Top 25 Ideas for Preserved Rose Gift Box

by Auhbon

Preserved roses make for a great home décor arrangement, but they’re also a beautiful gift idea for any special occasion. Check out the best 25 ideas for a preserved rose gift box to surprise that special someone in your life.

1. Preserved One Year Roses Personalized Box 

preserved white rose in dome with personalization option

This preserved rose gift box is a wonderful luxury gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion. The personalized white box is available in multiple colors to match your taste and complement the lovely roses. 

2. Pink Eternity Roses Candle Bundle Set 

Gift box of preserved roses and a candle

Here is one of the most beautiful preserved rose gift box ideas. The box of preserved roses is within a bigger box that also features a lovely scented candle. Multiple colors are available, and they also come with a personalized message to make this gift even more special. 

3. Acrylic Flower Box of Preserved Roses 

Acrylic box of a variety of preserved flowers

This transparent glass box with a beautiful preserved rose, moss, hydrangea, button chrysanthemum, flax, mango, coral fruit, and other decorative plants is a perfect gift for anyone with limited space on their countertops or shelves. Show your special someone how much you care with this charming gift box idea.

4. RUSTIC STEMS Luxury Preserved Rear Rose Glass Dome 

Luxury preserved three red roses in glass dome

The three Ecuadorian roses featured in this glass dome have gone through a professional preserving process to help keep their beauty for ages. It arrives ready to gift in a silk box with a cute ribbon. If kept from sunlight, the roses can live indoors for up to 5 years.

5. Forever Blossom Handmade Preserved Flower Heart Shape Gift Box 

Handmade preserved roses in polygonal heart shaped box

This lovely preserved rose gift box in the shape of a heart is a charming gift for your loved one. Available in pink and red, the boxes are made from 100% natural roses and don’t contain any chemicals that are harmful to the environment. 

6. PLUS.BETA New Forever Eternity Rose With LED in Glass Dome 

preserved red rose in glass dome with led

Here’s another glass dome preserved rose idea with a beautiful gift box and card. Whether you want to show your eternal love to your girlfriend or show your mom how much you appreciate her, you can’t go wrong with this gift box with LED functionality. 

7. Eternity Preserved Rose Jewelry Gift Box 

Preserved roses gift box with heart necklace

Why not combine beautiful, eternal red roses with jewelry that symbolizes eternity as well? There’s no better way to show how much you care for someone than by offering this charming gift box for any occasion. Pick a necklace of your choice and bring a smile to your loved one’s face when they see this lovely surprise. 

8. Preserved Rose Gift for a Best Friend 

Preserved roses gift box for a best friend

Here’s a great gift box idea for a friend with a sense of humor. This handmade bouquet consists of 15 roses in nine colors, and it can last for a year. Feel free to choose your preferred color and add a personalized message to the gift. 

9. The Grand Roses Preserved Red Rose Gift

preserved red rose in jar with engraved lid

Whether you’re looking for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or any occasion gift for your mom, grandma, or a friend, this charming red rose is a great solution. The rose comes from the Netherlands and has a life span of up to five years. 

10. Mother’s Day Preserved Rose Gift Box 

Handmade eternal preserved rose decoration in case with handle

Surprise your mom next Mother’s Day with this beautiful forever rose that can last until the next season’s holiday. The transparent gift box with pink roses and a personalized note can be carried around like a purse until they find their place at your mom’s house!

11. Perfect Gift for Her – Preserved Roses in a Box That Last a Year 

Box of preserved roses with three color options

These hand-picked dark purple, red, or blue roses come in a fabulous gold and dark grey gift box with the cutest ribbon. This gift box is perfect for just about any occasion, whether graduation, birthday, anniversary, or holiday celebration. 

12. Preserved Rose Arrangement 

dried plants and preserved roses light yellow arrangement

This lovely light yellow rose arrangement with white and gold decorations is a cute gift for any occasion. Elegant, simple, and attractive, it makes a great addition to any indoor setting, regardless of the style. 

13. MelroseFields Black Preserved Forever Rose 

Black preserved forever rose reed diffuser kit

For a unique gift, why not consider this charming gift box with a black forever rose, a reed diffuser kit, and an art glass vase in black? This set combines real roses and reed diffuser fragrances to emit beautiful notes. Perfect for a bookshelf, countertop, or nightstand décor. 

