smartphone

Most men like to spend their free time outside and love the outdoors. With adjustable sunglasses, they can easily change the lens tint with a single press of a button. Smart sunglasses can be controlled with a smartphone app, making them more convenient, trendy, and attractive to tech-savvy guys.

8. Merino Wool Hat

Comfy Merino Wool Hat for Cold Days

When days get shorter and colder, what better way to keep warm and cozy than with a comfy merino wool hat? We often forget or misplace our hats. If he is just like us, then a hat would be an excellent choice for last-minute anniversary gifts.

9. Cute Pair of Socks

Affordable Cute Pair of Socks

This is a great gift for someone who likes high-quality, cute socks that have some character. Socks are affordable, and you can honestly never have too many. That doesn’t mean they have to be bland and monotone. Add some color to his life with a set of vibrant warm socks.

10. Leather Boots

Breathable and Waterproof Leather Boots

Want your special someone to enjoy long walks (not on the beach)? He is sure to get excited about a pair of leather boots that feel like walking on soft clouds. Breathable waterproof boots make going out for a walk in any weather a pleasant experience.

11. Pine Tar Soap

Pine Tar Soap for Smooth Healthy Skin

We wouldn’t recommend getting just any hygiene product as a gift. It could be rude. But we will make an exception for this five-pack of pine tar soap, made with natural pine tar and smelling just like a forest campfire. Health benefits and smooth skin are a plus!

12. Safety Razor

Safety Razor Nasty Shaving Cuts

Shaving is a routine that can feel like quite a chore, especially for a man. This safety razor should make his shaving experience safer and more pleasant and instill a bit of that traditional barber experience. He will appreciate something that helps prevent those nasty shaving cuts.

13. Beard Care Set

Beard Care Set for long beards

If your partner wants to preserve a lush beard, he needs more than simple trimming tools. Dense, long beards require special care. With this beard care set, his beard will look like that of a magazine model.

14. Nail Care Set

Clipping Nail Complete Care Set

Clipping nails can feel like a chore. But this set will make it neater and easier than ever. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that make life just a little easier.

15. Bluetooth Speaker

Chargeable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are versatile and easy to use on the go. They are great for listening to music while cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in the backyard, or even cleaning up around the house. Charge them up, and they’re perfect for camping trips or vacations.

16. Open-back Headphones

Fantastic Quality Open-back Headphones

Quality headphones are a fantastic gift choice and a worthwhile investment. Good headphones can last for years while still sounding amazing. For our recommendation, we picked a popular classic model from one of the industry giants. They are light, comfortable, and have a great acoustic range.

17. Headphone Amplifier

Portable Headphone Amplifier for Music Lovers

What if your music-loving partner already has nice headphones at home? You might want to consider gifting him a portable headphone amplifier to enhance the listening experience. Portable headphone amplifiers can be used with computers, smartphones, and other devices. Keep in mind that some headphones are incompatible with amplifiers (noise-canceling ones), and others don’t gain much from an amp.

18. Acoustic Guitar

Professional Grade Acoustic Guitar

Perhaps your partner is not only into listening to music, but has considered learning how to play. An acoustic guitar could be a lot of fun for a music lover. Since professional-grade guitars can cost quite a bit, a beginner model can be a great first purchase. However, if he’s got experience, you might want to look for a different present.

19. Rugged Smartphone

Unique Design Rugged Smartphone

Smartphones have become an essential tool in our daily lives. If you can spare a bit more cash for the last-minute anniversary gifts for him, consider a rugged smartphone. We recommend a flagship model with specs that can rival a mainstream model, but with a unique design and neigh-indestructible build.

20. Solar Charger

Solar Charger for Outdoor Lovers

Charging phones can be inconvenient for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, far away from any electric plugs. Impress your significant other with a charger that can be used anywhere, even without electricity.

21. Digital Camera

Nikon P1000 High Resolution Digital Camera

When traveling and enjoying the great outdoors, we make memories that will last us a lifetime. With a Nikon P1000 digital camera, you and your significant other can reminisce about the good old days in high resolution! It’s an excellent gift for a photography lover.

22. Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard for Work and Gaming

Whether it’s for work, gaming, creative projects, or just browsing the Internet, chances are that your partner is using a computer every day. A new mechanical keyboard is an unusual idea for last-minute anniversary gifts for him. The feel and sound of a mechanical keyboard are just more satisfying.

