Top 40 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Aunts

by Auhbon
aunt happily receiving gifts from her family

Aunts are among the most loving and caring human beings anyone can have. If you’re still uncertain about what to offer your auntie next Mother’s Day, this article will give you 40 Mother’s Day gift ideas for aunts to get you started.

1. Estee Lauder Holiday Gift

Estee Lauder holiday gift set of beauty essentials

Want to surprise your aunt with a luxury cosmetics gift set? If so, this Estee Lauder holiday gift set is a great Mother’s Day gift. Cremes, lipsticks, eye shadows, and more await in this beautifully wrapped gift set.

2. Aunt Throw Blanket

Throw blanket with touching messages for an aunt

A cozy, soft, and charming “Auntie” motif blanket is always a good gift idea for any aunt out there. Show your second mom how much you appreciate her with this multilingual blanket available in blue, purple, and grey.

3. Aunt Niece Birthstone Necklace

Sterling silver heart shaped birthstone necklace for aunts

This unique necklace design may seem like a heart and a rose from a distance, but it also features the word “Aunt” when you look closer. Choose the model with her birthstone and make this Mother’s Day special for one of your favorite human beings!

4. THYGIFTREE Wall-Mounted Mug Holder

Mug and wine glass rack with fun messages

Show your aunt how witty you are with this fun gift set featuring a mug holder that says “How My Aunt Tells time…”, a mug saying, “Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother,” a wine glass, greeting card, and much more. If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas for aunts with a great sense of humor, look no further!

5. Fun Aunt Candle

Fun soy wax eucalyptus and lavender scented candle

Want to put a smile on your aunt’s face? Then consider gifting her this lovely lavender-scented candle that says, “Aunt’s last nerve, oh look, it’s on fire…”. The 100% natural soy wax and eucalyptus and lavender mix will make her love to light the candle.

6. Spa Gift Basket

Spa gift basket with wine tumbler candles and more

Thinking about offering your auntie a relaxing home spa treatment? If so, this Spa Gift Basket with a wine tumbler, essential oils, bath bombs, scented candles, and more is an ideal gift.

7. Best Aunt Mug

What a freakin awesome aunt looks like tumbler

If you never gifted your aunt a “Best Aunt”-style tumbler, this Mother’s Day is the best occasion to do so. Show your aunt how much you appreciate her with a “This is what a freakin’ awesome aunt looks like” coffee mug.

8. Pamper Gift Basket

Gift basket with essential oils bath  salts and more

Make sure your aunt can experience a total relaxation treatment with this luxury gift basket of six high-quality products: moisturizing hand soap, bergamot candle, bath bomb, body scrub, deep sleep pillow mist, and lavender bath salts.

9. Succulent Pots for Aunts

Three succulent pots with best aunt ever written

Refresh your aunt’s interior space with three succulent pots that say “Best Aunt Ever.” She is sure to love this charming home décor element and will enjoy growing beautiful succulents in them!

10. Alex and Ani Brass Bangle Bracelet

Expandable wire bangle bracelet with meaningful charms

Show gentle appreciation to your aunt with this stunning bracelet featuring two circles and one raindrop charm, as well as a separate two-sided pendant saying “Aunt” and “A trusting guide, forever by my side” on each side.

11. I Love You Aunt Butterfly Sun Catchers

Stained glass butterfly sun catcher wind chimes

This “I Love You Aunt” butterfly sun catcher will surely melt your aunt’s heart. Surprise your beloved auntie with this stained glass wind chime with an attractive and unique design.

12. AMTOVO Gift Box

Three succulent pots with best aunt ever written

The AMTOVO gift box comes with three wonderful succulent pots saying “Best Aunt Ever” inside a sweet pink box that says “Specially for you.” The ceramic construction makes these pots super durable as well.

13. Body and Earth Spa Gift

Eleven piece bath and body products gift baskets

Allow your aunt to connect with nature from the comfort of her bathroom with these fabulous bath and body products. This eleven-piece set includes jasmine-scented shower gel, body lotion, scrub, flower sponge, and much more.

14. SassyCups Tumbler

Stainless steel tumbler with best aunt ever written

Here’s yet another fun tumbler you can offer this Mother’s Day, especially if you’re getting ready to announce your pregnancy to a future aunt! The beautiful light blue design and heavy-duty stainless steel construction will have her carrying it around with pride everywhere she goes.

15. Aunt Care Package

Personalized handmade spa care package for aunts

This personalized, handmade care package for an aunt comes with natural soap bars, Himalayan bath salt, body lotion, a bath towel, a bath bomb, moisturizing lip balm, sugar scrub, a box of matches, a soy candle, and a chain bracelet on an inspirational card.

