50 Personalized Family Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

by Craig

Finding the perfect family gift can be challenging, especially when you don’t know the family all that well. Whether you’re looking for personalized family gift ideas for someone in your family or someone else’s family, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something in this guide. While families have their differences, everyone will surely love these 50 personalized family gift ideas.

1. Family Photo Album

Family photo Album Customized Personalized

Although more and more families are storing their photos digitally, nothing beats a family photo album. You can have the leather album engraved or printed, or put your favorite family photo on the cover. This photo album comes with sleeves, and it can be customized with names, dates, and various designs.

2. 100 Movies Bucket List Poster

100 Movies Bucket List Poster Scratch Off

The 100 movies bucket list poster is the perfect present for families that enjoy watching movies. This list comprises the best 100 films ever made, and lots of children’s animated films like “Toy Story,” “Up,” and “The Lion King.” The family will be able to scratch off every film after they watch it, encouraging them to organize movie nights more frequently.

3. Personalized Baby Book

Personalized Baby Book Welcome To the World Newborn Gift

A personalized baby book is a wonderful gift for families with a new member. The “Welcome to the World” personalized baby book is intended for newborn babies and children up to three years old. You can choose between a softcover and hardcover book and even create an avatar of the baby. Each baby book is printed individually, so this present is 100% unique.

4. Family Celebration Calendar

Wood Family Celebration Birthday Reminder Calendar

Every family has a regular paper calendar, which is why this wooden hanging family celebration calendar is a more creative present. It’s a birthday reminder board that can be fully customized with round-shaped and heart-shaped tags. This calendar is the ideal gift for large, growing families. Moreover, it’s a fun DIY project the whole family can participate in.

5. Our Adventure Book Scrapbook

Our Adventure Book Family Scrapbook Album

If the family loves the children’s animated movie “Up” and often travels, the “Our Adventure Book” scrapbook will be a really cool present. The family can use this scrapbook to capture important moments and fill it with family photos from different trips. The book’s covers are made from cardboard, so it will last for years.

6. Personalized Gift Candle

Personalized Gift Candle Custom Message

A personalized candle is a simple yet sweet gift for a family, especially if you want to write a special message on the label. This manufacturer uses Mason jars, and all their candles are handmade from natural soy wax. Not only can you write your own message, but you can also pick a signature scent for the candle. It’s a great housewarming gift.

7. Scratch the World Travel Map

Scratch The World Travel Map Poster

This is another enjoyable gift for families that like to travel. The Scratch The World travel map poster comes in different dimensions. The larger sizes show extra details and locations that usually aren’t included in other world maps. The family will be able to scratch off places they’ve visited together and plan future trips.

8. Custom 3D Photo Lamp Portrait

Custom 3D Photo Lamp Personalized Portrait

If you’re looking for a modern gift, check out these custom 3D photo lamps. All you need to do is send a photo of the family you’re planning to give this photo lamp to. Each portrait is drawn by professionals and engraved onto acrylic glass. You can even customize the wooden base and add text.

9. Personalized Puzzle

Personalized Puzzle Wooden Montessori Busy Board

This personalized puzzle can be a fantastic gift if the family has just welcomed a baby. It’s a wooden puzzle that is also a sensory toy. It comes in different styles, and you can even choose the colors. All the boards are handmade, and they come with stands.

10. Docking Station

Personalized Wooden Docking Station

This docking station is the perfect present for a dad. After choosing the color of the wood, you can add a name and a design. It’s a wonderful Father’s Day present. The docking station has room for a phone, watches, pens, sunglasses, keys, a wallet, and other small items. It’s also a funny gift for a dad who always forgets where he puts his things.

11. Night Light Nursery Décor

Personalized Night Light Nursery Decor

This night-light can make a cute addition to a nursery. They come in six different styles, and you can send the name you want to be engraved on the panel. It’s a fitting present for birthdays (especially the baby’s first birthday), baby shower parties, christenings, and housewarmings. It’s even possible to choose between white and yellow light.

12. Customizable Letterboard Photo Collage

Customizable Letterboard With Photo Collage

This customizable letterboard with six photo openings is a whimsical décor gift. The store offers white, black, and gray frames. The family can write anything they want in the middle and put six of their favorite photos in the frames. These letterboards have a stylish design that will elevate the look of any room.

13. Grandma’s Brag Board

Grandmas Brag Board Picture Frame Photo Holder

If you’re looking for the ideal present for any grandmother, Grandma’s Brag Board is the perfect place for her to hang pictures of her grandchildren. It comes with adjustable hemp rope and eight wooden clips. The board is large enough for six photos, and the two other clips are for easy replacement.