23. Gaming Mouse

Lightweight Computer Gaming Mouse

Gamers love lightweight, high-precision mice that can survive many intense gaming sessions. But even if he isn’t into gaming, a good computer mouse makes using a PC much more. You can even choose between wired and wireless versions of the same model, and add RGB lighting for extra effects.

24. Precision Screwdriver

Precision Screwdriver for Emergency Device Breaks

We suggested a few electronic devices as gift ideas on this list. But what if any precious device breaks? Or maybe your partner just likes opening things up to see how they work. With a precision screwdriver toolkit, your partner might save up on some electronics repair shop visits.

25. Exercise Mat

Stay Healthy with Exercise Mat at Home

Working out is one of the best ways to stay healthy. We recommend an exercise/yoga mat for someone who likes to exercise and do yoga but doesn’t have a lot of space. No gym membership is needed.

26. Mountain Bike

Red and Black Mountain Bike for Trails

Cycling can be a great way to enjoy nature and stay healthy. If your partner is the outdoorsy type and there are suitable trails close to where you live, you can’t go wrong with a mountain bike.

27. Bicycle Repair Kit

Bicycle Repair Kit in a Bag with Straps

If your partner has a bike and rides frequently, perhaps a handy maintenance tool like this repair set, would be a good gift. It contains everything needed to patch up a flat tire. The repair set comes in a nifty bag that straps onto the bike for cycling trips.

28. Outdoor Backpack

Outdoor Backpack ready for Outdoor Challenge

Men usually love adventuring and traveling. The secret to always having the best time adventuring is preparation. With this backpack, your adventurous partner will always be ready for his next outdoor challenge.

29. Copper Water Bottle

Stay Hydrated with Copper Water Bottle

It’s important to always stay hydrated! A copper water bottle is anti-bacterial, lightweight, and looks awesome. Our diets are often lacking in copper intake, so give your partner’s health a helping hand with this convenient bottle.

30. Mini Flashlight

Mini Flashlight with Great Color and Temperature

These days many of us rely on our phone’s flashlight to light the way in the dark. Impress your partner with a mini flashlight with great color accuracy and temperature. It’s perfect for storing in a car or a backpack.

31. Lantern

Lantern with Dimmable Led

A lantern can be a neat gift for someone who prefers spending time outside when the sun goes down. It’s also perfect for the wilderness or even indoors if the power goes out unexpectedly. A dimmable LED lantern is very power-efficient and fits into any environment.

32. Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling Gear for Beginners and Pros

Is your partner adventurous? Does he enjoy water activities? Adjustable snorkeling gear is perfect if you have a seaside holiday prepared and want to explore new places. It works for both beginners and pros alike.

33. Beach Towel

Set of Two Beach Towel with Distinct Patterns

If you’re planning on celebrating your anniversary at the beach, getting him a beach towel as a gift would be thoughtful and appropriate. Pick a design best represents him. This is a set of two towels with distinct patterns to make it more convenient.

34. Hammock

Cozy Hammock for Backyard or Camping

A cozy hammock could be a neat gift for the person who loves to spend their time in the backyard or camping and relaxing in nature. Our pick is a whole kit, including a double hammock (for both of you!), a bug net, and a pillow.

35. Perfume

High Quality Perfume with Bold Fragrance

Many men swear by Axe deodorant, but there’s only so much it can accomplish. High-quality perfume is an elegant gift fit for a classy man. You can search for his favorite scent that is close to running out or experiment with a bold new fragrance.

36. Nightstand Organizer

Nightstand Organizer for Keeping all the Essentials

Make your partner’s life easier by gifting him a nightstand organizer. It is ideal for keeping all the essentials, such as a phone, wallet, and glasses, at hand and neatly organized. It is a simple, practical gift that will last a long time.

37. Decorative Sculpture

Decorative Acrylic Sculpture with Led Lights

This is a great gift for someone who enjoys decorating their house with interesting items. This acrylic sculpture with LED lights is a great last-minute anniversary gift for a man’s man. The bold eagle is the pinnacle of the American spirit and can fit well into offices, on desktops, or on shelves.

38. Digital Picture Frame

Digital Picture Frame with 16GB Memory

Find the cutest or funniest photos of the two of you and add them to a digital photo frame. This frame offers 16GB of memory and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is easy to transfer photos from a smartphone or a digital camera. This cute personalized gift is sure to make his heart flutter.

