Top 20 Pineapple Ideas for Housewarming Gifts 

by Jessa

Listen up, housewarming gift gurus! Want to ditch the boring basket and bring the ultimate symbol of good vibes? Slap a pineapple on it! That’s right, this tropical treat isn’t just delicious, it’s a historic symbol of welcome, warmth, and hospitality. We’re talking serious housewarming magic here. Feeling fruity? We’ve got 20 pineapple-powered ideas that’ll have the new homeowners shouting “Mahalo!” (That’s Hawaiian for thanks, by the way). Buckle up, because we’re about to unleash the pineapple housewarming gift fiesta of your dreams!

1. Pineapple-Shaped Serving and Cutting Board

Pineapple-shaped board for serving and cutting food

A pineapple-shaped wooden serving and cutting board is a practical way to show appreciation for tropical fruit. Not only is it a convenient addition to any kitchen, but it also doubles as wall art. It is easy to clean, making it a convenient, low-maintenance gift.

2. Pineapple Tumbler 

Stainless steel tumbler with a pineapple design

Pineapple tumblers make great housewarming gifts because they’re both practical and cute. This 20-ounce stainless steel cup with a lid is perfect for home or on the go. The gem-like pattern adds a touch of fun and personality to the cup. 

3. Stackable Pineapple Wine Glasses 

Stackable pineapple-shaped wine glasses

This set of four stackable pineapple wine glasses works great for parties or everyday use. Stack them up and get an adorable long pineapple shape, thanks to the creative design. The cute amber glasses are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe for easy care.

4. Glass Pineapple Lantern

Pineapple-shaped lamp made of clear glass

If you’re looking for a fancy pineapple for housewarming gift idea, why not consider an extra-large glass pineapple lantern? This waterproof lantern has a six-hour timer and is battery-operated (batteries not included), making it convenient for use indoors or outdoors. It’s also energy-efficient and an excellent choice for eco-conscious gift-givers.

5. Pineapple LED Candle Holder

Pineapple LED Candle Holder Housewarming Gift

This pineapple glitter-swirl LED candle holder is a great housewarming gift for someone who loves fun and shiny pineapple-themed decor. The globe is clear glass with a pineapple design and has an LED light inside that makes it glow. You can choose from gold, rose red or silver finishes. It has an on-off switch and a built-in timer so that the light will turn off after four hours.

6. Pineapple-Scented Candle

Pineapple candle to fill your home with a tropical aroma

When it comes to pineapple-scented candles, this one from Romiie Zoi Candle is our top pick. It’s made with premium wax it has a burn time of over 40 hours. The candle has a dual wick made of natural fiber. You can choose from several different candle sizes.

7. Ceramic Pineapple Ultrasonic Aromatherapy

White ceramic pineapple shaped ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser

This ceramic pineapple ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is a super quiet and compact option for anyone looking for a gift that will help relax and rejuvenate. The diffuser features a white ceramic pineapple-shaped design accented with gold-colored leaves and uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse essential oils into the air.

8. Pineapple Ginger Reed Diffuser

Pineapple ginger fragrance diffuser in a decorative container

This reed diffuser is a great pineapple for a housewarming gift idea because it contains an exquisite blend of hibiscus blossom, ginger, pineapple leaf, and nutmeg essential oils. The reeds are natural, and the decorative wooden cap makes it a lovely decoration.

9. Squishmallow – Maui the Pineapple

Squishmallow plush toy shaped like a friendly pineapple

Squishmallows are the latest trend in cuddly plush friends. They’re perfect for kids, adults, and everyone in between! The Maui the Pineapple is one of the newest additions to the Squishmallow Squad. Standing 12 inches tall, Maui is soft polyester with a squishy marshmallow-like filling. He is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s face.

10. Novelty Food Slippers – Pineapple Design

Playful pineapple slippers for lounging at home

If you’re looking for a funny and adorable pineapple for a housewarming gift idea, check out these food slippers. These soft indoor slippers feature an embroidered pineapple design with a cushioned sole. The soft polyester and foam sole will keep your friends’ feet warm and comfortable.

11. Lime Pineapples Aloha Shirt Dress

Womens Lime Pineapples Aloha Shirt Dress

This classic Hawaiian shirt dress features colorful pineapples against a lime background. It’s made of 100% cotton for a soft, comfortable feel and has short sleeves for a cool, casual look. This dress is sure to be a hit at the next beach party.

12. Rope Bag

Tropical fruit rope handbag

A rope bag is an excellent option for those who enjoy hiking or camping or do a lot of commuting. This bag is made from soft, tightly woven pure cotton canvas, which is durable and comfy. It features two large zippered compartments for clothes or water bottles and a few extra pockets for small items. 