16. Custom Leather Makeup Bag

Cool aunt handmade custom leather makeup bag

This leather bag is a great gift for aunts of all ages. Give her a cute little personalized makeup storage bag, so she always remembers you when she takes care of herself. The leather bag is handmade, super soft, and pretty. If you’re on the search for Mother’s Day gift ideas for aunts who love makeup, this is a great place to start!

17. Aunt-Niece Necklace

Handmade minimalist aunt niece bond necklace

If you’re thinking in terms of jewelry for your aunt, then this formidable necklace will undoubtedly win her heart. Available in 14k rose gold or sterling silver, this necklace comes with adjustable length, is elegant, and features a solitaire starburst charm that shines bright like a diamond.

18. Gift for Aunt Who Has Everything

Handmade personalized gift box for aunts

This personalized gift for “an aunt that has everything” comes with a mug and a matching coaster, a nicely scented soy candle, and a sugar spoon. Pick from different candle scents and have your aunt’s name printed on the mug for a fully customized gifting experience.

19. Aunt and Niece Love Knows No Distance Framed Artwork

Map art for long distance aunt and niece

Do you and your aunt live in different states? Surprise her with this “The love between an aunt and niece knows no distance” artwork that features your two states connected by two hearts. Celebrate your long-distance relationship on this memorable holiday for your aunt who means so much to you.

20. Aunt-Niece Soy Candle

Funny handmade scented soy candle with funny quote

This natural soy candle with a funny Aunt and Niece quote will put a smile on your aunt’s face! Besides the humor factor, this candle has over 10 scent options to transform her living room into her favorite scene, whether it’s a candy shop, the coast, or a relaxing meadow.

21. Auntie Kitchen Gift

Handmade wooden cutting board personalized with names

Does your aunt also make the best meals? Make sure she knows that by offering her this fully customized cutting board for the kitchen, saying, “Everything tastes better when Aunt [Her Name] makes it.” The wooden board is handmade and comes in two sizes.

22. Custom Auntie Sweatshirt

Handmade cotton sweatshirt with personalization and color options

Are you about to announce your pregnancy to your sister? There’s no better way to let her know than by buying this personalized sweatshirt. The new aunt is guaranteed to love it!

23. Personalized Make Up Mirror Gift

Handmade stainless steel compact mirror with personalized message

Is your aunt also a makeup pro? If so, you can surprise her with a lovely “This is what amazing aunt [Her name] looks like” handmade mirror. Show your appreciation and bring a smile to her face every time she looks at that mirror and remembers how sweet you are.

24. Personalized Family Portrait

Personalized digital printable family portrait gift for aunt

This personalized family portrait from nephew and niece features a drawing of you, your aunt, and your sibling. Add more people or pets to the design and make this Mother’s Day super special for your beloved aunt. If you want to find Mother’s Day gift ideas for aunts who are sentimental, this is a perfect choice!

25. Yo Da Best Aunt Coffee Mug

Handmade Yoda best aunt personalized coffee mug

Does your aunt crack up every time she sees Yoda? Keep the spirit alive with this “Yoda Best Aunt” coffee mug! The back of the design says, “Love you I do [Your Name].”

26. Aunt Keychain Gift

Personalized keychain charms with name bars and tassel

Did your auntie lose her keychain recently? Even if she didn’t, she’d be happy to replace it with this fully customized “Best Aunt Ever” charm with name bars featuring all your siblings!

27. Auntie and Niece Matching Shirt

Personalized aunt and niece matching shirt and onesie

Has your sister recently become an aunt? Gift her this matching T-Shirt and onesie to show how much you appreciate everything she does for your family. Choose from various colors and personalization options to customize the gift even more!

28. Wine Bottle Lights

Handmade wine bottle with lights and fun quote

Does your aunt drink the occasional glass of wine with you? There’s no better way to celebrate those moments than offering her this super fun, personalized wine bottle with lights and aunt messages.

29. ClearSpace Airtight Food Storage Containers

Fourteen pack bpa free airtight food storage containers

Want to make your aunt’s life easier by helping her organize her pantry this Mother’s Day? You can now do so with this 14-pack kitchen organization set. The high-quality plastic canisters come with strong lids and are perfect for cereals, sugar, and flour.

30. Cooking Utensils Set

Twenty piece set of silicon kitchen serving utensils

Celebrate your aunt’s cooking skills by offering her this beautiful 20-pack silicone kitchen utensil set in mint or pastel blue. This curated luxury series isn’t your standard kitchen set – professional chefs use it to reimagine everyday spatulas for beautiful nonstick cookware.

