Top 50 Octopus Gifts

by Jessa
Top 50 Octopus Gifts

Octopuses are fascinating creatures from the deep. They are among the most intelligent animals in the ocean and have captivated many of us with their strange beauty and intelligence for centuries. So, if there’s an octopus fan in your life, why not treat them to a unique and special octopus-themed gift?

Top 25 Octopus Gifts for Her

From jewelry to home decor, this list has something for everyone. If you’re shopping for your mom, sister, or best friend – there’s something delightful in our compilation.

1. Octopus Keychain

Octopus Keychain

If you’re looking for a quirky gift for an octopus lover, this handmade octopus keychain from Mom and Three Daughters with a key ring and a snap hook is it. This keychain is made of stainless steel, so rain or moisture won’t tarnish it. This adorable charm is sure to please.

2. Octopus Blanket

Octopus Blanket

An octopus-themed throw-size Xoqan blanket is a warm and fuzzy gift for any fan of these unique creatures. It is a beautiful and eye-catching item. Premium microfiber makes it incredibly soft and pleasant on chilly nights. It comes in several sizes, so there’s one that will fit almost any bed.

3. Octopus Glasses Holder

Octopus Glasses Holder

If your octopus-loving friend wears glasses, she’ll beam at the sight of this Top Brass whimsical glasses holder. This stylish stand is made of high-quality silver-colored polyresin and features a distinct tentacle design. It’s splendid for holding her sunglasses or reading glasses and also makes a great addition to any desk.

4. Reversible Octo Plush

Reversible Octo Plush

This cuddly TeeTurtle reversible octopus plushie is the perfect gift to amaze the inner child of any octopod fan. It’s soft, cuddly, and sure to spark joy. Each side shows a different emotion, so she can express her feelings by simply flipping it around. This squishy toy comes in several designs.

5. Tentacle-print Dress

Tentacle-print Dress

Who said an octopus couldn’t be a fashionista? With its soft, stretchy cotton-blend design, this JMSUN A-line midi dress is as comfy as it’s stylish. The recipient will admire the unusual blue tentacle print. The sleeveless, round-neck dress is perfect for casual occasions or a night out on the town.

6. Ceramic Octopus Mug

 Ceramic Octopus Mug

This adorable TabEnter ceramic octopus mug is awesome for any coffee or tea lover. The cup features a cute hand-painted blue octopus design. Smooth and delicate but tough and resistive, it’s an excellent gift for any occasion. It’s sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face every time she uses it.

7. Tentacle Socks for Women

Tentacle Socks for Women

If you know a woman who loves octopuses, then a pair of these tentacle-print socks from ULQUIEOR would make a simple yet thoughtful gift for her. These socks are made from breathable natural cotton that guarantees warmth and comfort, as well as durability. They’re machine-washable, which is always a plus.

8. Octopus Candle Holder

Octopus Candle Holder

Are you looking for the perfect octopus gifts for her? Look no further than this SPI Home octopus pillar candle holder that can hold a trio of candles. The aluminum material makes the candelabra lightweight but enduring. The dark weathered brass finish gives it a mysterious, gothic charm.

9. Christmas Ornaments

Octopus Christmas Ornaments

Adorable octopus holiday ornaments can melt even the coldest Grinch-like hearts. This blue octopus ornament with a Santa hat from The Bridge Collection is guaranteed to add a touch of whimsy to any holiday tree. Colors and detail truly pop, thanks to the delicately cast and painted resin design.

10. Octopus Flower Vase

Octopus Flower Vase

This Heart Speaker octopus flower vase is fantastic if she loves octopuses, flowers, or both. The vase is wear-resistant sturdy resin with an intricately detailed octopus design. Gold or silver finishes are available. It’s a perfect way to show off her love of nature stylishly as well as hold fresh flowers.

11. Octopus Wall Décor

Octopus Wall Décor

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish gift for a nautical enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with Zhengmy metal octopus wall decor. Strong rust- and corrosion-proof metal ensures longevity, so it’ll never become an eyesore. This detailed blue octopod wall art is eye-catching and modern and will be a conversation starter.

12. Octopus Wall Tumbler

Octopus Wall Tumbler

An octopus spends all its time in water and we can use some ourselves. That is why this Onebttl octopus wall tumbler is a great gift. It’s double-walled and vacuum-insulated, so it keeps drinks hot or cold. It also boasts a spill-proof lid and a cute watercolor octopus design that’s perfect for any fan.