14. Letter Wooden Piggy Banks

Wooden Letter Piggy Bank for Kids Custom Coin

These large letter wooden piggy banks are fun gifts for children’s rooms. All letters of the alphabet are available. You can even buy a few letters to form a word, like “LOVE” or “FAMILY.” Spelling the child’s name is another good idea. The letters are covered with transparent acrylic so the children can see how much money they’ve saved.

15. Custom Engraved Pendants

Custom Engraved Pendants Rose Gold Silver Plated Personalized

These custom engraved pendants are beautiful gifts for older daughters. They are also popular mother-daughter presents. The pendants are 16k gold-plated, and they come in different styles. You can choose between rose gold, yellow gold, and silver. After choosing a pendant style, simply type in the name and select a font.

16. Family Bear Slippers

Plaid Slippers Family Mamma Bear Papa

If you’re looking for personalized family gift ideas for the entire family, check out these plaid slippers. You can get “Mamma Bear,” “Papa Bear,” “Lil Bear,” “Baby Bear,” and “Grand Bear.” Of course, all the slippers come in different sizes. They’re machine-washable, and they’re available in various colors. Not to mention they’re super comfortable.

17. “Do You Really Know Your Family?” Game

Do You Really Know Your Family Trivia Card Game

There are various family games available, but “Do You Really Know Your Family?” is one of the best ones. Young children, teenagers, and adults can play. This is a fun trivia game that allows for three to eight players. Not only does it contain lots of funny questions, but exciting challenges that will bring the whole family together as well.

18. Custom Neon Sign

Custom Neon Sign Personalized Gift

These custom neon signs might be what you have been looking for if you’re shopping for teenagers. You can choose an existing design, submit custom text, and select a color and font. It can even be an interesting present for family homes with contemporary interior design. It’s also possible to choose the sign’s size.

19. Personalized Doormat

Family Name Doormat Custom Personalized Housewarming Gift

What’s a personalized family gift idea guide without a custom doormat? This gift idea might not be new, but it’s a classic. Every family should have their own personalized doormat. They come in three sizes, and they’re all handmade from eco-friendly materials. They’re printed using special UV ink, making them more durable.

20. Wooden Memory Box

Personalized Wooden Memory Box Handmade

This personalized wooden memory box is an elegant present for newlyweds. You can choose outside and inside engravings. Lots of premade designs are available, or you can add custom text. The couple can keep various memorabilia inside the box, like letters, photos, movie tickets, plane tickets, small souvenirs, and the like.

21. Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity Card Game

Another fun family game, “Kids Against Maturity” is the perfect addition to a family game night or family parties. There are 600 cards included in this game, which is easy to play. Note that this game might be more appropriate for older children who are 12 or 13 years old.

22. Custom Digital Portrait

Custom Digital Portrait Illustration Personalized Gift

If you’re looking for unique personalized family gift ideas, these custom digital portraits are one of a kind. Choose a nice photo of the family and send it to this Etsy account. You can decide on specific details, like the size of the photo and background color. The portraits are simple and minimalistic, but very beautiful.

23. Photo Travel Mug

Photo Travel Mug Personalized Coffee Cup

For those who want to look at their kids all the time, this thermo-temperature photo travel mug might be the right way to do it. You can order the travel mug as is and add the photo inside the tumbler. It’s easy to assemble, and you won’t have to worry about your drink getting all over the photo.

24. 100 Kids Activities Bucket List Poster

Kids Activities Bucket List Poster

This is another interactive, personalized family gift idea. It allows you to scratch off 100 kids activities from the bucket list poster. Some activities include going to the zoo, making a snowman, camping, visiting an amusement park, and similar fun ideas. It helps children discover new activities they might be interested in.

25. Personalized Fridge Magnet Movie Strips

Personalized Fridge Photo Magnet Movie Strips Set

While family photo magnets can look tacky, these movie strip fridge magnets are something new and different. You can choose four photos for the movie strips. You can even include a personalized message inside the box. These creative magnets are a great addition to any kitchen, and they’re nice to look at.

26. Custom Wooden Sign

Personalized Sign Wood Custom Family Name

If you’re interested in personalized family gift ideas for décor, this custom wooden sign could be what you’ve been looking for. It makes a great present for an anniversary, wedding, housewarming, birthday, or other occasions. They are available in four different dimensions. Each sign comes with an identical leather key chain.

27. Family Charades

Family Charades Classic Party Card Game

Everyone loves charades, which is what makes this a fantastic family gift idea. This game comes with 200 cards, a 30-second sand timer, a score pad, and instructions. It’s a four-in-one game that consists of kids’ charades, family charades, movie charades, and ’80s and ’90s charades. It’s a fun family night game for children of all ages.