13. Sterling Silver Pineapple Bracelet

Pineapple fruit charm bracelet in sterling silver

Are you looking for a special pineapple-themed gift for a housewarming party? This pineapple bracelet is a fun and eye-catching accessory for a juicy look. The bracelet is made of high-quality sterling silver and is hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant, and nickel-free. It also comes in its gift box.

14. Sterling Silver Pineapple Earrings

Pair of sterling silver earrings shaped like pineapples

Pineapple earrings are a quirky and unique gift for a fun-loving friend. These sterling silver dangling pineapple earrings are tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic. They’re also white gold-plated, so they won’t cause irritation or discomfort. The earrings come ready to gift in their special box.

15. Pineapple Jewelry and Trinket Box

Decorative pineapple-shaped trinket box for storing jewelry

This pineapple trinket box is a classy retro gift for someone special to store their jewelry and other tiny valuables. The Art Deco design charmingly evokes a bygone era. The metal construction is built to last with hand-painted crystals, making it a truly luxurious gift.

16. Bed Sheet Set – Golden Pineapple

Bed sheets with a tropical pineapple design in gold

Pineapple designs are all the rage these days. This particular set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases, all featuring a striking golden pineapple pattern.

But it’s not just about looks – this bedding set is also made from hypoallergenic microfiber polyester, so it’s gentle on the skin and won’t cause any irritation. 

17. Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon Shampoo and Conditioner

Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon Shampoo & Conditioner

Pineapples are not only a delicious fruit, but they also offer many benefits for your hair. This sweet pineapple and honey melon shampoo and conditioner are a nice supplement for hair growth. Vitamin C from pineapple extract helps to nourish and strengthen the hair, while honey melon extract provides moisture and shine.

18. Yuzu Pineapple Energy Drink Sticks

Individual packets of Liquid I.V. Yuzu Pineapple Energy Multiplier

The yuzu pineapple energy drink sticks are a great way to help your loved ones stay energized. Made with all-natural ingredients like coffeeberry energy extract, cognatIQ coffee fruit extract, and L-theanine, these sticks are a delicious and healthy way to boost energy. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase will be donated to charity. 

19. Heartbeat Hot Sauce Gift Set

Boxed gift set containing a variety of Heartbeat Hot Sauces

Heartbeat Hot Sauce features six delicious hot sauces, including a unique blend of pineapple and habanero peppers. This hot sauce gift box also features flavors like mango habanero, jalapeno, shitake habanero, and blueberry habanero. Everyone will have something delicious to try, no matter their preference. This combination is perfect for livening up any dish.

20. Pineapple Welcome Sign

A pineapple-shaped house welcome sign

Welcome your friends to their new home with a pineapple welcome sign. The pineapple for the housewarming gift symbolizes hospitality, and this sign will let all guests know they are always welcome in the new home.

Why Is a Pineapple a Housewarming Gift?

Pineapple is a traditional housewarming gift because it symbolizes hospitality and welcome. The fruit is native to tropical regions of South America, where people hang it in doorways of homes welcoming strangers. Pineapples became popular among European nobility during the 17th century and symbolized wealth and prestige. By the 18th century, they were a common decoration in homes and public spaces.

Today, pineapples are still popular decorations in many homes, but they can also make great gifts for new homeowners. If the new homeowners like tropical fruit and cute designs, they will appreciate such a gift even more.

Worst Ideas for Pineapple Housewarming gifts

Worst Ideas for Pineapple Housewarming gifts

There are some great and not-so-great ideas when it comes to a pineapple for a housewarming gift. Here are some terrible ideas for pineapple housewarming gifts:

  • A cheap, plastic pineapple decoration. It might look festive at first, but it’ll quickly become an eyesore.
  • A fruit basket that includes pineapples. This gift will likely disappoint unless your friends or family are big pineapple fans.
  • Pineapple slices in a can. They are delicious but perishable. They’re also way too obvious for a pineapple-themed gift, so some recipients may find them to be a little boring.
  • A jar of pineapple jam. This one-note gift will probably get lost in the pantry and never be used.
  • A Hawaiian-themed picture frame. Unless your friends or family plan a trip to Hawaii, this is an unimaginative and unnecessary gift.
  • Any pineapple-themed item. Think about things that make your friends or family happy. If the pleasant aroma of a pineapple-scented candle would make them happy, they’ll be overjoyed by one as a gift. However, you may want to consider a different present if they don’t care for the scent.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you need a pineapple for a housewarming gift but are unsure what to get, why not seek expert advice? A professional will have the answers, even for something as specific as pineapple-themed gifts. 

When you talk to an expert, be sure to let them know your budget and the style of your recipient’s home. Fill out the form below to get some advice about picking out the ideal pineapple-themed present.

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I’m not a pineapple fan but I like the jewelries.

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Great idea for House Warming Gifts, from a pineapple shirt, a pineapple candle holder, earrings, paintings…love it!!

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This article is great, and also the items are great for decoration

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