31. Mlenervg Round Mirror

Gold color framed round wall mounted mirror

Want to help transform your aunt’s freshly renovated bathroom or bedroom? You can do so this Mother’s Day by gifting her this beautiful wall-mounted circle mirror. This lovely home décor piece will match any interior design – from minimalist to vintage.

32. Porcelain Tea Set British Royal Series

British royal porcelain tea set for six

If your auntie loves to drink tea, you can get her this out-of-this-world British Royal tea set with six tea cups, teaspoons, a teapot, a sugar bowl, a tea strainer, and a cream pitcher. Bring beauty and elegance to your aunt’s home with this stunning porcelain tea set.

33. KIVY Coffee Mugs Set of 6

Six piece big handled pastel ceramic mug set

If you’re not into British Royal tea sets, consider these beautiful ceramic mugs in pastel matte color. The mugs are heavy-duty, stylish, and machine washable. This list has no shortage of Mother’s Day gift ideas for aunts who love tea and coffee!

34. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer

Cosori coffee mug warmer with LCD digital display

Does your aunt prefer coffee over tea? This COSORI coffee mug warmer for office or home use is an ideal gift for anyone who loves coffee. The electric 24-watt, LCD and touch tech warmer is made from stainless steel and will make coffee drinking much more enjoyable.

35. LURRIER Porcelain Stackable Coffee Mug Set

Four stackable hand crafted marble pattern mugs with rack

Where there’s a coffee lover, there’s a stackable coffee mug set in beautiful porcelain build and design. Perfect for any hot beverage, this set comes in an elegant white marble stone. The four-piece set is perfect for the whole family to enjoy their favorite beverages.

36. M4DECOR Wicker Wall Décor

Wicker wall decor set of six woven baskets

Looking for creative ways to decorate your aunt’s interior this Mother’s Day? This set of six oversize wall baskets in boho style will make a perfect addition to any modern bedroom or living room.

37. Titanape 3 Tier Hanging Wood Shelves

Rustic three tier hanging wood shelves home decor

Make Mother’s Day memorable with this creative hanging wood shelf for your aunt’s bathroom, kitchen, or living room. The rustic-style shelves are perfect for plant, craft, collectible, and photo displays!

38. Care Package for Women

Relaxing care package including blanket mug and candles

This fabulous gift makes you feel relaxed just by looking at it, and it’s sure to offer your aunt some memorable Zen moments at home. The high-quality self-care products include a soft blanket, an insulated tumbler, a silk eye mask, fuzzy socks, lavender-scented candles, handmade soaps, and more.

39. Willow Tree Child of My Heart Figure

Hand sculpted resin figure of mother and child

Has your aunt recently become a mom? If so, this sculpted handmade figure featuring a mother and a baby is the perfect present. Celebrate new beginnings for the whole family with this loving gift that makes a great home décor piece.

40. Red Roses in Box

Handmade preserved red roses box that lasts years

If your aunt is a fan of red roses, consider this high-quality preserved fresh rose gift box that looks elegant, sophisticated, and warm. If you’re not sure what to get, of all Mother’s Day gift ideas for aunts, this is a safe bet!

Worst Ideas

Worst 40 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Aunts

Here are some of the worst gift ideas you can offer to your aunt.


Underwear as a gift

Although buying underwear can be an excellent gift for a partner on Valentine’s Day, it’s certainly not a good idea to open these racy items in front of the family. Your aunt would not appreciate that.


Pet as a gift

Even if you know how crazy your aunt is about pets, you shouldn’t get her one unless she previously said her family is ready for the commitment.


Offering cash is the most boring gift you can give to your aunt. If you run out of ideas, go for a gift card instead.

Gym Membership

Offering anyone a gym membership can have a negative connotation, and the situation with your aunt is no different.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Want to make this Mother’s Day memorable for your aunt but still haven’t decided on the best gift? Fill out the form below to get advice from one of our expert shoppers.

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Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson
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The cutting board is perfect. I will buy that soon for my Aunt for Mothers Day!

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I’m becoming your biggest fan!

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I would be glad if someone will give me a free membership for the gym hahhaha

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Anna Wilson
1 year ago

Step-mom will like the Porcelain Tea Set British Royal Series.

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Emile Henry
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This is a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. good job!

Savanah St-Jean
Savanah St-Jean
1 year ago

A mug set is perfect for a Mother’s Day gift, she will love it! thanks to this article

Charlotte Green
Charlotte Green
1 year ago

A great idea for a Mother’s Day gift, this article helps those who can’t decide what to give their mom during Mother’s Month.

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