28. Family Cartoon Portrait

Cartoon Portrait Illustration  From Photo Custom

This is another family portrait idea, except this one has a cartoon vibe. All portraits are drawn by hand digitally, and they’re all 100% unique. All you need to do is choose a high-quality photo and send it to this Etsy account. They will send you the family portrait in three to five days.

29. Personalized Charcuterie Planks and Beer Flights

Personalized Charcuterie Board Wood Planks and Beer Flights

This personalized charcuterie board is a stylish gift for parents. There are four different styles and gift sets available. The beer flights can hold any shape of beer glass. You can choose between 10 designs. It’s possible to add a last name, a first name, a quote, a date, or anything you want.

30. Custom Engraved Coasters

Personalized Beer Coasters Marble Wood Custom Engraved

If you’re looking for elegant housewarming gifts for new families, these custom-engraved marble-and-wood coasters are one of a kind. You can add the names of the couple and their wedding date on the bottom. They come in a set of one, two, or four coasters.

31. Personalized Family Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs Ceramic Coffee Cup

These personalized family mugs are charming, and they come with adorable designs. The mugs are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and they’re made from high-quality ceramic. They come with four backgrounds, and you can add up to six family members to the illustration. The drawings are fully customizable. You can even add the family dog.

32. Little Wooden Home

little wood home rustic decor Personalized house sign

This little rustic wooden home is handmade. All you need to do is send a list of the family members’ names in the right order to this Etsy account. The house can be placed anywhere inside your home or even somewhere in your backyard. It’s the perfect personalized present for any family.

33. Better Screen Time Family Set

hanging phone holder multi pocket family time enhancer

This multi-pocket hanging phone holder is a creative gift for homes with phone addicts, or simply teenagers. It can hold up to four phones, and each pocket comes with a small chalkboard where each family member can write their name. Once the whole family puts their phones away, they can spend more quality time together.

34. Leather Photo Album

Leather Photo Album Personalized Custom Gifts

This is a leather photo album with a simple and minimalistic design. You can choose the color of the leather covers and the text for the stamp. It’s up to you whether you use it as a photo album or a scrapbook. It also comes in seven different sizes, so you can put photos with various dimensions.

35. Engraved Utensils

Personalized Wooden Utensils Engraved Utensils from Sustainable Bamboo

These wooden engraved utensils are made for families that love to cook together. The set consists of six utensils made from sustainable bamboo wood. You can write the name of the family on the utensils, for example, “The Smith Family” or something like “Jordan’s Kitchen.” Instead of “Kitchen,” you can select “Bakery” or “Cocina.”

36. Family Name Sign

Family Name Sign Clock Design Personalized Custom

What makes this personalized family name sign different from others is its stunning, clock-like design. It comes with pre-drilled holes or no holes. The signs are fade-resistant and water-resistant. To design your own sign, write the first name(s), the last name, the initial, and the text that’s going to be at the bottom.

37. Mother and Daughters Clear Acrylic Plaque

Clear Acrylic Plaque Mum and Daughters Illustration Mothers Day Gift

If you’re looking for personalized family gift ideas for Mother’s Day, this customizable illustration clear acrylic plaque is worth considering. Once you design the drawing, you can add a personalized message on the plaque. If your mother’s birthday is coming up, this clear acrylic plaque might just be the best gift for her.

38. Custom Photo Puzzle

Custom Photo Puzzle Matte Picture

Puzzle lovers will appreciate this custom photo puzzle. The matte finish gives the puzzle a more realistic look. The store offers an 8 x 10-inch puzzle with 100 pieces and a 16 x 20-inch puzzle with 500 pieces. Once the puzzle is assembled, the family can frame it and showcase it somewhere in their home.

39. DIY Candle Making Kit

DIY Candle Making Kit Arts And Crafts Gift

DIY kits are a good way to organize quality family time, and this DIY candle-making kit is the ideal arts and crafts family present. The kit includes everything you need to make two big candles. The wax is slow-burning and non-toxic. The step-by-step instructions will make the entire candle-making process super fun and easy.

40. “Home Sweet Home” Map

House Shaped Home Sweet Home Map Poster Custom Art Gift

This “Home Sweet Home” map is an original gift idea for housewarmings or anniversaries. All you need to know is the homeowner’s address, and voila! The map is shaped like a house, which comes with the couple’s or family’s names and location. This map is a canvas poster, which is much more durable than regular paper.

41. Family Throw Pillow Cover

Throw Pillow Covers Decor Pillowcases For Sofa Couch

Personalized throw pillow covers are always a good idea, and they’re super comfortable as well. This set consists of four throw pillow covers with different quotes. They have a rustic, country appeal, and they can be placed on sofas, armchairs, beds, etc. You can even put them outside, on the patio, porch, or near the pool.