14. Leather Forever Rose in Glass Dome Gift Box 

rose made of Italian buttero leather in dome

Consider this utterly gorgeous leather rose made from Italian Buttero leather for your next special occasion. It has a custom-made packing box and a glass dome that protects and highlights the flower. It’s a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them. 

15. Preserved Rose in a Heart-Tipped Glass Dome With LED Lights 

Preserved rose in heart tipped glass dome with LED

This charming rose comes in a beautiful heart-shaped glass dome with LED lights for additional charm at night. You can consider this gift box for a wedding gift, bridal shower, birthday, Christmas, graduation, or simply as a home décor element for your home!

16. ZJchao 24K Dipped Blue Rose for Her 

Eternity love Twenty four karat blue rose

This 24K dipped gold-blue preserved rose is 100% real! The gilded rose is made of fresh petals, leaves, stems, and thorns. The 24k gold is an auxiliary material and adds the final touch to the look. The beautiful gift box helps turn this into a luxurious and romantic present. 

17. GLAMOUR BOUTIQUE 16-Piece Forever Roses in a Heart Shape Box 

Sixteen piece preserved roses arranged in heart shape

Looking for a glamourous forever rose gift idea for your loved one? If so, look no further than this 16-piece eternal rose box in the shape of a heart. Available in white, red, and pink, the long-lasting roses will impress your better half for any occasion. 


Box of preserved roses with color and size options

These SOHO FLORAL ARTS New Roses Preserved Flowers make for an elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious preserved rose gift for any special day. Choose between nine or 16 red, pink, or white roses shipped in a black or white box and make your loved one’s celebration all the more special. 

19. Forever Blossom Handmade Preserved Rose Heart Shape Gift Box 

Handmade preserved rose heart shaped gift box

This stunning preserved rose heart-shaped gift box contains 100% natural roses that last from three to five years. Choose between white, red, or pink flowers and make any special occasion memorable with the gift of long-lasting roses. 

20. LoTanop Gift Box of Preserved Roses 

Anniversary gift box of sixteen preserved roses

Your loved one will love this 16-piece gift box of red roses. It comes in a well-designed box with a clear acrylic lid so the recipient can enjoy its beauty with a simple glance. The delicate and handmade gift box is an excellent idea for any special occasion. 

21. Handmade Rose Flowers in a Box

Handmade gift box of three preserved roses

These 100% handmade fresh roses are perfectly preserved and ready to gift in a lovely box. They won’t fade or wither for up to five years. Great as a gift for a wife, mom, grandma, or daughter, this red rose box also makes a great home décor piece. 

22. NATROSES Handmade Preserved Roses in a Box 

preserved roses in box with many color options

These long-lasting roses in a charming black box are available in many colors, like blue, yellow, dark red, red, pink, and white. The collection of 18 selected rosebuds has a lifespan of three years and makes a great romantic gift for your partner. 

23. SOHO FLORAL ARTS Large Mirrored Vase Pave Accent

Large mirrored cubic vase of nine preserved roses

These preserved natural roses in an elegant mirrored box with pave accent are a gift that keeps on giving. They make an excellent birthday, New Year, or anniversary gift idea. You can further customize the gift by adding an essential oil fragrance of your choice. 

24. Para Ella Red Rose Gift with LED Flower Shaped Heart Box 

Artificial flower arrangement in heart box with LED

This lovely Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or wedding gift consists of beautiful red roses wrapped in a diamond-textured heart-shaped box. The unique and elegant gift has an LED strip light that emits a warm glow for added visual appeal. 

25. Gold-Dipped Rose 

Gold dipped preserved rose with various color options

Here’s another lovely gold-dipped rose in red and gold that makes a perfect birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift. This is a 100% natural rose, and its stem, leaves, and petals have been preserved with resin and 24k gold for a luxurious and elegant appearance. 

Talk to an Expert Shopper 

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Choosing the best preserved roses gift for a family member or significant other may not always be easy. If you still can’t decide about the best combination of roses, you can talk to one of our expert shoppers. 

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