13. Tentacle Martini Glasses

Tentacle Martini Glasses

These GAOGAO martini glasses are perfect for the classy lady who loves all things maritime and a good martini now and then. They come in a set of two, and you can choose between the transparent or tinted option. Stunning crystal will make all her drinks in the glass look delectable.

14. Octopus Puffy Slippers

Octopus Puffy Slippers

These incredibly soft plush-lined Cute Beaver octopus-print slippers will keep your friend’s feet cozy all winter. A thick grip sole makes them slip-proof, quiet, and safe for wooden floors. The slippers are machine-washable for easy care. They’re adorably festive, with a happy blue squid design that is perfect for bright mornings.

15. Squid Cushion Covers

Squid Cushion Covers

Octopus or squid cushion covers are a comfy way to help your friend express her love for the ocean’s most intelligent inhabitants. This pack of four Andreannie cotton-lined cushion covers features ink-painted octopus/squid patterns and invisible zippers. All of them are safe to clean in a washing machine and won’t fade.

16. Octopus Jewelry Box

Octopus Jewelry Heart Shaped Box

This Veronese Design heart-shaped steampunk octopus trinket box is a perfect gift for any fashionable seafaring lady. Made of cold-cast resin with a bronze finish, it’s hand-carved into an intricate design. It will turn her vanity into an art display. Red Swarovski crystals adorn the eyes for extra mysterious Victorian charm.

17. Octopus Necklace

Octopus Sterling Silver Necklace

This 925 sterling silver octopus necklace with a white gold polish will fashionably show your friend’s love for the ocean. Moreover, an octopus symbolizes courage, freedom, and luck, so it’s an ideal way to reflect her personality. No matter what her style, an octopus necklace is sure to make her face light up.

18. Punk Octopus Bracelet

Punk Octopus Bracelet

If the special lady in your life is into punk or gothic fashion, this durable and hypoallergic KRFG sterling silver octopus bracelet is the perfect gift for her. The intricate vintage design and detailed craftsmanship make this a piece she will cherish forever and demonstrate her unique style.

19. Vintage Marine Creature Tablecloth

Vintage Marine Creature Tablecloth

The Wamika vintage tablecloth with a vibrant sea creature print will add fun and personality to your friend’s home. The tablecloth is an excellent gift for any woman who appreciates old-school charm and longs for the sea. It’s made of high-quality, eco-friendly polyester and is easy to wash in cold water.

20. Octopus Phone Case

Octopus Phone Case

A phone case with an octopus design is a fun and funky gift for a friend who owns an iPhone 14 Pro and it will turn heads when she’s out and about. Give your friend’s phone a trendy makeover with the scratch-proof, impact-resistant and flexible TPU Kyppwh blue octopus phone case.

21. Octopus Hand Mirror

Octopus Hand Mirror

This small Ebros Gift Kraken hand mirror is the perfect gothic gift for any Cthulhu fan. The arched resin design is dramatic and stylish simultaneously, and the mirror is high quality. If you know a classy lady fascinated by the Kraken and tentacle things, this mirror will make the perfect gift for her.

22. Octopus Toiletry Bag

Octopus Toiletry Bag

If your friend is an avid traveler, she needs this GALIVRC octopus-print blue toiletry bag. Made from waterproof fabric, it features a removable divider and is perfect for carrying all her essentials. The bag is multipurpose and can hold more than just makeup, it also holds office supplies and trinkets.

23. Squishy Stress Octopus

Squishy Stress Octopus

Gift your friend squishy tranquility with these ArtCreativity Squeeze Jelly octopuses. They’re cute, stress-relieving, and come in a rich set of four so she can share the stress relief. These make a delightful, colorful gift for anyone who could use extra happiness.

24. Kraken Floor Mat

Kraken Floor Mat

The vintage-design watercolor Kraken floor mat is a simple yet terrific gift for those who love unique and decorative items. This mat boasts sustainable polyester material, and its colorful design is perfect for any home. The rug is also slip resistant and has a heavy backing, making it durable and safe.

25. Octopus Planter

Octopus Planter

This succulent HoroM octopus air plant holder is made of high-quality plastic that is easy to clean and maintain. It is a neat gift for an octopus and plant fan. The inside mount makes it easy to display your friend’s favorite plants, and the drainage holes help keep them healthy.

Top 25 Octopus Gifts for Him

From shirts and ties to home décor and jewelry, here are the top 25 octopus gifts for him that will show him just how much you care.