42. “Our Bucket List” Journal

Our Bucket List Journal Dairy Book

The “Our Bucket List” journal lets you write down all the things you want to do and how you plan to do them. There’s even space for comments and notes under each bucket list entry. The family can take the journal with them whenever they visit a new place or do something new together.

43. Wooden Houses

Personalized Wood Houses Shelf Sitter Customized

These personalized wooden houses make stylish and rustic shelf décor. They can be customized in numerous ways. One house has all the names of the family members, and another house has the number of family members. For example, “Party of 6.” The houses can be placed next to the front door.

44. Dry Erase Calendar

Dry Erase Calendar Monthly Matte Black

Instead of boring paper calendars, consider buying this dry-erase matte black calendar. The calendar measures 17.5 x 24 x 0.125 inches, and it has a peel-and-stick mounting method. It’s safe for walls, so you can put it on any wall of your house. It comes with a white dry-erase marker for easy use.

45. Cinema Lightbox

Cinema Lightbox Message LED Light Box With Letters Numbers

This cinema lightbox would look great in a child’s room, a teenager’s room, or even in the living room. This retro-cinema-inspired LED message board allows you to write a short message with the 100 letters that come with it. You can put it on a tabletop or mount it on a wall.

46. Puzzle Keychains

Personalized Puzzle Pieces Keychain Custom Gift

Everyone uses keys, so these puzzle keychains can be charming creative family gifts. These custom keychains can be connected with up to 36 puzzle pieces. They’re an interesting present for a large family. Every keychain comes with a name, so no one will ever mix up their keys again.

47. Custom Family Portrait With Pets

Family Portrait with Pets Personalized Wall Art Illustration

If you want a special family present, this custom family portrait will definitely get a positive reaction. Six backgrounds are available, as well as numerous hair options, clothes, and accessories for the characters. You can even choose the breed of the dog. This gift is perfect for housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

48. Custom Watercolor House Portrait

Custom Watercolor House Portrait Painting Personalized Gift

This custom watercolor house portrait would look beautiful on a living room wall. All you need to do is send the Etsy account a photo of the house. The portrait includes text like “The Adams Residence” or something similar. It’s a wonderful present for someone who just bought a new house.

49. Guess Who?

Guess Who Board Game Interactive Classic Kids Family Game

The “Guess Who?” game is a classic, and you can personalize it by taking out the cartoon characters and adding pictures of your entire family. This interactive game will become even more entertaining, and the whole family will be able to take turns playing. Since there are 48 characters, you can even add people outside of the family.

50. Personalized Family Tree

Personalized Family Tree Art Custom Gift

This personalized family tree is a thoughtful present any family would love. There’s nothing more important than knowing where your family comes from. This will give the children an opportunity to learn their great-great-grandparents’ names. The tree can display up to six generations.

Worst Idea

Worst Gift Idea for Families

The type of gifts you should avoid buying really depends on the family. For example, if the family has two toddlers who have just learned how to walk, you’ll want to avoid buying glass presents or things that can break easily. Anything sharp is also a no-no.

Some people don’t like to receive impersonal gifts, like gift cards. People appreciate it when you put effort into choosing a gift for them, so getting them a gift card isn’t a good idea. This really depends on personal preference. Some people would love to get a gift card for their favorite store.

It’s never a good idea to get someone a pet without consulting them first. While getting a pet is something the children of the family desperately want, the parents might not approve.

If you’ve been to their house before, you probably know what kind of stuff they like. If you want to get them some décor, make sure it’s something that fits their taste. For example, don’t get them a black-and-red checkered blanket if everything in their apartment is beige.

Welcome to the Family Gift Ideas

Welcome to the Family Gift Ideas

We’ve already covered a pretty hefty list of personalized family gift ideas, but here are some non-personalized gifts for the perfect family night.

  • A karaoke microphone
  • Family board games
  • An electric s’mores maker
  • A mini projector
  • A movie night popcorn set
  • Pictionary
  • A snack care package

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for personalized family gift ideas for a housewarming party, here are a few you might like.

  • A personalized welcome sign
  • A custom return address stamp
  • An essential oil diffuser
  • A Himalayan salt lamp
  • A doormat with a funny quote
  • Matching robes for the whole family
  • Weighted blankets with soft covers
  • Any type of décor that fits their aesthetic

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

There are hundreds of personalized family gift ideas you can find, which is why it might be so hard to choose the right one. If you’re bad at shopping and you need some help, the best thing you can do is talk to an expert shopper. After all, you don’t want to be remembered as someone who gives lame or bad gifts.

If you want some shopping advice, fill out the form below to send us a message. We’ll reply as soon as possible to help you find the perfect personalized family gift.

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