39. Art Supplies Kit

Art Supplies set of Paintbrushes Kit

If your partner likes to paint or has an artistic itch they never realized, this would be a great gift. We recommend a set of paintbrushes in several different sizes and thicknesses. This set includes paintbrushes and a palette knife packed in a convenient compact roll.

40. Drawing Tablet

Standalone Drawing 10 inch screen Tablet

Painting with brushes is fun, but an artist of the digital age might prefer something a little techy. This standalone drawing tablet is everything a guy needs to start creating digital art. It has a bright, vibrant 10-inch screen for perfect digital paintings and comes with a precise stylus pen.

41. Car Care Gift Set

Car Care Gift Set Tools

Driving is an essential part of the daily routine for many. Some even enjoy driving for fun and enjoy taking care of their rides. If that sounds like your partner, he might appreciate this car care set. An assortment of cleaning and detailing tools will help keep his car spotless and sparkly.

42. Tool Roll

Tool Roll made of water repellant materials

This tool roll is a tinkerer’s best friend. The roll is made of rugged, water-repellant materials. It keeps tools protected, compact, and ready to take anywhere. Does not contain tools.

43. Heavy-duty Scissors

Heavy-duty Scissors with Ergonomic Design

Whether the man of your heart is into gardening, tinkering, or just needs to cut some tape, he is sure to appreciate some durable, heavy-duty scissors. They’re easy to use, with an ergonomic design.

44. Pocket Sharpener

Crafty Pocket Diamond Sharpener

This is another compact and practical gift for a crafty gentleman. This diamond sharpener works fantastically for tools and knives, weighs almost nothing, and fits nearly every pocket. If he already owns a pocket knife and adores camping, he’ll surely find this gift thoughtful and useful.

45. Multitool

Multi Special Portable Tool

There are so many specialty tools out there to choose from. But sometimes, the handiest one of all is a multitool. They are small and portable, perfect for a handy guy with a dynamic lifestyle. Misbehaving mechanical contraptions are no match for the multitool.

46. Screwdriver

Ratcheting Quality Screwdriver with Better Grip

Could your partner be a hobby tinkerer, or maybe he just likes quality tools? If you think he fits the bill, consider a ratcheting screwdriver as his next gift. A ratcheting screwdriver is more precise, has a better grip and is more convenient than a regular screwdriver.

47. Wine Tasting Kit

Wine Tasting Kit for Casual or Formal Party

This would be perfect if he already enjoys wine but doesn’t know much about it or if he just likes wine in general. With this wine tasting set, he will be the life of any party, whether casual or formal.

48. Wine Bag

Wine Bag for Wine Enthusiast

Wine is always a popular go-to gift in any situation. But what if he already has a bunch of wine bottles and needs to carry them to a weekend getaway? If your special someone is a wine enthusiast, this wine bag will be among the best last-minute anniversary gifts for him.

49. Encyclopedia of Beer

Encyclopedia of Beer Guide

If your gentleman is more of a “beer guy” rather than a “wine guy,” then this beer guide is a great gift. He will learn everything from beer history to the different types of beer available in today’s market.

50. Sweets Gift Basket

Basket of Sweet Treats for Sweet Tooth

If your man loves surprises and has a sweet tooth, this is the perfect gift. Make sure to find a basket of sweet treats that best suits his unique palate. Maybe he will share some sweet treats with you.

Bad last-minute anniversary gifts

Bad last-minute anniversary gifts

Even when you’re strapped for time, it is important to be thoughtful. Making it painfully obvious that you got the gift at the last moment is the most unfortunate mistake when buying a last-minute gift.

Sometimes it is fine to get a traditional, common gift, but you should ensure it is something your significant other would like. When picking a gift, think about this question: “Would he buy this for himself, and would he be excited to do so?” Make sure to keep his personality and interests in mind. If he is into tinkering and mechanical stuff, he will probably love new tools. If he thinks mechanical work is a boring chore, then he might be disappointed to get tools as a gift.

Whatever you do, avoid gifting money or gift cards, as these are low-effort gifts that make it seem like you don’t care enough.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to an Expert Shopper

When trying to find the ideal gift for our significant other, you might be overwhelmed. The choices may feel infinite. The best way to narrow down your choices is to consider your partner’s personality, hobbies, and interests. Fill out our form below to talk to an expert shopper if you are feeling stuck. With our help and this guide, you can choose the perfect last-minute anniversary gifts for him this year!

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