1. Squid Socks for Men

Squid Socks for Men

Happypop octopus socks are a squid-tastic way to keep your friend comfy while also making him smile. These socks are soft, breathable, and stretchy thanks to the 80% cotton weave that will keep his feet warm all day. Available in several sizes to fit almost anyone.

2. Octopus T-shirt

Octopus T-shirt

This SAND.SALT.SURF.SUN. octopus T-shirt is an excellent simple gift for the octopus lover in your life. It’s perfect for outdoor activities thanks to its permanent UFP 50 UV protection material and is machine washable with cold water. The shirt is available in sizes S-3XL.

3. Steampunk Octopus Clock

Steampunk Octopus Clock

This sophisticated battery-powered steampunk-style octopus clock from Veronese Design is the perfect gift for a discerning octopus lover who needs to keep track of time. The intricate bronze-finished resin craftsmanship and attention to detail make this clock stand out. The shape will provide a touch of whimsy to any desk.

4. Octopus Swimming Trunks

Octopus Swimming Trunks

These bold Visesunny octopus swim shorts are ideal for summer days at the beach or pool. They’re made from quick-dry polyester and mesh and feature a vibrant octopus print. Incredibly breathable, your friend can wear these trunks for hours. Plus, they have pockets to keep his beach essentials close at hand.

5. Rustic Silver Octopus Wine Holder

Rustic Silver Octopus Wine Holder

This George S. Chen rustic octopus wine holder is an intriguing gift for the man who likes to sip his wine in style. This unique handcrafted resin wine bottle holder features a shiny blue octopus design. The octopus holder will add elegance to any kitchen, dining room, or study.

6. Kraken Tankard

Kraken Tankard

Does your friend enjoy beer as well as fascinating creatures of myth? If so, the Summit Collection Kraken tankard will be the perfect gift for him. This unique drink container features a Viking-style Kraken on a barrel design, making it a great conversation starter. The tankard is made of high-quality resin and is dishwasher safe.

7. Retro Metal Tin Octopus Sign

Retro Metal Tin Octopus Sign

This FGDFF tin metal octopus sign will add some humor to any octopus lover’s home or office. Made from metal with a pre-worn, retro look, this 8 x 12 tin octopus sign is a charming and nostalgic way for your friend to show his love for these fantastic creatures.

8. My Octopus Teacher’s Extraordinary World

My Octopus Teacher’s Extraordinary World

My Octopus Teacher is an extraordinary book that chronicles the true story of a man’s relationship with an octopus he meets while diving in the waters off the coast of South Africa. This book would be an excellent gift for someone interested in the underwater world and looking for an inspiring story.

9. Real Octopus in Resin

Real Octopus in Resin

He’ll be the talk of the town when he shows off his new desk decoration – the Realbug octopus specimen. This thoughtful gift includes a natural octopus specimen preserved in clear resin and an appropriate green display box. It’s a conversation starter that will add a touch of wonder to his desk.

10. Bronze-finish Octopus Tray

Bronze-finish Octopus Tray

Veronese Design graces us with yet another fascinating entry for octopus gifts. The Container of Curiosity nautilus shell tray is a work of art that will add a fabulous classic feel to any home. The resin tray has a nautical theme with an impressively detailed octopus on the side.

11. Nautical Necktie

 Nautical Print Necktie

If your friend enjoys all things oceanic, he will want to wear this Ambersonne nautical-print necktie as soon as he lays his eyes on it. The retro paper-like color scheme with marine creature print is sure to turn heads at any event. Satin-weave soft polyester makes this garment breathable and gentle. The tie is machine-washable.

12. Super Mario Blooper Plush

Super Mario Blooper Plush

This adorable and incredibly soft little plush from Club Mocchi Mocchi, officially licensed by Nintendo, is perfect for any fan of the Super Mario video game series. Blooper is an excellent addition to any game room or bedroom and will please anyone who receives him, especially if they’re collectors.

13. Octopus Ice Tray

Octopus Ice Tray

If you know a guy who loves cold, refreshing drinks as much as he does the sea, the Genuine Fred octopus ice tray is precisely what he needs. This unique ice tray lets him make four octopus-shaped ice cubes, sure to be a hit at any beach party. The silicone tray is dishwasher-safe.

14. Octopus Wall Sculpture Key Holder

Octopus Wall Sculpture Key Holder

Everyone uses keys, so why not let them store them like real pirates? This DWK wall sculpture and key holder is a unique and stylish way for your friend to organize his keys. The bronze-finished resin holder pops with its sleek lines and modern look and it’s easy to install.

15. Electric Jellyfish Tank Lamp

Electric Jellyfish Tank Lamp

The Colorlife electric jellyfish tank light is one of the most unique and fabulous gifts you can give to that one passionate ocean lover. These tanks offer a mesmerizing and meditative visual display that is perfect for any home or office. You can set the light color to anything that fits the mood.

16. Octopus Car Refresher

Octopus Car Refresher

Some of the best octopus gifts are also the simplest. With the Aromabug car essential oil diffuser, an octopus will be waiting for him every day in his car when he goes to work or just for a ride. The cute design will surely bring a smile to his face.

17. Kraken Hoodie

Kraken 100% Polyester Hoodie

If your guy is interested in octopus, then a soft 100% polyester Nordic Kraken hoodie is a must-have. This quirky, washing machine-safe hoodie features a large, detailed outline print of a blue Kraken. He’ll love showing off his love for these fantastic creatures wherever he goes, and he’ll look cool doing so.

18. Octopus Paperweight Sculpture

Octopus Paperweight Sculpture

This breathtaking Ebros Gift paperweight statue shows a giant Kraken sinking a ferry ship with its mighty tentacles. The beautiful bronze patina and dense resin give viewers an idea of the strength of a Kraken. This statue is an excellent gift for any octopus fan that will last for years.

19. Marine Antique Hourglass

Marine Antique Hourglass

For the marine enthusiast, consider this fabulous antique Hanzla Collection hourglass with a compass. This handcrafted glass-and-brass hourglass is filled with natural sand and features a historic nautical design reminiscent of galleys from bygone centuries. This hourglass is a must-have addition to any desk or home office.

20. Men’s Octopus Headwear

Men’s Octopus Headwear

Whether a fan of the ocean or fascinated by octopuses, he will appreciate a gift that shows off his personality. This elastic and comfortable soft-knit Hococal octopus beanie makes an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion. It will keep your friend warm on cold winter days.

21. Beware of the Kraken Sign

Beware of the Kraken Sign

Your friend will appreciate the sense of humor of the Alamazookie “Beware of the Kraken” sign. This sign warns potentially unwanted visitors that a ferocious Kraken is nearby and they should keep out. The metal and aluminum construction makes this sign durable for hanging indoors and outdoors.

22. Glass Sea Octopus Figurine

Glass Sea Octopus Figurine

This Zoocraft glass octopus figurine will elicit comforting memories of the sea. The hand-blown borosilicate glasswork makes this a particular piece of décor that will stand the test of time. It is excellent for beautifying desks and shelves and can even be placed in terrariums and fairy gardens to make them more distinct.

23. Bronze-finish Tentacle Wine Glass

Bronze-finish Tentacle Wine Glass

The unique shape of this Veronese Design wine glass is perfect for your friend’s next theme party. The octopus tentacle design is intricately detailed, and the cold-cast bronze with hand-painted accents adds a signature quirky, steampunk elegance. This glass can hold 14 fluid ounces of tasty wine.

24. Tentacle Phone Stand

Tentacle Phone Stand

This unique Phopik tentacle tripod phone stand is made from durable metal and rubber, ensuring a securely held phone. It can hold almost any model, from Android phones and iPhones to GoPros. The stand’s head is flexible, so he can position his phone at almost any angle while it’s on his desk or a nightstand.

25. Octopus Soap Dish

Octopus Soap Dish

This YHHRESINKING octopus soap dish will bring the sea straight to his bathroom. The resin-and-ceramic soap dish features delicate 3D octopus mother and baby relief that’s almost lifelike. It’s eco-friendly and easy to clean for a worry-free bathroom experience.

Worst Octopus Gift Ideas

There are so many great options for octopus gifts, but you may be wondering which ones are best avoided. Just because your friend is a huge octopus fan doesn’t mean they will love every gift with an octopus on it. If your friend is into the dark, gothic, or spooky motif, they’ll be charmed by a steampunk octopus gift, but if such aesthetics does not appeal to them, they may find them creepy, not in a good way.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether the gift will be practical. Not everyone will find a stress reliever or slippers useful, and your present may end up abandoned in a storage box. Finally, please don’t get your friend an octopus phone case that doesn’t fit their phone. Always make sure your gift suits the person who is receiving it.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

There are a few things to consider when shopping for octopus gifts. Think about the occasion, who is receiving the present, and your budget. If you are uncertain about what to buy, it is always best to consult an expert shopper. Fill out the form on our website, and we will connect you with an expert who will help you find the perfect gift for any occasion.

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